Anti-A by SD Pharmaceuticals Review – Have You Seen the Feedback from These Middle-Aged Men?

What Is Anti-A?

Anti-A is a natural testosterone booster that is aimed at men who wish to gain back muscle mass and physical stamina that they have lost due to lowered testosterone production. The product is made from a natural ingredient, and it claims to assist men in gaining back a more vivacious body while also boosting energy and improving memory. The supplement is intended to be part of a healthy diet and exercising regimen. It is not marketed to cause drastic change by itself. Instead, the purpose of the product is to give the aging male body the extra push that it needs to continue to reach personal fitness goals.

The product is available as a small capsule with only a few ingredients. These ingredients help to raise testosterone production by limiting estrogen production. This has been a proven strategy with dietary supplements. However, this particular supplement accomplishes the task with a new and innovative ingredient that researchers developed from a plant compound. The product is natural and comes with almost no chance of side effects.



This testosterone booster is manufactured by SD Pharmaceuticals. Since the founding in 2011, SD Pharmaceuticals has taken a new approach to vitamin supplements. The manufacturer highly values research. In fact, it is the goal of the company to come up with new and innovative ingredients to put in their supplements. In fact, such research went into the creation of Anti-A. The product was the result of a long research process.

SD Pharmaceuticals refers to itself as the “Single Ingredient Specialists.” This is due to the fact that nearly all of the products they manufacture using a single key ingredient. This ingredient is often a new substance that has resulted from their research. It is rare for a manufacturer to use only a small number of ingredients, and many in the workout community seem to like this.


How Anti-A Works?

It is not well known that man generally start to have a decline in estrogen as young as 30 years old. This decline can result in a variety of changes including decreased ability to produce lean muscle, decreased attention, mood swings, and a harder time recovering from intense physical activity. Regardless of the number of trips to the gym or intensities of the workout, it can be hard to gain any muscle mass at all due to a simple lack of testosterone.

Anti-A boosts testosterone production by essentially limiting estrogen production. The supplement works as an Aromatase inhibitor. This means that the supplement limits the enzyme that sythesizes estrogen. This allows the body to produce testosterone naturally. With the elevated testosterone, the male body can supposedly feel younger and have more physical stamina.

By taking just 2 pills a day with water, the product hopes to alleviate the problems of decreased testosterone. This is a relatively easy regimen that should normally be done before a workout to feel maximum results in regards to energy and stamina. However, it does not hurt to take the pills at any time. In this way, the product is relatively convenient. Due to the nature of the product, the pills do need to be taken every day to continue to see the effects of the product. The body reverts back to the original level of testosterone when the pills cease to be taken regularly.


Ingredients of Anti-A

The product has only one key ingredient. However, the ingredient is quite innovative. Researchers studied over 24 compounds from the Damiana plant. This plant, native to parts of Texas as well as Central and South Americas and Mexico, is a shrub like plant with a variety of uses. One of the 24 studied compounds acted effectively in limiting the production of estrogen. This product became known as Acacetin99. There are 25 milligrams of the substance in each capsule. This small amount is enough to effectively boost testosterone production.

It should be mentioned that the Damiana plant is commonly used in food in many parts of the world. It has never been known to be harmful in any form. In fact, the plant itself has been used for generations. It is used in food and even in Mexican tequila. The extract from the plant that assists with testosterone production has no known side effects by itself. In fact, this is probably one of the safest hormone products available because of the safety of the key ingredient.

Other than a bit of Zinc, the product basically contains only this ingredient and a couple of common substances to make it into a pill form. These substances are not known to have any health risks or benefits to one side or the other. Since the key ingredient comes from a common plant, the supplement is considered to be 99% natural. One important thing about this particular product is that it is not a synthetic hormone in the sense of many similar products on the market. This product works to give the body the building blocks needed to increase testosterone on its own.

It is important to mention that products with Zinc can cause a Copper deficiency within the body. A doctor should be consulted before taking this supplement if the user is on any other medications. Even a multivitamin with Zinc may not be great along with this supplement, so it is important to ask a doctor or friendly pharmacist before consuming. It is also important to take only the recommended amount of the product per day. Consumers should not exceed two pills per day.



