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Alpha Jym by JYM Supplement Science Review – Does It Support Natural Production & Retention of Testosterone?

What Is Alpha Jym?

Alpha Jym is a non-proprietary testosterone boosting supplement that works in a number of different ways to encourage the natural production and retention of testosterone. It is designed especially for individuals who feel that their testosterone levels have dropped, including men over 40, although other adults may benefit. This supplement, which was formulated and produced by JYM Supplement Science, includes substantial quantities of six key ingredients. Each ingredient, including Fenugreek, Damiana leaf, and Ashwagandha root, is a reputed testosterone booster according to published scientific studies. The founder of JYM Supplement Science, Jim Stoppani Ph.D., has designed this supplement, and the others in his JYM line, especially for bodybuilders and athletes with similar nutritional and hormonal needs.

Taken as directed, Alpha Jym provides 4.2 grams of active ingredients each day, through two servings of three capsules each. Athletes should take the supplement, with a meal, once before working out, and once either in the morning or evening. Users report seeing results within three weeks, with greater results after six weeks of regular use. The testosterone boost of Alpha Jym supports the gain of greater muscle mass and loss of fat, as well as increased strength, stamina, and energy.



JYM Supplement Science is the manufacturer of Alpha Jym, as well as a number of other bodybuilding and fitness supplements in the JYM line. The founder of JYM Supplement Science is Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., a bodybuilder and nutrition expert who earned his doctorate in exercise physiology, with a minor in biochemistry, from the University of Connecticut. Stoppani is an author, who has published articles and successful books on the issues of fitness, strength, and diet. He also has created a series of instructional videos, articles, blogs, and diet plans that are available online for athletes looking for guidance. Stoppani founded JYM Supplement Science in an attempt to bring his knowledge of sports nutrition and exercise science, honed during his time at Yale University School of Medicine, to the world of supplements.

The greatest claim of JYM Supplement Science is that it is completely forthright and honest with its list of ingredients, and that it contains more active ingredients than most available supplements. There are just eight supplements made by JYM Supplement Science, including a daily vitamin, pre- and post- workout supplements, and the testosterone boosters of the Alpha Jym supplement. Each of these products lists every one of their ingredients, as well as their quantity, without referring to any proprietary formulas or secret recipes. This truth in labeling is key, and is spelled out on the JYM Supplement Science company Mission Policy, as stated on their website.


How Alpha Jym Works?

There are six ingredients in the Alpha Jym supplements, each a large quantity of a specialty herb or flavonoid that supports increasing testosterone levels and naturally achieving a superior hormonal balance. The blend includes the known testosterone boosters Fenugreek, Damiana leaf, and Ashwagandha root, Eurycoma Longifolia, Diindolylmethane, and Quercetin, all at high doses, as clearly detailed on the product’s labels. Taken together, these work to support your body’s production of testosterone, the improved utilization of testosterone, and the inhibition of limiting factors on your testosterone. The ingredients were chosen and the blend formulated based on published scientific studies, as overseen by Jim Stoppani Ph.D.

This recommended serving of this supplement is three capsules Athletes should take two servings a day, either one in the morning and one at night, or, for athletes who are actively training, one dose an hour before your workout and one either in the morning or night. These supplements should ideally be taken with a meal, which will prevent stomach upset and optimize the supplement’s effects.

Users will probably begin to see results after about three weeks of regular use at the recommended dosage, with greater results after six weeks. Bodybuilders who have taken Alpha Jym as directed report an increase in strength, energy, and stamina, with a correlated increase in muscle mass and fat loss. The effects of this supplement are especially profound for users who are over 40 years of age, although younger men also report positive results from the testosterone boosters in this formula.


Ingredients of Alpha Jym

The ingredients of this supplement are very clearly and specifically detailed on its label, including the dosage of each ingredient, rather than claiming that a proprietary blend prevents transparency. The primary, active ingredient is 500 milligrams of fenugreek, which works as a testosterone booster through a number of natural, biological mechanisms. For example, studies show that fenugreek supports the freeing of more testosterone from hormone binding globulin, the release of luteinizing hormone from the pituitary gland, and the reduction of the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, all means of naturally optimizing hormonal levels.

The fenugreek is complemented by five other natural, herbal ingredients that have been shown to act as testosterone boosters in various scientific studies. There are also 500 milligrams of Damiana leaf, or Turnera diffusa, which research suggests helps hormonal balance due to its active ingredients, pinocembrin and acacetin. There are another 500 milligrams of extract of Ashwagandha root, or Withania somnifera, which studies show supports testosterone levels by reducing the amount of reactive oxygen species present in testosterone cells, thereby preserving the activity of key enzymes involved in testosterone production.

