Alpha Monster Advanced

Alpha Monster Advanced Review – Natural Solution for Boosting Strength & Stamina?

What Is Alpha Monster Advanced?

Alpha Monster Advanced is a natural supplement formulated to boost users’ strength and stamina. Following a proven formula that its manufacturer says is used by elite athletes and personal trainers, this nutritional supplement has been designed to help its users burn fat and gain muscle through stronger, longer, and more effective workouts. According to the manufacturer, people who take this supplement report greater stamina, better self-esteem, and stronger performance.

RevLabs, the makers of this supplement, have told consumers that they hope to start a “fitness revolution” with products that help make people get even more out of their workouts. Designed for use before a workout – and on its own on non-workout days – this supplement hopes to increase the power, strength, and endurance an athlete has at the gym or on the playing field. It aims to do this by putting ingredients that boost the core energy reserves of the human body into a single serving.

The manufacturer has also designed this supplement to avoid the crash landing that athletes feel after taking some other types of pre-workout substances. The natural formula in is completely free of stimulants. While the supplement maker promises lasting results, some reviewers have expressed concerns that the effectiveness of this pre-workout supplement plateaus after a few weeks or months of use.



Alpha Monster Advanced is made by RevLabs, a California-based company that has been offering supplements and supplies to health and fitness enthusiasts since 2012. The company’s founders and employees claim to be avid athletes themselves, although they offer no proof. The name RevLabs comes from the team’s stated goal of launching a “revolution” in the nutritional supplement space that encourages greater numbers of athletes to exceed bodybuilding goals.

In addition to this supplement, RevLabs makes several other products that claim to help customers gain muscle, burn fat, and recover quickly from intense workouts. The manufacturer takes pains to note that its products are made based on scientifically proven formulas, utilize premium ingredients, and are produced in a safe setting. With regards to their scientific approach, RevLabs claims to be on the cutting edge of sports science as it formulates its products.

Although it was founded just four years ago, RevLabs says it has recorded exponential growth. The company’s materials also state that athletes around the world – including those at elite levels – trust RevLabs’ products. With a team of apparently fit folks delivering products to fit clients, customer service is something the company promotes as a point of pride. RevLabs also promotes its work to keep products affordable for the average bodybuilder or athlete.


How Alpha Monster Advanced Works?

According to its manufacturer, this supplement has been designed to target the source of metabolic ignition. When the team at RevLabs was formulating this product, they reportedly chose a mix of ingredients that target the body’s core reactors of training intensity and keep the mechanisms that produce cellular energy engaged throughout intense workouts. The goal was to make this supplement tap into what is already happening in the human body during physical activity and increase the effectiveness of those internal reactions. In order to get the full, pre-workout benefit of the product, the supplement’s manufacturer encourages customers to take two capsules before every workout.

The team that formulated Alpha Monster Advanced was particularly focused on how it can stimulate and amplify the human body’s production of nitric oxide. Through the use of three ingredients that some scientific research suggests can be effective – beet root nitrates, lovage powder and L-Citrulline – the manufacturers believe that this supplement fires up the production of nitric oxide throughout the body. The supplement also contains L-Norvaline, a natural ingredient that has been shown to prolong high levels of nitric oxide production in the body.

The team behind this supplement also tailored it to increasing power and strength beyond just addressing stores of nitric oxide. It does this by including coenzyme Q-10 in its formula. Colloquially known as CoQ10, the natural ingredient encourages cells throughout the body to produce Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP. For many bodybuilders, ATP is an important part of increasing muscle performance and building a bigger, leaner body. Together, the nitric oxide and ATP production that this supplement stimulates are designed to deliver those gains.


Ingredients of Alpha Monster Advanced

RevLabs has taken pains to note that it has carefully formulated this supplement to deliver a big boost to performance, endurance, and stamina. Its manufacturers stress that this supplement contains only pure, all-natural ingredients that are assembled and shipped under sanitary conditions. They also cite at least some scientific evidence about their effectiveness.

According to the official supplement facts label, Alpha Monster Advanced contains:

  • Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid)
  • Vitamin B9 (as Folic Acid)
  • Calcium (as Calcium Ascorbate)
  • L-Citrulline
  • Lovage root and rhizome
  • Lovage Levisticum Officinale powder
  • Ubidecarenone (also known Coenzyme Q10)
  • L-Taurine
  • L-Norvaline
  • Beet Nitrate

The manufacturer cites some evidence by researchers that these ingredients help bodybuilders and athletes make the most of their workouts and grow their muscles. Each ingredient is intended to fire up the body’s own energy stores, increase strength and power, and lead to muscle growth. And the supplement does not contain caffeine or other stimulants. Instead, this supplement is a natural option for training amplification. Taken before a workout, it lets bodybuilders achieve more from each minute in the gym. On non-workout days, it can still boost energy and stamina.



