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Alpha FX Review – Does It Help Your Muscle Mass to Build Up Faster?

What Is Alpha FX?

Alpha FX is a product manufactured to boost testosterone levels and block estrogen using all-natural ingredients. This unique combination of vitamins and minerals with herbs and amino acids is designed to assist men in becoming anabolic, while preventing catabolism. This means that stronger and more complex muscles will form from the previously smaller muscles, while the opposite process is inhibited. This is particularly important to any man who wishes to bulk up and improve their current body. In boosting testosterone levels and maintaining very low estrogen levels, the product is intended to help professional athletes and bodybuilders, as well as ordinary men, achieve their optimum level of physical strength and performance.

This product is sold in bottles equivalent to a one month supply. The product is to be taken daily in order to provide ideal results. Since it is composed of all natural ingredients, it is able to provide a sizable boost in the body’s natural production of testosterone without any dangerous side effects that may appear through the use of artificial chemicals.

Additionally, proper intake of Alpha FX produces an increase in ATP within the bloodstream. This extra ability to transport energy allows for anabolism and other beneficial metabolic processes for bodybuilding, as well as simply providing more energy for physical activity. With an increased ability to participate in high energy activities, men who take these supplements find a satisfying increase in body mass.

This product is beneficial to younger men seeking to build more muscle and increase physical performance, but it is also quite beneficial to older men. As men grow older, the level of testosterone that is naturally produced by the body decreases. Alpha FX can assist in naturally elevating these levels without any risk of dangerous chemicals, while also providing some desirable health benefits that will even further improve the body.



Alpha FX is manufactured by a company called Hybrid Nutraceuticals Inc. The company has their headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. In accordance with the company’s strong opposition to large, fraudulent corporations that rip their customers off, they cut out the overpriced middleman and sell their products directly to their customers to ensure quality service and fair prices. These products will not be found in supplement shops that spike up the prices to make a sizable profit. These products, including Alpha FX, can be purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website. This direct contact with the creators ensures a secure purchase with customer satisfaction and allows for any issues to be addressed in an efficient manner.


How Alpha FX Works?

Alpha FX is to be taken as a dietary supplement. Users are to take the recommended dose of three capsules every night before bed with a sufficient amount of cold water to wash it down. Water intake is important, as the body will need to remain hydrated while these biological processes occur. The combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural herbs work overnight to assist the body in the natural production of testosterone. The formula is designed specifically to allow for natural enhancements without the risk of dangerous ingredients, thus making the product safe for any adult male to use.

As previously mentioned, the supplement assists in the formation of complex muscles. The synthetic variations of testosterone that may be produced by these supplements are known as anabolic androgens. In accordance with the name, these chemicals have both anabolic and androgenic properties. The anabolic property promotes the growth of the already existing muscle tissue. The androgenic property could be considered somewhat comparable to the typical symptoms of male puberty, as it promotes the further development of these muscles and a more masculine build.

The product also supplies the bloodstream with increased ATP levels. ATP is the abbreviation for adenosine triphosphate, which is the primary vehicle used to transport energy at a cellular level throughout the body. An increase in ATP allows for energy to be more easily transported throughout the body in order to complete biochemical reactions such as those required for muscle formation. Sending energy out to the various parts of the body also allows for an increase in stamina and overall physical performance.

Alpha FX also has an estrogen blocking property. A natural biological process that occurs quite frequently in the bodies of both, men and women, is a process known as aromatization. This is the chemical reaction that converts the naturally produced testosterone to estrogen. By inhibiting this reaction, males who take these pills will maintain their increased testosterone levels while also avoiding the effects of high estrogen levels that tend to be more feminizing.


Ingredients of Alpha FX

Alpha FX is made from all natural and advanced ingredients that are designed to increase muscle mass and physical performance. Since there are no artificial chemicals, users are not at risk of chemicals that may introduce harmful toxins to their bodies. The natural ingredients present in the formula include:

Tribulus Terrestris

This is a plant that is well adapted to grow in dry climates all around the world. Its extracts are commonly used by bodybuilders in order to increase testosterone levels.


