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Alpha Testo Gain Review – Does It Work?

What Is Alpha Testo Gain?

Alpha Testo Gain is an organic testosterone booster formulated to help healthy adult males trim down and tone up quickly. It is touted as an “advanced formula strength-booster’ as well as a weight control solution designed to help users shred fat quickly and efficiently. It is designed to enhance the body’s natural metabolic cycles for rapid lean muscle gains, potentially helping users to get more out of each workout. The active ingredients in the manufacturer’s proprietary formula blend are Maltodextrin and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. It has been featured and advertised in the pages of such publications as Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness.

This nutritional supplement is manufactured in the United States by a supplement manufacturer that has been active in the sports nutrition and diet supplement market for several years. According to the Alpha Testo Gain website, the primary ingredient in the capsules’ nutrient complex is based on a 1998 Nobel prize-winning medical discovery validating nitric oxide’s role as a potent cardiovascular enhancer (among other important physical functions). It promises to ramp up the body’s bioavailable supplies of testosterone for greater muscle strength, size and power as well as enhanced vascularity and endurance. It can be used as a sports supplement by athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters as well as a general daily strength-enhancer for any man who wants a leaner, stronger body. Although it is generally considered safe for use, anyone with certain medical conditions – or who is taking certain classes of medications – should consult a relevant professional before use.



Alpha Testo Gain is owned and operated by an established health and fitness supplement supplier called Aliaz Cooperation SIA. Aliaz provides a PO box for written and/or physical correspondence listing an address in Estonia. It has developed, manufactured, marketed and distributed multiple lines of health and diet products not only in the United States and the United Kingdom and Australia as well. There is no information regarding whether Aliaz Cooperation SIA offers its products to other countries internationally. It maintains production control of its merchandise at all levels of production, including research, development, marketing and beyond.

Further credentials for Aliaz Cooperation SIA can be found on the official Alpha Testo Gain website, wherein the company’s VAT number is provided on the site for reference of anyone interested. Otherwise known as a Value Added Tax Identification Number, a VAT number is utilized in many countries to denote specific tax identification categories. Furthermore, Aliaz Cooperation SIA is registered in Latvia with a corresponding organization number, though it does not seem to have a profile on the Better Business Bureau website. This company also produces cosmetic and beauty products (including teeth whiteners), which it sells globally. Not only does Aliaz Cooperation SIA maintain an official company website for optimal customer information purposes and ease of contact, it is also active on numerous business directories online.


How Alpha Testo Gain Works?

According to the official product website, the formula for this supplement was based on a 1998 Nobel Peace Prize-winning discovery. The nutrient balance in each capsule is designed to enable the body to ramp up and optimize anabolic efficiency for accelerated lean muscle gains. The botanical-based formula is also designed to block fat from adhering to the body, thus potentially causing current lipid fat to be utilized as fuel for energy. The manufacturer claims that this optimized anabolic efficiency can help users lose as much as 8-16 kilos of fat in as little as two weeks (though individual results will vary according to current body weight and muscle composition, activity level, diet and other individual factors).

The active ingredient in Alpha Testo Gain’s formula blend enhances an antioxidant naturally manufactured by the body, which may help to combat fatigue as well as to increase exercise endurance by diminishing fatigue-inducing lactic acid buildup in muscles. The primary goal of most competitive bodybuilders, sarcoplasmic hypertrophy – a.k.a. large, heavily ripped and precisely defined musculature – is possible only with a high natural fuel supply, which the active ingredients in this formula are balanced to achieve. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy requires a high biological fuel supply and supports rapid recovery between workouts, especially in combination with optimal growth hormone and testosterone levels. Finally, this product promises to enhance a key endogenously-produced molecule called nitric oxide, which numerous studies have concluded plays a vital role in the production of biological energy and muscle recovery. Since nitric oxide contains enzymes called nitric oxide synthases that break down Arginine – the important amino acid also contained in this product formula – the body is potentially better able to process and utilize Arginine for maximum muscle-building energy and capability.


Ingredients of Alpha Testo Gain

This testosterone booster is free from toxins, excess sodium and creatinine byproducts and promises dramatic weight loss and free testosterone increases to most dedicated users. According to the manufacturer, this fitness supplement has been proven to be safe and effective for most healthy adults.

