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Alpha X Booster Review – Can It Provide Real Results or Not?

What Is Alpha X Booster?

Alpha X Booster is a dietary supplement that uses all-natural plant-based ingredients to increase testosterone levels in adult males. Testosterone is the body’s muscle-building fuel, so it must be present in sufficient levels in order for lean muscle tissue to be formed. This is the tissue that develops into muscle mass and can be increased to create the impressive physiques that bodybuilders and athletes display. It contains no synthetic additives or chemicals. It also increases the body’s natural energy levels which allows for more frequent and sustained exercise. It is manufactured using only high-quality organic ingredients.

Testosterone production in the male body slows down after age 30. When this happens, the formation of lean muscle tissue is directly affected. The body loses muscle tone and can experience decreases in energy along with frequent feelings of listlessness. Alpha X Booster works to replace the lost stores of testosterone by reviving the body’s natural production processes to get testosterone levels back to their healthiest and most effective. Increased energy means more exercise, which in turn burns calories and prevents the formation of unwanted excess body fat.

Alpha X Booster works by using the body’s own natural system to stimulate testosterone production without using harsh, unsafe compounds or chemicals. The ingredients used to make this supplement are organic and of the highest quality. This ensures that there is no risk of developing issues with dependency or addiction while using this product. This is a concern with a number of other supplements that claim to build excessive amounts of muscle mass fast. Many of them contain unsafe ingredients or dangerous levels of additives.



The manufacturers of Alpha X Booster oversee the creation of their product every step of the way in order to be certain that it is completely safe and effective. Whereas other manufacturers create their products using extremely potent forms of the active ingredients in excessive amounts, the makers of Alpha X Booster place the safety of their customers’ health first. They use powerful ingredients in the making of this supplement, however they use only amounts that have been deemed safe for human consumption, with no adverse side effects. It boosts testosterone levels and amps up energy by working with the body’s own natural processes. This guarantees complete safety for users.

This company understands that men who work out and lift weights want to transform themselves. They want to create the kind of physical form that will not only look great but will also improve their health. This is why they put great care into providing a supplement that contains ingredients known to assist the body in building and maintaining testosterone levels to a degree that will make muscle development happen rapidly. Along with ensuring the safety of the combination of active ingredients they use, this has given them a decided edge over other supplements and has won them the trust and dedication of scores of satisfied customers.


How Alpha X Booster Works?

In order for the body to be able to produce lean muscle tissue, there must be a sufficient amount of testosterone present. Lean muscle tissue is the basic foundation for building the muscle mass that creates a bulked up, ripped form. By infusing the system with enough testosterone to develop this healthy muscle tissue, Alpha X Booster makes it possible for this to happen, paving the way for the creation of the type of physique that comes with weightlifting and bodybuilding activity. By using the natural functioning of the male body to accomplish this, the process remains perfectly safe while delivering results. Users of the supplement state in reviews that these are the main reasons for their regular use of the product.

When testosterone levels are increased in the body, energy naturally becomes more abundant as well. Both of these occurrences lead to the body being able to burn off greater amounts of unwanted and unhealthy excess fat. This is because the body’s increased energy will result in more physical activity. Physical activity helps to burn calories, resulting in weight loss. Further, as the body develops more muscle mass, it will use more calories to maintain energy levels and to fuel it’s normal everyday functions even when it is at rest. This will also use calories before they can be converted to fat stores in the body.

During intense workouts, such as weightlifting, muscles become damaged. This must take place in order for the body to create new muscle to repair the damage and to increase muscle mass. Concentric and eccentric muscle contractions take place during exercise. Concentric muscle contractions happen as a muscle is brought in toward the body. Eccentric muscle contractions take place as the muscle is stretched in the opposite direction, away from the body, and extended to it’a maximum range. Muscles become damaged during both of these kinds of movements, with the most damage taking place when the muscle is in the eccentric contraction position.

Following the workout that damages the muscles, they must undergo a recovery and healing phase. During this time the body will call upon it’s stores of testosterone to create healthy lean muscle tissue that will repair and become part of the muscles that have been damaged. These layers of new lean muscle tissue are what builds up the muscle mass in the body, adding to it’s size with each recovery period. The more bulk a muscle has, the more definition the physique will develop. This product helps to shorten the amount of time it takes for muscle recovery and repair.

