Alpha Male EX

Alpha Male EX Review – Will These Supplements Be Working for You or Not?

What Is Alpha Male EX?

Alpha Male EX is an all-natural workout supplement and testosterone booster. The supplement is designed for men who are 18 years or older. It may be taken daily with food. It is suitable for any man who is looking to improve their overall athletic performance or stamina and is a good fit for athletes, bodybuilders or anyone looking to maximize their workout potential.

Alpha Male EX will work best when used in conjunction with other workout supplements along with a diet rich in protein and healthy nutrients. A person should combine this supplement with a rigorous workout routine in order to build lean muscle, lose weight and increase strength and stamina.

This supplement is far safer than those supplements which use artificial testosterone or steroids in order to improve performance. Alpha Male EX works with the body to increase testosterone and physical ability naturally by the body’s own processes. It will not result in abnormal or unnatural effects and has no known side-effects. It may also help to improve overall male health.



Alpha Male EX is produced by a company under the same name. This is usually a red flag when it comes to examining such products. The overall reliability and professionalism of a company that produces only a single product and does not provide any research or statistics to support its formula is in question. The manufacturer provides little if any direct support for the ingredients in its product or cite any research or reviews to support the product. The company’s reliability and the efficacy or purity of its product are also in question.

The product page for Alpha Male EX does provide a little bit of hope. The company is not hiding from its customers and clearly publishes contact information on its site. There is a built-in contact page that allows users to submit questions or comments directly. The company also publishes a support email address. More critically, the company publishes contact phone numbers and standard business hours for a variety of countries, including the US and Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand. Having phone contact information and business hours in an important part of establishing a level of professionalism and veracity that many single-supplement producers do not provide.

That said, there are still many unknowns regarding the company’s overall production methods, site of manufacturing and source of the ingredients used in its supplement. A customer would be wise to contact the company via phone or email if they have questions about the sourcing and purity of the ingredients before ordering.

How Alpha Male EX Works?

Alpha Male EX stimulates the body’s own natural processes to improve workout performance, stamina and testosterone level. It uses an entirely plant-based formula to achieve these effects, and its ingredient list is relatively simple and easy to follow.

The supplement has two primary methods of action. The first is to stimulate blood flow and circulation throughout the body and especially to the outer limbs and muscles. This increased blood flow is a critical part of how the supplement improves athletic performance and stamina. Muscles that receive increased blood flow will also receive more nutrients and oxygen and they will be able to expel waste materials more efficiently. This decreases time between reps or intervals and may allow a person to work out more often than they could otherwise.

The increased blood circulation, oxygenation and recovery time is accomplished by stimulating the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the natural chemical responsible for dilating blood vessels and increasing circulation.

The second method of action for Alpha Male EX is the stimulation of natural testosterone production. Testosterone levels in may play a significant role in muscle mass, energy levels and physical ability. Increases in blood serum testosterone levels have been linked with an increase in physical strength, greater ease of building lean muscle mass, lower weight and overall improved health and vitality.

The ingredients in this supplement boost natural testosterone in a few ways. The first is by directly stimulating testosterone production. The second is by lowering the conversion of testosterone into DHT. The increase in testosterone production will not be immediately apparent and may take several weeks of supplementation before the effects of increased testosterone are noticeable.


Ingredients of Alpha Male EX

Arginine Alpha-Ketogutarate (AAKG)

AAKG is a standard ingredient found in many workout and bodybuilding supplements. It is a worthy inclusion with plenty of research to back its effectiveness. Despite its long name, the ingredient is simple to understand. It is a non-essential amino acid, which means it is a type of protein the body can synthesize on its own in small amounts. The amino acid can also be found in food sources, mainly animal protein.

That said, an athlete can benefit greatly from supplementing with AAKG. The amounts synthesized by the body are only enough to serve the body’s basic needs and do not provide an enhanced effect. While high levels of AAKG could be consumed from food, the resulting diet would not be healthy and may result in an overconsumption of calories and fat, especially from red meats. It is easier and healthier to get high levels of AAKG in supplement form such as that provided by Alpha Male EX.

AAKG is a keystone ingredient in this supplement. It serves to increase liver function, allowing the liver to break down the harmful chemicals produced by working muscles more efficiently. Combined with increased circulation, this is what results in faster recovery time and decreased soreness after a period of intense exercise.

L-Arginine has also been found to stimulate protein synthesis. This is vital for a bodybuilder or any man looking to increase overall muscle mass. Muscles require high amounts of protein to be present to grow and recover from the damaging effects of an intense workout.

Korean Ginseng (leaves)

Ginseng is an herb found throughout the globe. Korean ginseng has been used in Asia as a medicine for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions. In terms of bodybuilding and workouts, ginseng has a variety of effects that may improve workout performance.

