AlphaTest by MuscleTech Review – Is It One of The Quality Test Releasers Out There?

What Is AlphaTest?

Pro Series AlphaTest® produced by MuscleTech® is specifically formulated to provide bodybuilders and all exercise enthusiasts with the ultimate levels of testosterone enhancing ingredients currently available on the consumer market. This empowering supplement boosts bodily levels of free testosterone while sustaining ideal ratios of testosterone to cortisol for optimum muscle strength, endurance and overall workout performance. This unique exercise aid and muscle builder is carefully tested for effectiveness and quality control before it is released to the market for sale, and all natural ingredients of its formula are strictly evaluated for standards of excellence in consistency, quality and purity.

AlphaTest is one of the most popular MuscleTech natural bodybuilding supplements ever developed, and its versatile and powerful ingredients all contribute to making this specialized fitness aid so safe, efficient and desirable among athletes today. Because this product is fast-acting, many users report experiencing greatly improved energy levels, stamina and performance during workouts and training sessions within just one week of taking their first dose. Other satisfied customers have chosen this energizer and muscle enhancer as their primary bodybuilding and exercise supplement after noticing an improvement in their lean muscle mass after a few short weeks of use. When you continue your regular bodybuilding sessions at the gym while taking this effective testosterone booster, you will be pleased with the results of a more streamlined, sleek yet powerful physique as you develop that Atlas Man, ripped appearance and appeal you have been working toward.

Another attractive benefit is the shorter recovery time you will require following strenuous workouts when using this energy and stamina booster. Not only will your performance at the gym improve rapidly, but you will also eliminate the tendencies to feel depleted, over-tired or even exhausted following training sessions. In addition, you can meet all the demands of your busy day and evening after exercising with plenty of energy and mental clarity to spare. With regular use of this all-natural product, you will also shred extra body fat and avoid gaining new excess fat deposits, which will add even more muscle definition and power to your impressive and strong physique. Many loyal AlphaTest users also gain higher levels of personal confidence, self-esteem and an overall sense of well-being from this advanced modern fitness enhancer.



The MuscleTech company is known worldwide today for the development and manufacturing of top-tier products for the natural supplements market. The company’s popular and respected sports supplements include the powerful testosterone booster and muscle builder, AlphaTest, currently gaining many new and loyal users due to its safe, effective formula and fast-acting natural ingredients. Athletes and sports enthusiasts from all continents are now enjoying the outstanding benefits of this healthy fitness aid, and bodybuilders of all levels of skill and achievement are choosing this innovative product as their regular sports supplement.

This company has gained a well-known reputation for focusing on highest quality formulas that energize users and give them an abundance of endurance and stamina for vigorous, demanding workouts while cutting body fat and developing lean, powerful muscularity. This advanced supplement is definite proof of the expertise of MuscleTech’s fine team of scientists, nutritionists, professional trainers and sports medicine specialists working together to create, test, approve and produce ultimate quality bodybuilding and exercise supplements for athletic consumers today. Every MuscleTech product, including this innovative supplement, undergoes rigorous company and third-party testing as well as careful quality control procedures before it is placed on the market for sale and use.

Because this company does not camouflage mystery ingredients within proprietary blends, all ingredients are available to supplement shoppers on clearly legible labels. Due to the company’s strong commitment to assisting athletes and exercise enthusiasts of all levels of achievement and experience to realize their full potential in the sport of skill of their choice, MuscleTech has partnered with the University of Toronto’s Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport to found the MuscleTech Metabolism & Sport Science Lab. This lab is currently focusing on breakthroughs via ongoing research to aid and enhance the athletic accomplishments and experience of serious bodybuilders and fitness advocates throughout North America and around the world by creating new, unique and empowering sports and bodybuilding supplements from safe, all-natural ingredients. Subsequently, MuscleTech has acquired more than 30 U.S. and over 50 international patents for its different high quality sports supplements and bodybuilding aids.


How AlphaTest Works?

This fast-acting, effective muscle builder and energizer contains boron citrate, which provides the body with the ideal amount of boron to raise free (or active) levels of testosterone while lowering estrogen levels, boosting energy and performance rates for more strenuous workouts and training sessions. This unique supplement formula also includes PrimaVie®, which is a variety of shilajit that has been patented. Shilajit, a relatively scarce organic mineral compound, has been studied and proven to raise total serum testosterone occurrence within the body, and it also is known to strengthen and sustain bodily levels of ATP, which is a source of energy supplies that are crucial for performing strenuous and difficult workouts. However, before this form of shilajit, which is extracted from rock formations, can be used for these valuable purposes, it must be subjected to specific technology for purification and for standardization.