The website only lists a handful of active ingredients, which are as follows:

  • Maltodextrin;
  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate;

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is a natural binary compound that consists of an amino acid called Arginine as well as Alpha-Ketoglutarate, a compound that breaks down amino acids and other compounds. Considering the fact that Arginine is a key building block of protein, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate may augment the process of myogenesis, i.e. the building and maintenance of muscle fibers. This supplement is often used by athletes to increase Arginine levels, which may in turn enhance both anaerobic and aerobic exercise performance. Maltodextrin is a food additive also included as an active ingredient to optimize digestive absorption of the formula ingredients.

This product is intended to be used only as directed. Its ingredients are generally safe and well-tolerated among most healthy adult users, though a small number of people may experience side effects such as stomach upset, nausea, allergic reactions or other unwanted side effects resulting from an interaction with the ingredient additives. Per product instructions, users should take 1-2 capsules by mouth daily with a glass of water. Once the tablets are ingested, they dissolve in the bloodstream and are then transported throughout the body to react with other natural compounds to promote active bioavailable testosterone production – specifically, it aims to stimulate the active release of the stores of testosterone called circulating testosterone and/or free testosterone. These are the supplies of this steroid hormone available to build and repair muscle tissue, potentially enabling users to pack on more hard, lean muscle.



Alpha Testo Gain offers a safer, natural formula encapsulated in easy-to-use tablets designed for daily use much like a multivitamin. Its primary purpose is to stimulate active production of free testosterone for bigger, stronger muscles and enhanced workout capability to help active-minded men get fit, faster. The extracts contained therein are formulated to burn and block carbs to help users achieve a leaner, more taut and toned physique, while not only is it designed to boost testosterone levels, it is also a thermogenic enhancer and may help to curb cravings and to suppress the appetite for steady weight loss. It may also help older men restore diminished testosterone levels, which begin to decrease at the approximate age of 30. This may provide a muscle-building weight loss solution for not only bodybuilders, weightlifters and sports performers but also for any fitness enthusiast looking for a safer, non-invasive dietary solution to enhance workouts and body composition.

The specific nutrient balance contained in each capsule is formulated to help active adult men gain muscle safely and quickly (though of course anyone with questions or concerns should always consult a health professional with any questions). This product promises to elevate energy levels for not only a boost during workouts but also a clean, sustained energy release throughout the day. The capsules are delivered in a secure, anonymous parcel designed to fit easily into mailboxes for optimal privacy – and, not only does its anonymous design allow for maximum privacy, the manufacturer promises fast warehouse shipping for all in-stock product orders. As an added incentive, all purchases come with buyer protection policies per current terms and conditions (available on the official product website). Anyone unhappy with their purchase for any reason is afforded a no-hassle return policy within a reasonable number of days.



The particular balance of nutrients and botanicals in Alpha Testo Gain’s proprietary formula blend are based on a medical discovery that won the 1998 Nobel Prize of Physiology or Medicine. The 1998 winners of the prestigious prize were Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro and Ferid Murad. The award was jointly bestowed upon the three scientists for their discovery regarding the natural compound nitric oxide and its role as a signaling molecule in the human cardiovascular system. This important award in the fields of medicine and the life sciences affirmed nitric oxide’s role as a key regulator in the functioning of the immune system and other important biological processes (such as memory and even behavior). Known as an endogenous gas as well as a free radical, nitric oxide is critical to such physical fitness factors as muscle strength, muscle recovery, endurance, stamina and energy.

Since the 1998 award, there has been a growing body of subsequent research studying the effects of nitric oxide on physical capability. The diet supplement industry quickly caught wind of this molecule’s potential for exercise enhancement, and nitric oxide production has been a key product benefit for myriad products since. Nitric oxide is essential to healthy blood flow and enhances workouts by delivering nutrients, oxygen and blood to stressed muscle tissue to both increase muscle contraction strength and to facilitate faster healing and less pain after workouts. This particular testosterone booster utilizes Alpha Ketoglutarate to promote greater nitric oxide production, which – since Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide – may benefit athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts looking for improved workouts with less muscle pain.



Alpha Testo Gain has been a key factor in helping me lose extra weight and get cut. When I flex my biceps, my veins are finally popping the way I want them to. People keep telling me how much bigger I look, and my girlfriend loves to watch me make a muscle. Not only has this leveled up my training sessions, it has pumped up my confidence in a big way. I’ve already recommended it to my workout buddies.