The more muscle mass the body has, the more strength and energy it will possess. This means two things: more intense workouts can be undertaken more frequently, and more calories will be used by the body to maintain high energy levels and keep the body’s systems running smoothly. When the body is burning calories in high numbers, it will not be converting them into extra fat to store randomly throughout the body. Healthy levels of testosterone are essential for these processes to take place. Alpha X Booster keeps the levels of this necessary hormone at their peak in the male body.


Ingredients of Alpha X Booster

The ingredients used in Alpha X Booster are organic, plant-based compounds that work together with no danger of harmful interaction or side effects. They stimulate the body’s natural testosterone-producing process in order to build up hormone levels to their healthiest and most effective point. This serves to provide the body with the necessary foundation for the creation of muscle tissue, to keep energy levels revved up, and to keep the body burning calories to avoid unwanted fat buildup. These ingredients include:

  • Nitric Oxide: A natural gas the body produces which helps to deliver nutrient-filled blood to the muscles.
  • Pyridoxine HCL: Also known as Vitamin B6, this ingredient helps to increase testosterone levels by stimulating and regulating the androgen receptors located in the male testes, which are responsible for the production of testosterone.
  • L-Taurine: An amino acid that is stored in the cells of muscle and assists in increasing their size.
  • Fenugreek Extract: An herb which stimulates testosterone production.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: An herb which helps to promote testosterone production by increasing follicle-stimulating hormone and/or luteinizing hormone. It contains a natural ingredient that affects the body like a testosterone booster.
  • Yohimbe: Boosts energy to increase workout performance.
  • L-Citrulline: Increases blood flow to deliver sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Use of these ingredients in their purest form increases their effectiveness. This supplement is manufactured using them in the greatest amount that is safe for consumption. This ensures that the user will reap all of the benefits this product has to offer. It also gives the user peace of mind in knowing that there will be no unwanted side effects to deal with. The supplement is safe to use for adult males age 18 and over.



Users report that Alpha X Booster is effective in raising the body’s testosterone to it’s maximum levels and increases energy which allows for better workout performance. This means that the formation of the muscle mass that will build up the physique happens more quickly that for those who do not use this product. More frequent and longer-lasting workout sessions lead to faster and more impressive results. The body utilizes the healthy amounts of testosterone to help create new muscle tissue, which is them increased in size and bulk with sustained workouts. Activity that is especially beneficial in building new muscle mass quickly involves weight lifting or orchestrated weight training.

Chemicals known as endorphins are released during sustained physical activity. Endorpghins are commonly referred to as the “feel good” substances that are naturally produced by the brain in response to exercise. They are responsible for producing feelings of euphoria, happiness, peacefulness, and well-being. These feelings in turn produce a number of health benefits to the body such as lowered blood pressure, a decrease in feelings of stress and anxiety, and they help the body to get deeper and more relaxing sleep. Regular exercise means regular production of endorphins and their consistent health benefits to the body and the mind.

Since exercise is essential to receiving all the benefits this supplement has to offer, the fact that it delivers extra energy means more motivation to take part in physical activity. Users state that this is one of the benefits of Alpha X Booster that they enjoy the most. Energy is increased without the use of potentially unhealthy products such as extreme energy drinks, pills that increase the heart rate, or an overabundance of products containing caffeine and/or sugars. This makes it possible to safely participate in intense, sustained workouts, safely completing more sets and reps. The more involved and expansive the workout, the faster and more evident the results.

Those who choose Alpha X Booster are ultimately looking for one specific thing: they want to build a significant amount of muscle mass in order to morph into a buff, musclebound specimen. This is done for personal or professional reasons, or both. Regardless of the main reason for the transformation, the end results are far more beneficial than simply looking better. The health benefits that come with a healthier lifestyle, being more active and eating better, are also worth the effort it takes to build an impressive-looking physique. The users of this supplement report a number of health benefits from it’s use.

By providing the body with the proper amount of exercise and nutrient-dense foods, users of this supplement are generating the fuel that is needed to formulate new lean muscle tissue. This muscle tissue will then be increased in size and weight with frequent weight training sessions. Muscle weight is not a health concern for the body. Muscle weighs considerably more than fat, and muscle is healthy tissue as opposed to fat, which in excess amounts weighs down internal organs and harms the body. Muscle, however, is good for the body because it helps to burn calories, provides energy, and increases physical strength.



A product’s certificates are meant to verify publicly that whatever the product being sold is, it has been approved by some source or another. This could be a media source, a commercial licensing certification, or anything of the like. Certificates generally exist simply to give a measure of validation to the product. The fact is, a great deal more credibility and validation comes from the reports and reviews from consumers than from generic sources. In many cases in fact, random sources may have a vested interest in promoting the product in question.