As this formula’s testosterone levels are raised, supporting and enhancing energy levels and stamina for completing advanced workouts and exercise techniques at the gym, the amino acid content aids your body in building new lean muscle mass as it restores depleted, worn or damaged muscle tissues. In addition, strong-action ingredients such as fenugreek extract have been shown to support increased testosterone levels while sustaining levels of glucose and healthy cholesterol, all of which are essential for attaining optimum rates of athletic strength, flexibility and endurance when engaged in difficult, demanding physical activity. These all-natural and organic components also work in unison within the body to shorten your recovery time following workouts, supplying you with plenty of energy and mental focus to perform all your work, school or home-based tasks and activities throughout the entire day or evening. Other mineral and herbal contents also contribute to stronger feelings of confidence and self-motivation that you will experience as a regular user of this versatile exercise enhancer.


Ingredients of AlphaTest

This innovative fitness formula contains a group of very active and beneficial ingredients that boost testosterone levels while energizing and empowering the body, including the following:

Zinc Gluconate – In the form of zinc gluconate, the natural mineral of zinc aids muscle and bone growth and helps build strong body tissues. The compound of zinc gluconate is excellent for increasing and stabilizing your body’s zinc levels, which boosts strength, energy and athletic performance capabilities.

Fenugreek Extract – This herb has been in popular use in Arabic countries and in India for many years as a muscle enhancer and energy builder. In today’s modern fitness supplements like AlphaTest, it is used to strengthen and raise testosterone levels for developing lean, powerful muscularity along with endurance to complete difficult workouts. This herbal ingredient also helps balance and regulate glucose metabolism for shredding extra body fat and acts as fuel to increase athletic endurance during strenuous exercise.

Tribulus Terrestris – This herb was first used in Ayurveda, the Indian equivalent of Chinese herbal medicine, to enhance masculine power and stamina. It also facilitates good functionality of the cardiovascular system, which is crucial for any form of vigorous exercise. This herb can also provide some protection to your body from stress and strain of muscles and tissues from oxidation as it helps keep joints and muscles strong, pliable and flexible for optimum athletic performance and good recovery afterward.

Shilajit – This resinous biomass, enriched with many nutrients, develops in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, originating from ancient forests that were crushed and compressed among massive, weighty boulders as the mountains were formed. Even today, each summer during warm weather, this substance oozes from resins found in the mountainous crevice biomasses. Shilajit offers numerous different benefits as a natural supplement ingredient, such as boosting bodily energy, improving moods and memory, detoxifying the body’s entire system, offering antioxidant protection and encouraging ultimate oxygenation activity of your system, all of which contribute to strong improvement in workout performance, sustained energy and stamina, rapid and comfortable recovery after exercise and continuous development of lean, powerful muscularity.

Boron – This component is a naturally occurring, but rare trace mineral that is categorized as a micronutrient by nutritional experts. Although it is not usually considered to be an essential mineral and has no given minimum daily dietary requirement, boron is a natural and powerful testosterone booster that can be extremely helpful in lean muscle development and in raising and maintaining high degrees of energy and stamina for completing demanding physical workouts.

Brassica Oleracea – Broccoli Powder – As a major antioxidant and detoxifier for the body, natural broccoli powder is also the nutrient-rich king of vegetables. One serving supplies your system with higher percentages of Vitamin C than a large orange and the same amount of calcium as found in an eight-ounce glass of milk. Just a single broccoli spear provides three times more healthy fiber than a generous slice of natural wheat bran bread. This green vegetable is also a primary source of beta-carotene, a major antioxidant. All these nutrients combined support excellent muscle, bone and tissue health while enhancing activity of your cardiovascular system and guarding against painful muscle stress and joint inflammation. By boosting your body’s exercise capacities and protecting it against damage and injury, this healthy ingredient aids you in practicing strenuous, difficult workouts on a daily basis while avoiding bodily stress, strain, injury and pain. Broccoli powder also helps you develop lean muscularity for a streamlined yet powerful, ripped appearance.

Gelatin – This ingredient helps bind all components of this powerful workout supplement and energizer, making it possible for you to ingest AlphaTest in the form of a convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule while aiding your body in increasing and maintaining strong, smooth and painless joint action that is essential for engaging in strenuous physical activities like bodybuilding and sports.



