Alpha-T Review – Is This Free Trial Worth It?

What Is Alpha-T?

Alpha-T is a natural supplement that helps with boosting energy, building muscle, recovery, and gaining muscle. It functions as a testosterone booster to maximize muscle growth in a quick and efficient manner. This is perfect for bodybuilders because you’ll build muscle mass during your workouts and get the right recovery from the time of your post-workout.

It has a number of great natural ingredients that enhances your body overall. This testosterone boosting supplement is great for days of heavy lifting to increase muscle growth rapidly. If you’re looking to bulk up in a speedily manner, use this supplement once a day when you know you’ll hit the gym.

The Fernugreek Extract and Tribulus Terrerstris in Alpha-T works as a double effect to increase your athletic performance (Fernugreek) and protein synthesis for muscle growth and recovery (Tribulus Terrerstris). These plant-based elements are foundational tools for long-term muscle building. Also, you won’t have to worry about any side effects for foreign chemicals implanted in the formula like other testosterone boosters in the market.

Still unsure if you’d like to use Alpha-T? Take a look below for details on how to use this to complement your workouts and your healthy eating habits.

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This product is available in the United States, and can be purchased online. It’s not currently available in stores, but does well in the bodybuilder community due to its muscle gaining properties. For the niche supplement user, this is something to invest time and money to get quality results during workouts.

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How Alpha-T Works?

Alpha-T uses over seven different natural ingredients that bodybuilders are aware of in the fitness community. These natural elements give you exactly what you need to achieve optimal muscle gain results in an efficient manner. Here’s how Alpha-T works:

  1. The extract in Alpha-T actually helps protein synthesis occur for better muscle building.
  2. You will gain better testosterone distribution in your stream for more effective workouts.
  3. It helps you build more confidence in your overall performance.

The extract in Alpha-T creates good protein synthesis and retention to break down nutrients in food more efficiently. This process helps you better metabolize protein into your system, so you can enhance the growth of muscle. You need a way to replenish your muscle after an intense workout. The more protein you can absorb in your body, the more you’ll increase your muscle size.

Testosterone is very important because it’s a way of creating stamina to get the most out of your workout. This helps you cut down on plateaus due to your body becoming acclimated to the same workout over and over. You’ll be able to push yourself to new heights and heavier weights as time goes on.

This new energy will help you increase your confidence because of the natural endorphins you receive from getting great workouts. This energy boost is natural stimulant that comes out not only in your future workouts, but your overall lifestyle. When you look good, you feel good.

On the days you workout, you want to take one capsule during breakfast and another capsule 30 minutes prior to your workout. Doing this for a few months will really help you tack on lean muscle. It’s a great way to get yourself in a routine to increase strength, stamina, and overall fitness ability.

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Ingredients of Alpha-T

This testosterone booster has 7 main ingredients with extract included to make for a powerful substance to really enhance your body. The ingredients include the following:

  • Tribulus Terrerstris
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • L-Citrulline
  • Maca Root extract
  • Muira Puama
  • Suma Extract
  • Stinging Nettle Root

Tribulus Terrerstris

This is a great source of free testosterone for your body, which helps you in the strength department. The great thing about this natural plant extract is you’ll start gaining mass and strength rapidly. Increased testosterone is the gateway to building more muscle.

Fenugreek Extract

You’ll enhance your testosterone levels using this extract, and it will impact your upper and lower body equally. Good body symmetry shows just how well a supplement is working for you. You don’t want just your upper half being ripped because the body composition will be all off. This extract will keep you looking toned from top to bottom.


This is perfect for getting into your peak performance. L-Citrulline aids in a number of things such as increased metabolic rate, blood flow, and just oxidating your system. Without oxygen, your body can’t perform properly due to fatigue. Also, you need a higher metabolism to decrease fat and create more muscle tone.