When customer reviews are as consecutively and as overwhelmingly positive as those from the users of Alpha X Booster are, they serve as a much more effective testimony to the effectiveness than anything else does. Consumers are the most trustworthy sources for accurate information regarding a product as they will not give a glowing review to something that fails to work as it is advertised to do. In the same way, they will be happy to give positive reports and share their personal experiences with products that they are pleased with. When a product lives up to it’s claims, especially a supplement that makes the claims that Alpha X Booster does, word will spread rapidly.



My personal trainer recommended Alpha X Booster for me when he saw that I was having trouble putting on muscle even after working out faithfully for several months. He clued me in to the whole thing about healthy testosterone levels. I gave the supplement a try and started seeing results almost immediately! Even better, my fiancee noticed the change in my build as well and she loved it! Now I get excited about every workout.

– Frank L., Tacoma, WA, United States

I haven’t noticed a lot of improvement to my muscle definition yet, but I can say that since I started taking Alpha X Booster I absolutely have more energy and I am able to work out longer and harder than ever before.

– Miles J., Ames, IA, United States

I’ve been let down by the claims so many supplements make that I was honestly and genuinely shocked when Alpha X Booster actually worked! I was completely ready to just go ahead and get a refund, and then I realized it was actually doing everything it claimed it would do. To say I was thrilled is the understatement of the year! On top of looking better and being stronger and more energetic, I feel great about myself! All my life I wanted to have the body of a buff athlete, and now I do. I’m very happy to recommend this product every chance I get.

– Danny J., Sparks, NV, United States

My wife ordered this supplement for me after one of her girlfriends let her in on her husband’s secret to having tons of energy and bulking up seemingly overnight. She knew I had been trying for months to lose the spare tire around my midsection and define my frame with a bit more muscle. I was skeptical, but I tried it to make her happy, and lo and behold within a few weeks I was ready to take on the world! Awesome amounts of energy, and the strength to put it to use! I feel great and I’m starting to see a little more of a gleam in my wife’s eye when she looks at me now. I’m loving life these days.

– Wayne M., Salem, OR, United States

Be prepared to be wowed. Alpha X Booster is the real deal! No messed up side effects to deal with and no fake claims. It works, period.

– Harold H., York, PA, United States

Every day my neighbor and I both go jogging. I started noticing that he was losing weight really fast and that he was getting some serious muscle tone going on. I asked him what he was doing besides running, and he told me about this supplement. He has a home gym in his basement and he started weight training along with taking Alpha X Booster. I got the information and ordered my own supply, and I started going to the local gym. I’m already seeing and feeling the difference. I am extremely happy with the way I’m shaping up physically.

– Kevin Y., Ann Arbor, London, United Kingdom


Awards & Media Coverage

It is commonplace to see media coverage only when reporting something negative about a supplement. A large number of people report that it does not do what it claims it will do, or they have suffered very bad side effects from using it. However, this is not the case when it comes to Alpha X Booster. The media coverage it has received in sports and fitness publications, online reviews, blogs, etc, has reflected all of the positive things the users have had to say about it. Some media outlets have published excerpts from letters that satisfied customers have taken the time to write to the company, thanking them for providing such an exceptional product.

When a product receives a significant number of positive reviews this is the best type of attention and promotion possible. In this case, it indicates that the supplement is effective and that hundreds of users are happy enough with it that they are compelled to make it known publicly. These people stand to gain nothing from sharing their experience with the product. This is not the case in some instances where an award is given or a story praising the product is written. Often these types of things are paid for by the company that manufactures the product, particularly when there are several negative reviews or reports regarding it.

Media reports and investigations are helpful when it comes to keeping the public informed when a product is making fraudulent claims. This is helpful because any website or other means of advertisement where the product is being sold is likely to be biased in their information-sharing. They will be focused more on making money from the product than from being completely forthright about it’s effectiveness. The public has become aware of the fact that the trustworthiness lies mainly with others like themselves, people who have actually used the product. It is the information and reviews from the users that has merit, and the reviews of Alpha X Booster are overwhelmingly in it’s favor.


Money-back Guarantee

The company offers an 18-day free trial period for Alpha X Booster (4 days for shipping time + 14 days to try the product). The initial order will be shipped within 5-7 business days after it is received. Following this free trial period, the customer will be enrolled in automatic recurring ordering. Each month at the same time, a 30-day supply of Alpha X Booster will be shipped via regular United States Postal Service mail to the customer and a charge of $83.12 plus $5.95 for shipping will be assessed. The order will be received within 2 to 3 weeks.

