AnoTest by MuscleTech Review – How Does This Product Work?

What Is AnoTest?

AnoTest produced by MuscleTech supplements company is an effective, reliable testosterone booster that provides users with valuable benefits of four different product types in a single formula. As a powdered supplement, its digestion and uptake in your body are both rapid, offering strong sports performance support much sooner and more effectively than fitness aids in tablet or capsule form can. Actually, in order to get the empowering boost of this unique powered product in tablet or capsule form, you would need to ingest more than 15 pills to receive the the sustained energy bursts and endurance that the powdered product provides. This exercise enhancer increases your overall testosterone levels by as much as 40 percent, and it also raises your free (active) testosterone counts.

This specialized sports aid also promotes revitalizing anabolic, or building up, activity within your body. This property makes AnoTest a quality recovery booster as it rapidly starts to repair muscle strains and any damaged or worn tissue, alleviating the familiar aches and pains that most athletes have experienced following strenuous workouts, intensive exercise sessions or fast-paced sports games. This tissue building process also contributes the the lean, dense muscle growth that your increased testosterone levels are initiating. In addition, this formula decreases serum cortisol, a hormone with catabolic, or breaking-down properties, that can limit lean muscle development if not prevented from acting as a destructive agent in the body. The expert scientists, natural nutritional specialists and experienced sports training professionals who collaborated to formulate and test this empowering supplement used the most effective ingredients possible to create this versatile and beneficial sports aid that rejuvenates and promotes new development of your body for heights of athletic success.



MuscleTech® has been producing advanced formula sports enhancing supplements for 20 years to help bodybuilders and athletes of all grades of experience and skill reach their highest goals of sports achievement. This brand is well-known and respected for top-tier quality products that are safe, effective and affordable for athletes at all stages of development, from novices to noted sports pros. Partnering with the University of Toronto, Canada, this innovative company has now created a new, sophisticated MuscleTech® Netabikusn & Sport Science Lab where the latest scientific and nutritional discoveries and developments in the formulation of new athletic supplements are currently being made. This advanced lab is housed in the expansive Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport at the University, and every day more research breakthroughs occur there. Exciting new products are being designed and scientifically tested for complete efficacy and safety before being marketed to consumers committed to quality athletic performance and building ripped physiques.

Since this specialized sports supplement producing enterprise got its start in 1995, company leaders have acquired more than 30 U.S. supplement patents and 50 international. One aspect of the total product formulation and production by this innovative team of natural fitness aids is that every new formula is thoroughly tested, both scientifically in the MuscleTech stellar facility labs by scientists and at the adjoining modern gym and playing fields by athletes at the university research complex. This carefully monitored style of supplement creation and trial testing creates an atmosphere of quality and highest quality sports supplements products of top level efficacy and safety for users. MuscleTech is an ongoing industry leader for all the right reasons, the most important of which is the company and staff’s total commitment to producing and placing on the consumer market only top-tier, pure and safe sports supplements that provide athletes with highest degrees of support and benefits to achieve optimum bodybuilding and sports action success.


How AnoTest Works?

This fitness formula raises rates of testosterone absorption and uptake in your body, quickly and steadily supplying your muscles with energy and vitality for better athletic activity and lean muscular development. The active ingredient of L-Carnitine (2,000 mg.) helps to form concentrated areas of androgen receptors in the body, which can effectively separate free (active) testosterone counts from other substances for swifter, more empowering results. Because L-Carnitine also enhances recovery after strenuous or lengthy workouts and sports games, it makes this sports supplement even more useful and effective. Due to its effective ingredient of D-Aspartic Acid, this safe, natural product is an even more effective T-booster, and when used on a daily basis, AnoTest will raise your counts of this important hormone by more than 40 percent with its 3.12 grams of this strong-acting and reliable ingredient. You, your trainer and gym buddies will all be impressed as this supplement works to increase your lean muscle density and growth for a powerful, streamlined physique.

In addition, Anotest assists your body in decreasing serum cortisol with its combined ingredients of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and glutamine (5,300 mg.), which also reduce fatigue and increase muscle development. If bodily levels of serum cortisol are out of normal balance and ranges, both your pituitary and adrenal glands may not function at healthy rates, which will impact your athletic abilities and stamina. All top-quality, natural ingredients of this sports supplement have been thoroughly tested individually and together to ensure complete safety and effectiveness for daily use by athletes.The expert scientists and natural nutritionists who collaborated to formulate this quality fitness aid have determined that every ingredient in this formula contributes valuable athletic enhancements and is completely healthy for use on a regular dosing schedule.


