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AlphaMax XT by Performax Labs Reviews – Do You Want to Squeeze out One More Additional Rep at Your Next Gym Session?

What Is AlphaMax XT?

AlphaMax XT is a testosterone booster developed to free testosterone in order to enhance muscle growth and development as well as to increase athletic performance. This supplement is guaranteed to be safe and boost energy through a scientifically proven formula containing all natural ingredients. Typically, the body only has about 2% of “free testosterone” to work with. By encouraging your body to readily release this vital hormone, AlphaMax XT helps to develop muscle mass in a consistent manner as it normally would while raising your potential. This method allows for the gains you desire without changing your routine; just let the supplement naturally increase your ability.

Additionally, this supplement contains estrogen blockers and dietary aids to ensure the mass you build is lean gain. Through proper dosage and usage, you can expect to burn off fat while improving muscular development. More than empty promises and flashy claims, you can expect this product to deliver thanks to extensive scientific backing behind each included ingredient for the most effective supplement available. Any level of lifter can expect serious improvements in energy and mass thanks to boosted testosterone production and improved utilization of that testosterone.



AlphaMax XT was developed by the expert nutritional scientists at Performax Labs as an answer to the needs of many athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts. Unlike many supplement manufacturers, Performax Labs is dedicated to results backed by scientific experience to provide products that deliver exactly what consumers are looking for in terms of developing muscle naturally. By refusing to add useless fillers and ineffective binders, this company regularly puts forth cutting edge quality at a price that everyone finds affordable. Thanks to their extensive research into nutrition, you can rest assured that the information found on their packaging is accurate and reliable without outrageous claims and blinding colors attempting to hide unwanted additives that can be detrimental to your improvement.

Other manufacturers may mistakenly include harmful chemicals or synthetic additives due to a lack of knowledge. If you read the ingredients carefully, you will also notice the addition of useless fillers that offer no nutritional value. This manufacturer forgoes the flashy packaging in favor of scientific backing for the inclusion of each ingredient on its list. By doing this, you can research for yourself exactly what is being put into your body and the effects that have been proven to accompany each. You won’t be at the mercy of any company’s claims when you can read for yourself what to expect.


How AlphaMax XT Works?

Testosterone is arguably the most necessary hormone to overall male health found in the body. This essential chemical plays a major role in maintaining muscle strength and mass. Thus, gaining access to your body’s store is vital to improving athletic performance and bodybuilding. Unfortunately, on average only 2% of the testosterone found in most males is readily available for use in muscular development. AlphaMax XT is designed to naturally boost your body’s testosterone production, free it up for your body to use, and catalyze your body’s utilization of testosterone in order to increase the potential abilities of any consumer.

The ingredients listed below give greater detail into why each was hand-picked by experts to turn your body into a muscle-building machine. In addition to testosterone production and use, this supplement contains estrogen blockers and dietary aids. The estrogen blockers are present to keep from inhibiting your body’s testosterone usage. At the same time, vitamins and minerals are added to ensure lean muscle mass and even weight loss while keeping you in peak health for the very best performance that you are capable of.


Ingredients of AlphaMax XT

Urtica Dioica – By making use of the 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran found in Urtica Dioica, AlphaMax XT inhibits Binding Globulin’s ability to bind to testosterone. Limiting this binding process allows more testosterone to interact with androgenic receptors, which is largely responsible for muscle growth.

Mucuna Pruriens – While Urtica Dioica frees up testosterone for your body to use, Mucuna Pruriens is hard at work increasing testosterone to be released. Moreover, this ingredient has been shown to contain L-Dopa, a chemical that boosts growth hormone for added gains.

Coleus Forskohlii – Performax Labs included 95% extract to maximize Forskohlii effects on the body while preventing GI complications that typically accompany this supplement. Thanks to its testosterone production and thyroid development, Forskohlii leads to lean muscle build while burning fat deposits.

Abieta-8, 11, 13-trien-18-oic acid – Most often referred to as Dehydroabietic Acid, this inclusion was added due to its estrogen blocking abilities. As an added effect, Dehydroabietic Acid has been proven to act as a catalyst to adiponectin, which directly correlates to weight loss.

