Alpha Plus Male Enhancement

Alpha Plus Male Enhancement Review – Can It Restore Your Gym Performance?

What Is Alpha Plus Male Enhancement?

Alpha Plus Male Enhancement is an internationally sold testosterone boosting supplement. The product offers naturally derived ingredients. It claims that when ingredients are combined, they increase a male athlete’s level of testosterone without using synthetic hormones. Increased testosterone is desired by athletes because it is thought to increase the physical results of their workout. This includes increased fat loss, muscle gain and energy.

Although the product’s claims are impressive, the manufacturer has yet to submit the product to undergo clinical trials. Typically, manufacturers are first required to send the product through trials. This is usually followed by third-party testing to verify the manufacturer’s initial results. Finally, the results are sent to committees in the scientific community to peer review the results. Without sending the product through the proper channels, there is no proof to back the supplement’s claims.



The manufacturer of Alpha Plus Male Enhancement is listed as using the same name of the product. Oddly, there isn’t any information available regarding the company. In the product’s terms and conditions, there is a section for a return address, but the information has either been erased or was never entered in the first place. A web-based search provides no official site for the organization, and the company doesn’t exist on the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) database of operating businesses.

The customer service number provided by the product is also used for some other supplements on the market. One of these products is Advanced African Mango. That item also lists a manufacturer using its product name, and that particular company is listed as operating in the U.S. state of Salt Lake City. According to the BBB, the company did once exist but has since gone out of business. There are three closed complaints related to the company, and the last one was filed in 2015.

That service number is also associated with a few other supplements, all of which follow the trend of their manufacturers using the same name as the product for correspondence. There isn’t enough information to determine if Alpha Plus Male Enhancement is created by the same company as these other supplements. However, one explanation may be that the company outsources its customer service department. While this scenario makes sense considering that the product is sold internationally, the lack of information regarding the manufacturer is concerning for potential customers.


How Alpha Plus Male Enhancement Works?

The main goal of any testosterone booster is to raise the level of free testosterone within the body. There are multiple factors that go into this process as it’s not as simply raising the body’s testosterone level won’t necessarily result in visual results. Alpha Plus Male Enhancement attempts to tackle these factors by approaching multiple issues at one time.

First, the supplement uses a combination of Tribulus Terrestris, Longjack, Fenugreek and Boron to raise the level of testosterone product. This process is further increased by the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is released as a result of the two amino acids. When the amino acids are digested, they end up traveling through the bloodstream and accessing the pituitary gland within the brain. From there, they serve as manipulators by convincing the gland that it needs to release HGH. One side effect of the release of HGH is the increased release of testosterone.

There are other elements that assist with stabilizing chemicals in and around the muscles. With normal exercise, these chemicals build up in the system and cause fatigue as well as pain and tears. Certain aspects of the product’s formulation work to relax the muscles to prevent such tears by blocking these chemicals. Other elements serve to prevent inflammation that causes swelling, soreness and torn muscles. When these reactions are reduced and/or prevented, the muscles are able to work harder and produce more impressive results.


Ingredients of Alpha Plus Male Enhancement

Alpha Plus Male Enhancement has a rather long list of ingredients. This is common among testosterone boosters as the category seems to follow the concept that the more ingredients that it includes, the higher the chance of effectiveness. However, multiple ingredients can actually hinder other ingredients useless which can result in little to no effectiveness of the product. The company doesn’t provide their official label of ingredients to the public, so the amount of each element per dosage is unknown. The active ingredients are as follows:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Arginine
  • Pleurotus Eryngii
  • Ginseng
  • Holy Basil
  • Fenugreek
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Boron
  • Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

The list is split between the most common ingredients used among testosterone boosters and ingredients that are common but not seen in similar formulas. Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Longjack), Fenugreek and Boron are all common elements of testosterone boosters. In fact, the majority of products in this category include at least two of these elements because they are all thought to increase the level of free testosterone within the human body. Both L-Arginine and D-Aspartic Acid are amino acids that result in the release of HGH which encourages the release of testosterone as well.

Pleurotus Eryngii is a type of mushroom that is also called King Trumpet Mushroom. It isn’t often included in formulas of testosterone boosters. Ginseng and Holy Basil are also uncommon ingredients, but all three items provide anti-inflammatory properties to reduce muscle pain. Zinc and Magnesium are common ingredients in other categories, but they’re not usually part of the main ingredients list of testosterone boosters. Zinc is used to protect the muscles from damage while Magnesium is used to relax the muscles as a measure to avoid strain.