This chemical occurs naturally in plants such as passionflower and silver linden. It is ideal for bodybuilding as it is thought to inhibit the chemical reaction that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Horny Goat Weed

An herb very common in Chinese medicine. Its uses include lean muscle enhancement, as well as aid in relaxation after workouts.


An evergreen tree found in Southeast Asia. It is presumed to affect the way the body produces testosterone, thus increasing the levels of production to improve athletic performance.

Saw Palmetto Berries

These berries come from a species of palm plants. They are beneficial in increasing muscle mass as well as improving the uptake of essential nutrients to specific parts of the body.

Hawthorn Berries

Hawthorn is a plant which provides berries which are used to improve cardiovascular activity. There is also speculation that these berries may hold similar inhibition properties to Chrysin.

Cissus Quadrangularis

A succulent plant grown in Africa and Asia that is used alternatively to anabolic steroids.


A mineral that can be found in many leafy greens. It helps to prevent muscles from cramping while also improving the body’s ability to relax.


A mineral that is often found in wheat and seeds. It is chemically similar to magnesium, and thus provides the same benefits against muscle cramps and improved relaxation.


A nutrient that can be obtained through potato starch, rice, and corn. It is particularly helpful in increasing muscles while also improving the body’s ability to perform athletically.


A nutrient that is commonly obtained from animal bone, skin, or connective tissue. It contains amino acids that are required to increase muscle mass.

Magnesium Stearate

A naturally occurring magnesium salt that has antioxidant properties.



Those who have tried Alpha FX have expressed their satisfaction with a number of various positive and lasting effects. The initial sought out result of these men is the increase of testosterone. This increase, however, is also followed by several additional advantages. The wide range of positive effects that the formula has on the bodies of its users is what leaves these customers satisfied.

With such a boost in male hormones, the body has a head start on the process of obtaining a more masculine appearance. Additionally, the product assists in the body’s ability to use these natural chemical efficiently. This means that, not only will the body have more resources to complete these metabolic processes, but it will also complete the processes in a way that will yield the largest net gain for the user. The components of this supplement are also known to assist in ridding the body of harmful toxins and developing stronger, healthier muscles.

The precise combination of natural ingredients also provides an increase in ATP within the bloodstream. This has a lot of positive effects for those wishing to gain a more athletic build. The increased ATP provides extra energy throughout the body, especially noticeable in areas farthest from the heart such as hands and feet. This extra energy can then be invested into physical activities which will assist in achieving the desired body type.



Hybrid Nutraceuticals Inc, the manufacturer, prides themselves on their overwhelming support from satisfied customers. Through their attentive and direct communication with their consumers, they claim to have thousands of dedicated returning customers. This product does not have any official certificates as of this time. They do, however, advertise that it is clinically proven to work. Additionally, the product and its claims have not yet been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The manufacturers, though, have been awarded with the FDA’s GMP stamp of approval. GMP represents that Alpha FX is a product produced using good manufacturing practices.



Below are some words from satisfied users of the supplements.

Chris, 20, San Diego, CA:

I started college last year and noticed that my male colleagues were much more physically fit than I was. I couldn’t keep up very well when we would get together and play football. I started going to the gym and fixing up my diet, but my results were close to none. Then I heard about Alpha FX. Within the first week I was noticing that I was more energized and able to keep up with my friends while playing sports. Today, I have the body that I had been working toward, all thanks to this product.

Frank, 53, Austin, TX:

After my 50th birthday passed, I began to put more thought into my body. As a former college athlete, it was a little disheartening to realize that I had let so much muscle turn to fat. I thought that I had missed my window of opportunity to have the body that I am happy with, but Alpha FX proved me wrong! I had tried other male supplements and never been truly satisfied with the results. It left me feeling good while working toward a healthier body.

Brian, 33, Phoenix, AZ:

I have a family with three young children. I realized that the state of my body was headed downhill, but I don’t have the time to hit the gym for a few hours every day. I work full time and take care of the kids in the evening. Alpha FX provided the boost that I needed to keep my body in shape while managing the other aspects of my life. I have more energy than ever to play with my kids even after a long day at work.

