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Androx Extreme Review – What Benefits for Bodybuilders & Athletes This Product Can Provide?

What Is Androx Extreme?

This product is a powerful testosterone booster and fat burning supplement. It is designed with natural and holistic ingredients that have been recognized to increase testosterone output in men who have the goal of building greater amounts of lean muscle mass. It is also designed to improve the quality of the muscle gained. The product’s goal is to explosively increase the power needed for intense resistance training.

Bodybuilders and powerlifters who are able to increase their intensity during workouts, in general, experience faster muscle growth, high levels of muscle density, workout endurance, and noticeable strength gains. This supplement also has properties that can decrease recovery times after lifting. Some secondary benefits may include those typical to men who have optimal levels of naturally-occurring testosterone like higher focus during exercise, fewer bouts with daily fatigue, and an elevated sense of confidence.

While more testosterone in the body leads to an evolution in training, Androx Extreme refines a bodybuilder’s normal program. In some cases, the type of metabolic and hormonal response it creates will allow men to have greater gains with no change to, or even less of, a workout. In most cases, men who combine this supplement with proper nutrition and rest will notice the desire and energy to intensify all aspects of their training.



Androx Extreme is manufactured by Androx Ltd. located in London, Kensington, with production and packaging facilities in the United States. This company was founded in 2007 and has become a recognized innovator of holistic-oriented bodybuilding and exercise performance products. It is a private limited company once directed by the Baikal Factoring Group Ltd, but now has a primary director. Director Bettina Helena Anna Langhans is the current director, and has been with the company since its founding.

Androx Ltd.’s listed address is:

Suite 675 2 Old Brompton Road
London, Kensington, UK

Company number: 06320717
Phone number: 0800 068 1003


How Androx Extreme Works?

Testosterone is the primary hormone in male bodybuilders that fuels all muscle growth and exercise intensity. With aging, testosterone levels fall radically creating the sense that the body can no longer sustain prolonged and progressive exertion. When a bodybuilder experiences a hormone decrease he will naturally adjust to meet the “feeling” of being able to accomplish less. This creates a vicious cycle of less energy leading to less mass, less mass to even less energy, and so on.

This supplement triggers mechanisms in the body to utilize all available free from testosterone, and for some men, reverse its downward production. Holistic ingredients are balanced to reignite hormone receptors that are attached to muscle cells and complexes. In essence, a muscle growth-specific, anti-aging effects is achieved. The energy/intensity diminishment that naturally happens in bodybuilders is staved-off, and normal levels of exercise and growth are sustained.

With a new rush of testosterone production and utilization more energy, clarity, strength, endurance, and recovery ability is gained. This results in muscles being taxed harder and more efficiently, which are the best ways to induce growth. All of the assumed qualities of aging muscle disappear because of a steady flow of testosterone in the blood due to prolonged use of this supplement.


Ingredients of Androx Extreme

All of this product’s ingredients are natural, and perfect for the bodybuilder who is looking for holistic ways to enhance his performance in the gym. They are delivered in a veggie-style capsule that is free of chemical binders, colors, and fillers. The two main herbal ingredients that target the testosterone production and utilization areas of the body are concentrated to maximize the product’s potency.

Tongkat Ali – This flowering plant native to southeast Asia is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia, or Pasak Bumi. It has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years to cure blood and digestive problems. It is scientifically proven to improve blood circulation, increase muscular stamina, and support testosterone production.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract – In ancient Indian medicine, this flowering plant was used to treat infertility and lean tissue wasting diseases. Many bodybuilders who supplement their workouts with Tribulus Terrestris note a striking change in their ability workout more intensely. A strong anabolic effect can result from prolonged ingestion of this plant extract.

Since all of the ingredients in this supplement are natural and of the highest quality, they can be stacked with other supplements with no negative side effects. The US Food and Drug Administration has not tested this product’s claims.



The main advantage of using this supplement is not having to constantly worry about the body having enough muscle-building hormone to use. It is a very common experience for experienced bodybuilders to become discouraged as they age past their so-called prime. In reality, men of all ages can be found with dense, thick muscle and the energy to put it to use everyday.

