Alpha Plus Test Booster

Alpha Plus Test Booster Review – A Natural Alternative for Your Body

What Is Alpha Plus Test Booster?

Alpha Plus Test Booster is a muscle enhancement supplement pill that works to counterbalance reduced testosterone levels that men experience in their later years. With higher testosterone levels in the mix, one is thus able to restore the body’s full functionality and also notice significant muscle growth that’ll last for a lifetime. Most supplements on the market come with harmful ingredients that may cause adverse side effects. With Alpha Plus Test Booster, men see the results that they aim for and with a top-quality formula. The product is sold internationally and offers naturally-derived ingredients.

The business also states that whenever ingredients join forces, they increase any male athlete’s testosterone levels without resorting to synthetic hormones. Athletes crave increased testosterone because it increases their workouts’ physical results. Results include rapid fat loss, muscle increase and better energy. In addition, dietary, food and sport nutrition supplements containing natural ingredients – such as the Alpha Plus Test Booster – are not drugs nor medications.



Alpha Plus Test Booster’s manufacturer lists under the same product name; there is no additional information available about the company. In the terms and conditions, a section for a return address is included, yet such information has been erased or was left blank. A web-based search will provide no official website for the organization. The company does not exist on the BBB’s database of verified operating businesses.

The customer service number given by the product manufacturer is used for other supplements on the market as well. One such product includes Advanced African Mango. The item also provides a manufacturer using its product name, and the company’s listed as one operating outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. According to the BBB, the company went out of business. Three closed company complaints exist – the last one filed by the end of 2015.


How Alpha Plus Test Booster Works?

Alpha Plus Test Booster uniquely blends both exotic and rare roots, herbs, and plant extracts to provide a balanced proprietary mixture that allows male athletes an increase in athletic capabilities, muscle mass, energy, focus, balance, coordination, and positive feelings simultaneously. This multiple-ingredient product contains specific types of roots, plants and leaves that join forces to encourage free testosterone production within the body that ultimately results in a long-term increase of energy, improved blood circulation, muscle mass, mental focus and an improved performance overall. When a man consumes Alpha Plus Test Booster, he’ll notice himself excelling in physical activities before and after each respective tournament, game or workout respectively. When each included organic, rare ingredient introduces itself to the workout routine of any highly-active sports enthusiast, fighter, skier, swimmer, or even over-competitive sports champion, the body will likewise function more efficiently and more precisely while creating more muscle and increasing overall physical well-being. In addition, the commonly recognized elements stabilize chemicals in and around each muscle.

With regular exercise, accumulated chemicals cause fatigue, pain and tears. Certain aspects of this product relax the muscles as well. They may prevent tears through blocking such chemicals. Other added elements prevent inflammation by swelling, soreness and torn ligaments or muscles. When these reactions diminish, muscles may work harder and produce the best results.

Ingredients of Alpha Plus Test Booster

The Alpha Plus Test Booster combines the best in potency vitamins, supplements and ingredients into one package. Numerous natural benefits come in one small pill. The top ingredients are listed below in order of primary importance and usage:

  1. Tribulus Terrestris
  2. L-Argenine AKG;
  3. Natural Zinc Coating;
  4. Stinging Nettle;
  5. Chrysin;
  6. Extract – Black Pepper;
  7. Vitamin B6 Fenugreek;
  8. Beta Alanine;
  9. Caffeine;
  10. Creatine;
  11. Epimedium;

Regarding the often-unrecognized extracts and added ingredients, many take note of the tremendously beneficial Urtica Dioica, a wild-growing natural plant that’s harvested globally. Its harvesting occurs in top destinations such as northern Africa, Asia, Europe, and even indigenous North America. This plant’s included within Alpha Plus Test Booster’s ingredients list due to its ability to protect organs – such as kidneys – while also promoting health within the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract, the human skin and even the locomotor system.

On the other side of the spectrum, Pleurotus Eryngii is a highly uncommon ingredient found here. It’s a mushroom known as King Trumpet Mushroom, and it’s not usually included in testosterone booster formulas. Ginseng and Holy Basil are likewise uncommon, and they offer an anti-inflammatory response that is beyond words. They reduce muscle pain even more than any prescription medication is known to do.



Personal convenience, added vitamins and minerals, safe and effective results, muscle or mass building and healthy testosterone levels stand as the top benefits. These mixed herbs, roots, and plants also pose minimal health threats as well as no side effects. The ingredients within the supplement are designed to enter the body slowly and work their best magic gradually, allowing the body to adjust with sufficient time for it to properly heal itself of past deficiencies and previous improper diets, exercise and sleep patterns. The Alpha Plus Test Booster also protects the body from the outside but starting from the inside. In addition, the product beats most of the competition in its customer services alone.