Ginseng works as an adaptogen, which is a general term for any substance that increases the body’s tolerance to stress and fatigue. Ginseng has been shown to increase stress resistance and improve mood and overall feeling. It also serves as an anti-inflammatory. This is important from a workout perspective because vigorous exercise produces natural muscle and joint inflammation. This can lead to pain, soreness and stiffness that hinders the ability to work out or perform. Decreasing inflammation is one way to combat the most common issues with a rigorous athletic schedule and may also help to decrease the chance of injury.

Finally, Ginseng has been shown to improve lung function. This is important for athletics because lung function dictates blood oxygen level, heart rate and the rate at which fatigue is likely to onset. Increased lung function and lung capacity will improve athletic performance and delay the onset of fatigue, allowing an athlete to work harder and longer before resting.

It is also notable that this particular supplement makes use of the leaves of the Ginseng plant instead of the roots. The root is the classic part of the plant used for medicinal purposes and in many supplements. Research has shown, however, that the leaves of the plant are equally effective and providing the same benefits as the root.

Using the leaves of the plant instead of the roots is considerably more cost-effective and allows the manufacturer to produce a far more affordable product than they could if using the roots. There is also some concern, given the cost of Ginseng root, that supplements using the root cut corners or allow impurities and non-ginseng root fillers to be included. Using the leaves instead makes this problem much less likely.

Ginkgo Biloba (leaves)

Ginkgo Biloba is another Asian plant that has seen widespread and effective use as a medicine and supplement to treat a variety of conditions and support overall health for centuries. Modern science has backed the claims of many Chinese naturopaths in support of the plant’s efficacy.

Ginkgo Biloba used in supplements and medicines is harvest from the Ginkgo tree. This species of tree is native to Asia and has existed for millions of years. It is one of the oldest tree species on the globe. As a testament to its healthfulness, Ginkgo trees are themselves some of the hardiest plants in existence. Some Gingko trees have been known to live over 1,000 years.

Gingko is a critical part of Alpha Male EX’s ability to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles of the extremities. It has been shown to improve overall blood flow and circulation, especially to the outer limbs and capillaries. It has a variety of other health benefits, such as protection from chemicals and free radicals and has been linked with an overall increase in vitality and longevity. While these effects may not directly impact athleticism, overall health, vigor and energy are all part of obtaining peak performance.

Horny Goat Weed Extract (steam and leaves)

Horney Goat Weed is one of two ingredients in Alpha Male EX that is responsible for its testosterone boosting effects. Horney Goat Weed is a plant primary used as a medicine in China and Japan, it was used to treat several diseases, including kidney disease. It has been studied in the West primarily for its effects on hormone production and testosterone levels in men, and its effects have been verified in a variety of animal and human studies. One study involving mice showed a dramatic increase in blood testosterone levels.

In addition to the testosterone boost, Horny Goat Weed has been shown to have a few beneficial secondary effects. It helps to prevent fatigue and adrenal exhaustion. This is important for bodybuilding and extreme athletic performance. When the body needs to perform at a high level, it will release adrenaline that acts a powerful stimulant to provide a boost of energy and ability. Unfortunately, adrenaline is short acting and its effects diminish quite rapidly. If the effects of an adrenal release are prolonged, so too will the beneficial boost in focus, energy and performance.

Saw Palmetto (fruit)

Saw Palmetto is a palm plant native to the Southeastern United States. The berries of the plant are harvested to produce supplements in either a dry powder or liquid oil form.

Saw Palmetto works by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into DHT. The plant was primarily studied in relation to treatment for enlarged prostate, but once its method of action was verified, its use has been expanded to include any condition in which a reduction of DHT is considered beneficial.

From a workout and bodybuilding standpoint, the inclusion of Saw Palmetto is somewhat odd. While there are a variety of health advantages in relation to limiting DHT, a bodybuilder may not desire this. DHT is a form of testosterone that has been shown to be even more potent as an androgen affecting the muscles. This means that DHT may actually be more beneficial to an athlete than regular testosterone. While this research is not entirely conclusive, the inclusion of Saw Palmetto is a workout supplement is somewhat suspect and leads one to believe that manufacturer didn’t do its thorough research into the effects of DHT and regular testosterone on muscle mass and athletic performance.



There are a variety of real advantages to taking Alpha Male EX from a bodybuilding and athletic standpoint. A person taking this supplement will likely find he has more energy and vitality than before. He will likely be able to work out longer and more vigorously before experiencing fatigue. On an intense workout schedule, he will likely be able to recover more quickly and keep to a more demanding or vigorous workout schedule with less fatigue and soreness.

Many of the effects associated with fatigue and circulation when using Alpha Male EX will happen quickly. It is likely a person will notice significant changes in athletic performance within a few weeks of supplementation. This places the supplement on moderate ground when it comes to speed. There are supplements which may provide a boost within hours or days of the first dose. It is faster than a pure testosterone booster, which often takes a few months to reach noticeable effect.

