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Alpha Test Plus Review – A New Scam or Not?

What Is Alpha Test Plus?

Alpha Test Plus is a proprietary blend of organic ingredients that are formulated specifically to boost the free testosterone levels in athletes to enhance mental focus, build muscle mass, increase workout endurance, and improve personal outlooks. Adding this supplement to a daily workout regimen will supply the essential natural elements that a physically active body requires to reach its optimum performance levels. To help athletes get the most out of every activity, Alpha Test Plus has the right formulation of ingredients to safely boost free testosterone levels and deliver fast results in the gym, on the track, or in the field.

The Mood Enhancement & Alpha Test Plus



Alpha Test Plus is manufactured under the supervision of Health Formulas, LLC. It is distributed by Open Click Media, which is located in Pleasant Hill, CA. In the instance that there is a return on a product purchase, the return address listed for this supplement is located in Houston, Texas.


How Alpha Test Plus Works?

Alpha Test Plus is a unique blend of exotic and rare roots, herbs, and plant ingredients which when combined in this proprietary mixture, give the sports athlete an increase in their athletic abilities, muscle mass, energy, mental focus, inner balance, coordination, and an overall explosion of positivity and unbound mental focus. This potent concoction of ingredients contain specific types of plants, roots, and leaves that work together to encourage the production of free testosterone in the body, resulting in an increase in energy, improved blood flow, increasing muscle mass, encouragement of increased mental focus, and a noticeable excelling at physical activities both before and after a competition or workout. When these organic and rare ingredients are introduced into a daily workout routine of a highly active sports enthusiast, boxer, skier, swimmer, or other highly active sports nut, the body is able to function more efficiently and precisely while at the same time it will be creating more muscle and increasing the athlete’s overall physical well being.

The Natural Formula of Alpha Test Plus


Ingredients of Alpha Test Plus

Alpha Test Plus contains a mixture of only all natural and organic ingredients that are specific to the needs of individuals looking to bulk up, burn excess fat, increase their energy, and heighten their athletic performance on the field, court, gym, ring, or track. Each of these specially chosen ingredients contains a rare substance that affects the free testosterone levels and the different areas and needs of the athletic body. Alpha Test Plus collects these organic ingredients from locations all over the world to create their booster. Their research has shown that these ingredients hold special properties that work together to achieve ultimate results and include such things as:

Tribulus Terrestris

This essential ingredient is an herbal ingredient found in the countries of Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, India, Vietnam, and China. The active and potent substances found in this plant are responsible for the increases in muscle mass, and is an active agent in the increase in smooth muscle formation and for the protection and healing of these muscles when they are overworked during a lengthy physical activity such as a tie-breaking game, a tournament, or a marathon lifting session with the crew at the local gym.

L-Argenine AKG

This essential ingredient in Alpha Test Plus is the catalyst for enacting the essential amino acids needed to protect and repair over used muscles. This one element of this supplement contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals that are necessary to the bodybuilder, weightlifter, and sports enthusiast.


This natural element is a necessary daily supplement that in some ways closely resembles the effects of magnesium in the bodily functions. The antioxidant properties of this metal are an extreme athlete’s answer to repairing muscle after lengthy workouts, a way to combat the signs and signals of aging in athletes who are older, and it adds an extra layer of protection to the immune system to help fight against such common illnesses’ as the common cold or flu.

Stinging Nettle

Also known as Urtica Dioica, this wild growing natural plant is harvested from all over the world including such places as northern Africa, Asia, Europe, and western North America. This somewhat common plant is included in the Alpha Test Plus ingredients because of its ability to protect internal organs such as the kidneys, and it promotes health in the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract, the skin, and the locomotor system. This ingredient also protects from hemorrhage, gout, and fights illnesses such as the flu and the common cold.


This ingredient is found in the flowering plants Passifiora Caerulea, Passifiora Incarnata, and Oroxylum Indicum. Other natural sources of this ingredient can be found in Pieurotus Ostreatus mushrooms, and in honeycomb. The properties contained in this ingredient are responsible for the subsiding of anxious feelings and a reduction in the inflammation that may be experienced after tough or lengthy workouts or routines, especially if it has been awhile since the last workout.

Black Pepper Extract

The specific qualities of this ingredient are responsible for activating the metabolic system. By boosting this system, the athlete, bodybuilder, and physical fitness enthusiast will burn excess fat and unwanted calories easily; this heightened metabolism will continue to burn calories even while the athlete is in a resting state.

Beta Alanine

This added element is beneficial for added energy to sustain stamina levels when involved in such things as high intensity weight training, lengthy sports outings, sprinting competitions, or long distance running.

Vitamin B6 Fenugreek

This essential vitamin aids the body in the production of the amino acids that are necessary for the successful recovery of injured or overworked muscles that an athlete may encounter after an intense physical activity or workout.

Magnesium-This essential element, found mostly in China, is an alkaline earth metal that aids the body in the absorption of other essential nutrients and it provides the catalyst for raising energy levels and athletic endurance of the user.