Maca Root Extract

This is a loaded extract like a gumbo of elements in one pot. For one, it regulates insulin activity in your blood stream. When you absorb sugar, normally it turns into stored fat. Maca Root helps to increase your metabolism by actively using the insulin in your body to burn fat and build muscle.

Also, there’s more emphasis on mental clarity to keep maximum focus on your current activity. Part of the problem with working out is not enough focus on the mechanics and form. By combining the right mindset and intensity, you’ll get the most out of your workout.

Muira Puama

This is a double trouble element to your workout. You’ll build concentration to really make the right contractions for your upper and lower body workouts. Also, you’ll have the energy levels to endure hard workouts for your weekly routine.

Also, it has a positive effect on your nervous system. Constantly lifting heavy weights will place a toll on your body if you aren’t careful. This added stress is not good for the long term in most cases, but the extract hardens your tolerance for exhaustion. Endurance is key for sustaining rapid fat burning and muscle gain.

Suma Extract

This is a true gem in the bodybuilding world because it’s a natural enhancer. Russian bodybuilders have used this as a steroid alternative because it produces great anabolic effects. Ultimately, this is a safer approach than injecting untested steroids in the bloodstream.

This Brazilian-based root also helps build a stronger immune system. This comes in handy when treating inflammation and increasing circulation during your workouts. It’s no wonder Russian Olympians used this since the 1970s.

Stinging Nettle Root

This the perfect substance to help maintain muscle growth in the long term. It helps prevent testosterone from turning into DHT, which spares androgen (hormones) for muscle building. Additionally, it’s useful for getting rid of joint pain and excess water, so it works to keep your body in top shape for workouts and burning fat.

These 7 ingredients really work wonders for your body by helping you get in better shape, build a strong mental fortitude, increase your strength, and maximize your stamina. All of these natural elements together form a strong steroid alternative that can help you realize your ultimate fitness potential.

The Ingredients of Alpha-T



Whether it’s fitness or more personal goals, Alpha-T has a number of advantages in implementing this formula into your daily life. Here are some ways this supplement can create a better lifestyle for you:

  • You’ll gain free testosterone from using Alpha-T to boost strength.
  • This formula is clinically tested for safe results.
  • The extracts in the supplement are very potent and work immediately.
  • It creates more anabolic growth in your musculature.
  • You’ll be able to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Getting the right amount of testosterone helps you really create the power needed to enhance your levels for building muscle, stamina, and more. This formula has a great balance to keep you motivated during your workouts, and bring out a certain longevity needed to sustain a great fitness level. Additionally, you’ll feel more masculine and bring out that inner beast inside of you.

You’ll feel more comfortable using this supplement because the results are clinically proven. The ingredients in this formula are top notch, and only help provide you with the best elements for your body chemistry. Whether you need to build muscle, confidence, or performance, you have a great tool at your disposal.

The extracts are great as well to provide you with the right oxidation to continue your rigorous activity. Different herbalists and fitness people have an active role in making this a superb supplement to add into your lifestyle. The formula adheres to the FDA’s GMP protocols making it safe for consumption.

Alpha-T helps you stimulate your muscle more by including anabolic modulation. When you workout, you are pumping your muscles to the point that they have to break down and grow again. This formula intensifies the process but adds an element of stamina. This way you recover quicker and your muscles will grow faster. You can complete much more intense workouts for better growth on a regular basis.

You’ll be able to see increased testosterone, as well as increased stamina and explosive energy to go with your workouts. Besides just the muscle gain, you’ll feel stronger and more capable of intensifying your workouts and building muscle.

Information regarding the clinically tests of the Alpha-T ingredients regarding the manufacturer



There are no certificates available for Alpha-T due to it being relatively new on the market. However, there is a GMP stamp of approval on the site. For anyone that has doubts on the safety measures taken by this product, this will give them some kind of reprieve. This product has been clinically tested and provides all natural elements in the supplement.