The benefit of enhanced circulation, oxygenation and nitric oxide production helps to offset the relatively minor boost to testosterone the supplement is likely to provide. With only one true testosterone boosting ingredient, effective though it may be, Alpha Male EX is unlikely to show noticeable testosterone enhancement for many weeks to a few months. This enhancement may also have only a moderate direct effect on athletic performance or stamina, and its effects are likely going to be overshadowed by the supplements other benefits.

It is not clear whether the inclusion of Saw Palmetto can be seen as a true advantage. While it may help with increasing testosterone levels, it may actually be detrimental to athletic performance and musculature because DHT is more potent.

The manufacturer also claims several additional advantages and benefits. It states that only premium grade ingredients are included. While this is not a legal or regulated term, and it should be taken with a grain of salt, it does give some affirmation that the product uses genuine and high-quality ingredients that will be truly effective. Another stated benefit is that the supplement does not have any lactose, soy or gluten ingredients, which could be detrimental or pose an allergy risk. Some supplements contain fillers that have these ingredients, so it is an advantage that Alpha Male EX is free of them.



Alpha Male EX does not contain any form of certification. This is not surprising with such a supplement. It is rare for an almost entirely plant-based supplement to gain certification for effectiveness. Instead, a consumer should look at the widely published literature and research regarding the ingredients included. This supplement does stand out from many as being one that includes only highly researched and regarded ingredients that have real and proven effects. It is not trying to use anything too arcane or experimental or anything with questionable efficacy. While the product may not have a certification, its formula is certainly well supported by the research.



I have been using Alpha Male EX for several weeks now, and I’ve noticed a real difference at the gym. I’m not a professional bodybuilder or athlete, and I’d never tried any such supplements before. I was really pleased with the results I got from this product. I’ve noticed that my workout routines are getting a lot easier, and I was actually able to add another day to my gym schedule because I started to notice I wasn’t getting as sore or as tired as I used to. The extra workout time is really paying off for me. — James F., Arizona, AZ, USA

For a long time, I avoided supplements because they seemed like an unnecessary hassle. I didn’t want to worry about taking a pill or mixing a shake many times per day or having to worry about it before or after every workout. I knew that I’d forget to take the supplement if I had to do all that. Alpha Male EX proved to be a nice balance for me. I only have to take it once and then I’m good to go. I’m also happy to say that it really does seem to be working. I have a lot more energy, and I feel better than I ever have. My workouts seem to be easier and less tiring, and I don’t have to worry about being sore and achy all week anymore. — Andrew O.,Toms River, NJ, USA

I’ve been looking for a testosterone booster that also did something more noticeable and direct. I was happy with the simple and all-natural ingredient list in this product because I knew it contained things that would work, and they really do. I’ve been taking the supplement for about a month, and it’s made me feel great. I’ve never been happier with my workouts or how I feel afterward, and it’s helped me feel overall more energized throughout my day.
Brandon D., San Jose, California, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement does not have any stated awards nor any indication of extensive media coverage. This is not uncommon for such products unless the manufacturer buys advertising or pays for extensive media coverage or reviews. A lack of media coverage is really no indication of any lack of effectiveness or veracity of the supplement. It may mean that the manufacturer decided not to spend extensively on advertising. Such supplements rarely if ever win awards, so this is also unsurprising.


Money-back Guarantee

The product website does claim a money-back guarantee for this product. The company does not specify anywhere the terms of this guarantee or how the money is refunded. Restocking and return shipping fees are very common with these products, and it is concerning that this information is not published anywhere on the product page or links. Since the company does a good job of providing contact information, it may be wise to clarify these policies before ordering.



Shipping for this product is part of the ongoing monthly subscription package. The customer will pay for shipping only once for the free trial offer. After that, shipping is included in the subscription. The initial shipping fee is $7.99. Customers have the option to add InsureShip for $1.99.

The exact method of shipping is not specified. Based on customer service options, it can be assumed that shipping is provided in any of the areas served by customer service. Customers outside of those countries will want to check with customer service closest to them to see if shipping can be arranged and if extra charges apply. It is not stated if shipping is offered to military or diplomatic addresses.


Customer Support

Overall, customer support for Alpha Male EX seems to be positive. The company provides very clear access to support with hours, phone numbers and email by geographic area. It also promises access to customer support seven days a week. The quality of customer support is likely to be standard with representatives primarily prepared to deal with concerns regarding billing and shipping. They may be able to answer some basic questions about the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Online ordering of this supplement is safe and secure. The order page for the product shows clear markings for https secure encryption. It is somewhat concerning that no additional safety logos or encryption symbols are present, but encryption of the order page is generally considered to be safe for customer billing information.


Pricing & Free Trial

There is a free trial offer for Alpha Male EX. Although a 30-day supply of the product is provided, customers are automatically enrolled in the monthly subscription plan after only 14 days from the date the order is placed. Customers may cancel the automatic shipment so long as they call at least one day before the 14-day period expires. The standard order price for this supplement is $110. Given its simple ingredient list, this is a high price compared to similar supplements.






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