This non-essential nutrient is produced within the body naturally from the by-products of the amino acids that are increased within the body during, and especially after, a gut wrenching workout or game. This supply of additional energy will keep the athlete going with energy to burn long after the competition is over.


This natural stimulant affects the central nervous system by blocking adenosine from the receptors in the body that indicate drowsiness and make the athlete feel extremely tired after a strenuous workout or competition. By overpowering and by-passing these receptors, the athlete experiences increased focus, clear and focused thinking, and an improvement of overall body coordination for an extended length of time after completing a harsh set or extra long day in the gym.


This naturally growing plant is found in some areas of the Mediterranean region, China, and Asia. This perennial plant (often referred to as Bishop’s Hat, Fairy Wings, Horny Goat Weed, Randy Beef Grass, Rowdy Lamb Herb, Yin Yang Huo, and Barrenwort), is an evergreen that produces flowers in the spring that have spider-like characteristics. This ingredient is valuable for the concentration of icariin that is found within the plant. This plant has properties that increase the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the muscles, increases mental focus, and adds an extra level of focus and antidepressant qualities.

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There are many advantages to the participants of sports like basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, or racing when they introduce Alpha Test Plus into their daily workout plan including such things as convenience, added beneficial vitamins and minerals, and safe and fast results for building muscle mass while raising testosterone levels safely. These herbs, roots, and plant ingredients that are collected from all over the world to create this potent mixture of this supplement are all natural and pose minimal health threats with no side effects. These ingredients in this supplement are designed to be introduced to the body slowly over a span of time, allowing time for the body to become adjusted to the ingredients so that it can begin to heal and protect the body from the inside to the outside.

Boosting The Testosterone with Alpha Test Plus



The ingredients in Alpha Test Plus are certified organic and all natural with no harmful side effects. The proprietary blend of ingredients in this supplement that are responsible for the results of increased energy, muscle mass, and protecting muscles and organs are proven effective and researched by such prestigious experts as the British Journal Of Pharmacology. Customer testimony of satisfaction also certifies this as a healthy addition to an extreme workout plan that results in increased muscle mass, higher energy levels, extended lasting time during physical activities, and ridding their bodies of excess unwanted fat.

The Results from Alpha Test Plus



Rocco Laurie:

After sixty days of using Alpha Limit & Alpha Test Plus I know see the results I was lacking before. I went from 25% body fat at 186lbs to 15% body fat at 154lbs in a little over 60 days.

Nico G:

Being a personal trainer myself I am very picky when it comes to supplements but Alpha Test+ is one of the best testosterone boosters I have tried. It gives me amazing pumps, excellent endurance and tons of lasting energy!

Hasani Gomez:

I am shocked at the major strength gains from Alpha Test+. It has dramatically improved my bench by over 100 pounds. I Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for strength gains!

Terry M.:

When I first started taking Alpha Test+ I was skeptical about the results, but after my first week there was noticeable improvements in the gym. Alpha Test+ will be a part of my daily routine guaranteed.

Alpha Test Plus – A Good Bodybuilding Supplement



The Alpha Test Plus testosterone boosting supplement carries industrial acclamations for being 100% organic and natural. They have earned the privilege of displaying the seal for creating their products in the United States. Providing their customers with a safe and secure financing process gives them the seal of approval from customers world wide.

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Media Coverage

Alpha Test Plus has been mentioned on the “Men’s Health Lifestyles” website. This Alpha Test Plus is also among the featured all natural testosterone boosters found on the internet to increase muscle definition and mass, burn excess fat, and increase overall energy levels. The ingredients found in this potent mixture have been researched and verified by the British Journal Of Pharmacology.


Money-back Guarantee

In the instance that there is a problem with the product when it is shipped, there is a hassle-free money back guarantee. Customers of Alpha Test Plus can contact the service center by telephone to initiate the return of the unused product within the specified time limit of 30 days. A friendly customer service representative will assign a number for the customer to display on the package that the customer mails to the return center in Houston, Texas.

The Muscles Achieved by Using Alpha Test Plus



The cost of shipping this free testosterone boosting supplement is a low $4.95. Alpha Test Plus uses standard United States Postal Service First Class Mail for the delivery of their product to the shipping address listed on the order form. Sports enthusiasts who order this all natural supplement will only have to wait a short three to five days for their shipment to arrive.


Customer Support

The customer support team for Alpha Test Plus is a friendly and professional group of associates who are standing by to address any concerns or complaints. Customers can reach the service center by telephone or email, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Any inquiries and concerns are handled with express concern and complete resolution.


Safe & Secure Checkout

To ensure customer privacy, Alpha Test Plus uses the most safe and secure process for purchasing their products. Credit card information is only entered once, at which time it is securely coded for protection from unauthorized use. Alpha Test Plus never shares any customer information with other third party sites or advertisers.


Alpha Test Plus Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement comes with a free trial offer and a no-hassle money back guarantee. Customers are sent a one month supply of Alpha Test Plus to examine, and if they are not satisfied within the ten days, a simple call to the customer service returns department will cancel the order and a full refund will be awarded to the customer (minus shipping and handling fees). After the initial trial period, the customer will be charged a one time bill of $148.00 for their Alpha Test Plus supplement.

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