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Alpha-T has some pretty solid feedback from a number of sources. Take a look below to get a small glimpse of how these people used the product. Also, you’ll see how it works on a short term or long term basis.

A guy named Daniel J boasts dropping a few pounds in a matter of days. There was more emphasis on going to the gym due to the fantastic results in lean muscle gain. The power of Alpha-T helps motivate you to do more workouts consistently.

Another reviewer boasted massive muscle gains. There’s more difficulty in workouts and the amount of weight lifted by adding more plates. Also, fat burning results have been tremendous due to a tone down in a few waist sizes.

The in-house team also chose a guy named Mike to be a tester for the product. There was a 3-pound loss of fat in a week. The metabolic rate also increased along with strength, stamina, and energy levels skyrocketing due to the power of the product.

There was a more extensive review showing how consistency over a month led to great results. At first, there weren’t many changes within the first week or two. However, as the month started to come to an end, this man experienced a 16 pound muscle gain. He also burned 10 pounds of fat to become much leaner than before.

These testimonials show a few things that should catch your eye, including the fact that you don’t need to go off just the ingredients and product descriptions on the site. Besides, these are real users with real results who can give you an idea of some of the possibilities of using this supplement.

These reviews show that everyone’s body responds differently to the changes caused by this supplement. In order for the supplement to work completely there needs to be a full effort from a good diet to a steady workout regimen. The key is having consistency in the way you approach your program.

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Awards & Media Coverage

Currently, there are no major awards for this particular supplement due to the newness of it in the market. However, it’s becoming a more mainstream supplement with appeal to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who want to develop lean muscle. There’s a push for more celebrities to get involved with this supplement because it’s a perfect muscle gain tool for action film roles, including being useful for stunt doubles.

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Money-back Guarantee

Results do vary for every body type so it’s understandable why some return the product and want a discount. Remember, you have a few packages to try out for 14-day free trial period (shipping and handling fees included). See how it impacts your body, and simply request a return in case things don’t pan out.

You have about 30 days to request a refund for the items. Sometimes, they will want the unused merchandise, so don’t throw anything away. Be sure to include your name, your full address, and number before sending things back. Please remember to fully cancel the item before you get charged a recurring fee.

The trial version lets you decide whether or not you want to deal with a product for a small fee. This is wise before you make your final purchase decision. If you really don’t enjoy the product, you can always cancel the order.

If you decide to make a full purchase and it’s not what you’re looking for, then cancel the order. Return the rest of the product. Sometimes, it can take up to 30 days fully refund your money, so your best bet is to discuss everything with a customer service rep.

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Of course, shipping depends on where you stay in the United States. However, what’s consistent is there’s no shipping on Saturday, Sunday, or any Federal holiday. Shipping and handling costs $4.98. Items are typically shipped out within 1-3 days during the work week, and the delivery time varies.


Customer Support

The customer support system is pretty easy to use. You can either email, mail, or call customer service on the phone. There’s a toll free number for any inquiries you need addressed. The best time to contact customer service is during regular work hours from 8am-4pm. However, the toll free number at 1-800-BE-Alpha is available 24/7.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Security is important to any user that orders online especially to lesser known products in the world. When you go to the checkout page, it’s a very simple three-step process that includes filling out the form with your name, email, phone number, card information, and the actual product. The site is protected through Norton and McAfee.


Alpha-T’s Pricing & Free Trial

The price varies for a few reasons. From the start, you can select a free-trial for 14 days. The only stipulation is including the shipping and handling price (mentioned earlier at $4.98), which will be charged directly to your credit card. Now, there are a couple of options on the table.

If you decide after 18 days that you don’t want the product, you can call or email customer service to cancel the order. Just make sure you return the leftover product. Otherwise, you will incur charges on your card.

Buying the product out right will cost $89.99. However, if you decide to subscribe to Alpha-T, you can get a discount of up to 30%. It really all depends on the current promotion. Discounts are subject to change with first-time buyers.






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