This supplement has been carefully crafted to provide its users with an edge in the gym and on the playing field. Pure nitrates from beet root that help increase blood flow to your muscles while exercising, so it makes sense that this product can help athletes of all kinds achieve longer and deeper workouts. As bodybuilders know, longer and more intense sessions in the gym lead to better and longer-lasting results.

In addition to enabling harder and deeper workouts, the lovage powder contained in this supplement is particularly adept at fighting the development of lactic acid, which helps stave off soreness during and after a workout. And the combination of Coenzyme Q10 and several key vitamins and nutrients helps give athletes and bodybuilders are intended to give bodybuilders additional energy. Taken before a workout, the ingredients in this supplement should help users dig deeper, find more energy, and develop a more muscular physique efficiently. The makers of this supplement also note Alpha Monster Advanced users are able to do more muscle pumps that non-users and attribute those results to the effectiveness of the product.

One clear advantage of Alpha Monster Advanced is that it contains no stimulants and no caffeine. That means that users of this supplement will not experience the annoying jitters and the painful and debilitating crashes that accompany some pre-workout supplements. Instead, users ideally find that this supplement gives them enough energy that they are better able to achieve their goals in the gym. However, some reviewers have expressed concerns that the feelings of added energy and stamina can wear off after just a few weeks of use.



Alpha Monster Advanced is a relatively new product, but several of its bolder claims are based on at least scientific evidence. For instance, researchers have found that nitric oxide levels in the human body have important impacts on the results of exercise. And scientific evidence has shown that beet roots can impact nitric oxide levels. However, the science is not quite as clear as RevLabs has made it out to be, particularly relating to the interplay of nitric oxide and bodybuilding.

To help gain traction for the product, the manufacturer has convinced two reasonably well-known mixed martial arts fighters to lend their names to Alpha Monster Advanced. This is intended to serves as a seal of approval for the supplement. However, it is far from clear whether these fighters have been long-time users of this pre-workout supplement and, in any case, are outliers in terms of proving its effectiveness. More typical reviewers, though, have claimed to experience sizable gains in strength, energy, and power after using this product.

When it comes to technological prowess, the makers of this supplement have taken steps to ensure that they have the needed certificates to protect customers from theft and fraud. The supplement’s website operates with 128-bit SSL protection for safe shopping. This is a relatively high standard of security and should give customers at least some peace of mind.



This supplement has delivered incredible results for me in just a short amount of time. If you want to build your body and see quick gains from powerful workouts, this product is absolutely the right choice for you. I’ve never felt more energy at the gym than I do when I take this supplement before my workout. It’s a winner.

– Jim, San Francisco, CA

I’ve tried a lot of nutritional supplements, but this one really works. It does what it says it’s going to do: help you have high energy throughout your workout and better stamina throughout the day. Since I have more energy, I’ve been able to make gains I never thought possible. I highly recommend this supplement to my friends and family. I’ve already gotten my buddies at the gym to start using it too.

– Mark, Nashville, TN

As a bodybuilder, I’m always looking for a way to find an edge. I’ve found it with this supplement. It gives me more energy for better, stronger workouts, and I’ve seen the results throughout my body. My muscle mass has increased dramatically and I’m as lean as I’ve been in years. Best of all, this supplement delivers these amazing results without including any stimulants or caffeine. I have never experienced crashes using this product.

– Tim, Seattle, WA


Awards & Media Coverage

When it was founded in 2012, RevLabs told journalists that it intended to start a “fitness revolution” by giving elite athletes and bodybuilders access to what they described as a cutting-edge nutritional supplement that would make their workouts more effective and efficient. While sales figures have not been made public, the company claims that it has thousands of customers in just the past few years. If that is true, that would be a success likely attributable to this supplement.

Two of relatively high-profile mixed martial arts fighters in the United States have partnered with this supplement for promotional purposes. Miesha Tate, a top-ranked female UFC fighter, has posed with this product, while mixed martial arts fight Dan Henderson helps promote this supplement to a wider audience. The manufacturer quotes Henderson saying, “MuscleRev helps with my strength and endurance. I love this stuff!”