Ingredients of AnoTest

All the natural, pure ingredients of this specialized athletic formula work together to provide sports enthusiasts and muscle builders with optimal levels of efficacy and safety, and the following are the major components of this empowering supplement:

Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride – This major ingredient is one of the eight different B vitamins, and as a water-soluble supplement component, it cannot be stored by your body. However, because this vitamin is easily obtained as a natural supplement today and is also contained in many foods, such as chicken, shrimp, salmon, cheese, lentils bran and bananas, you can easily improve your intake of this nutrient. Vitamin B6 enables your body to transform foods into fuel and enhances fat and protein metabolism, raising your energy and endurance for better exercise. Since it also promotes bodily production of red blood cells while supporting healthy functions of the nervous system, this ingredient also strengthens and reinforces your muscle power and stamina while improving your moods, mental focus and drive to excel in athletics.

Folic acid – This ingredient is also known as Folate, Folacin, Pteroylglutamic acid and Vitamin B9. It promotes new cellular growth and functionality in your body, which makes it very useful during recovery periods following vigorous exercise and overnight during sleeping hours when your body repairs worn or damaged muscle and organ tissues. This ingredient also supports good cognitive functions and enhances mental clarity, concentration and quick responses during fast-paced sports action. Although commonly consumed foods contain B9, such as many fruits, green leafy vegetables, grains, peas and nuts, bodybuilders and regular exercisers need regular Vitamin B9 supplementation.

Vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin – This supplement component, also known as cobalamin, is essential for healthy functions of your nervous system and your brain, both of which must be in good operating condition for better sports performance results. As a water-soluble B vitamin, this ingredient is not stored by the body, so it must be obtained through supplementation since cyanocobalamin is a man-made form of this vitamin. This substance also helps the body regulate healthy formation of new red blood cells, which are also necessary for participating in any type of regular exercise or sports activity.

Zinc as zinc gluconate – Many health and exercise supplements include the mineral zinc as zinc gluconate (zincum gluconicum), which is the zinc salt from gluconic acid. This ionic compound contains one zinc mole for every two moles of gluconate. Zinc is necessary for good enzymatic activity in your body, including healthy digestion and uptake of foods and supplements for use by your internal system. This mineral also enhances immune system operations and antioxidant activity, keeping your body pure and healthy for better exercise while preventing muscle and tissue damage from free radicals, which also helps keep your body in good condition for intensive workouts and rugged sports training.

Testosterone-Boosting Complex

D-Aspartic Acid – This ingredient (D-AA), as a non-essential amino acid, is manufactured regularly by your body, and it acts as a structuring block of protein, which is necessary for strong, active muscles and organs. It also enhances metabolic rates of your body, facilitating faster digestion, uptake and use of vital nutrients and other healthy substances for sustained energy levels and fat shredding. This versatile ingredient also helps your body increase testosterone counts for improved lean muscle growth, body strength, energy and endurance for strenuous sports action.

L-Carnitine Tartrate – As the supplementation form of carnitine, this component is important for energy generation in your body. Although your body creates sufficient amounts of Carnitine for ordinary operations of your internal system, this ingredient is very helpful for better athletic achievements and bodybuilding training. It also promotes shredding of extra body fat for a sleeker, more streamlined, muscular physique. This substance also enhances heart functions, which contributes to better sports action and exercise results.

Boron Citrate – This compound is often in crystalline form and has many varied isotopes with nutritious properties. It is a common component of numerous foods like grains, honey, vegetables and fruits and is useful to you body’s production of Vitamin D, which is very important for good absorption of vital minerals, vitamins and other essential energizing nutrients. Boron is necessary for maintaining strong bones and for controlling the growth and use of hormones like testosterone by your body. This supplement ingredient also promotes clear thinking and good mental focus.

Cortisol-Lowering and Recovery Complex

L-Glutamine – This powerful amino acid composes more than 60 percent of skeletal muscle in the body. Containing over 18 percent of nitrogen, it is vital for delivering oxygen via your bloodstream to all the muscles, organs and tissues of your body to build a strong, agile and muscular physique for better exercise. Because intensive physical training depletes your normal L-Glutamine levels, you need quality supplementation of this pure substance to replenish your supplies of muscular strength and stamina for daily workouts and fast, comfortable recovery afterward. This substance will help prevent muscle damage and also sustain healthy rates of protein metabolism for additional energy and stamina during sports performance.

L-Leucine – This essential amino acid must be obtained by your body through foods and supplementation since it cannot be generated by the body. Found in meats, eggs, dairy products and beans, L-Leucine helps build lean, dense muscle mass and attain a more streamlined, ripped appearance. While increasing your body strength and muscular flexibility, it also aids your body in shredding extra fat as it burns body fat and transforms it to energy for improved bodybuilding workouts and other exercise.

L-Valine – This essential amino is a branched chain amino acid, as are L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine. It also must be obtained by your body through some foods, and especially through good, pure sports supplements to improve exercise performance. This ingredient energizes your muscles and increases energy, stamina and agility. It also balances your nitrogen levels to fuel muscles with oxygen to promote healthy, fast muscle and tissue repair and sustained energy, rejuvenating your body swiftly and without pain during recovery following strenuous sports activity.

