Arnold Iron Test

Arnold Iron Test by Muscle Pharm Review – Should You Trust This Test Booster to Support Your Natural & Healthy Levels of Testosterone?

What Is Arnold Iron Test?

Arnold Iron Test is the eighth product released in the Arnold bodybuilding Series. This product is a testosterone booster designed for men, working to increase the natural testosterone levels in the body so that the very best workout is attained each time you hit the gym. With adequate testosterone levels flowing through the body, it is easy to increase muscle size, eliminate fat, and gain the energy that you need for a non-stop, powerhouse workout.

Unfortunately, for many men, testosterone levels begin to decline with age, making it difficult to improve muscle size, eliminate fat, or even find the energy to lift with power that they want. Arnold Iron Test works with an inclusion of proven, all-natural ingredients to ensure adequate testosterone levels so that your workout is everything that you want it to be and so much more. This testosterone booster quickly rose to popularity and has remained on the top of the list for some time now.

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger is now a figure that holds a political office position, he once was one of the fiercest names in bodybuilding. He was a seven-time Mr. Olympia and certainly took the sport of bodybuilding to heart, as so easy to see in his huge muscles or in any of the interviews with him during his bodybuilding days. So when Schwarzenegger teamed up with Muscle Pharm to introduce a series of bodybuilding supplements, there was little surprise at the enthusiasm experienced from men around the world.

This testosterone booster has plenty of fans from around the world who proudly use it each and every day, with results they’re proud to share with the rest of the world. Bodybuilders say that it is a testosterone booster that gets the job done. Arnold Iron Test promises to provide bodybuilders with the following benefits:

  1. Improve strength – You will be a beast inside of the gym, lifting more weight than ever before and perhaps more than you imagined possible at such an early stage of your workout;
  2. Enhance testosterone levels in the body naturally with proven, effective ingredients Promote lean, hard muscle growth quickly and effortlessly;
  3. Support cortisol levels;
  4. Strengthen anabolism;
  5. Stacks well with other supplements, with several available in the same series.



Founded in 2008, Muscle Pharm is the manufacturer of the testosterone supplement. The award-winning company offers a full line of scientifically-formulated products, with a specialization in bodybuilding supplements. The company has always taken pride in their supplements and any products they endorse, causing their name to quickly become one of the most trusted in the bodybuilding industry. Even years later, men know that Muscle Pharm products are going to provide them with safe and secure use.

Muscle Pharm products can be purchased in 120 different countries, including US, Australia, and Canada. Since opening the doors to their supplements company nearly seven years ago, the brand has aimed to do things differently than the next guy. This has earned the company a number of awards and honors. Among the awards the brand has won:

  1. 2009 “New Brand of the Year”;
  2. 2010 “Breakout Brand of the Year”;
  3. 2011 “Best Packaging of the Year”;
  4. 2012 GNC “Rising Star” award;
  5. Many others.

Each product created by Muscle Pharm is clinically proven to be safe and effective when it is results that you desire. The supplement is not made available to the general public until it has been put through a six-stage research process that uses a combination of doctors, universities, and scientists to ensure the product is designed to exceed standards and expectations. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with four worldwide locations, the brand distributes their products at various supplement retailers across the world.


How Arnold Iron Test Works?

Arnold Iron Test works in several different ways, each working to enhance the testosterone production naturally within the body. First, the product works to open blood pathways in order for even nutrient distribution into the muscles. Next, it works to enhance the body’s thermogenesis process. Combined, this product promises to help bodybuilders get the body they want by helping them have more energy when they hit the gym, the proper amounts of testosterone levels in the body, and with the ability to lift more weight. This supplement promises to help you push your workout to the next level, proudly appreciating each of your accomplishments as you near achievement of your goals.


Ingredients of Arnold Iron Test

The majority of ingredients inside of the supplement are combined into what is known as an Iron Test Blend. This proprietary blend provides an overall dosing amount rather than a dosing per-ingredient. Because of this vague information, it is hard to tell what ingredient you’re actually getting the most of or if you’re even getting the recommended daily amounts. We do know that there is a total of 1350 mg of these ingredients inside of the blend, which includes the following:

Additional ingredients found inside of the supplement include:


Boron is necessary for synthesis process of testosterone. It is one of the first ingredients ever used inside of a bodybuilding supplement. On the downside, studies have yielded non-specific results when evaluating the effectiveness of the ingredient.


Also known as Fenugreek, Testofen is an ingredient that works to enhance testosterone levels when used in proper dosage. Because Arnold Iron Test is a proprietary blend, there is no way to know for certain that you’re getting the right dosage of Testofen to make a difference in testosterone levels.

D-Aspartic Acid

Studies reveal that men who use D-Aspartic Avid see an increase of 42% in their testosterone levels. This increase takes place within a two-week period! However, these benefits are dependent upon adequate dosage amounts, like Testofen, and it is anyone’s guess if that is what you’re getting with this supplement.

Arginine Nitrate

Sadly, there is little scientific evidence behind Arginine Nitrate to support its benefits inside of the product. Most of the information that you’ve heard about it has all been bodybuilding-industry hype.

Along with the ingredients listed above, the supplement also contains 100% of the RDA of both Zinc and Vitamin C. When a man is deficient in these essential nutrients, inadequate testosterone production is oftentimes one of the consequences. With 30 mg of zinc and 400 IUD of Vitamin D, there is no longer a worry of adequate amounts of these nutrients.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re beneficial inside of a test booster. There are certainly far more innovative products out there that a man could use for workout improvement. Additionally, if you’re a man still consuming fair amounts of red meats or other foods containing zinc, the levels are likely too great to benefit you.



