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Anabol X1 Review – Does It Work or It’s Just Another Scam?

What Is Anabol X1?

Anabol X1 a supplement that helps increase muscle mass and boost energy when used in conjunction with regular weight training and a high-protein diet. This bodybuilding supplement is made from natural ingredients and naturally increases the body’s testosterone, making it great to take before workouts. When the testosterone in the body reaches low levels (which happens naturally as men age), it can leave muscles tired and fatigued. While low testosterone can be frustrating, it is extremely frustrating for those who are involved in weight training. Continuing to take Anabol X1 will help men who suffer from a lack of testosterone feel energized and ready to tackle the gym.

Since the supplement has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it keeps the testosterone levels at a high rate and keeps the body healthier–keeping the men who take it more active and ready to tackle their next workout. Since the supplement boosts testosterone, it can keep men looking younger, healthier and stronger, a great motivation for any workout. It’s also made in the United States, and the supplement only contains high-quality USA ingredients, ensuring it is safe to use. Even well-known and established health professionals recommend this product for anyone who wants to gain more muscle and get more out of their workouts. Since the supplement helps to naturally enhance the testosterone that the body produces–and does not introduce chemical hormones into the bloodstream, it is extremely natural and safe for anyone to use who is looking to boost his workout.

Your Muscles and Anabol X1


Who Is Anabol X1 Meant For?

This supplement is perfect for men whose testosterone levels have dropped over time and who are currently or thinking about beginning a weight-training program. It’s the perfect supplement to take before the gym to get a burst of energy. Men will see faster results in their weight-training programs while taking Anabol X1. Since the supplement also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help soothe tired muscles and aid in repairing damaged tissue. It also helps to restore muscles after each work out at a faster rate than the body is able to repair them. In general, it is perfect for any man who wants to get more out of his workout and maximize the time he spends in the gym.

When men begin to age, they often find that they experience a dramatic drop in testosterone levels. At the age of 20, many men will begin to produce less and less testosterone–even if they do not notice it right away. By the age of 30, the levels of testosterone will greatly depreciate, leading to a lack of energy, mood swings and extra body fat. All these symptoms can lead to greater problems. Men who find themselves with lower energy levels tend to skip out on workouts more and binge eat foods high in fat and “bad” carbohydrates. This only makes the testosterone levels dip even more and creates a cyclical environment of binge eating, skipping workouts, low energy and heavy mood swings.

By taking a supplement such as Anabol X1, men can immediately reverse the effects of the dip in testosterone levels. Since by the age of 40 or 50, the testosterone levels will drop even more, it is important to begin reintroducing testosterone into the bloodstream and the system before these levels can sink so low. By increasing testosterone levels before men can feel the dip (and the subsequent mood swings, bursts of low energy and mood swings), they can avoid the detrimental side effects and keep their bodies happy and healthy. Many men who experience low testosterone complain their weight lifting regimens plateau and they cannot enhance the size of their muscles–no matter how hard they try. With Anabol X1, they can get the boost they need to begin adding muscle mass to their bodies and keep their workout regiments building smoothly.

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How Anabol X1 Works?

Anabol X1 releases testosterone into the body throughout the day. Men should take two capsules daily, even on days when they are not planning to work out. The testosterone booster agent helps to boost the body’s testosterone to a healthy natural level. When the hormones in the body are balanced and at a healthy level, working out feels much easier. Balanced hormones can also attribute to the body being able to produce more lean muscle in a shorter amount of time. The supplement helps to keep the bloodstream clear, an important factor in increasing muscle mass. When the bloodstream is clear, the blood can move easier throughout the system, making it easier to build muscle and keep muscles rock hard. Anabol X1 comes in easy to swallow capsules and can be taken once a day.

Men taking Anabol X1 must consume the recommended dosage (two capsules a day) in order to ensure the maximum testosterone boosting results. Even missing one day of taking this supplement can reduce the amount of testosterone in the system. When taking this supplement, men should also include a weight lifting regimen, cardio workout and if possible, a calisthenics regimen as well to ensure the maximum amount of testosterone is helping build muscle and reduce fat. In addition, men should also maintain a healthy diet, including plenty of protein, healthy high-grain carbs with plenty of fiber and fiber-rich vegetables that are full of nutrients. Men should also drink at least one glass of water with the supplements and at least eight glasses of water a day to ensure the product is fully digested and can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Men should also abstain from smoking while taking this product as smoking can reduce the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream and reverse the effects of the supplement.