The company doesn’t list the inactive ingredients in the formula, but since the product comes in the form of a capsule, there are most certainly other elements that extend the life of the product. One of these ingredients may be Magnesium Stearate. The ingredient is included in virtually all formulas, and the item serves to preserve the freshness of the powder formula. It also serves as a filler. Gelatin is another common inactive ingredient, and it is typically used to create the capsules that hold the formula.



Alpha Plus Male Enhancement has the advantage over the competition when it comes to customer service. The company offers three forms of communication. Those three options are also operational 24 hours a day. Convenient customer service can be challenging to find among testosterone boosters, so multiple options set the product ahead of the competition.

Another advantage of the testosterone booster is its use of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are a massive selling point among supplements. One perk of natural ingredients is their smaller chance of side effects compared to synthetic ingredients. Their use is also more likely to be approved by sports organizations which is important for bodybuilders.

Alpha Plus Male Enhancement also has the perk of its secured checkout. Although the site uses cookies, its encryption levels are top-notch. The site uses SSL encryption to prevent the loss of a customer’s credit or debit card information to digital thieves.



Alpha Plus Male Enhancement fails to meet any certification requirement. Unlike awards and media coverage, the reputation of the manufacturer has little to do with supplement certifications. These achievements can be obtained by meeting the standards set forth by certain organizations, but this product has failed to qualify for such programs.

The main reason that the product hasn’t obtained any certifications is its lack of proof. The product claims to be based on scientific principles, but it hasn’t undergone any measures to prove its claims. If it had undergone clinical trials and the results were positive, it could have applied for a U.S. patent. Achieving a patent not only proves a product’s claims, but it also prevents other companies from stealing its formula.

Other missed certifications pertinent to this category of supplements are a CGMP and an NSF Certified for Sport certification. The CGMP can be obtained by meeting the FDA’s production standards, and this certificate is relatively common among supplements. The NSF Certified for Sport certificate is an important certification for a testosterone booster to obtain because it is marketed toward athletes. This certificate provides consumers with the knowledge that the product is safe to use for individuals involved in competitive sports.



I’ve used Alpha Plus Male Enhancement for just over three months, and I can’t say enough good things about the product. I had about 10 pounds of fat in around my stomach that I couldn’t get to disappear. I tried increasing my cardio and core workouts, but nothing worked. Within a month of using this product, the extra weight was gone.

– Lucas S., Stockholm, Sweden

Living as a professional bodybuilder, I have to constantly improve my body. I decided to try this product after it was recommended by my trainer. Since making it part of my daily routine, I’ve noticed a drastic increase in my energy levels. I’ve been able to workout harder than ever before, and I soon hope to be winning all of my competitions.

– Jimmy C., Denver, CO, USA

My testosterone levels dropped drastically after I hit 40. My muscles seemed to be melting off, but I didn’t have enough energy to do anything about it. Since I started taking this testosterone booster, I’ve gained back control of my body. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m in better shape than I was in my 20s.

– Steven L., Charlotte, NC, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Alpha Plus Male Enhancement has not received any awards. Awards are already few and far between for the supplement community, but the product has many factors going against its success. One of the main hurdles for the testosterone booster is its lack of proven effectiveness.

The same can be said for media coverage. The new media possibilities have sparked an increase in fitness outlets, but many of these run solely to make money from advertisements and sponsored posts. The result is only a few media outlets existing that are considered reputable. Usually, these outlets are the digital version or the accompaniment to the traditional print version of the fitness publication.

These credible fitness publications pride themselves on their respectable reputation, so there is very little chance that they’d cover a product like Alpha Plus Male Enhancement. Since the supplement’s manufacturer is off the radar, there’s no guarantee that the company will take responsibility for any issues that arise. These publications don’t want to take a chance on such a product and risk their reputation by showing it support.


Money-back Guarantee

Customers of Alpha Plus Male Enhancement are offered a satisfaction guarantee, but it is associated with a trial period, so there isn’t a return of investment involved. The free trial period shouldn’t be confused with a free sample of the product. The company sends the customer a full month’s supply of the product while only allowing 16 days to decide if they want to keep it or not. Keeping the initial bottle results in the person being charged and becoming a member of their monthly subscription service.