Should the customer wish to obtain a refund for any reason, this can be done by contacting Customer Support at any time, but at least one day prior to the next scheduled shipment of the supplement in order to avoid being charged. The unused remainder of the product must be sent back to the company within 30 days of purchase in order to generate a refund. Customer Support will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#). This number must be written prominently on the outside of the returned package containing the remaining product. If the RMA# is not clearly listed on the outside of the package, it will not be accepted by the shipping department.

Once the package has been received containing the remainder of the product, the refund process will begin within 2 business days and a full refund (minus the $5.95 shipping fee) will be issued within 3-5 business days. Should a customer wish to opt out of the automatic recurring ordering process, this can also be done by contacting Customer Support and will become effective immediately. Customer Support can be contacted by telephone or via email. The telephone number and email address, as well as the shipping address for returning the product for a refund, are all listed on the official supplement website. All may be found in the sections listed in the footnotes of the web page.



Beginning with the free trial supply, shipping cost is $5.95. Orders are processed and shipped within 2 days of receipt. Arrival time is dependent upon the location of the customer, however the order will arrive within 2 to 3 weeks. Regular United States Postal Service mail is used for shipping. Each shipment contains 60 capsules, which is a full 30-day supply of supplement.

If the customer is completely satisfied with the product no further action is necessary. Following the free trial membership period the customer will be automatically signed up for automatic recurring shipping and billing. From that point a month’s supply of supplement will be sent to the customer each month and a charge of $83.12 plus $5.95 for shipping will be charged. The same ordering process and delivery time applies to each monthly order. This eliminates the need for the customer to take the time to keep up with ordering dates and calling or going online to order their next refill.


Customer Support

The information for reaching Customer Support can be found at the bottom of the official supplement website, under the Terms and Conditions heading. There is also a mailing address listed for anyone who may wish to return the unused portion of the supplement for a full refund, although they must first call or email Customer Support and obtain a RMA# to write on the return package. Customer Support can explain the step-by-step process for returning the product for a full refund, minus shipping fees. The Customer Support representative can explain the time frames involved in the return and refund processes as well.

Consumers have indicated to the company and in numerous reviews that they are very pleased with the knowledgeable and courteous service they receive from the Customer Service department. The company reports that they go to great lengths to ensure that their Customer Service agents are all thoroughly trained and well-versed regarding the product they are dealing with. This is to assure top quality service to each and every customer and potential customer who calls for help or information. Customer Service representatives are available via telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for convenience.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The most important part of any online ordering and payment process is the security and privacy of it’s checkout page. The risk of data breaching and online hackers is far too prevalent, and this company takes every possible precaution to ensure it’s customers’ online safety. The security programs and software used are among the top-rated on the internet. Their online checkout process is certified via the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption as well as McAfee Secure, TRUSTe, Norton Secured, and verified by the presence of the VeriSign logo on the website’s checkout page. Software and security programs are monitored consistently, day and night, in order to protect against any type of security breach.

Once the customer’s payment information is collected and stored in the company’s system, these security measures go into effect immediately to keep all sensitive information safe and secured. Passwords, bank account information, and pay card numbers are all secured using the top industry standard security programs and consistent screening to protect against any type of hacking or any other online threat. These security measures are constantly being updated to keep the most up-to-the-minute technology in place to assure customer safety and give them peace of mind while using this website.


Pricing & Free Trial

The makers of Alpha X Booster offer a free trial membership before being enrolled in automatic recurring ordering and billing. The customer may try the product for 14 days (10 days + 4 days for delivery time). The only cost the customer will incur is $5.95 fee for shipping costs. If, at the end of this free trial period the customer is happy with the supplement, nothing further needs to be done. The automatic recurring ordering and billing membership will begin. At the same time every month, an order will be generated for a 30-day supply of the supplement and the customer will be automatically billed $83.12 plus $5.95 for shipping, and the next month’s supply will be shipped out.

Should the customer wish to receive a refund, Customer Support must be contacted for instructions on returning the unused portion of the product, and an RMA# obtained. This RMA# must be written prominently on the outside of the return package in order for it to be accepted and for a refund to be issued. Once the package is received and accepted, a full refund (minus the $5.95 shipping fee) will be processed within 2 business days and the refund issues within 3-5 business days.






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