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Apex Rush Testo Review – Does It Work?

What Is Apex Rush Testo?

Apex Rush Testo is an all-natural testosterone booster designed specifically for men to optimize workout performance. It claims to amplify performance traits such as strength, endurance, energy levels and the ability to build and sculpt lean muscle mass. Its ingredients are comprised entirely of plants, extracts, roots, herbs, vitamins and other natural compounds. Its active ingredients are KSM 66 Ashwaghanda Extract, Tribulus Terrestris Powder and Eurycoma Longifolia Root. It has been researched, developed and manufactured by an Orlando, Florida-based supplement supplier.

This workout product was designed to benefit several key demographics, which overall is any healthy adult man who wants to make the most out of every workout to build muscle mass faster. It is also marketed as an effective testosterone-booster for older men whose levels may have declined over time. In addition, it is designed for and marketed toward athletes as a legal and safe performance enhancer. It it equally formulated for weightlifters and bodybuilders who want to further enhance their training and muscle-building potential.



This company that manufactures Apex Rush Testo is named Apex Nutra, LLC. It lists its corporate headquarters and customer service facilities in Orlando, FL. According to several online descriptions, this company is a “manufacturer and distributor of science-based and clinically tested” products. They develop and distribute a number of health, beauty and fitness merchandise, some of which have been very successful in their respective markets. Apex Nutra, however, does not have an official website at present.

According to online business directory listings, Apex Nutra, LLC is a “custom formulator and contract manufacturer” of high-quality supplements and homeopathic drug products. Mike Khalil is listed as the point of contact as well as the CEO. Aside from this, there is very little other information online regarding this merchant. Apex Nutra, LLC may want to consider including more company information on its product sites – or better yet setting up one of its own – in order to keep its customers better-connected and more informed.


How Apex Rush Testo Works?

The plant extracts in this supplement’s formula are designed to dissolve in the bloodstream to stimulate a chemical reaction that leads to increased free testosterone production. The amino acids and other natural compounds purportedly increase this process as well as inhibit hormones (like estrogen) that block the production of testosterone. This process also aims to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This may combat symptoms of testosterone deficiency such as fatigue, decreased strength, bloating and loss of muscle tissue. It has also been stated that the plants in this formula also help to prevent testosterone from binding to SHBG, also called sex hormone-binding globulin and a key determinant of how the body’s stores of testosterone are used.

Many in the fitness community assert that the natural extracts in Apex Rush Testo’s formula makeup support the process of myogenesis. Myogenesis – another term for muscle-building – is the process whereby muscle cells are replenished and regenerated. Such extracts are believed by many to support hormonal balance, a key component in how much and how quickly muscle mass is able to be developed. They may also support enzymes that stimulate the production of testosterone, possibly leading to greater muscle mass, strength, power and energy.

This supplement is not a meal replacer and is designed to supplement a healthy diet and exercise program. Best results are reportedly achieved with consistent daily use. According to instructions, users should take one to two tablets before daily workouts with a glass of water or a protein smoothie of their choice. As a small segment of men may experience an allergic reaction to the plant extracts in the product formula, research and a consultation with a professional are always recommended before beginning use. This product is marketed to healthy adult men only.


Ingredients of Apex Rush Testo

This test booster incorporates a range of natural extracts to stimulate the body’s natural production of testosterone, which is states may increase strength and power in order to fuel workout duration and intensity. Its primary ingredient is KSM 66 Ashwagandha Extract, which is extracted from a small evergreen shrub. Its roots and leaves are used for many purposes including raising energy levels and boosting the immune system. Tribulus Terrestris Powder, one of the most popular additives in bodybuilding supplements on the market today, is a plant grown around the world that many bodybuilders believe supports strength and endurance gains. It also reportedly helps to significantly boost testosterone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia Root is another key addition to Apex Rush Testo’s proprietary formula blend. Eurycoma Longifolia Root, also called Tongkat Ali, is another popular bodybuilding supplement additive that comes from the Malaysian rainforests and is a therapeutic herb. It may support optimal hormone levels in men as well as increase natural testosterone production. Eurycoma Longifolia Root has been used for centuries for not only its medicinal properties but also for its purported ability to heighten energy levels and increase muscle strength. Many in the fitness industry also believe it promotes testosterone production.