L-Isoleucine – This ingredient is also a branched chain amino acid (BCAA) and cannot be manufactured by the body. Although it can be obtained through a healthy, balanced diet, bodybuilders and serious exercisers need an effective sports supplement that contains this nutrient for improving their sports skills and performance. This ingredient strengthens metabolic rates and helps fuel muscles with energizing oxygen for better fitness and body power. It also promotes good protein synthesis and anabolic (building up) activity throughout your body for greater energy, endurance and strength during athletics.



There are advantages to using AnoTest daily as your major testosterone boosting sports supplement, such as the following:

  • This effective fitness aid increases your testosterone levels by more than 40 percent when taken daily, as directed, for greater energy and stamina.
  • This exercise enhancer reduced your bodily levels of serum cortisol, which is a hormone with catabolic properties that inhibit the production of lean muscle mass. By supplying anabolic action with its contents of BCAAs and Glutamine, this supplement helps you experience rapid and powerful muscle development.
  • The BCAA components of this exercise booster also improve your recovery following vigorous workouts and sports events by their anabolic, or building-up capacities.
  • The collective contents of this empowering sports formula help your body shred extra body fat as it burns fat, transforming it into additional energy for better sports performance.



MuscleTech company leaders like to issue certificates of recognition to show appreciation to such sports performance professionals as bodybuilding trainers, team sports coaches and exercise instructors as well as amateur and pro athletes who promote the use of AnoTest among their students and trainees. Many of these professionals also use this empowering fitness product themselves to continuously improve their own sports performance. When they display their certificates in their gyms and exercise facilities, they encourage many athletes in training to make this safe, effective supplement their own daily muscle-building and fitness aid.



Try this great sports enhancing supplement today. You will be amazed at how quickly your lean muscle growth improves while you gain sports skills, energy and endurance.

Gary Lerner, Los Angeles, LA, USA

This awesome sports aid is the best testosterone booster you can buy! Get a terrific, ripped physique now with AnoTest.

John Perry, Atlanta, GA, USA

Want plenty of energy, stamina and muscle power to surpass all your sports performance goals and dreams? Get your first month’s supply of AnoTest today.

Tony Barkin, San Francisco, CA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

AnoTest from MuscleTech is expected to be a major winner of the sports Supplement of the Year as awarded by such sports industry authorities as and other respected sources. In addition, this effective, pure and unique exercise and muscle-building aid is currently receiving increasing amounts of notice on popular Internet sports performance websites, webinars and forums, and it is predicted to gain major media coverage from primary sports news networks and channels in the very near future.


Money-back Guarantee

MuscleTech executives offer all customers a money-back guarantee if they experience any level of dissatisfaction with the purchasing, receipt or use of AnoTest for improved athletic activity. This company has a very good record of customer satisfaction. However, if you have any issues or problems concerning your new fitness supplement, must contact the company’s customer support department right away for the complete resolution of your problem or a prompt refund of your purchase price for this product.



MuscleTech uses the services of only highly qualified national shippers and global transport companies for the shipment and delivery of all supplement orders. These professionals are experienced and careful, packing all orders in secure, sturdy packaging materials and checking all address labels for accuracy before shipping. MuscleTech shipments have high ratings for safe, secure delivery to the correct address. However, if your supplement is delayed in the shipping process or does not arrive, just contact the company’s knowledgeable and courteous customer support team for a replacement order of your product or a total refund of your purchasing cost.


Customer Support

The friendly, well-trained and helpful customer support team of MuscleTech is always ready to assist you with any difficulty you many experience concerning your new sports supplement. If you should have any problem placing your order on the company website or if your supplement package is delayed or damaged in shipment, contact this expert, concerned team right away for assistance. Although this company has an excellent record of safe, secure order deliveries to correct addresses, sometimes problems may occur in shipping product. If you do have issues, problems or questions about the order, shipment of use of your supplement, contact a member of the customer support team immediately for a prompt solution to your problem or total reimbursement for your purchasing cost.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout procedures on the company website are always safe and secure for customers because of the advanced encryption technology used in the construction of this modern site. When placing your supplement order, you can relax and enjoy your shopping and purchasing experience, knowing that all your personal data is well-protected from site intruders or potential identity thieves. Your name, address, email, telephone and charge card numbers will be kept completely private and secure throughout your supplement buying process. You can count on the concerned, customer-friendly officers and staff of MuscleTech to make your onsite purchase safe, secure and completely pleasant and friendly.



You can purchase a month’s supply of AnoTest for the very reasonable pricing of from $47.75 to $68.00. During product promotions or seasonal sales, you will find this empowering fitness aid offered at even lower rates. This customer-oriented supplements producing company is focused on making this product affordable to athletes of all economic levels and walks of life, so you can make this product your primary sports performance aid, knowing that you will continue to find it offered for sale at such reasonable rates.






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