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Alpha Fuel 720 Review – Does It Really Work or Not & What About the Side Effects?

What Is Alpha Fuel 720?

Because the male body begins to lose its stimulating all-important levels of testosterone as men naturally age into their 30’s even, it is important that they find a good testosterone boosting supplement and replacement with which to substitute this most critical hormone in the man’s body. Testosterone production is important and even essential for effective daily stamina, regular muscle maintenance and growth, and all around feelings of well-being. A testosterone-boosting supplement that is advertised to solve this problem of lack of sufficient testosterone levels is the Alpha Fuel 720. This supplement represents a formula that was specially created to assist men in recovering their lost testosterone so that they can build back up their once muscled and lean body again. It does this veritable fountain of youth work in several important ways. The first is by increasing metabolism to burn away extra calories from the body and also to melt away all of the extra fat in the body most naturally. Secondly, the formula similarly helps with boosting the growth of muscles and increasing stamina for longer stronger workouts, with building a leaner harder body, and with increasing the recovery from these intense, hard core workout sessions so that they are more effective and productive for the man every day and overall.



Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company is the creator, manufacturer, marketer, and direct seller of this male boosting formula Alpha Fuel 720 as well as their other proprietary product the Power Growth vitamin supplement blend. These two products represent their entire stable of formulas and products, so they are effectively able to concentrate their efforts entirely on only two brands and can focus more efficiently on the pair of them without scattering their corporate efforts on an extensive lineup of supplements, as many of their competitors choose to do.


How Alpha Fuel 720 Works?

This Alpha Fuel 720 formula does perform several important tasks for the male organism. First it makes major improvements by boosting and increasing the male body’s overall metabolism rates. A higher metabolism level is critical for burning off more fat that has been stored in the body. Secondly, the product builds up the flow and increases the actual circulation of blood to the muscles directly so that their recovery times, all around growth, and maintenance and development results are all noticeably enhanced. By building up the natural testosterone levels in the male body, the supplement is able to turbocharge workout sessions and simultaneously improve stamina, energy levels, and even endurance too.

Workouts themselves are visibly and measurably improved thanks to the Alpha Fuel 720 which improves the declining with age production of testosterone throughout the entire male body. Thanks to the all natural ingredients found in this supplement, the man’s endurance, stamina, and energy levels not only in the gym, but almost as importantly out of it, are built up quickly and noticeably. The manufacturer proudly claims that after only a few days to a few weeks of taking the supplement, users will be able to squeeze the most benefit out of every single workout session to work closer to that athletic and powerful appearance that every man has longed for since he started working out in the first place years ago.

Once the workouts are over, Alpha Fuel 720 continues its critical work on the man’s body. It adds critical elements to the organism so that the human body is able to provide improved levels of nutrients, oxygen, and blood to the muscles and the body in general in order for both the entire organism and the tired and worn out muscles to make a better and quicker recovery from the workout once it is effectively concluded. The proprietary blend of ingredients provides, revitalizes, and restores the muscles in the body in a swifter and more effective rate of time.


Ingredients of Alpha Fuel 720

The real beauty of this Alpha Fuel 720 is that the formula is entirely comprised of organic and all natural components that have been clinically proven and approved by panels of experts. There are no threatening, dangerous, or potentially harmful if combined with other supplement ingredients found inside of it. Such ingredients have been combined most precisely to deliver the bigger, harder, and better muscles along with a lean and sculpted body look. The ingredients found inside Alpha Fuel 720 include:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

This extract represents an all-natural herb that has been called the natural testosterone booster. It is commonly valued for its help with improving the male all around mood in general and also muscle building abilities for better and more powerful workout sessions.

Horny Goat Weed

This strangely-named herb is nonetheless made up of phytoestrogens and natural chemicals. They have been found to improve the all around the body blood flow levels for better muscle pumps and delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the body’s various muscles.

Fenugreek Extract

Another herbal gift from nature’s miraculous storehouse, this element boosts a wide variety of important health functions, such as all around masculine characteristics and physical strength.

Amino Acid & Vitamins

These amino acids are building blocks for stronger healthier muscles and tissue.

Glutamine Peptides

Though non-essential, these amino acids are the most abundant in the body. This glutamine is the primary nitrogen carrier within the human body, and it is also a crucial source of energy for a great many cells in the body.

Green Tea Extract

A powerful fat burner that is also loaded with disease fighting antioxidants as a bonus to help keep the bodybuilder healthy and strong.


An amino acid that helps the body to effectively process stress, which is critical when weightlifting on a hard core scale.


Promotes your veins relaxing, thus allowing for increased and improved blood flow to the muscles and other parts of the body.

Beta Alanine

This non-essential beta type of amino acid has evolved rapidly into one of the more essential elements for the serious competition level weightlifters and bodybuilders. It increases levels of muscle carnosine so that the user is able to perform higher levels of weightlifting work at greater intensity amounts.



Alpha Fuel 720 claims to provide men with a wide range of workout improving benefits. It confers many important advantages on the user’s body. The most important of these are that it:

  • Increases the level of testosterone in the body;
  • Quickly builds up leaner, harder muscle mass;
  • Melts away the body’s levels of excess fats;
  • Delivers fast gains in strength and lean muscles;
  • Builds up the man’s stamina and levels of energy.