The Effects on Testosterone from Anabol X1


The Ingredients

The active ingredients in Anabol X1 include the whole plant of the tribulus terrestris, which is known to stimulate androgen receptors that are found in the brain. In some studies it also worked as an aphrodisiac. The product also contains chrysin, a flavone that occurs naturally in passion flowers. It has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-toxicity properties that help keep the blood flow clear and moving smoothly toward the muscle groups, helping them grow larger and stronger. This flavone can also be found in certain mushrooms and in chamomile. Dindolymethane, a chemical compound that naturally occurs in broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale and cabbage is added. This chemical compound has been known to help cure certain diseases, including respiratory illnesses. Longjack or eurycoma longifolia is added to enhance muscles and increase muscle strength.

Build Muscles & Enhance Mood by Anabol X1

It has long been known as a natural treatment or remedy to help enhance muscles and keep them strong, healthy and hard. Finally, gamma oryzanol, which is usually derived from rice bran oil, can help with anxiety and high cholesterol. It can also help to treat digestive orders. Inactive ingredients to help deliver the nutrients to the body’s cells and make the product more easily absorbed include gelatin, magnesium stearate and calcium carbonate. All of these powerful and natural ingredients, combined together can help keep off the extra fat and help build muscle mass. Since these ingredients have been tried and tested over time and come from nature–not chemical additives–they are gentle on the system and safe and easy to use. They have also been used in the medical industry for hundreds–if not thousands–of years. Thanks to the doctors and scientists at Anabol X1, they now have been harnessed for modern health. The bottle comes with enough supplements for 30 days of continuous use. Each dosage is two pills, so there are 60 pills in each bottle.

The Effects of Anabol X1


The Manufacturer

Anabol X1 is made by the same minds behind the manufacturer of X Force NO2 pre-workout supplement. The company hired leading doctors and scientists to discover the benefits of boosting testosterone levels and the effect testosterone has on the male body. Since the product was developed by leading doctors and scientists, Anabol X1 only has all-natural ingredients and contains no additives or fillers.

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Pricing Options

All customers get a free 14-day supply of Anabol X1 at the time they order the supplement. They only need to pay for $9.95 shipping and handling. Customers also get a free trial promotion, worth $5.00. They can try the product for 14 days and get the full 14-day supply. After the initial trial period, customers are shipped a 30-day supply of Anabol X1 (60 capsules) for $86.27 a month, plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Each shipment is automatically sent out every month until the customer calls and cancels the product. Anabol X1 does not have any hidden fees and requires no commitments. Many customers find the pricing extremely affordable and are relieved that when they continue to take the product as recommended, the small dosage (two capsules) helps them to boost their workouts and increase endurance without spending a small fortune on medical treatments, prosthetics or expensive trainers.

The Features of Anabol X1


Orders & Guarantee

Once the customer orders Anabol X1, he has 14 days to try the product. The supplement is shipped the day after the order is placed. In order to return the supplement, the customer must call Anabol X1 customer service within the 14-day trial period. He must also ship back the unused portion of the 14-day free trial, and the product must be postmarked by the last day of the trial period. If the customer does not ship back the product within this time frame, he will be billed for the next full month of the product. The customer must also call customer service in order to cancel future monthly orders. Anabol X1 also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Results from Anabol X1

Many men who take Anabol X1 see incredible improvements at the gym within the first few days and weeks. They often find themselves able to do more repetitions at the gym and increased energy in and out of the gym. Since it helps to increase endurance and boost energy, men feel more active and more motivated to keep returning to the gym and sticking to their exercise and healthy eating regimens. Since the supplement is also known to increase positive moods, it can help in many aspects of life, not just in the gym.

The Advantage of Anabol X1

Since Anabol X1 is made of all-natural ingredients, it has very few side effects and can safely be taken in conjunction with a workout regimen. The manufacturers have not added any harsh chemicals or preservatives, keeping your body free and clear of any toxins or unwanted additives that other supplement manufacturers can add. Men should always stick to the recommended dose of two capsules and never take any more than two capsules a day. Doing so would not increase the effects of the product or add additional muscle. The product was specially formulated by doctors and scientists to deliver the maximum amount of testosterone into the blood stream in only two capsules and taking more than the recommended amount could lead to illness.






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