Alpha Testo Maxxx

Alpha Testo Maxxx Review – Can It Improve Your Results?

What Is Alpha Testo Maxxx?

Alpha Testo Maxxx is a testosterone boosting supplement. Its all natural ingredients are combined with the purpose of increasing energy and stamina to help customers get the most out of their workouts. It is intended to assist bodybuilders creating leaner muscles so long as they are combined with a rigorous routine of heavy lifting and a healthy diet that includes all the necessary daily nutrients.

The product is designed with the intention of acting fast to begin impacting workouts immediately. The company claims that with just one dose, customers should expect an increase in their ambition, focus, and endurance to begin reaching their bodybuilding goals at a more rapid speed than is likely without the help their product provides. Furthermore, it claims to be the most potent natural performance enhancing supplement available for customers at this time.

Based on these product claims, the company expresses a bold promise for some extraordinary results. They promise a long lasting pump, an extreme increase in vascularity, and longer, more consistent, and more effective workouts than were possible before. They suggest that customers should expect to begin experiencing these results within a very short time after. The rest of this article will investigate these promises and what the product actually does to see how reliable their claims are.



The manufactures of Alpha Testo Maxxx are conscious of our society’s increasing value for male body image. Because of this they created a product that they believe helps men look their best, improve their self image as well as the way in which they are viewed by others, and feel their best. The body’s natural production of testosterone is a key to making this possible.

Therefore, this is a product that combines natural ingredients to enhance the testosterone naturally produced in the body. In doing so, the product is intended for the healthy growth of muscles, hair, and bone mass, to develop lean body mass, and to protect the health of bones and muscles. All this is possible because of the product’s use of testosterone, a natural steroid.

The manufacturers are clear in all their advertising that they are confident in their product to provide all these great results. Nevertheless, they are equally clear that customers can only expect such results when use is combined with an appropriate exercise regimen and nutritious eating habits. The testosterone supplement, then, is a way to enhance the effects of a healthy lifestyle and to stimulate the continuance and further growth of the disciplines related to that lifestyle.


How Alpha Testo Maxxx Works?

Giving a gradual increase of testosterone, Alpha Testo Maxxx provides an effective and well concentrated dosage of the natural steroid along with other natural ingredients. All ingredients are combined for the twofold purpose of enhancing the effects of the testosterone that the body naturally produces and to stimulate the body’s ability to produce more testosterone at healthy rates and speeds. It works in such a way to enhance all of the benefits that natural testosterone production provides.

Its ingredients are combined to assist customers in their pursuit of muscle growth and to support the body’s overall wellbeing. It encourages the spread of testosterone throughout the body in order to avoid a disproportionate effect to some muscles that is often associated with other testosterone supplements. It works with the blood in the body to send oxygen to the entire body along with the supplement and its related hormones.

The supplement raises the level of hormones produced and disseminated throughout the body. Such a process is necessary for effective results of bodybuilding. As such, Alpha Testo Maxxx works with all the natural processes of the body, enhances them, and thus is intended to help men who take it to safely and powerfully increase muscle mass, work out more effectively and with stronger endurance, and even to promote the body’s health overall.


Ingredients of Alpha Testo Maxxx

Fenugreek extract is the testosterone booster that serves as the most important ingredient for to spreading hormones appropriately throughout the body. Tribulus extract is the most important ingredient towards the building of muscle strength and mass and for enhancing the long lasting effects of bodybuilding. Pyridoxine HCL is the most important ingredient for yielding the leanness of muscle mass the product guarantees through its effective metabolism of proteins and amino acids.

Rhodiola rosea is the most important ingredient for the removal of fat and for help towards fit bulk. Tongkat ali is the most important ingredient for the enhancement of the sexual aspects of testosterone. Ginkgo biloba is the most important ingredient for protecting and maintaining mental and emotional health in the midst of the physical and chemical changes occurring in the body through bodybuilding and the use of this supplement.

Boron is the most important ingredient for regulating the amount and levels of testosterone at work in the body. Yohimbe is the most important ingredient for weight management and for the burning of unwanted fat. In short, Alpha Testo Maxxx is a combination of ingredients that helps toward the needs of bodybuilders in an intentionally holistic manner.



Alpha Testo Maxxx helps with every stage of a bodybuilding lifestyle. It helps mental and emotional health in such way that it encourages a determined mindset toward the setting and reaching of realistic bodybuilding goals. It works with you as you work out so as to improve muscle shape and strength. It can assist toward the increase of tolerance and endurance to gradually work longer, harder, and more consistently. It assists in the process of muscle recovery between workouts and supports healthy habits in all areas of life, helping to get ready for the next workout.

