Androtestin Review – Is It Good for Your Workouts?

What Is Androtestin?

Androtestin is designed to be a testosterone booster. That means that is raises the levels of free testosterone in the male body. This is wonderful news for men who have experienced the negative effects of lowering testosterone levels. Although most men begin taking this product in order to gain lean muscle mass, the impacts of lowered testosterone levels are much more far-reaching. It is true that one of the first signs in the loss of lean muscle mass. This means that no matter how hard the male works to achieve a lean body mass, they have extreme difficulty doing so. In fact, they may not be able to achieve their results at all. In addition to these problems, lowered testosterone levels can cause a lack of energy and drive. It can cause lack of focus and an inability to get motivated after a long day at work. This can, in turn, also negatively effect the body since the results of a workout do not exist at all if the workout was not completed.

This product aims at correcting all of these issues. The product does this with ingredients that are entirely natural. This is good for a variety of reasons. First of all, artificial hormones can cause health problems when taken for a long-term result. These health problems can include issues ranging from infertility to possible terminal illness. All of those risks are eliminated by taking a a natural supplement such as this. This supplement does not replace hormones within the male body. It just simply helps the body to make its own testosterone. It reminds the male body that it needs to make higher levels of the hormone. This is what allows the increased energy, increase lean muscle mass, and other positive side effects that can literally change a man’s life.



Androtestin is distributed and made by a company of the same name. That means that the company is self- manufactured. This structure is becoming more and more common in the world of workout supplements. The structure has benefits and pitfalls associated with that of a small manufacturing process. Some of the benefits of such a structure include a detail oriented work force. If you think about it, the company only has a small number of products to worry about. Usually this is 1-2 products. This means all of the resources that the company has got go into this product. The company really needs the product to succeed. The product is literally their livelihood. Therefore, it seems likely that the company would want all of their customers to have a positive experience with them. Because they are a small company, they also have the staff to address some more personalized concerns. This means they can help consumers maximize the benefits of using such a product by giving helpful benefits on how to best fit their personal fitness and health regimens with the use of the product. These are all excellent benefits that support a small manufacturing practice.

Some of the pitfalls of the smaller manufacturing process may include a smaller budget and ability to advertise. The product is not widely distributed for this reason. In fact, it is not available in any store. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it does somewhat impact the reputation of the product. People cannot support the product if they do not know about it. Another downside of having such a small practice is the inability to afford to possess flashy certificates. These include certificates for quality control or FDA approval, which is not required for vitamin supplements. While all of this is nice to have, the lack of such things should not deter consumers from trying the product. It is simply a downside of a small manufacturing practice. It does not make the product less effective or less safe.


How Androtestin Works?

This product works in a similar fashion to other testosterone boosters on the market. First, the product increases oxygen to the muscles. This does a few different things. First, it allows the existing muscle to stand out. This gives the male body a more chiseled look. Secondly, the increase of oxygen helps vitamins and mineral travel to the body much better. This means that the muscles can recover more quickly from strenuous exercise. It also means that vitamins, minerals, and testosterone itself can better communicate with the muscles to build lean muscle mass. The increase in oxygen also means that more of the element can make it to the consumer’s brain. This may lead to mental clarity, more energy, and the increased ability for the body to fight off unpleasant things such as depression, fatigue, and even some illness. The supplement has just as many benefits for the male body as a vitamin!

The method to take Androtestin is also extremely simple. First, the product must be taken orally. However, consumers should not be turned off by this aspect. The product must only be taken once per day. There is 1 pill in every serving of the product. Therefore, the consumer should go through 30 capsules in 30 days. The capsules are small and easy to sallow. They also have absolutely no taste. This makes the overall experience much more pleasant for consumers who do not really like taking such pills. The product does require a healthy diet and exercise routine to be effective. It will not simply work on its own. It is there to supplement consumers who already work hard. The consumer must also take the product regularly. The product will cease to work when the consumer stops taking the product.