Studies show that the next ingredient, 200 milligrams of Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as Tongkat Ali, supports total and free testosterone as well as healthy cortisol levels, while the 500 milligrams of Diindolylmethane promotes hormonal balance.. There are also 250 mg of Quercetin, an antioxidant that reportedly supports testosterone levels by inhibiting the an enzyme that converts testosterone into testosterone glucuronide, and also supports endurance by increasing blood flow. These, and all of the ingredients included in the supplement, are made of all natural agents, whose efficacy and purpose have been studied by legitimate research sources and scientists.



The greatest advantage of this formula is that its ingredients are all backed up by scientific evidence of testosterone boosting properties and support for hormonal balance. There are legitimate, documented scientific studies with evidence for the efficacy of all of the ingredients in Alpha Jym, and their citations found in PubMed and other journal collections. Jim Stoppani, the founder and owner of this supplement’s manufacturer holds a doctorate in exercise physiology, with a minor in biochemistry, and brings his emphasis on scientific rigor to the formulation of each JYM Supplement Science product.

Another advantage of this supplement is the high quantity of each ingredient in the formula, as clearly listed on the bottle’s label. Rather than a so-called proprietary blend, which may contain just miniscule amounts of the ingredients listed, purchasers can see exactly how much they are getting of each nutrient. This allows for more honest communication, enables comparison shopping, and lets users customize their supplementary routine to fit their personal athletic needs.

The Alpha Jym supplement is also easy to use, and be combined with other supplements without fear of relative contraindication. It can be used by any adult, regardless of current fitness level, diet or exercise routine, or health status, and can be used alone or in a bodybuilding stack with other supplements in the JYM Supplement Science line. Although this supplement was originally designed for bodybuilders and athletes with similar hormonal needs, its testosterone boosters are efficacious for users even if they are not exercising.



Although it has not be certified by any outside organization, the legitimacy and professional career of Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., the owner of JYM Supplement Science, is the strongest validation of the this supplement’s quality and efficacy. Stoppani, who oversees all of JYM’s supplement formulations and quality control, has his doctorate in exercise physiology, with a minor in biochemistry, and brings these qualifications to the business. He also states that he uses Alpha Jym, and the other products in his supplement line, and personally guarantees their effectiveness.

THe JYM Supplement Science manufacturing facilities are all in compliance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Current Good Manufacturing Practices are designed to assure the proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing facilities and processes, as well as increase quality control and safety. JYM Supplement Science also submits its products to independent third-party analysis to review their continued quality.

This supplement has also been used and reviewed by a number of bodybuilders and other athletes, with largely positive judgement. Both on independent bodybuilding forums and on wider social media outlets, Alpha Jym has received a good deal of high praise as a testosterone boosting supplement. Jim Stoppani also makes himself available through email, Facebook, and Twitter, another indication of transparency and open customer relationships.



It took a couple weeks but I definitely felt better and worked harder cause of this. I like to combine it with an energy booster before workouts too.

– Adam S., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been bodybuilding for years, but felt like I was stuck, getting old and flabby. This gave me back my strength and energy again.

– Chris B., Sacramento, CA

I could feel a difference pretty quickly. I’m 45 years old and haven’t felt this good in a decade.

– Brad H., Salt Lake City, UT

Great stuff! Used it for a couple months now. Lost fat gained more muscle without doing much more. Heal faster too.

– Mike T., Orlando, FL


Awards & Media Coverage

The manufacturer of this supplement, JYM Supplement Science, has been covered in multiple media outlines and received awards of excellence. This includes winning the coveted Bodybuilding award for Most Innovative Brand of the Year in 2015 for their JYM supplement line. The founder and owner of JYM Supplement SCience, Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. also received the Gatorade Beginning Investigator in Exercise Science Award in 2002 by the American Physiological Society for his original research in physical and nutritional science.

Stoppani has also written and published a number of books, as well as co-authored the New York Times Bestseller, “LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle,” published by Rodale in 2010. He has worked on exercise, training, and diet planning with numerous celebrities, including LL Cool J, Dr. Dre, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Mario Lopez. He also appeared on the NBC television show Extra as an “Extra LifeChanger” and as a professional science expert on two Spike television shows, Jesse James is a Dead Man and MANswers.

The specific Alpha Jym supplement has also received attention from the bodybuilding community for its testosterone boosters and research-backed ingredients. It has received positive coverage and high ratings from a number of online review sites and forums, especially from older users who felt the hormonal benefits most strongly. The JYM Supplement Science products are also extremely popular on social media, where the hashtag #AlphaJym is often trending with bodybuilders and other athletes who share their experiences with the product.