This company offers three main forms of communication, and reaching an agent is no difficult task, nor are waiting times significantly lengthy. All employees are professionally courteous, knowledgeable and well-trained to assist. The three options are also available 24 hours a day. Convenient customer service is not usually available throughout testosterone boosters sellers, so having it here is a plus.

Another advantage involves the product’s use of all-natural ingredients as a top selling point among supplement providers. Another hidden perk lies with a lessened probability of side effects when compared to that of synthetic ingredients. The use of such all-natural products is likewise easier for top sports organizations and professional bodybuilders to consume without worry of risks or harmful, unnatural side effects in turn.



The product has not met any certification requirements thus far. Not like awards or media coverage, the manufacturer’s reputation doesn’t correlate much with the supplement’s potential certifications or lack thereof. The company may meet such achievements through compliance with standards set by certain health and safety organizations; however, the Alpha Plus Test Booster has not yet qualified for such programs. Perhaps this is because the Alpha Plus Test Booster claims to be backed by scientific principles, yet it has not properly undergone valid measures to prove such claims. If clinical trials and the results had proven positive, then the product could have taken the next legal step needed: applying for a U.S. patent.

Obtaining a patent proves the product’s claims with full legal validity and also protects the product formula from falling into the wrong hands as many tend to steal product ingredients and claim them as their own or alter them slightly, which is both illegal and fully punishable by the extent of the law. Other missed qualifiers that pertain to the Alpha Plus Test Booster are the CGMP and the NSF Certified for Sport certifications. The CGMP is obtained through properly meeting all standards for production. The certificate is common among most testosterone booster supplements as well. The NSF Certified for Sport certificate is vital for testosterone product distributors to obtain due to its specific target-marketing toward athletes.

The certificate assures consumers that the product is therefore safe to use by all in the world of competitive sports. On the other hand, the product ingredients themselves are a different story. These Certified Organic ingredients were proven effective by top research experts within the British Journal of Pharmacology. Customer satisfaction likewise serves to back up this claim as many note improved energy, satisfactory testosterone levels, workout efficiency and durability regardless of a certification proof.



A true testimony is often all that is needed. Let the past praises and honest reviews of the customer prevail. They speak for themselves and add the invaluable gift of personal experience to the mix – one that will never fade nor crumble with time.

This product is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, well worth both the time and money to invest in. I highly recommend it to any young man, or even those older, who suffers from workout stamina or energy level issues as well as personal testosterone lack. – John Bayer, 34, Kansas City, Mo., USA

What a wonderful product this is. Within less than two weeks of taking the Alpha Plus Test Booster on time – without missing a single scheduled ingestion – I saw results in every part of my body and mind. My performance speaks for itself. I can now do things in my athletic endeavors that I never dreamed I could do before. If you are someone who does not believe in miracles, then it’s time to believe in this; this is nothing short of a miracle. – Mark Wayer, 27, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

I can’t believe it! I simply cannot believe it. This product does everything that it promises to do for me and so much more. I have not stopped taking it, nor do I plan to stop anytime soon. I am six months in and loving it, I never want my money back. – Luke Kastler, 19, Boston, USA

I have never seen a product do so much for one grown man. I appreciate the new changes that this product has made in my daddy and hope that he continues to improve in mood and health. I wish my mommy would find something similar but for ladies. This pill really works in anyone. – Suzie Karosee, 12, Los Angeles, USA

If there has ever been a testosterone booster that has improved my husband’s personal and private life altogether, then this is the one. I cannot praise the Alpha Plus Test Booster quite enough for changing my husband and, ultimately, our marriage. I wish to also thank the manufacturers and providers who made this product known to me for the very first time. If it were not for you and for your excellent customer service team, then I may not have had the wonderfully positive, handsome man that God has given me today. All things in life are a blessing to me, and this is one nonetheless. – Mary Huggar, 57, Chicago, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The main awards lie within the user testimonies as good health and product satisfaction are their own reward. In terms of media coverage, the Alpha Plus Test Booster has been blessed to receive a couple of feature inserts and headlines through a few Men’s Health magazines and cover stories as well as Lifestyle magazine guest references. Besides these short guest features, the product has not received any other publicly-known awards or coverage by either the press or the news. However, it has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest and Google Plus pages in most countries. These, however, are primarily operated by company sellers to generate awareness and interest in the product though many are highly successful in attracting hundreds – or even a few thousand, in certain cases – of new fans or subscribed followers.