– Alexander, bodybuilder in London, United Kingdom

I noticed I was starting to get soft around the middle, so I checked around online and thought this stuff seemed pretty promising. I added it to my routine the first day it arrived, and I noticed an energy boost almost right away. My gains in the gym have been pretty impressive; I’m starting to see muscle definition carving out all over the place, from my shoulders to my calves. Another plus is that it’s shortened my recovery time and made the cramping (I normally get after lifting) a lot less severe. This stuff has definitely worked for me.

– Daniel, personal trainer in Beaver Dam, WI, USA

I’m on my second bottle, and I plan on going for it and ordering the three-bottle package the next time around. I’ve been taking Alpha Testo Gain for about two months, and I’ve almost doubled the number of sets and reps I can do. Not only can I also lift heavier weights, I’ve lost ten pounds, and I feel like I look the best I have in quite a few years. I like that it’s got the main ingredients I was looking for all-in-one, so I don’t have to pack a bunch of bottles in my gym bag – I take a couple capsules daily, and I’m done. The improvements it has given me as far as energy and endurance have been big contributors to helping me lean out and increase my strength.

– Tijuan, Chief Executive Officer in Leeds, United Kingdom

I was having a hard time getting excited about workouts because it had been so long since I’d seen any real results. I knew I wasn’t really pushing myself but was still finding it difficult to get motivated to work as hard as I knew I needed to. I reworked my entire routine and decided to try this to see if it might give me an extra edge to do more and to get ripped. The first week I started taking it along with my daily protein shake, I noticed a major energy boost and even ended up extending my weekly strength-training routines to include cardio. I gained a half an inch of muscle in about two months, and three of my buddies have ordered bottles of this since they’ve seen what it helped me do for myself.

– Ricardo, city planner in Staffordshire, United Kingdom


Awards & Media Coverage

Those attuned to the latest and greatest in sports nutrition, fitness supplements and bodybuilding may have seen Alpha Testo Gain on a number of popular online publications geared toward men’s health and fitness. It has been featured on Men’s Health magazine, a publication dedicated to coverage of workout tips, nutrition, supplements, bodybuilding, diet plans, lifestyle advice and more. Fitness enthusiasts may also have been familiarized with this product via Muscle & Fitness, another popular online magazine covering all topics fitness- and wellness-related. It has also appeared within the pages of Men’s Fitness, a similar publication dedicated to providing expert advice in areas such as strength-training, workout routines, men’s lifestyle, diet, weight loss and more. This media coverage has no doubt helped Alpha Testo Gain to become one of the more instantly-recognized testosterone booster on the nutritional supplement market today.

This product is also used by many elite athletes and personal trainers to gain lean muscle mass more quickly as well as to cut recovery time between sessions. Its popularity in athletic communities is likely due to the fact that it does not contain any illegal or synthetic fillers and is relatively cost-effective (compared to medical testosterone treatments). Although it has not yet been nominated for any awards in the health and fitness supplement industry, anyone interested in tracking its performance may want to also consider watching consumer polls to see how it may stack up in future competitions and awards. There is no information regarding whether it has been advertised or featured on other avenues of media such as radio or television.


Money-back Guarantee

All purchases are protected by a 14-day money-back return policy. In the event a product is ordered under terms of free shipping, any such returns will incur the actual shipping charge current with the date of order. If for any reason this nutritional supplement does not meet or exceed expectations, buyers must contact customer support to receive full return instructions. All returned merchandise must be received by the company’s receiving facilities in the same condition in which they were purchased. The manufacturer reserves the right to reject refunds for used and/or damaged merchandise in accordance with this policy. There are no restocking fees associated with returns, which anyone seeking a refund is sure to appreciate.

Buyers assume the responsibility for safe, secure return deliveries and are thus advised to purchase additional shipping insurance. Some products offered by this supplier are covered by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, in which buyers have three full months with which to evaluate the item while retaining active coverage of a full refund policy. Any returned products received after this 90-day period will be automatically refused. Return packages must include a note from the customer explicitly stating the customer’s intent to utilize the satisfaction guarantee policy. Per current terms and conditions, the satisfaction guarantee applies only to buyers who have actually used the product; any unused products are subject to the company’s standard terms and conditions.