Diindolymethane, a compound that is synthesized naturally and is found in cruciferous vegetables, is another additive believed by many to balance hormonal activity, to increase muscle mass, to improve lipid profiles and to aid in cardiovascular fitness. Fenugreek Seed Extract is another prominent ingredient that bodybuilders often supplement with due to its reputation for ramping up testosterone production. Some also believe it helps to increase strength output and growth hormone levels. The other ingredients rounding out the formula list are Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Doxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, FD&C Yellow #6 and FD&C Red #3.



Apex Rush Testo promises to significantly increase the body’s natural production of testosterone, thereby increasing sports performance, physical fitness and workout capability. It may help to boost men’s ability to build muscle mass faster. It may also support increases in strength and endurance, possibly leading to more powerful pumps and the ability to effectively utilize training sessions to sculpt more lean muscle. The product website asserts that it may also improve mental performance, though it does not detail by what means. Naturally, of course, with all of these advantages come great self-confidence and all of the relative benefits higher self-esteem entails.

Perhaps one of this product’s biggest touted benefits is the ability to combat age-related testosterone decline. As fitness buffs are commonly aware, testosterone levels begin to decline around the age of 30. This can lead to bloating, soft muscles, the accumulation of fat, fatigue and a host of other health and fitness issues. Apex Rush Testo promises to reduce these effects and to restore vitality be ramping up t-levels for a fitter physique and a happier mindset. Other advantages associated with this product include greater vascularity and thermogenic capability.



The Apex Rush Testo website displays an important certificate reading ‘GMP-certified.’ For those who may not yet be aware, GMP is an acronym for “Good Manufacturing Practices” and is meant to demonstrate to consumers that GMP-certified products have satisfied a predetermined set of federal requirements for product quality and manufacturing. This certificate tells the public that approved products have been consistently controlled and produced in accordance with quality standards. Customers may be assured that risks associated with many aspects of pharmaceutical production have been accounted for.

Another important certificate displayed on the website is the ‘Proudly Made in the USA’ logo. This certificate likely speaks to consumers who may appreciate the peace of mind that comes with the quality assurance standards of an American-made product. As this supplement was also likely developed in a sterile FDA-approved facility, this company appears to have gone to necessary lengths to ensure full compliance with product quality and manufacturing standards.



I started out with the free trial and now I’m a customer for the long haul. Apex Rush Testo has taken my workouts up a notch or two, and I have an extra inch of muscle on my biceps to prove it. It gives me a rush of energy when I work out to help me pump more iron. – Chris M., weightlifter in Baltimore, MD, USA.

As a man in my fifties, I had noticed that my body just wasn’t able to do the things it used to do. I would get tired a lot more easily during workouts, I didn’t have nearly enough energy and my body just wasn’t as tight and rock-hard as it used to be. Since I started taking this supplement, I’ve been able to rebuild more muscle tone and lose more fat in a matter of a couple of months. I actually have energy to power through workouts. This has been a workout game-changer for me, and my wife tells me it shows. – James M., software engineer in Maxton, SD, USA

Apex Rush Testo has been a big factor in helping me gain muscle and lose fat. I’m down almost ten pounds in a matter of months, I’m seeing lines of definition popping up everywhere and I’ve gotten more compliments than I can count! This is by far the best testosterone booster I’ve tried. Not only do I look better, I feel like I play better as well – my batting average is up and I don’t get the cramps I used to after games. In my opinion, this is a great supplement for athletes who train hard. – Joseph S., professional baseball player in Montreal, Canada


Awards & Media Coverage

Apex Rush Testo has been advertised in a wide range of popular fitness magazines. It has appeared in such major fitness media outlets as Muscle Fitness, Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness. This exposure has helped to boost its popularity with men not only in the United States but worldwide. This popularity may be evidenced via its extensive presence on bodybuilding and weightlifting user forums all over the internet. It has also been featured on a number of popular muscle-building supplement review sites.

At present, this supplement has not received any awards in the organic supplement industry. Although time will tell whether it does, its impressive presence in the online fitness community may be a testament to its popularity. It has been reviewed and discussed on many social media websites as well as video channels like YouTube. Since there is no apparent copyright date on the product website, it is difficult to tell whether this is a newer supplement or whether it has been on the market for awhile.