ZMA and Vitamin D3 – These vitamins and minerals serve a variety of purposes, most notably stimulating cell repair, which is how your muscles grow after being torn during a regular routine. Replenishing your supply is necessary when using up your body’s stores on a daily basis. Vitamin D also helps with the production of testosterone, which gives Urtica Dioica more chance to work.

Arimistane – An aromatase and cortisol inhibitor, Arimistane works as an estrogen blocker. This ingredient’s ability to bind to aromatase enzymes is far more effective than other inhibitors and is sure to keep your body functioning as a muscle-building machine.



The greatest advantage to AlphaMax XT is its inclusion of only natural ingredients to preserve your body’s health while delivering the gains that you are working for. The all-star list of ingredients is not only all-natural, however. Each extract has been specifically researched and tested together to work in sync to supplement your body’s production of testosterone as well as boost your ability to utilize that testosterone for the best gains. Other synthetic boosters come with a myriad of negative side effects that not only inhibit your ability to hit the gym but can also cause serious medical issues and permanent ailments. With Performax Labs, you can trust that this product has been scientifically proven to deliver the results it promises without any unexpected side-effects.

In addition to the proven formula, you have the benefit of a trustworthy company that is willing to stand behind its product. Performax labs is known for open communication with its customers as well as its guarantees as proof that they believe they can supplement your success. The level of assurance you have that what you are putting into your body is safe is rarely found within other companies or products. The peace of mind you have while going through your daily routine can be just as effective in keeping you healthy during straining your body on such a regular basis.



One of the greatest signs that a company cares for its customers is to be USA GMP certified, which means that a product was manufactured entirely within the United States. This means that every ingredient passed strict standards to be included in this product. You can rest assured that this supplement is all natural and each ingredient is safe according to the scientific data you yourself can research. Additionally, this testosterone booster comes with a Gold Standard 100% money back guarantee. This indicates that the manufacturer is confident enough in their product to stand behind it believing it can positively impact your results.

These specific guarantees only serve as further proof of the manufacturer’s dedication to its customers’ success. By choosing to go the extra mile and utilize only ingredients from the United States, Performax Labs demonstrates a passion for high quality development as well as safety. By offering a money back guarantee, they strive even further to earn your trust and go to any length to help you on your journey to reach your goals. Offering such a safe method to try out their supplement allows for even the most wary buyer to test the waters before jumping in and investing their all into a product.



I was so tired of trying bottle after bottle of empty promises that I became rather jaded toward testosterone boosters in general. One of my friends turned me onto AlphaMax XT, and I’m so glad he did! Within the first week I had already noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and endurance in the gym. It wasn’t long after that I began to see the mass building up in places I had almost given up on. Best of all, no side effects! So many others I tried gave me headaches or stomach pains without even helping me as they promised. AlphaMax XT delivers and I feel good about using it. Totally recommend.

– Stefan Gerrund, 28, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Using testosterone boosters has always been a natural part of my workout routine, so I have definitely been around the supplement block a few times. I have tried the good and the bad all in the name of getting the gains I was working for. Though a few did deliver what the package said, they came at a price. The last booster I tried actually made me so dizzy that I almost fell in the gym. I was so worried that I rested for a week and found online that my supplements were the problem! After searching for a while, I found AlphaMax XT and have been a dedicated buyer ever since. No side effects and the gains that I expect from a testosterone booster. Don’t sacrifice your health with others.

– Travis Blacklock, 37, Dallas, TX, USA

Unlike many of the veteran lifters, I was still relatively new to the gym when I started my journey into supplements and found AlphaMax XT. I had been making such great progress that when I hit a plateau, I became so frustrated. Unlike a lot of muscle heads, I was super wary about what I was going to put into my system. Because I am naturally a worrier, I remained at the same place in my workout for over a month before happening across this supplement. Its promises and manufacturer’s record were enough to convince me to give them a shot. Now, I have happily moved past my plateau and am improving unlike ever before. I 100% credit this testosterone booster and have not yet had any negative side effects that I have read are associated so often with supplements of this nature.

– Isiah Vazquez, 25, Chicago, IL, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

High performance athletes require the highest quality extracts in their supplements for the most effective use of their bodies all while relying on the safety guarantees of their ingredients as they do not have time to miss a single workout due to illness from side effects. Performax Labs has offered their answer to this need in the form of AlphaMax XT. Its scientifically proven formula delivers results safely and is effective to both pros and amateurs alike. All the greatest bodybuilders agree that you must find a product that you can trust if you intend to stick with a routine in and out of the gym. This supplement seems to work hard toward earning that trust.