There are various advantages and benefits to making AlphaTest your primary muscle builder and exercise aid, including the following:

  1. This effective supplement will raise your serum testosterone levels and promote ATP for greater muscle strength and energy, supplying you with power and stamina to improve your workout performance levels.
  2. This formula includes the empowering natural ingredients of Brassica Oleracea (broccoli powder), the king of nutritional content, and Tribulus Terrestris, a testosterone enhancer and supporter of the cardiovascular system, for better prolonged exercise sessions and stronger overall athletic prowess and achievement.
  3. This fitness aid provides sustained release of amino acids in your internal system for faster metabolism, which helps you shred excess fat and energizes the body at the same time it transports valuable oxygen throughout your bloodstream for better breathing and physical endurance when exercising.
  4. This performance enhancer is fast-acting, and new users are often amazed at just how quickly they begin to experience leaner, stronger muscularity, better bodybuilding workouts and greater self-confidence.



This fitness aid is certified as meeting cGMP manufacturing standards, which is required of all supplements for legal sale and distribution. In addition, many professional trainers and coaches as well as pro and amateur bodybuilders and other athletes have been awarded certificates by MuscleTech officials for their enthusiasm in promoting use of this product among students, fellow athletes and the general exercising public.



This bodybuilding supplement is awesome! Within just a few weeks after taking your first dose, you will experience greater lean muscle mass, strength and endurance to finish longer, tougher workouts and develop a ripped physique. Thanks, MuscleTech’s AlphaTest is the Greatest! – Frank V., New Jersey

What an amazing muscle builder and energizer. With regular use of AlphaTest, you will gain more lean, powerful muscle with each workout. You will be astonished at how much your training sessions improve, leaving you looking and feeling like a pro in no time! – Harry J., New York

Order your first shipment of AlphaTest today for that powerful, streamlined physique you have been dreaming of. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro bodybuilder, you owe it to yourself to make this fantastic testosterone booster your number one exercise aid today! – Paul S., Los Angeles


Awards & Media Coverage

AlphaTest holds the distinction of meeting the requirements of a Number One Product for Clinical Studies in Science. This supplement is expected to gain significant media notice in the coming weeks and months. In addition, many fitness experts predict that it will also win future awards as a Supplement of the Year from and other noteworthy sports and exercise-related groups and organizations.


Money-back Guarantee

MuscleTech offers this exercise and muscle building supplement with a money-back guarantee. If you do not find this product completely satisfactory for your energy and workout requirements, simply return the unused portion of your order. The company will refund your purchase cost with no questions asked. If your shipment arrives damaged or fails to arrive at your address, be sure to contact the company right away for full reimbursement of your product order payment.



The MuscleTech company uses only the most reliable and trustworthy domestic and international transport carriers and shippers to deliver your order of this natural bodybuilding aid to your door or mailbox. Professional packers use only the best packaging materials to prepare your supplement order for shipping, and you can look forward to your product arriving promptly and efficiently, in excellent condition and ready for your immediate use toward building impressive muscularity, energy, stamina and bodybuilding skills.


Customer Support

The company’s customer support team is friendly, concerned and very well trained to handle all of your questions, problems or issues relative to your use of AlphaTest as your primary fitness supplement. Team members are eager to assist you in solving any situation that may arise that can prevent you from gaining full value and benefits from this bodybuilding aid. You can contact them by phone, email or by online chat services on the MuscleTech website, and they will work with you to determine the best solutions to all of your product needs. Whether you have issues with the shipment and delivery of your supplement or with its use as your number one bodybuilding aid, just get in touch with this patient, caring support team and let the staff members handle all possible problems.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you purchase this supplement online, you can have confidence that all aspects of the sale will be completely safe and secure, including your final checkout process. Because the payment and checkout pages are encrypted, this ensures that your personal contact and payment data will be protected from hackers or identity thieves on the Internet. MuscleTech executives and staff members are all focused on providing you with a totally secure buying experience, and for this reason they take special care in guarding your credit or debit card numbers, your name, address and telephone number as well as your email address.



This advanced supplement is priced very reasonably and fairly, making it available to a wide variety of exercise enthusiasts and bodybuilders from all locations and all walks of life. The general recommended dosage for this product is two pills per day, and a two-month supply of 120 pills can be bought for the usual pricing of $39.99. However, there are frequently seasonal discounts available on this testosterone booster and muscle building aid, and during these sales, you can obtain a two-month supply for the low cost of just $19.97.







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