AndroTest by ProSource Review – One Good Testosterone Boosters That Will Actually Work

What Is AndroTest?

AndroTest, formulated and produced by ProSource, offers the bodybuilding, sports and fitness enthusiasts’ community an effective, modern and safe testosterone boosting product to supplement and fortify athletes’ energy levels and endurance for serious physical activity. This unique formula is considered by many experts in the sports supplements industry to be unparalleled in its degrees of consistent effectiveness. This product achieves high levels of efficacy and safety by increasing the body’s natural testosterone production instead of depending on synthetic substances to replace T-deficiencies. When natural testosterone levels are raised significantly and maintained at high levels in your body, building new lean muscularity with lasting density and mass becomes much easier for bodybuilders and powerlifters. In addition, this supplement promotes higher nitric oxide counts in your blood and heightened activity of your circulatory system, delivering oxygen as fuel to your entire muscular system for rapid and enduring improvements in your body strength, agility and overall sports performance.

In clinical studies, this empowering formula actually raised testosterone levels in athletes who participated in the study trials by as much as 59.88 percent, and some participants even had increases measuring as much as 275 percent over their beginning counts. Athletes experiencing the highest levels of increase in their free-T counts tripled their levels by the end of the studies, and they also sustained these high levels throughout the duration of the studies. Their success in maintaining the higher levels of this growth hormone was very significant because muscle development is at its best when amounts of testosterone in the body are both increased and sustained. Also impressive was the fact that they reached these high testosterone counts after just two weeks of using AndroTest on a daily schedule. Stability of higher T-levels is also ideal for optimal athletic performance and skill building as well as faster, pain-free recovery after workouts or sports events.



Since its early days during 1996, ProSource has been known for creating and offering top quality sports supplements, all of which have been researched, studied and tested for efficacy and safety. Company executives also keep product prices as low as possible by eliminating use of middlemen to market and sell their supplements. The aim of this unusual fitness aid manufacturer and promoter is to provide a brand of superior grade bodybuilding and sports enhancing products at prices that athletes of many diverse ages and walks of life can easily afford on an ongoing basis. Formulators of AndroTest also recommend to their customers the daily practice of serious workouts and training and a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients while taking this effective supplement on a regular schedule as directed.

Due to its commitment to including the most pure, effective and reliable ingredients in its exercise and muscle-building products, ProSource uses ingredients from around the world to manufacture the most successful fitness aids possible. These natural substances and extracts include creatine monohydrate Creapure, produced in Germany, Tribulus grown in Bulgaria and powerful amino acids from Japan. The company’s website is considered an excellent source of information on products, their components and how to utilize them best for achieving ultimate body-enhancing and athletic performance-boosting results. In addition, this site is popular among users of this T-booster and other products produced by this brand for offering attractive sales, product promotions and many free supplement samples as well.


How AndroTest Works?

The Tribulus Terrestris content of this fitness formula comes from the part of this herbal plant that is above ground level (aerial) and is rich in many nutritious phytodynamic and phytoactive substances like protodioscin and other steroidal saponin compounds. As the most helpful component of Tribulus Terrestris for raising testosterone levels in the body due to its ingredients of T-precursors like dehydroepiandrosterone, protodioscin both elevates your body’s natural testosterone levels and stimulates the luteinizing hormone (LH). LH then stimulates the gonads to produce testosterone, enabling you to build new strong and dense lean muscle mass and energy levels for improved sports skills and achievements as you gain a powerful, but sleek, ripped physique.

Research conducted by supplement formulators has also shown that the presence of Tribulus Terrestris in your body also initiates the release of nitric oxide for improved blood circulation and greater oxygen counts in your blood to fuel and empower your muscles and their ability to fully contract and release for better exercise results. Study results have also revealed that higher percentages of NO in your system also facilitate better uptake and use of glucose, enhancing athletic performance and post-workout recovery. It also increases your metabolic rates, making it easier for you to shred extra fat and attain a more streamlined, muscular body. The content of Eurycoma longifolia Jack Extract in AndroTest (Tongkat Ali) can elevate your free testosterone levels by 73 percent, increase body strength by more than 40 percent, increase lean muscularity and improve users’ feelings of self-worth and confidence.