Even if you are still wary of the promises Performax Labs has made, you can find confidence in veteran lifters’ opinions. Though you may make a mistake as you venture into the world of bodybuilding and supplements, you can gain peace of mind knowing that others have seen these results in action for themselves. Ask your friends as well as others you see at the gym who are performing at high levels for their advice and listen to the ingredients that they look for in a product when choosing a supplement. Then you can decide for yourself if this product has what it takes to become a normal part of your daily routine.


Money-back Guarantee

As stated in the Certificates section, AlphaMax XT comes with a Gold Standard 100% money back guarantee. What this means for you is more than simply a promise that you can get your hard-earned cash back if you don’t see the gains that you desire. More importantly this proves that Performax Labs is willing to stand behind their product confident that you will approve of the results you will begin to see. With other boosters, you may spend a fortune on a gamble that you see muscle improvement. This supplement’s list of vitamins and hormones appear to provide evidence that with the correct work ethic you will see results, making it a much safer bet. That is why the manufacturer can offer such a powerful guarantee.



After ordering your bottle, you can expect to receive your order within two weeks. All our ingredients come from the USA and must be created, packed, and be ready for delivery to our numerous customers, which is the reason for the timeframe of delivery. Depending on your choice of shipping options, you may have yours in as little as a few days. The manufacturer remains dedicated to your experience, and ensuring that you receive your package in a timely manner after ordering is yet another way to demonstrate their dedication to their loyal consumers.

Based out of California, you never have to worry about long-distance shipping from overseas. The only time it takes from ordering to beginning your usage is the processing time and travel across the country. Shipping will depend on the retailer through which you select to purchase AlphaMax XT. Regardless of the transport, you may always contact Performax Labs with questions or concerns about receiving your products. They always strive to respond in a timely manner and in a way that answers your questions to the very best of their knowledge.


Customer Support

In addition to the money back guarantee, Performax Labs appeals to its customers through welcoming feedback. Should you find that this supplement serves you in precisely the way you have been looking for, they would enjoy the opportunity to hear from you. If you for some reason found that this testosterone booster was not to your liking, then you are also encouraged to reach out to them with your concerns. Regardless the reason for your correspondence, Performax Labs greatly appreciates open communication between itself and the consumers who trust their products.

If you have a problem with shipping or decide that you would like to utilize the money back guarantee for any reason, explain yourself politely and you will find the process both efficient and pleasant. With all the research put into developing their supplements, they are happy to stand behind their work and explain their reasoning. Also, should you have questions about the proper use or dosage, you may message them for more information. They are happy to encourage athletes, enthusiasts, and amateurs alike. This manufacturer is one of the most open and friendly in the market.


Safe & Secure Checkout

In a day and age where technology has become so high-tech that many of us cannot even begin to comprehend how most of our gadgets function, it is easy to see why so many are hesitant to enter their information into an online form when making a purchase. Luckily, Performax Labs is concerned with its consumers’ comfort as much as their satisfaction. That is why their site has a safe and secure data connection that encrypts transmissions to safeguard them from potentially harmful individuals. Every bit of the information you provide in ordering your supply is used for processing and not shared with any other office or given out to telemarketers. Your identity and bank accounts can remain as healthy as your body.



Perhaps the best part of this supplement is its affordable price range. Online, you can find AlphaMax XT for as little as $20.00 – $40.00 USD for 60 capsules. With the price of most gyms or purchasing your own equipment, you shouldn’t have to break your budget to get the results you want. Depending on your dosage, either one or two capsules a day, anyone can afford that a month if they are serious in their efforts. With the guarantees associated with this product, the cost seems even more reasonable due to the lessened risk you take in purchasing a month’s supply.

All the testimonials and promises in the world may not be enough for some of the most skeptical consumers, however, and that is why Performax Labs is so confident in their product that they are offering a free trial program. By taking advantage of the free trial you can judge for yourself if this product is right for you. Take the time to see if it delivers on its promises of increased energy, boosted performance, and mass gains. If you are not satisfied, you will have ventured and lost nothing, but the manufacturers are certain that you will be coming back for more. Should the scientific backing and positive reviews not be convincing enough, try it out for yourself and see the improvement you have always known you were capable of.






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