Shipments will arrive at the address on file within seven business days of the date of order. The current cost of shipping and handling is 19 GBP (when buyers pay by invoice). Shipping and handling costs for returns are not reimbursable; in addition, customers are responsible for all shipping charges for return shipments. Delivery time guarantees are not applicable to out-of-stock items. All orders are immediately sent to the warehouse fulfillment facility for processing; anyone who is interested in utilizing the company’s advance payment notice policy is advised to consult the current terms and conditions on the product website, which contains detailed and current information.

In the event a product is damaged during shipping or arrives at the customer’s residence otherwise defective, the manufacturer will replace the product at no extra charge. Although damaged products are not eligible for refunds, such items are fully covered by a free replacement manufacturer’s policy. Per current shipping terms and conditions, neither the manufacturer’s shipping department nor its affiliate shipping carriers are operational during weekends. The active delivery guarantee is thus applicable only on business days. All shipments will be dispatched from the company’s warehouse per the time frame advertised on the product website – however, there may be subsequent delays due to specific delivery carriers (such as Omniva).


Customer Support

The Alpha Testo Gain customer support team is active not only for its customer base in the United Kingdom but also for customers in Australia, the United States, Austria, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and Germany. Despite its global availability, the only avenue to accessibility listed on the product website is a customer support email address. As there is no specific contact section on the site, anyone who would like to contact a company representative must click the ‘terms and conditions’ section in order to access the email address. There are no details as to the support department’s hours of operations, or whether it is open on weekends and/or major holidays. Anyone with further questions regarding the customer service department may contact a team member via the provided email address for in-depth information.

Customers can unsubscribe from company communications at any time with one quick click on this testosterone booster’s website. Customer service representatives can help with all aspects of product and order supporting, including adjusting the amount and frequency of automatic delivery orders upon the buyer’s request. Team members can also assist with technical support, membership details, company policy information, shipping and parcel delivery and more. Although support members are trained to provide general information regarding product usage and ingredient details, any health questions should always be addressed to the customer’s physician (or another relevant health professional). There is no physical address provided on the website to which to direct correspondence.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This manufacturer does not offer a detailed privacy policy on the Alpha Testo Gain website. What it does offer is its assertion that all payments are processed on a secure connection using industry standard security technology and protocol. At this time, there are no specific trust marks or other security seals displayed on the site. The manufacturer does not indicate whether encryption technology – which has quickly become the industry standard among online merchants – is part of the security suite employed to protect customers personally identifiable information. Details regarding how this company handles sensitive personal and financial information can be best obtained by contacting the support department at the listed email address.

Once buyer information has been supplied to Aliaz via the product website, the company states that it is obligated to refrain from sharing such data with any third party that is not authorized to take part in the requested transaction. The company is thus in compliance with all applicable data privacy laws in accordance with the regions in which it operates. Anyone who has supplied personal information to the website – such as address, banking details and other such data – can request that their data be removed from the website for further peace of mind. Aliaz Cooperation SIA has been in business for many years and has expressed a commitment to protecting all confidential buyer information from the potential of unauthorized misuse. The site does not indicate which security software it uses to guard against viruses, phishing and other malware.



Fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts can choose between three pricing packages to suit varying needs and lifestyles. The first package offers a single bottle containing 60 pills for a one-month supply, which totals £110, the second option offers triple the quantity for three bottles containing 180 pills for a total of £215. The third option offers six bottles containing 360 pills for £320. Buyers can also take advantage of the manufacturer’s automatic delivery service, which is an automatic recurring order program wherein members will receive and be billed for a fresh supply of Alpha Testo Gain every 30 days after the initial 30 days of the first order. Per current terms and conditions, the delivery service is not binding (meaning there is no contract involved), and members can unsubscribe at any time to discontinue future deliveries and charges.

Customers can opt to cancel the delivery service at any time by contacting the customer support center by phone or by email. All cancellations must be requested before the fifth of the month to avoid shipments and membership dues. Once the requested customer service member dispatches a cancellation email to the customer, the cancellation is considered effective. Unlike many fitness supplement suppliers, this manufacturer allows PayPal as a payment method for maximally secure transactions. In addition, payments are captured only when orders are shipped, which cuts down on the possibility of billing for an out-of-stock item request.






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