Ingredients of AndroTest

This unique fitness formula contains nutritious, energizing ingredients. Along with the unique Ultra Complete Spectrum Active Extracts of Tribulus Terrestris, Protodioscin and Eurycoma longifolia Jack in this product as discussed above, this effective supplement includes the following substances:

Vitamin E – d-alpha tocopheryl succinate

This form of Vitamin E occurs naturally and acts as an antioxidant to protect bodily cells and tissues from free radical damage and from normal wear and tear from everyday life and from strenuous exercise. Because weak muscles can result from deficiencies of this major vitamin, it is essential for good athletic performance of any kind and especially for bodybuilding, weightlifting and vigorous athletic activity. This vitamin also helps your body absorb valuable nutrients from foods and supplements, preparing you for intensive sports training and competitions. It also improves mental alertness and many cognitive functions while elevating moods and improving mental drive to succeed in athletics.

Vitamin B-3 – Niacin

This B vitamin (nicotinic acid) assists your body in the process of converting carbohydrates into glucose, which fuels your muscles with lasting energy and strength for better exercise. B-3 also promotes good metabolism of proteins and fats in your body for increased energy and lean muscular development, while it helps you shred excess body fat for a sleeker, more sculpted physique. This ingredient also supports healthy bodily rates of testosterone production. As a vitamin with multiple benefits, Niacin also increases blood circulation rates, supplying your muscles with greater amounts of nutrients for sustained energy, and it helps heal and prevent muscle, tendon and joint inflammation so you can recover quickly after workouts.

Calcium – dicalcium phosphate

The mineral Calcium is included in this formula in the form of dicalcium phosphate, a compound added to foods and used in the production of some dietary supplements. This trace mineral (DCP) is usually used as a supplement ingredient in powdered form, and is helpful as a tableting aid. Because it is not water soluble, it is also used as a delayed-release agent, especially in the production of supplements with other ingredients that are highly soluble. As a mineral, Calcium is essential to the body’s development of strong, dense bones and flexible joints. It also boosts energy and stamina levels to support strenuous workouts and sports competitions and promotes good heart and circulatory functions.

Phosphorus – dicalcium phosphate

Phosphorus reacts with a calcium source to produce dicalcium phosphate (DCP), which is available in either powdered or granulated form. After ingestion of dietary supplements containing this compound, the phosphorus content is usable by your body as soon as it is digested. Phosphorus also promotes strong, non-porous bones as well as healthy new bone growth, strengthening your skeletal structure to withstand strenuous physical activity and rugged gym workouts.

Zinc – zinc gluconate

As a mineral that occurs naturally, Zinc is necessary for the growth and maintenance of strong, active body tissues. Often used in the form of zinc gluconate (zincum gluconicum), this ingredient is the zinc salt of the substance known as gluconic acid. This is an ionic compound of gluconate and zinc, and zinc gluconate is frequently used for its zinc content in dietary and sports supplements.



There are specific advantages to deciding to use AndroTest from ProSource as your main exercise and bodybuilding aid, including the following benefits:

  1. Using updated scientific discoveries about testosterone boosting supplements, the expert formulators at ProSource included the super botanical compound rich in protodioscin in the unique AndroTest recipe, which enhances LH (luteinizing hormone) production in the body and ultimately results in greater testosterone levels for improved exercise and athletic performance.
  2. This innovative fitness booster has a complete spectrum of empowering natural and herbal extracts for greater testosterone counts creating body energy, strength, agility, stamina and muscle growth, including Tribulus Terrestris and Eurycoma longifolia Jack.
  3. This pure fitness aid enables as much as a 275 percent rise in your body’s total testosterone levels and an increase of up to and including a 217 percent of free testosterone.
  4. This specialized sports formula and all of its ingredients have undergone careful clinical testing to ensure their efficacy and safety for users.



ProSource company leaders issue certificates periodically to sports performance facility personnel who promote and/or take AndroTest daily as their regular muscle development and sports enhancing supplement. These certificates are also often given to amateur and professional bodybuilders and sports players who promote the use of this unique fitness product. Since many of the certificate recipients display them on the walls of their gym or sports club offices and training rooms, many athletes, both young and older, are favorably influenced to find out more about this modern testosterone booster and to discover its power and effectiveness by ordering their first month’s supply. Coaches and trainers are frequent recipients of these certificates in appreciation of their ongoing efforts to spread the good news about the many benefits offered by this versatile fitness supplement, and their trainees often listen to the advice of these trusted mentors and become new users of this supplement.