Just as it works holistically for the needs specific to bodybuilding, so it also helps encourage a generally healthy body and lifestyle. It carries the ability to improve cardiovascular health. Its work in the blood helps towards hormonal balance in the body, which should in turn increase energy level and improve and secure the totality of physical, mental, and emotional health.

When the pills are taken appropriately and used alongside a good routine of bodybuilding and a healthy diet, they should help to rapidly create firmer muscles. They act fast to help make lifting goals more readily achievable. They encourages the effort that the bodybuilder puts into his workouts in such a manner that results are heightened and seen faster.



Supplements do not require USDA approval. Alpha Testo Maxxx does not advertise any verifications that it does possess. Organizations such as the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and the Non GMO Project do exist to to provide certification on various supplements. These organizations provide customers with a sense of security that the products have worked toward their stated ends for many customers and that they have done so safely.

As Alpha Testo Maxxx does not promote any such certificates that they have received, information was sought elsewhere to see if their supplements have been verified by any organization dealing with natural supplements. Nothing could be found. This is probably because this is a testosterone supplement. While testosterone is a chemical that the body produces naturally, it is not a natural food product, thus making it controversial as to whether or not these ingredients should all be considered natural.

The word “natural” has been used in this article to describe any ingredients the body produces by itself. Since certificates may be built on different definitions of the word, however, we must take that into account as we weigh the claims and promises of Alpha Testo Maxxx. In doing so, the positive reports of customers for both effectiveness and safety help to make up for the seeming lack of professional certification for the product.



A customer of Alpha Testo Maxxx reported a lack of energy and stamina that led him to consider giving up on his workout routine and goals. He describes the process of taking the muscle building supplement as something that helped him recover his passion for exercise, regaining his abilities and his confidence because of the way in which the product worked with his efforts. Since taking these supplements, he has reported a complete lack of the fatigue related to working out that nearly caused him to stop.

Another man who used the supplement for bodybuilding reported that this was one of many relevant products he tried and that it worked significantly better than the others. He reported satisfaction with the product as doing for him exactly what the company says it is supposed to do. He reported a noticeable increase in the size of his biceps. He indicated he experienced no side effects furthering his level of confidence in the product and his overall satisfaction.

The final testimonial is from a man who reported being very weak before starting to use the product. He said that he was underweight and suffered from fatigue. He was recommended the product by a physician so that he could begin training and increase his weight and strength. He reported a process of becoming very successful at both which started as soon as he started taking the supplement.


Awards & Media Coverage

Just like the certification discussed above, Alpha Testo Maxxx does not advertise any awards that it may have received. Just as research into possible certifications produced no results, so is the case with the pursuit of information regarding any awards. Product reviews and testimonials do tend to be highly in favor of the product, which does help considerably despite these deficiencies.

On the other hand, the product has been on the market long enough to gain the attention of organizations that present certificates and awards for quality supplements. Though a potential explanation was offered for the lack of certification, awards are broader and the lack of any such attention could create legitimate reason for concern. Testimonials, such as the third one reported above, however, that include the recommendation of a medical professional does help to verify the validity of the product’s claims.

Likewise, the product has not received a significant amount of media coverage. The company’s online presence at the present time appears to be confined to their website that while easy to use and order the product does not provide a great deal of information about the product. Product reviews about online for from reputable sources tend toward the very positive. Any web pages warning against the product, are introduced with either virus warnings or other telltale signs of compromise and illegitimacy. So, even though the company is quite limited with the information it releases, it must be concluded that what does exist that is worth listening to favorable toward the product.


Money-back Guarantee

Alpha Testo Maxxx offers an 15-day money-back guarantee. This is applicable to any type of customer dissatisfaction so long as it returned within 15 days. This guarantee coincides within the 14-day free trial period that the company also offers. Shipping and handling is the only cost customers incur during these initial days. Once the trial ends, however, customers are subject to automated re-ordering and billing unless they cancel within those 14 days.

Outside this initial period, the company publicly publishes no information about any refunds they are willing to offer. A 14-day free trial period is significant for supplementary health products. Most such products offer trial periods at discounted rates but not free. If they do offer sample products it is a supply of seven to ten days, so this is better than much of the competition, but it is difficult to determine whether it is really worth it considering that once the trial period is over there are possibly no future opportunities for refund in the case of any types of dissatisfaction.