There are a multitude of advantages to taking Anti-A. First of all, the increase in testosterone can play a key role to getting back the body of a 20 year old. Hard work gives results, but as the male body ages, hard work may not be enough to get back to the fitness level desired. When this happens, this product is available to help. The main advantages that will be seen are an increase in physical stamina and an increase in lean muscle. Being able to exercise that little bit longer and having the strength to push through workouts are core to the purpose of the product. Lean muscle results both from this and from the decrease of estrogen.

In addition to the physical changes that can come from finding a hormonal balance again, users have also reported an increase of overall mood. Some feel less depressed and some just feel more energetic and alert. A little bit of extra energy can go a long way, not only in regards to workouts, but also in regards to personal life. Having time in the day to complete a full day of work, a workout, and still having energy for family, friends, and hobbies can be life changing.



Anti-A is certified to meet all of Health Canada’s requirements for distribution. Since the product is not yet available in the United States, this is the only official certification currently available. Health Canada, however, has strict codes on the manufacture of dangerous substances. Nearly all substances banned by the FDA are also banned by Health Canada. So it can be assumed that the product is safe and of high quality. This is extremely important when looking at supplements involving hormones as they can really cause some problems when they are unsafe.

The healthcare system in Canada is government run along with organizations that approve or ban substances. Therefore, a certificate of approval from Health Canada is an official certification that the product contains no banned substances and no substances that have been shown to be harmful in studies.



I was getting so tired that it was impossible for me to power through my workout. Trying to push myself was out of the question. Anti-A allowed me to enjoy working out like I used to. It feels great to have that energy back.

– Tim, 36, San Antonio, TX, US

I like that the formula comes from a natural plant. This made me feel safer about trying something new. I am sure glad that I did. I feel like a teenager again.

– Jim, 42, Portland, OR, US

My testosterone levels started to lower around the age of 30. It all seemed to be downhill from there. I was not longer able to manage the physical tasks that I used to. I had serious mood swings and spells of depression. This product helped me get my life back.

– Jeff, 39, Salt Lake City, UT, US

I always thought products like this were for old men. I was surprised to hear that men begin losing testosterone around the age of 30. I never realized the difference that made until trying this product. Anti-A has given me my athletic ability back.

– Jason, 35, Memphis, TN, US

I have always been into bodybuilding. As a college athlete, I felt I was at the top of my game. There have been many times since then that I have longed for that endurance back. Now I have found it again. This product really works.

– Adam, 38, Dallas, TX, US

The product is so convenient to take. Unlike many health food supplements, it is simply one pill twice a day. How easy is that? It is the best on the market in my opinion.

– Brad, 45, Chicago, IL, US

I have always been bad at remembering to take vitamins or pills. Luckily, this capsule can be taken at any time. So, if I forget to take it, I can just take one later! It is as easy as that.

– Oliver, 30, Atlanta, GA, US

I was a cyclist who had dreams of winning major awards. However, when I hit 30 it became more challenging to complete long races. In fact, it became hard to push myself at all. This product allowed me to attain my fitness goals in a simple and inexpensive way. I look forward to the next race.

– Jake, 32, Philadelphia, PA, US

This product will change the way people see hormone deficiency. A lot of people think that fixing low hormone levels will be difficult and impossibly expensive. This product proves that theory wrong. I am happy that I gave it a try.

– Alex, 39, Miami, FL, US

In general, I don’t believe in most products that claim to be able to enhance my workout ability. There is absolutely no substitute for hard work. What appealed to me was that this product does not claim to be a miracle pill. It simply claims to give the body what it needs to be able to work hard. I would recommend this product to any male who feels his body is starting to slow down.

– Cole, 55, Boston, MA, US

I like that the manufacturer was very clear about the ingredients as well as the research surrounding the discovery of said ingredients. I like to feel that the company thinks enough of individuals purchasing the product to keep us informed.

– Donald, 41, New York, NY, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Anti-A has done quite well in the media so far. The most important press that a product of this style can get is accolades within the health community. Online and social media blogs are raving about the product. Most consumers seem to be loving that it is a natural supplement that addresses the touchy subject of hormones. Many men have come forward to say that they love the product. While many other products of similar nature have been shown to be ineffective, consumers have story after story of their own successes with the product.