As they say, the fans have a mind of their own, and they are the final audience. Any media attempts to gain coverage are executed to ultimately spread such information to the masses. Yet, these social media networks have done the job all while requiring less. One may say that there’s no real coverage, but yet – ironically – there’s still coverage.


Money-back Guarantee

Customers may receive a satisfaction guarantee that comes with a free trial period to avoid return on investment issues. The free trial period should not be confused with free product sampling: It’s a short trial period and not a free sample of the product. Therefore, the product must be returned upon termination of its trial period. The company will send the customer a month’s supply of the Alpha Plus Test Booster and allow for a maximum of 16 days’ time. In this time frame, the potential consumer must then decide if he wishes to keep the product.

Keeping the product results in full, non-refundable charges and automatic enrollment into a monthly subscription membership with monthly costs. To avoid any charge, the customer must contact Customer Service department within the 16-day period. It’s vital to note that the 16 days begin when the order processes in full. Once any customer contacts Support, he’ll receive a Return Merchandise Number or RMA. The RMA is then attached to the consumer’s account to be properly processed after reaching the facility, thus avoiding final customer charges.

When a customer cancels a trial period, he must also state his desire to cancel the subscription enrollment in full as the computer system may not perform the essential request automatically. Cancellation of any subscription doesn’t entail the product’s validity for a refund. There is always a 30-day refund limit, yet Customer Support must approve the return. The product must also be fully unopened. In addition, the 30-day period commences after the order initially processes within the system.



Shipping for the initial shipment is not included. After the trial shipment has passed, customers are not charged for shipping but only for the product. Since purchasing the product is the only way to sign up for a trial period, then all customers must pay an initial shipping and handling fee.

The fee stands at approximately five Euros or six USD.
For returns, customers must pay all shipping fees, including the price to return-ship any replacements for damaged or opened products whether or not the consumer is at fault.
Customers must also manage the downsides of shipping times with the trial period. The manufacturer did not list where the distribution centers are.

Some shipments may arrive later than others. All returned shipments must have their RMA numbers visible in order to be accepted. This is especially crucial for customers returning their trial products to avoid fees. Not including an RMA number results in customer charges as well, yet the company may likewise charge for shipping costs in sending the item back. All shipments process from Monday through Friday, except for on holidays.
Customer Support

Numerous customer service options exist that compete well against even the best of other testosterone booster providers. Customer Support is open 24/7, except for on holidays. Phone, email and click-to-chat are available. Each territory that sells the the supplement offers a customer service line. U.S. and Canadian customers share a number, yet Mexico has its own hotline.

Some countries, such as New Zealand, provide numerous lines to cover even the most populated cities. Email messaging is also available, yet it may accompany a delayed response. This company urges clients to employ any of the other communication methods first. The company’s click-to-chat is often the most desired communication method in today’s age for its convenience. This is especially important for this product due to region or zone time-sensitive issues within the trial period.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is safe and secure. That is always a guarantee. The website also provides secured checkout. Though the site uses cookies, its encryption levels are the best in quality and service response. This site employs SSL encryptions to prevent lost customer credit or debit card info.

This company respects customer privacy and, therefore, will not obtain information from third-party vendors about customers, nor will it share such information. If customers click on third-party links, then this company tracks each clicking habit on the third party’s website. The site also warns them before they submit any order and its final payment. They’ll ask them to confirm before proceeding or to otherwise return to the previous page.


Pricing & Free Trial

One Alpha Plus Test Booster bottle sells for approximately €96 Euros or $108 USD. 60 capsules come in each bottle, which generally allows for 30 days of product use. Most testosterone boosters only provide a month’s supply as the standard supply. However, they also charge customers approximately $30 to $50 USD per bottle, a cost much lower when compared to this product. The Alpha Plus Test Booster also offers its free trial to new customers.

However, such customers must pay the full price for the trial bottle in the long run. “Free” refers to the trial’s time frame, not the bottle’s. Such phrasing is often confused, which often leads to numerous complaints against the provider.

This company has also failed to properly advertise the trial product’s end step in automatically registering each customer for the subscription program. This program likewise ships the customer a fresh bottle every 30 days, and the account provided during the trial period is charged at the bottle’s full price – a whopping $107.12 USD. In terms of the trial bottle’s initial charge, customers are often caught off guard by the time that the monthly charge surfaces.






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