Money-back Guarantee

Curious customers may try Apex Rush Testo out via a 14-day trial period of a 30-day money-back guarantee. To take advantage of the 14-day trial, the only upfront cost involved is the price for shipping and handling. Otherwise, the trial is free of charge until the final day of the evaluation period, when the buyer will be automatically enrolled in an auto-shipping program for regular monthly deliveries of a 30-day supply of product at the regular retail rate plus shipping. The customer can opt out of this program by calling or emailing customer service to cancel. Orders can also be modified at any time by contacting a customer support representative.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is another risk-free way to try out this testosterone booster. Through this offer, the buyer has 30 days to try it and determine whether it is going to work for him. If not, he must simply contact customer service for a Return Authorization Number and then ship the bottle back to corporate headquarters. Per company policy, returns without a valid RMA number are not accepted in any circumstances, and all return shipping must be paid by the customer. The product website does not appear to specify whether the bottle must be returned unopened in order to be eligible for a full refund.



The cost of shipping and handling for a single bottle of Apex Rush Testo is $6.95. Orders ship to any address in the United States although the product is available to international customers from other websites. Aside from this, there is an underwhelming number of details available regarding shipping and handling. The official product site does not mention which carrier (or carriers) it uses nor does it mention whether customers receive tracking information for packages either free of charge or for an additional cost. There is also no information regarding whether packages ship on weekends.

Similarly, the website does not specify when packages are expected to ship out of fulfillment facilities after the order is placed. As most supplement suppliers ship out within 24 hours, this is likely the case here as well. This particular manufacturer would do well to update the website with all applicable shipping information. Many potential customers may find this lack of detail pertaining to such an important transactional aspect, to be off-putting and even frustrating.


Customer Support

Company headquarters and customer service facilities for Apex Rush Testo are located in Orlando, FL. There is also a toll-free 1-844 customer service telephone number available for customers who would prefer to speak with a live representative. The company also provides a support email address for those who prefer online communication. Customer support center hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. The product website does not specify whether customer service remains open on weekends and/or holidays.

Overall, the company’s customer service program is comprehensive with a number of channels available to contact a support representative. The manufacturer encourages inquiries regarding methods for use, policies, shipping and any other questions at either the telephone number, email address or physical correspondence address provided. Anyone – whether a current customer or a potential customer – may contact the support department via any of the channels at any point before, during or after a sale.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout section of the Apex Rush Testo website features a Norton Secured trust mark. This means that the website has been secured by a Symantec SSL certificate and is thereby authenticated by Symantec, one of the most trusted names in the online transaction industry. Websites with the Norton Secured trust mark are scanned daily for malware, viruses; vulnerability testing is performed on a daily basis as well. Safety seals such as these reportedly utilize military-grade data centers and disaster recovery sites for the utmost protection of sensitive customer information. These safety seals promise data protection by ensuring that a website’s security credentials are up-to-date, and that the site is as secure as possible.

The Apex Rush Testo website is also certified as a ‘128-Bit SSL secure site.’ This means that encryption technology is being used to scramble data in the event a hacker attempts to intercept any sensitive personal or financial information from customers. It works to keep the company’s server as secure as possible from malware and phishing attempts of all sorts. Despite these security measures, the manufacturer does state in its privacy policy that it reserves the right to disclose or transfer customers’ personal information. However, it also asserts that customers may contact a company representative to gain access to such information.


Pricing & Free Trial

The retail cost for a bottle of Apex Rush Testo is $95.13. After a successful trial period, the auto-shipment program charges a recurring fee of the $95.13 regular retail price plus $6.95 shipping and handling. This comes to a total of $102.08 every 30 days (while of course considering the fact that customers may cancel or modify orders and/or the auto-shipment program at any time). At present, the only payment methods accepted are MasterCard and Visa. This is, unfortunately, an even narrower payment option range than those offered by many fitness supplement suppliers on the market.

The manufacturer does occasionally offer coupons and other discounts as an added incentive to try their product line. These offers are limited to one per household as well as other terms which may apply. Taxes and other possible fees are also applicable to the region from which the order is placed. At the time of this review, this company was not offering any additional savings for purchasing multiple bottles at once. This is an option it may want to consider in order to add further value for customers who would like to stock up and save.






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