Ingredients of Androtestin

There are 4 main ingredients in Androtestin. The first ingredient is Tongkat Ali. This is a substance that has been used in Eastern cultures for thousands of years to increase muscle growth and male vitality. This is a natural ingredient, so it holds no chance of dangerous side effects. Tongkat Ali works by increasing and helping the neurotransmitters that tell the body to convert nutrition into muscle. All of these new muscle is solid and workout worthy. Additionally, the ingredient helps existing muscle to recover more quickly. This ingredient is not the only one that assists with the recovery of muscles. Tribulus Terrestris is another ingredient that helps the muscles recover after a long workout. This ingredient may come from either a flowering plant or the bark of a tree. It is unclear from which source this ingredient comes. However, the company claims to use the potent version of the ingredient that is possible.

Panax Ginseng is the third ingredient that is present in this formula. This ingredient is specifically designed to increase cognitive function and mental clarity. Basically, this ingredient is added to make the consumer more likely to stick to their workout regimen. This is a vital part of the success of the product. L-arginine is the final ingredient of the mixture. This ingredient is essentially an amino acid. This amino acid does several things for the body. First, it helps the body communicate with other parts of the body. This assists both with the creation of muscle as well as recovery time. All of these ingredients work together to make this product effective at helping men grow more lean muscle. Since all of the ingredients are natural, they hold little risk of side effects. However, you should always ask a doctor if you have any health conditions or are on any medication.



This product has a variety of benefits. The most obvious benefit is the ability for men to gain lean muscle mass by taking the product. This is one of the obstacles facing many men with lower testosterone levels. Men who work hard at the gym don’t necessarily see the results in their own body. That’s where this supplement comes in. By helping the male body to make its own testosterone, this product helps alleviate the physical impacts of lowered testosterone levels. Men will finally see the results they have worked so hard for. The product also helps men recover after a strenuous workout. By decreasing recovery time, many men feel more energized to complete their work out the next day. Many consumers have also reported an increase in energy. All of these benefits come from a simple supplement.

Probably the best benefit of Androtestin is that it is made of all-natural ingredients. There are no artificial hormones in this product. The supplement does not provide hormones to the body. Instead, it helps the body make its own hormones. Specifically, it helps men make testosterone. The natural ingredients hold no risk of side effects. This means they can often be taken with other workout supplements or medication. The consumer should always check with a medical doctor before mixing medications with anything. However, there are no known side effects from this supplement. The natural ingredients also have no taste. This is good news for consumers who hate to take foul flavored protein supplements designed to gain muscle mass. This supplement is tasteless and easy to take. It can be taken anywhere at any time. Overall, the product could not be easier to consume.



A certification shows that the company cares enough to make their product into the best possible quality that the product can be. There are various types of certifications that a product may receive. This product has a few certifications that are noteworthy. First, it is certified to have been made from 100% natural ingredients. All of these ingredients are known ingredients. The company does not add any artificial fillers like some other vitamins and workout products. Often times, artificial fillers contain chemicals that are harmful if taken over a long period of time. These chemicals may also contribute to cancer in some people. Therefore, it is wonderful that Androtestin does not use any artificial fillers or ingredients in their product. However, it should be noted that natural products include a variety of plant and animal sources. Therefore, it is not clear if this product is vegan friendly or not.

The other certificates for this product involve the security of the product. The sign has 3 distinct security certificates. First, it is McAfee Secure. This is probably the most common of all of the security certificates. It is also VeriSign Secure. This is another popular certificate, particularly on independent websites. The third alert assumes that it is HackerSafe. This is a feature offered by Norton security. All of these features together assure that the product’s website is secure for customers to insert their personal and credit card information. These certifications all work together to check for any breaches in security and fix them immediately. These certificates are designed to show the customer that they can trust the website. They also show that the company cares about the security of their product.