The company’s policy for broken or poorly shipped products are not the most customer friendly. Customers are required to call a provided phone number first to get a code number with which they return the product. Customers are required to pay shipping and handling and a fee of 15% of the bill even if the problem was the company’s fault.
While this may not communicate great company/customer relations, it can on the other hand communicate great confidence in the product on the part of the company, and the customer can compensate for any insecure feelings by carefully reading every detail about the trial period so as to make sure that he can cover himself in case he does want to cancel and not purchase the product.



On every page of the Alpha Testo Maxxx website, a prominent link is placed for customers to begin the order process so they can take advantage of the free initial bottle given. On this page, a date is displayed with a guaranteed shipping date. During every trip to the website, that date was always one business day away. However, they do not give an estimated arrival time or even the method of delivery they use that can help give some idea of a time frame to expect.

So many questions about shipping abound for Alpha Testo Maxxx. How long does the so-called rushed delivery of a trial order take? The answer to this question is not made clear anywhere on the company’s website. Since payment for all subsequent orders are automatic until canceled by the customer, this creates two further questions that are very important.

  • Question #1: Do the 15 days begin to count at the time the order is placed, at the time the shipment is mailed, at the time the order is received, or at some other time?
  • Question #2: Do customers receive notification from the company regarding when their trial begins?

We know that the end of the trial period is followed by automatic billing and shipping unless canceled by the customer, so one would certainly hope that customers are informed of a beginning date so they can calculate the 14 days of the trial for themselves. Yet once again the company does not provide this information in any explicit way, if at all. The only clear information about shipping available is that it costs $4.95 for the purchase of a 30 day supply which includes 60 pills or for the 15-day sample.


Customer Support

All of the Alpha Testo Max company’s contact information is presented on the bottom of the front page of their website. Whether any of these contacts are for customer service or just administration offices that may not have answers to customers’ most pressing questions, however, is not clear, but the same phone number does appear on the order form so they must at least be able to help toward a sale. Even through the assistance of search engine, customer service details are difficult to find. The customer service number found through such searches is not the same as the number listed on the website, showing what may be a reluctance to make customer service information public.

Furthermore, no known reports of any customer service experience are available. If there was a better online presence for customers sharing their experiences with the Alpha Testo Maxxx company’s customer service, then we would have reason to believe that the company communicates this information better through product packaging or emails to follow up on customers after an order with no need of advertising it on their website. However, with both the lack of such reviews and the lack of direct information on the company’s website, it seems more reasonable to believe that the company does not emphasize customer service in their relationships with their customers.

Since so little is known about the company’s customer service, customers are left with information about the general product satisfaction that customers report and the promise of a free trial period in making their decisions about whether or not to try the product. What, without any better evidence, looks like a cagey attempt to prevent potential customers and possibly even active customers from having easy access to customer service does not offer a sense of security to customers who are unsure about the product. On the other hand, because so many customers have reported great success through the product without side effect, it may still be worth taking advantage of the free trial period so long as the customer is comfortable with the questions surrounding it.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout program on the company’s website offers no SSL security certificates. They do not even offer any of the most common security measures that most online vendors make available such as eTrust. This is an important factor to know about the company as it does create concern regarding whether or not a customer’s finances are safe when making a transaction over this company’s website that is significantly less secure than that offered by most online companies.

The security related to the rest of the website, on the other hand, is quite good. The front page of their website offers a document with their privacy policies. Through reading this customers can know exactly what is shared, how third parties can or cannot gain access to that information, and how to keep all personal information secure when it must be shared with the company for an order.

Both policy documents on the company’s home page (“Privacy Policy” and “Terms & Conditions”) include an inordinate number of statements that the company reserves the right to change these policies at any time. Of course we are used to seeing such statements as all companies need to protect that right. When a company makes such a statement more than once in a single document, however, it appears excessive and suspicious. It begs the question of how often they change these policies, if they do so without good reason, and even if their claims can really be trusted.


Pricing & Free Trial

When a customer makes an initial order of Alpha Testo Max, he chooses whether to take advantage of the free trial and receive a supply that lasts 14 days or to purchase a 30-day supply immediately. The 30-day supply costs $89.99. A monthly charge is applied automatically of $89.99 until the time in which the customer cancels. That means that if the customer chooses to take advantage of the free trial period as recommended, the first $89.99 charge is taken out of the customer’s account immediately following the end of the fourteenth day unless canceled within the appropriate time frame.

The shipping and handling associated with all purchases is $4.95. This is the same for both the free trial period (as the only cost associated with the trial period) and monthly purchases. The automated monthly purchases are also subject to any local and federal taxes applicable for the customer.






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