The key factor in sustaining and growing new muscle is the presence of testosterone in the blood and a receptive neurological system to process it. Having constantly decreasing testosterone levels means having to guess, when it’s time to workout, if there will be enough energy. It also means having to guess at how long it will take to recover. Since breaking-down muscle through lifting heavy and providing recovery catalysts is the way new muscle is built, testosterone must be constantly produced.

Androx Extreme eliminates the guessing game. Also, because the ingredients are all natural, it means seeing results without having to change normal dietary, exercise, and medication routines. The other big advantage to using this supplement is psychological. When harder and larger muscle mass is gained, a renewed sense of confidence as a male, and as an athlete, tends to occur. This can be true for men of any age.

Secondary advantages of this supplement can happen because of a rejuvenated awareness of physical and visual body changes. They include better mental focus, more restful sleep periods, less of a propensity to athletic injury, and social praise arising from having a lean and toned physique. These benefits all go against the common understanding that aging means “fading-out”. Having plenty of testosterone to use means always being able to achieve bodybuilding goals.



Two certificates earned by Androx Extreme are very important to the bodybuilding community for any new product. Many of this product’s predecessors have been popular throughout the world. This is a more potent result of many of the company’s past successes.

The first certificate is an in-house recognition for its performance on the market. It is labelled as a number one bestseller in its manufacturer’s general catalog. This means that men trying it for the very first time can have assurances that the company stands behind its claims. Being an official bestseller product puts it in view of the consumer before all other similar products.

The second certificate is one that communicates exemplary quality in formulation, production, and inspection. It’s the Made in USA certificate. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the ingredients used in the product were grown in the United States. It does mean however, that all ingredients, containers, representation, and marketing methods meet US legal standards.

Being made in the USA also tends to create more “buzz” from bodybuilders who have used this supplement. Since the manufacturer is active on sports and athletic social media platforms, a certified USA origin means that testimonial information can be submitted very quickly. With a large USA base, this product can gain worldwide attention when it produces the results it claims to create.



I’ve come to the conclusion that my bodybuilding prime was about ten years ago. It’s been frustrating to watch a decline in my desire to hit the weights as hard as I know I should. I still have the desire to compete, but knowing test level are tapering-off makes it hard to set goals. I can say my first sixty days with Androx Extreme has been eye-opening. I’ve regained a lot of strength and intensity, but growth is slower than it used to be. It’s great because I thought my growing days were long gone.

– Mike 49, past national level bodybuilding competitor

I might be a little bitter about my age and the whole testosterone thing, but I’m using this supplement to kick-start feeling better about being in the gym. I see young guys and high schoolers using it along with other supplements. I do recognize an energy boost and that I don’t get as sore any more, but I have to wonder if these other guys have T levels that are through the roof?

– Alessandro 72, retired veteran and retail manager

I just want to thank the makers of this supplement for making a holistic bodybuilding product. My husband has been frustrated with his gym efforts for years (he talks about always being a hardgainer). It was very difficult to see him with a low self-esteem about his physique for so long, but now it’s like he’s learning to love working out again. He was never willing to take the quick chemical route, so sometimes his outlook was pretty low. I notice changes, and so has he. I love seeing him smile when he gets home from the gym.

– Joanie 41, mother of 3 and wife of Timothy

To be honest, I haven’t noticed any changes from using Androx Extreme yet. I do know the supposed effects of Tongkat and Tribulus, so I’m willing to try it for a long enough time to really tell. I workout with a few buddies who say it’s awesome, and they are setting PRs virtually every other week. I’ll be sure to write when I’ve made my final conclusion.

– Andrew 23, graduate student and powerlifter


Awards & Media Coverage

No official awards as yet have been given to Androx Ltd. for this testosterone booster. It has been in the running for inclusion on a leading online supplement store’s Best Product of the Year list, but has not won. Since this product is very new and seemingly quite exclusive, it’s reasonable to conclude that any awards and media coverage are lacking due to the time element. There are many supplements on the market with similar formulations, so only customer feedback about results can eventually propel its reputation.

In general, media coverage about this product and its manufacturer focuses on a recent company restructuring. Though people who have had experience with it seem to have a positive view on social forums, official information remains neutral, or slightly negative. The coverage tends to be less about the product and more about Androx Ltd.’s struggles with personnel and finances.


Money-back Guarantee

Androx Extreme has a 100 percent money-back guarantee for consumers, but there are official guidelines for using it if necessary. These guidelines can be found at the bottom of the online advertisement page. The manufacture stands by its claim that this is the most powerful testosterone booster on the market, but leaves a contingency for those who disagree after a trial period.