Androtestin is one of the best testosterone products on the market. In fact, I do not think that I could ever go back to using simple protein supplements. Not only has this product changed my physical makeup, but it has also changed my ability to focus and stay dedicated to my workouts. All of these elements are important to the overall success that I have seen with this product.

– Jack D., New York, USA

This product is ideal for me. It only requires me to take one pill every day. This is so simple. It does not take any thought at all. I usually just take the product with my multivitamin. Then, I get to enjoy all of the benefits without even thinking about the product the rest of the day. What more can you ask for in a workout supplement?

– Ryan D., Texas, USA

Androtestin is not a miracle drug. You must perform your workouts and stick to a reasonable diet. However, this product also allows your body to operate how it was intended. This is important for the reputation of the product. It will help you. It will not do the work for you.

– Jim D., New Jersey, USA

I found out about this product from a friend at my gym. It is not available in stores, so I had never heard about it before. Once I discovered it, however, there was no going back. The price is reasonable, the product is amazing, and the new shipments get set directly to my house. It is a win for everyone!

– Zak S., Cleveland, USA

I did not even know what was wrong with me. I have always been good at exercising and eating properly. I was even a collegiate athlete. But one day I could no longer perform in the way that I was used to. This supplement gave me back what had always been mine. I could not recommend it enough.

– Sam T., Berlin, Germany


Awards & Media Coverage

It is extremely difficult for products with little marketing to receive awards. This is the case for this product. With such a small manufacturing practice, Androtestin is mostly known in gym circles. It is not a product that you will see on billboards. In fact, their advertising budget is small enough that you are only likely to hear about the product through online sources and word of mouth. This is compounded by the fact that the product is only available online. It is hard to receive awards if people do not know about your product. Therefore, the supplement has not yet received any big awards. However, with such raving reviews, it is likely that the product may gain some notoriety in the future.

Although the product may be lacking in awards, it has a relatively solid social media presence. Most reviews of the product are overwhelmingly positive. Real consumers have vouched that the product can help with the creation of lean muscle mass in men who have experienced lowered levels of testosterone. In the modern age, social media advertising is important. A positive presence in this area of the market is vital. It also shows the consumer that real people have used the product and have liked it.


Money-back Guarantee

Androtestin offers a guarantee. This is a literal promise between the consumer and the manufacturer regarding the safety and effectiveness of the product. Although a guarantee is not always necessary, it shows that the company has a lot of integrity in regards to how they want their product to impact the consumer. It shows that the company wants the consumer to win at their goals and workouts. In fact, it shows that company cares enough to put their money behind their product. If the consumer does not like the product for any reason, the product may be returned for a full refund. The consumer may be asked to answer a few questions, but this is not made to make the consumer feel less comfortable about the return. Rather, it is designed to help the company better serve other future customers. They simply want to know what the customer disliked about the product, how the product was being used that lead to the dissatisfaction, and how they can improve the overall experience of taking the supplement.

One great part about this guarantee is that it does not specify that the product must be returned unopened to receive a full refund. Many other workout supplements only extend their guarantee to unopened product. This means that if the consumer opens a bottle to try the product and does not like it, they may still return the remaining product for a refund. The return may be at the expense of the consumer, but it is relatively inexpensive to ship the product back to the company for the refund. This whole refund and guarantee process are ideal for those who are skeptical about trying the product. It shows the consumer that the manufacturer is willing to put money behind the promise that their product will help men struggling with lowered levels of testosterone.



The trial period for Nutrgentex allows for 4 days of shipping and handling. This suggests that all product will be processed, shipped, and received in that 4 days. This is extremely quickly for such products. This is good. It means that potential customers receive the product they order quickly and efficiently. Reviews for the product suggest that the product is generally sent through the United States Postal Service. This method is known for quality and fast shipments. The speed of delivery greatly depends upon the location of the customer. Obviously, mail to some areas of the United States happens at a quicker rate than others. Delivery can also be held up by busy times of the year such as holidays. If the mail is slower, it may take longer to receive. However, many reviews suggest that a great number of customers receive their product before the end of the 4 days.