This awesome modern sports supplement is the best T-booster yet. Just by taking your daily dose of AndroTest, keeping up your gym workouts and eating healthy foods, you can look and feel like a serious bodybuilder in just a few short weeks. Wait no longer—get the lean, muscle-mean, ripped body you have always wanted now! – Chris Townsend, Ventura, CA, USA

You won’t believe the great energy surges and muscle strength this amazing fitness aid offers until you try it. What’s more, you will recover in much less time than ever before, smoothly and easily, free of aches and pains. Get your first supply of this outstanding bodybuilding supplement right away. Make the smart choice of AndroTest today, and get that muscle-man image and power you crave! – Mike Felton, Hartford, CT, USA

Want the most lean muscle and powerlifting energy and strength you’ve ever had? This is the ideal testosterone booster to make you look and lift like a pro. Start using AndroTest today and experience your bodybuilding dreams in reality without delay! Get real and get ripped! – Lance Sinkopf, Key West, FL, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

As a unique and effective updated sports supplement from ProSource, AndroTest receives frequent notice and discussion on popular bodybuilding websites and online sports forums. The many benefits of this innovative product for athletes of all types have led to current media coverage by such trusted sports and bodybuilding news sources as Planet Muscle, Muscle & Fitness and Flex. This fitness booster is expected to receive coverage from major sports network media experts very soon. This modern testosterone elevator is also predicted to become a winner of multiple awards from main sports authorities for its efficacy and safety as a primary muscle building and fitness enhancer in the weeks and months ahead.


Money-back Guarantee

ProSource officials offer a money-back guarantee to any customer who is not completely satisfied with this major sports action and muscle-building aid. Whether you are not happy with your online ordering process of AndroTest, delivery of this empowering formula to your address or your initial use of this supplement, the company’s staff wants to hear from you. Your question or problem related to your new exercise enhancing product may be small or large, but no matter how serious or slight it may be, the customer support team at ProSource is ready to assist you with finding a solution. Their main focus and goal is to help you in any way possible to become a well-satisfied customer and user of this specialized sports aid. If, however, your specific problem or concern with this product cannot be resolved with the help of these dedicated support staff members, a member of this team will arrange a full refund of your supplement purchase cost.



The supplement manufacturer uses only reliable, experienced shippers for delivery of countrywide supplement orders and responsible international transport carriers for shipping global orders to their destinations. These professionals use quality packaging materials for shipping products to ensure that each order arrives promptly and in excellent condition, ready for the customer’s immediate use. Although ProSource has a very good record of safe, secure and timely delivery of supplement packages to customers, an occasional mishap may occur. If you do experience any problems with the delivery of your new exercise supplement, just contact the company’s customer support department so a helpful staff member can work with you to resolve your issue or concerns. The majority of ProSource supplement orders arrive safely, in quality condition and within the agreed time frame decided at the time each order was placed.


Customer Support

This bodybuilding and sports action supplements producer has a top-quality customer support team to assist all customers with all questions or problems. Each team member is well-trained and informed about all the company’s products, and any member can help you with any aspect of your purchase, receipt or use of AndroTest. Whether you have an issue concerning the delivery of your order or about taking your initial dosages, be sure to contact this friendly, knowledgeable and helpful team with any and all your supplement concerns. You can reach a team member 24/7 by phone, email or on the company website, and if your particular issue or problem cannot be resolved, this support staff member will either schedule a product replacement order or process a full reimbursement for your supplement purchase.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout services for purchasing body enhancing and fitness boosting products on the company website are always secure and safe for customers. The manufacturer is very aware of the importance of keeping all personal data of each customer safe during the online supplement purchasing process. For this reason, the entire site is designed using advanced encryption techniques to ensure the safety of the customer’s name, address, telephone number, email and credit card numbers. You can shop easily and safely while on the site, placing your orders without worry about privacy and safety issues concerning your personal identity and payment data being misused, stolen or compromised by Internet hackers or potential data thieves. The privacy of your valuable information will be ensured.



This supplements production company offers products at reasonable prices to make them affordable for bodybuilders and sports players of all ages and lifestyles. You can purchase 60 tablets (a two-month supply) of this sports enhancing supplement at full retail price of $79.95 or periodically, for discounted or sales prices of $46.50 or lower. By visiting the ProSource website frequently, you can stay informed about upcoming sales or any promotional discounts on products. This will also help you save money during sales periods by purchasing larger quantities at a good cost savings.






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