In order to return any product for any reason including dissatisfaction, the return must be made within 14 days after delivery. This includes multiple bottles purchased using discount offers. A full refund will be given minus shipping, handling, and a £10.95 (USD slightly higher) restocking fee. The manufacturer is very confident in their product, so no questionnaires accompany the return.

Two important actions are required to make a return for a full refund. The first, is returning the unused product in its original packaging. This means using the official supplement bottles and preferably shipping boxes. Second, before making a return, a return merchandise authorization number (RMA) must be issued by Androx Ltd. To secure an RMA call, write, or email their claims department.

Mail: Androx Product Returns, PO Box 42388, Larnaca 6533, Cyprus
Phone: 0800 068 1003



Shipping of Androx Extreme is fast and can be specially marked for rush delivery. The manufacturer has contractual agreements with both DHL Express and Royal Mail, but non-UK orders are routed through carriers according to provided shipping information. Even with international shipping, orders are processed within a day of first payment authorization.

An online order form is provided to create an invoice for an initial order of this product. It is extremely important to provide the correct shipping information to avoid long delivery delays and order cancellations. Sometimes orders are cancelled or backordered due to the product being out of stock. A confirmation of this action is provided by the company as a courtesy.

In rare cases, something can happen to the processing of an initial order. When this happens, no products are shipped and full refunds are provided. When ordering this supplement, it is important to watch for a company-issued electronic receipt and confirmation number. The manufacturer reserves a legal right to deny orders for any reason.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of this testosterone booster has a pulse on the demands of people in the bodybuilding community. For this reason, every effort is given to provide accurate information about using Androx Extreme to bolster a workout regimen and experience a new level of muscle development. Many men are new to supplements like this one that contain holistic exotic ingredients, but this company wants all their customers to have a positive experience.

Though the company is extremely confident that virtually everyone who uses this supplement will see changes in how they look and feel, they do maintain a customer service office. This office has a knowledgeable staff who can answer questions regarding company information, ordering, promotional campaigns, and shipping. This office will also help resolve any issues related to the condition of the product when received, or for any other aspect related to buying their product.

The customer support office can be reached by using the UK toll free phone number, or email address provided in the Terms & Conditions section of the product sales page. It can also be reached by writing to the office itself (different than headquarters and returns offices).

Androx Ltd.
207 Regent Street
Third Floor
London, West Central W1B 3HH


Safe & Secure Checkout

Using the online service Androx Ltd. provides to order Androx Extreme is completely safe and secure for a variety of credit and debit cards. Visa and MasterCard are the preferred payment methods for all customers. This includes debit and check cards endorsed by these major crediting services.

The ordering portal is secured with a 128-bit secure SSL connection with high layers of encryption. The SafePurchase label guarantees that the order pages are routinely tested and inspected for all types of internal and external hacker activity. The ScanAlert Hacker Safe service protects company and consumer information with the highest level of daily scans and checks of the data and banking information database. McAfee Secure provides the safest sales page dashboard for browsing and completing checkout steps.

This supplement’s sales pages are also protected by online and software security measures like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and Comodo. The DMCA delineates online intellectual property management requirements for all international businesses. Comodo is one of the most powerful webpage antivirus firewalls available. In short, there is virtually zero risk of theft, or corruption when ordering this supplement online.


Pricing & Free Trial

A customer’s first purchase of Androx Extreme entitles them to a free trial bottle and subscription to continued supply purchases. The first bottle is completely free, but a small shipping & handling fee of £4.95 ($6.50) will be charged. Payment by credit, or debit is required at the time of purchase to authorize shipment of the order. The online order form requires accurate information including card type, number, expiration, and CVV security code. Completing the checkout form begins a renewal subscription for receiving supplement supplies each month.

Though there are no minimum purchases required, receiving a free trial automatically initiates a home delivery resupply system. This means, every 30 days a new bottle of this product will be delivered to the designated address. Members of the home delivery subscription will be charged regular price plus shipping & handling £99.94 ($131.32). If discontinuation of the subscription is desired, cancellation must be completed within 14 days after the free trial, or monthly supply. If the 14-day window lapses, a fee for the next month’s supply will be charged.






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