In many cases, consumers have given the product a five star or similar rating on health blogs. There is a lot of anticipation for the product to be released in the United States. It was released there for a time, but was pulled from the shelves do to a copyright issue involving the name. The manufacturer, however, hopes to re-release the product near the end of the year to consumers in the United States. There is much anticipation on social media already from workout enthusiasts who became fans of the product upon its first release.


Money-back Guarantee

There is not yet a formal guarantee from the manufacturer of Anti-A. However, the website is set up with information that can be used to contact the company with any complaints. Generally, manufacturers do not do this unless they are wanting to be involved with the consumers to see how the product is working. SD Pharmaceuticals seems to want to hear feedback, be it good or bad, that can help them to make their product better. Online forums seem to indicate that emails get answered relatively quickly. Most stated a response time of 24 to 48 hours. Contacting a representative would likely lead to a solution or recommendation to any issue.

That being said, it is understandable that many do not want to buy a product that is not guaranteed. There are a lot of bad healthcare supplements our there. Consumers waste millions of dollars a year on supplements that have no proven effectiveness. A guarantee makes many feel better. This is a minor flaw in the marketing of the product. That being said, all research for the product was done by real scientists and health specialists. This, along with the raving reviews of the product, give it a different level of credibility than many other products.



Shipping reviews of the product have been good so far. Unfortunately, Anti-A is currently only shipping to Canada. Usually orders are processed within three business days of the order. In many cases, they are processed within the first 24 hours. The shipping is fast and secure and generally arrives within 14 days of the order. This is a pretty convenient time frame that allows clients to refill their supply relatively easily. It also assures that every consumer gets the exact same quality of excellence that the company wishes them to get.

The Anti-A bottle also ships with a seal that guarantees freshness and safety. This is important in online ordering to assure quality and safety. If the seal has been tampered with in any way, it is recommended that the consumer contact the company immediately. This attention to detail in regards to shipping shows consumers that there is a dedication to safety and quality. The bottle is also designed to be safely shipped in a variety of weather conditions without harming the product in any way. This assures that online orders can be shipped to a number of different places through regular postal options.


Customer Support

There is some customer support available for those who have questions and concerns regarding the product. In most cases, customers have reported that emails are answered in a timely manner, usually within 72 hours. Many reported that any problems with Anti-A were resolved in some way. Questions also seemed to get answered in a straightforward and helpful manner. Since the product uses a “new” ingredient, it is important for the future of the Anti-A product line that questions and concerns be addressed seriously and efficiently by the customer support staff.

The only minor issue with the Anti-A customer support is that there is no phone staff listed to assist customers in that manner. Many people naturally feel more comfortable talking to a human over the phone than relaying information in an email. Particularly in regards to hormone issues, sometimes it is better to actually talk to a live advisor. This would also give staff a better chance to explain how the product works to customers who are not yet sure about the product. The format of the customer service team could change, however, as the company expands to new places.


Safe & Secure Checkout

These days, many people are reluctant to give out credit card information over the Internet. This is understandable considering the increase of identity fraud and scams that have come about in recent years. However, the Anti-A website has a secure checkout procedure to put any worries at ease. The system is encrypted, making it nearly impossible for hackers to steal personal information. Additionally, there is a system that constantly scans the site for anyone trying to access classified information without the proper authorization. This is an added security measure to assure safety throughout the checkout procedure.

For anyone still unsure, the site offers the option to pay with PayPal. For anyone unfamiliar with PayPal, basically it is a third party service that assures that consumers do not have to put any personal information into a website. All information is on the PayPal account so that the consumer can shop online and pay the bill all at once. This website accommodates PayPal for those not wanting to share any personal information.



Anti-A is priced decently for the nature of the product. In fact, since it is such an innovative new approach to raising testosterone levels, it is actually priced quite well. $39.95 gets the consumer a bottle of 60 capsules. If the user chooses to take two per day (which is the recommended amount for maximum effectiveness,) the product would last for 30 days. This amounts to only $1.33 per day or 67 cents per capsule. Similar products available without a prescription can be twice that much. Prescription hormone therapy can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, as far as price, this product is competitively a good deal.






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