The product is also shipped in a quality control approved container. This does several things. First, it assures that all product arrives to the consumer in the way in which it was intended. This means that the product will remain unharmed by any sort of heat or cold condition. It is also a cap that is difficult for children to remove. This reduces risk of consumption by those for whom the product is not intended. All of these elements combine to give the product a better quality and a better shipping reputation.


Customer Support

Androtestin has 2 methods by which customers may contact the company. Both are known to be reliable in the area of feedback. First, customers may contact the company via email. This is both recommended and usually results in timely feedback. For many customers, this is the preferred way of communicating. It allows the consumer to ask questions outside of the normal hours of customer service. It also allows the consumer the ability to formulate their questions more accurately. This is important for getting the bullet points down. You may also use email to cancel subscriptions or inquire about billing. You do not need to be a current customer to use the email feature. Potential consumers may also use email to ask questions regarding the product.

Telephone is another valid method of communication for customers of this product. The telephone line is toll free. It is open during the hours of 7 AM until 5:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. This is 4 AM until 2:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. This time period may be inconvenient for some people. For those people, email may be the better option. However, talking to a live representative is often easier for consumers who wish to ask questions. Some consumers do not even know what they are going to ask until they talk to the advisor. The advisor can be extremely helpful in making sure that the consumer is making the product work with their workout plan and goals. Both of these methods of communication are valid. Different things work for different people. It is great that the company offers various methods of customer support.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This product is a triple threat when it comes to the area of security and safe checkout. This is something that is vital for the success of any online product. If consumers do not feel safe using the website, they will not order the product. Luckily, Androtestin has a total of 3 outside organizations looking into the security of the site. This is wonderful because professionals who are knowledgeable in the area of weight loss and supplements may not be knowledgeable in the area of cyber security. This allows professionals to do what they are good at so that the company can focus on he product at hand.

The 3 security certificates on the site are McAfee Secure, VeriSign Secure, and HackerSafe by Norton. All of these certificates involve the company’s website being combed for any potential security threats. They attempt to hack the site, and report and fix any potential holes that they find. More importantly, this is a constant and ongoing process. Hackers and scammers are developing new methods and new technology every day. These companies assume that this website has the potential to stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals. This shows that the company values the security of their patrons. Having 3 security certificates show that the company will spare no expense in doing so. This is great news for consumers who wish to purchase the product, especially since it can only be purchased online.


Pricing & Free Trial

Androtestin offers a free trial period for the benefit of its consumers. In fact, the trial period is a total of 14 days, 4 days of the total 14 are allotted for shipping and handling of the product as well as processing. This means that the consumer will have the supplement for a total of 10 days before getting charged for the next month. The product requires the enrollment in a automatic shipping and billing program in order to receive the product. Therefore, the product ships automatically and the card on file is charged on the 16th day after the consumer initially signs up for the product. Some consumers find this extremely convenient. After all, the product is shipped directly to the door without even having to think about reordering it. Some consumers do not like this practice. Unfortunately for them, it is the only way to order the product.

If the customer wants to discontinue the subscription, they may do so at any time. This is something that is extremely easy to do over the phone. If the subscription is cancelled in the first 14 days, no money will be charged to the card. Since 14 days is not really enough time to try the product, many customers choose to keep taking the product longer. If the next shipment of the product is charged to the card, the consumer may still request a refund. Refunds are usually always honoured. This is vital to the reputation of the company. Therefore, there is not really anything to lose by trying the product. The free trial and the guarantee work together to assure customers that any complaints will be rectified by the company. The cost of the product is $64.95 plus $9.99 shipping and handling. This is about $2.50 per capsule. This is extremely reasonable for a testosterone boosting product.






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