To avoid being charged for the bottle, the customer must contact the customer service department within their 16 day period. It’s important to remember that the timeframe begins when the order is processed. Once a customer contacts the support staff, they will be provided with a Return Merchandise Number (RMA). The RMA is attached to the customer’s account so that the return can be processed once it reaches the facility, thus preventing the customer from being charged.

When customers cancel their trial period, they also need to state that they are canceling their subscription enrollment as the computer system may not automatically do that. Canceling a subscription does not allow the most recent bottle of the product that has been received by the customer to qualify for a refund. There is a 30-day limit for refunds, but even still, the customer support staff must approve the return and the bottle must be unopened. Also, the 30-day timeframe begins at the time that the order was processed in the system.



Shipping for Alpha Plus Male Enhancement is only charged for the initial shipment. After the trial shipment, customers are only charged for the product itself. Since the only way to purchase a bottle of the testosterone booster is to sign up for the trial, all customers are required to pay the initial shipping and handling fee. This fee is 5 euros or around $5.62 for U.S. customers.

When it comes to returns, customers are responsible for the shipping fees. This also includes the price of return shipping for replacement items for damaged or opened bottles even though these issues aren’t the fault of the customer. Customers also have to deal with the downside of the shipping time counting against their trial period. The manufacturer doesn’t list where their distribution centers are located, so it may take some shipments longer to arrive than others.

All returned shipments must have the RMA number visible for the packages to be accepted. This is especially important for customers who are returning their trial bottle to avoid a fee. Not including the RMA number will result in the customer being charged, but the company may also charge the customer the cost of shipping for sending the item back to them. Shipments are only processed Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays.


Customer Support

Alpha Plus Male Enhancement offers an impressive range of customer service options compared to other testosterone boosters. The manufacturer offers multiple methods of contact for customers. All outlets are manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. The contact options include phone, email and click-to-chat.

Each territory where the product is sold has its own local customer service phone number. Customers in the U.S. and Canada share a phone number, but Mexico has a separate hotline. Some countries, like New Zealand, offer multiple lines in order to cover the most populated cities. Email is also available, but it may be accompanied by a delayed response. The company urges clients to use one of the other forms of communication for time-sensitive issues.

The company also offers a click-to-chat option. This option is often the most desired form of communication in this day and age because of its convenience. This convenience is especially important for this product because there are time sensitive issues like the trial period.


Safe & Secure Checkout

In order to obtain the product, customers must fill out the trial order form. On the second page of this form, the customer’s credit or debit card information must be used to pay for shipping and handling. Later, this information is used again to process the monthly membership fee. Since the information is considered sensitive, the website uses encryptions to block outsiders from viewing any information. Encryptions provide a safe and secure process for customers to order their product.

The company does obtain information from third-party websites regarding customers. If a customer clicks on a third-party link, the company tracks the customer’s clicks and habits on the third party website. Although the company purchases information from third-party services including lists, they don’t provide any other company with their own customer information. However, this term will be voided if the company is ever sold.

The website also uses cookies to gain information from their customers. Cookies are pieces of data that are pushed to a customer’s hard drive from the website. Typically, cookies are useful to keep information across multiple sessions such as a customer’s cart and log-in information. They are also used to send information back to the website in order for the company to better understand their demographic, usually for marketing purposes. The majority of websites use cookies, but most browsers have a setting that allows the user to block them.


Pricing & Free Trial

A single bottle of Alpha Plus Male Enhancement costs 96 euros or around 108 dollars in the U.S. Customers are provided 60 capsules per bottle which translate to 30 days worth of product. Most testosterone boosters offer a month supply as their standard supply. However, other testosterone boosters charge their customers around 30 to 50 dollars per bottle which is much lower in comparison to this testosterone booster.

The product also offers a free trial to new customers. Yet, the customer must eventually pay full price for the trial bottle after the 16-day period is complete. It appears that the term ‘free’ is referring to the time period of the trial and not the actual bottle. Such phrasing is often confusing to customers which is often why there are so many complaints that result against companies that take part in such practices.

The company also fails to appropriately advertise the end result of signing up for the trial because it actually results in the customer being registered for a subscription program. This program automatically ships the customer a new bottle of the product every 30 days, and the account they provided for the shipping charges of their free trial is again charged for the full price of the bottle ($107.12). As with the charge associated with the trial bottle, customers are typically caught off guard when the monthly charge appears.






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