Andrew, 19, New York, NY:

I’ve always been on the smaller end of the spectrum. While I was growing up, my friends were bigger than me, making it difficult sometimes to feel like I fit in. Just after I turned 18 I heard about these supplements. I was a little skeptical at first because I had never tried anything like it or known anyone who had tried anything like it. I went ahead and ordered my first bottle and had no expectations. As soon as I ran out of that bottle, I ordered three more. The results were so impressive and now I am up to par with my friends when it comes to body mass.

Brad, 30, Seattle, WA:

I’ve been a bodybuilder for about ten years now. After years of working on my body, I stopped seeing very much improvement in my stature. I used to be able to work out for a few hours a day and see improvements every week, but these days it takes months to see the slightest change. Not to mention that I am getting older and don’t have the same metabolism that I used to. I turned to these supplements because I had read that they were helpful with exactly what I was trying to do. Within the first month I started seeing improvement again, as well as just feeling better all around. Alpha FX is truly a great product and I have recommended it to my friends.


Awards & Media Coverage

Alpha FX is a fairly new product, and as such has not received any awards yet. Subsequently, the product has not received any media coverage. As previously mentioned, the FDA has not approved the product; however Hybrid Neutaceuticals has been recognized as a good manufacturing practice. Although it has not been FDA approved as a product, since it is composed of all natural ingredients; many of these ingredients have the approval of the FDA. As the product continues to grow and expand, it will possibly receive awards and media coverage within the next few years.


Money-back Guarantee

The company employees a 100% money back guarantee for any users who are not satisfied with their results. The company asks that any customer who buys the product try it out by following the instructions for a minimum of 14 days. After those two weeks have passed, unsatisfied users are encouraged to get in contact with the manufacturer. At this time, they should return the remainder of their supplements with their proof of purchase attached in order to receive their full refund of the purchase price. They respect their customers’ privacy, and thus will not ask any questions upon receiving the product for a refund.



The manufacturers do not agree with overpriced supplement stores. For this reason, they sell their product directly through their website, and offer promotions to encourage consumers to order this way. It is important to the manufacturers that customers are able to receive their products in a timely manner in order to start using the supplements as soon as possible. For this reason, they offer free priority shipping on all orders of this product. The product should arrive by the U.S. Postal Service within 2 to 3 days or ordering. The company offers support over the phone for any issues that may arise with the shipping process.


Customer Support

The manufacturers make customer support and satisfaction a priority. For the reason, the Hybrid Nutraceuticals customer support line is available any time of day, seven days a week, and the number can be found on the “contact us” page of their website. The company provides attentive and patient staff members to assist in any sort of inquiry that a customer may have. They are well informed on the product and able to answer any questions regarding dosages and the instructions by which the drug should be taken.

The help desk is available for more than just information on the product itself. The friendly staff can also assist with more administrative issues. For example, they are there to be reached out to if a customer receives an incorrect shipment of the product, or if a customer is concerned about having not received their package in a very timely fashion. The help desk personnel can provide assistance to the customer by tracking the status of the package and providing them with an estimated delivery date.

In addition to help with receiving the product, the help desk can also provide information about how to take advantage of the 100% money back guarantee. If a product is not up to a customers’ standard and they are hoping to return it for their full purchase price, the customer can call the number on the website to get in touch with an employee that will be able to explain exactly how the product should be sent back, and where the customer should send the return package. Out of respect for the customers’ privacy, the help personnel will not ask any further questions about why they were not satisfied with the product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Making a purchase of Alpha FX through the official website is a secure and easy process. The site does not retain any person information, allowing customers to rest assured that their purchase is a safe one. In fact, no one has direct access to the information that you provide for your billing information.

To accommodate all types of consumers, the supplements are able to be purchased with a large variety of international credit card companies such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. The website is also unique in that it has begun accepting Paypal as a method of payment for purchase.



Alpha FX is a relatively affordable testosterone boost option. A single bottle is filled with 90 pills, which is the perfect amount for a month’s supply. The pills are priced at $39.95 for a one-month bottle. The company also offers a promotion that allows users to buy 2 bottles and receive a third bottle for free. This means that customers can purchase a 3-month supply for the affordable price of $79.95. With free priority shipping, customers find that the price is quite reasonable.






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