According to its manufacturer, at least some gyms around the country encourage their clients to try this supplement. However, there has been little to no coverage of this company or its products in the national or regional media. For many customers, the lack of journalistic attention – even by media outlets that cater specifically to bodybuilders and elite athletes – is something of a warning sign. Few of the truly popular supplements have never been profiled by any health or fitness magazine or website.


Money-back Guarantee

The maker of this supplement has said they want to start a “revolution” that benefits fitness enthusiasts and that satisfied customers are one of its top priorities. To that end, the manufacturer offers relatively reasonable pricing and a free trial offer. However, the company doesn’t make it incredibly easy to cancel without paying the cost for at least one month’s supply of this supplement.

Once a customer signs up for a free trial, they receive a 30-day supply with recurring supplies mailed to them every month for at least three months. If a customer doesn’t like the product, can’t use it in time, or doesn’t feel that it’s right for them, they can contact the company and cancel. The supplement gives customers 10 days to decide whether or not to cancel their trial subscription without being charged anything but shipping and handling for the trial. Many frustrated customers have complained that this is not enough time to adequately test the product.

While this isn’t a traditional “money back guarantee,” the supplement maker’s approach aims to ensure that customers are made whole if they aren’t completely satisfied. But the amount of time the manufacturer gives to customers to assess the product probably isn’t enough. To the supplement’s credit, however, they do make the information about cancellation and the terms of the trial quite clear.



For their free trial offer, the manufacturer offers a supply of Alpha Monster Advanced for just the price of shipping and handling: $9.95. Most customers can receive a promotional discount that reduces the price of shipping to just $5.95. This represents an affordable shipping price for a free trial.

Shipping is done through national delivery services, allowing for a relatively speedy arrival. The makers of this supplement ship it throughout the United States. The cost of shipping the supplement to a customer’s home does not vary considerably by location, which is not always the case for supplement.

If a free trial customer decides to continue with the product, the supplement is shipped every 30 days for at least three months. Known as the auto-ship program, this ensures customers have a consistent supply of the supplement. However, some dissatisfied customers have complained that they are charged even after attempting to cancel their participation in this system.


Customer Support

The manufacturer of this supplement offers a dedicated number and email address for customer support. According to Alpha Monster Advanced’s maker, the company provides customer service in line with their mission that “the fit should help the fit.” However, some customers have complained about inconsistent responses to inquiries about the supplement, including important billing questions.

The company also utilizes an auto-ship program that it claims makes it easy for customers to receive their shipments of the supplement each month. Here again, though, customers have complained that Alpha Monster Advanced’s auto ship program is exploitative and does not allow them to cancel as quickly as they would like. Worst of all, inconsistent customer support makes it harder for them to discuss their problems with the company.

To their credit, however, the manufacturers also offer detailed information about the product and its formulation, including the official supplement facts statement required by the Food and Drug Administration. They also have made available information about the product and cited some relatively well-known customers who use the product. Finally, irrespective of whether the phones and emails are answered, they do provide customers and would-be customers with easy to find contact information.


Safe & Secure Checkout

With Internet hacking and the protection of personal information increasingly important to consumers, the makers of this supplement have taken proactive steps to protect sensitive information. Checkout is safe and secure when buying Alpha Monster Advanced online. Customers should not worry about entering their personal information when they buy this product or begin a free trial

As proof of this commitment to safe, secure checkout, the makers of this supplement use 128-bit encryption to keep personal data safe. This is combined with SSL protection for extra strength. Taken together, this means that it will be hard for hackers to breach information shared on the site.

Most importantly, the makers of this supplement have been relatively proactive in protecting the personal data they receive. The manufacture of this supplement has a detailed privacy policy that aims to keep sensitive information confidential. With all these layers of security, customers can reasonably expect all their information will be protected through safe and secure checkout.


Pricing & Free Trial

This supplement is competitively priced in the workout supplement marketplace. There is a free trial available for this product that allows customers to get a 30-day supply of Alpha Monster Advanced just for the cost of shipping and handling – as little as $5.95. However, customers have only 10 days to cancel the trial without being charged more.

If they don’t get through to cancel within 10 days, customers are charged an $89.74 purchase fee. Satisfied customers are also automatically enrolled in the auto-ship program. This means that customers receive a shipment of the supplement every 30 days for at least three months and are charged accordingly – $89.74.

These auto-shipments will continue until cancelled. While this may save customers time, many they it is somewhat abusive in that it makes it harder to get money back when one wishes to discontinue buying the product. These woes aside, the product is relatively competitive on price.






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