Money-back Guarantee

This supplement, like all of the products in the JYM Supplement Science line, is guaranteed by Jim Stoppani to contain exactly the ingredients listed on the package label, in the quantities listed. He also personally guarantees his supplements quality, although there are no explicit terms given for a money-back guarantee. For customers who are interested in getting a money-back guarantee, they are directed to their supplement distributors. Returns and refunds are at the discretion of the distributor and should not be sent to the JYM Supplement Science facilities.

If the customer does feel entitled to a refund, because of an error in ordering or shipping, or a defect with the product itself, they should contact the customer service department of the distributor. There, they can speak to a customer service representative and find out if they are in fact due a refund. If so, customers can return their Alpha Jym supplement, preferably with the original packaging receipt, marked “return,” and sent to the warehouse. Refunds will be credited in 2-5 business days, and will be issued to the payment account that was used for the original purchase. Customers can also return any new, unopened supplements for store credit, which will be credited to their account.



There are a few shipping options for customers buying Alpha Jym, with prices that vary depending on the speed of delivery. The basic shipping cost is $6.22, and deliveries are made within 2-4 days of the shipment leaving the distribution facility. Customers who are especially eager to receive their order can also opt for either one-day or two-day shipping for an additional cost. The amount of that shipping cost will depend on the size and weight of the order, and will be calculated at the time of check out. Orders that are being shipped to military addresses also have a different shipping rate, which is lower than standard shipping when a single bottle is ordered.

After placing an order, customers will receive an email with information about their order, including a tracking number so that they can track their shipment online. If customers have questions about their shipment, they are encouraged to call the 24-hour toll-free phone number and speak to a customer service representative about their shipment. International shipping is also available, but only to a select number of nations, and different shipping rates are incurred. Customers can also get their delivery of Alpha Jym shipped to a Post Office Box, if that is more convenient.


Customer Support

Customers who have questions or concerns about this supplement can reach out to the experts at JYM Supplement Science through a number of different venues. There is a convenient Contact Form on the JYM Supplement Science website, where individuals can submit questions and receive an emailed response back from the customer support staff. You can also reach out personally to Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., the founder of JYM, through his personal website, Facebook, or Twitter. Besides these options, customers can also find a number of answers to their questions from the JYM Supplement Science website directly. There are a number of videos available for customers to watch online, including one specifically about Alpha Jym, which explains the key information about this supplement and its use.

For issues about ordering, customers are encouraged to reach out directly to the distributor from whom they purchase their order. Questions about prices, package sizes, shipping costs, or tracking shipments should be directed to the distributor’s customer service representative, through email or the online contact form. Similarly, issues about returns or refunds should be addressed to the toll-free customer service phone number provided on distributors’ websites. JYM Supplement Science should be contacted primarily for issues with the supplements themselves and how to use them, while questions about ordering and payment are best left to the distribution source.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers purchasing Alpha Jym online can be that their checkout will be both safe and secure. The website that is used to make purchases is protected by 256 bit encryption, the industry standard for online transactions. It has also earned the McAfee SECURE certification, which assures customers that their information is protected from malicious internet activity. Specifically, it states that the website is sufficiently protected against malware and phishing, has a valid SSL certificate, and active perimeter scanning. This guarantees that all of customers’ personal and financial information is held securely and protected from outside interference or misappropriation at the time of checkout.

More generally, it is recommended that customers review the website’s privacy policy for a detailed description of the projections and its limitations. Personal information is collected for some purposes, although customers can opt out of certain forms of interaction. The website’s forums, and the content submitted to the site, are also afforded some protection, but ultimately are owned by the website and therefore can be used for publicity or promotion. Individuals who have questions or concerns about their privacy, the security of their account, or the checkout process are encouraged to contact the webmaster at the address or phone number provided.



Alpha Jym comes in fairly large bottles, with 180 capsules in each, and costs $29.99 per bottle. However, a single serving is 3 capsules, so you really are getting 60 servings per bottle, which works out to 50 cents per serving. Since it is recommended that users take the three-capsule dose twice a day, the cost of this supplement is about one dollar a day.

For that cost, users get 2,100 milligrams of ingredients per serving, or 2.1 grams, including 1000 milligrams of the active ingredient, Fenugreek. If taken twice daily, as recommended, athletes will get 4.2 grams of testosterone boosters and hormonal support each day. This is quite a bit more active ingredient than other supplements, especially those with a proprietary blend whose ingredients are not up for review.

The standard shipping cost is $6.22, although costs can run as high as $16.94 if you need your supplements to be delivered by the next business day. There is a money-back guarantee, for purchasers who are dissatisfied with the supplement, although it requires the original packaging and shipping invoice. In that case, the cost of shipping will not be included in the amount of money that is refunded.






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