Arnold Iron Test users are promised a number of advantages with the use of this product. Obviously the primary goal of the supplement is to increase the testosterone production inside of the body. With adequate testosterone levels, a man is able to take his workout to the extremes, perhaps even exceeding his own expectations, pushing more weight, burning more fat, and enjoying every single minute of it all. The amount of time that it will take for you to see results vary, although the following advantages are all things that you’re promised with regular use of this supplement.

  1. Works naturally with the body’s natural processes to increase testosterone levels. With adequate testosterone production, men can get the most out of each and every workout.
  2. Should you desire to stack this supplement, it works well under these circumstances
  3. Supplement is safe to use by most healthy men over the age of 18.
  4. There are no on/off cycles with this product. Many bodybuilders appreciate a product that they can use straight through without breaks. It simply makes working out a lot easier.
  5. Each ingredient inside of this supplement has been clinically proven to increase testosterone levels.
  6. Men that have used this supplement report they feel like a beast inside of the gym. They’re able to achieve their bodybuilding goals faster and with more focus and desire to attain those results.

This test booster promises to provide men with the advantages listed above, although the actual results greatly vary from one person to the next.



BioZone Laboratories is the name of the facility for which the creation of this supplement takes place. As of May, 2016, this facility is owned and operated by Muscle Pharm, however, the company is currently rebranding and is in the process of selling the laboratory. Regardless of the owner of BioZone, Muscle Pharm goes out of their way to ensure that Arnold Iron Test (and their many other supplements) are created inside of a safe and inspected facility. It is imperative to seek a supplement made in a facility that takes all precautions to keep you safe.



This supplement is one that has been quite popular since it was first introduced to the bodybuilding world a couple of years back. So what are men that have had the chance to use Arnold Iron Test saying? It is highly beneficial to learn the opinions of others’ who have used a product in the past when you seek to find a supplement that won’t let you down. The information that you learn from reviews and testimonials makes choosing a supplement much easier. Reviews are easy to find on the web. There is no cost to read the reviews and they are found at numerous sites.

Here are a few things that users of the supplement have to say about the perks, the pros and cons, and other information. Once you’ve read these reviews, be sure to look online for more. It never hurts to know as much as you can learn!

Arnold Iron Test is the second testosterone supplement that I’ve used since I started bodybuilding last year. I made the switch because I was unsatisfied with the powder that I was using due to insufficient results and a bad taste. The switch was very simple and easy for me to make and I’ve began seeing results after just two weeks of use of this product. The product was a bit overpriced for my liking, but well-worth the money spent for the nice results. – Larry M. Maddux, Little Rock, Arizona, USA

I’ve used better supplements, but this one definitely does work as it promises and I love the fact that Arnold’s name and likeness is plastered all over it. I’ve used the full eight-week cycle of the supplement and have seen improvement in my muscle size as well as the amount of weight I am able to lift at the gym. I also think that I hit the gym with an awesome amount of eagerness now, whereas before I simply did what I had to do and got out of there. – Luther S. Allison, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

I use this supplement with the Whey Protein and I feel so amped before I hit the gym. I’ve seen an incredible strength gain since I began stacking with it and the energy levels that I now have are incredible. – James N. Runge, Kirkman, Iowa, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Any product with Mr. Olympia’s likeness attached is one that is going to quickly gain attention, as the case with Arnold Iron Test. First released in 2014, the product has caused hysteria with bodybuilders who dreamed of gaining the same ripped body as the man himself. The product has been a hit from the very beginning and two years later remains a top supplement in the industry.


Money-back Guarantee

When you purchase Arnold Iron Test, you can do so with complete confidence in the product. Your purchase is secured with a great money-back guarantee. Simply put, you have a full 30-days to use this supplement and discover the results that it is going to provide to you. If the results are not satisfactory, return the unused portion of the product and receive your money back. Any bodybuilder that wishes to try it out can do so knowing there is nothing to lose. Keep in mind that the cost of the product is refundable, not the shipping charges.



After placing an order for Arnold Iron Test, how long should it take for the package to arrive at your home? Rest assured that your order is shipped as quickly as it can be processed, with arrival at your doorstep within just a few days’ time. The cost of shipping your product varies dependent upon your total order amount. The most that you’ll spend for shipping is $15.99, with an order totaling $100 or more. If you’d like rush delivery of your order, this is available for an additional fee. With rush delivery, you’ll receive your order in 3 -4 days rather than 5 -7 as with standard shipping.


Customer Support

Should you need to get in touch with an agent concerning your supplement, customer support is available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Whether you have questions about the product, concerns over an order, or have some sort of other issue, customer support always has your back, ready to assist you whenever the need may arise. Customer service agents seem to be knowledgeable, professional, and friendly, qualities that always leave you with a better impression.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Purchasing this testosterone booster is without worry thanks to the safe and secure checkout process found on the website. When you purchase the supplement online, you can do so knowing that your personal information, including credit card details and address, are always protected. Take a look at the logos and SSL certifications found on the website and put your worries aside. Arnold Iron Test creators go out of their way to provide their customers with a safe website that makes it easy to shop with confidence.



Men that wish to purchase this supplement will be happy to know that the cost is comparable to similar supplements that are currently on the market. When first released in 2014, the cost of a 90-capsule bottle of the supplement was $89.95! That priced has dropped tremendously over the past two years’ and now the same supply will cost you only about $40 and on some places it could be found on as low as $r?r19.98. To achieve maximum results with this test booster, it is recommended that you use two capsules each day. Using the optimal dose, this price will cover a 45-day supply of the supplement. This price seems to be fair for the type of product.






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