The formula also contributes to many other beneficial bodybuilding and weightlifting advantages. It optimizes the male potential performance in bodybuilding workout sessions for one. The supplement also helps with faster and improved muscle recovery and all around muscle support, which all serious bodybuilding types will love. It boosts the effectiveness, length, and performance of the workout sessions, all the while improving the total sculpted look of the man and his body’s overall muscle tone. For improved oxygen and nutrient delivery systems, in particular to the muscles the formula regulates and improves the overall circulation of the blood. Besides these health benefits, it also significantly increases the overall metabolism levels in the male organism for improved fat burning and weight loss. It similarly nourishes and feeds the body with a wide range of healthy and helpful nutrients for better muscle building support and overall better health. Finally, the formula itself provides the man with a truly well-shaped and ideally sculpted body.



There have not been any certificates posted on their Alpha Fuel 720 or company website by the maker of the supplement the Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company.



I simply could not believe the Alpha Fuel 720 formula would help as much as its wild and overblown sounding marketing claims that it could. Yet in eight weeks time, all of their claims have been proven to be correct and fully fulfilled. I found it to be a fairly priced product that really delivers, and all with a risk-free trial period of two months. I will be staying with the monthly reorder plan I signed up for.
– Henry Croce, Toronto, Canada

This Alpha Fuel 720 impressed me with what an advanced formula it actually is. The manufacturer must have really researched the product for years before they finally came out with such an efficient and effective formula that even helps people like me. I love the improved stamina, superior muscle pumps, and higher energy levels I enjoy since I started taking this formula. I recommend that you have them rush you a first bottle to try out today!
– Ervin T. Sena, La Jolla, California

There is no reason that I would not recommend this Alpha Fuel 720 product for each and every man out there who is interested in building up his all around muscle growth and gym performance. I have personally used Alpha Fuel 720, and so I can say with confidence that it produces noticeable and real results fast. The formula does not simply build up your lean muscle mass, but it also charges up your body’s energy levels to ones that you have not seen in years. This allows you to perform harder and longer lasting workout sessions in the gym. Trust me when I tell you that you have nothing to lose and a lot of lean and hard muscle mass to gain in reviving your lost manhood with this wonderful weightlifting supplement.
– Tyler Hancock, Auburn, Georgia

Awards & Media Coverage

Though Alpha Fuel 720 does not currently boast of any awards at the time of publication of this review, it has received some coverage and testing. The supplement was strenuously tested out by gym trainers and a number of health experts and consultants before the company Power Growth and Alpha Fuel actually launched the formula on the weightlifting supplement market. All of them agreed that it does provide for better muscle recovery and heavier workouts in noticeable and measurable results.


Money-back Guarantee

Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company is not really pushing money back guarantees. Instead, they are offering potential customers and interested parties the ability to cancel the recurring monthly shipments that are charged to users’ credit cards at any point that they wish to no longer receive monthly shipments of the product. They promise to refund the purchase price of any quantity of supplements that have not been shipped out or delivered to the user’s address on file if they have already been charged for the product. This is what makes the company’s risk free trial so important, since there is not really any other true money back guarantee or scheme provided with this formula product at the time of review publication.



Buying the supplement means purchasing it directly from the manufacturer Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company at their official website for the Alpha Fuel product. They promise to deliver the first bottles of supplement to the user’s address by a certain date that they actually give out on the secure purchase form webpage once a credit card number is supplied to them to pay not only for the first shipment, but also for the monthly recurring supplements that will be shipped out on the same day each month. The actual shipping costs for the trial membership bottle are $4.90. After this, it appears to the observer that the monthly recurring charge amount for the recurring supplement shipments that are automatically sent out to all customers include shipping and handling charges as part of the purchase price.


Customer Support

Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company claims to be the exclusive retailer and wholesaler of the supplement. As the direct vendor, they provide their phone number, email address, and physical return shipping address on their website and encourage users who have questions, concerns, or orders they want to place to call or contact them directly by phone or email. For the convenience of their customers and would-be customers, they are open six days per week including Saturdays.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company’s website claims that the credit card charging transaction is safeguarded by a 128 bit secured SSL encryption level. This makes their level of online website security consistent with any other online merchant on the market that processes credit card charges and transactions, though not as high a level as an international bank or financial service or brokerage company’s security would need to be.


Alpha Fuel 720 Pricing & Free Trial

Alpha Fuel is somewhat unique in that the product manufacturer and vendor encourages new users to sign up for a free trial program to begin trying out the formula. At the time of agreeing to the terms and conditions of this promotional free trial period, users sign off on being charged the $4.90 shipping and handling fee for the formula product at the time they place their order for the trial version. Under this program, a 30 day full supply ships out from the maker the Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company. They then give users an 18 day trial period, which includes 14 days for evaluating the effectiveness and appropriateness of the product as well as 4 days for a fair shipping time allowance. At the end of this total 18 day trial period, users who have not called or emailed in to cancel their subscription will find that their credit card has been charged by $99.97 for the first month’s supply which they received and tried out. Assuming that they do not call or email in to cancel later recurring subsequent shipments, these one month supply refill shipments will go out every month on or around the same date, and the user’s credit card on file will be charged the same $99.97 each and every month. Under the risk free trial program, the product is only available as a recurring monthly charge and refill shipment plan.

For any potential customers who are uncomfortable with this type of never-ending financial arrangement with the maker of the supplement, they can simply order a fixed supply of the product and not be committed to continuously renewing additional charges and supplement shipments sent out every single month. The price for a single 1 month supply is $94.60, which includes free shipping included in the deal. By ordering a larger supply at one time, users appear to save considerably on the costs. As an example, a two month supply of the product only runs $114.99, or $20 higher than the one month sized supply, and it also includes free shipping and handling. This sized order also comes with a free bottle of the supplement included at no additional charges. The best value order is the three months supply that comes complete for $139.99 and similarly includes no shipping and handling charges. This level of purchase includes two free bottles as a bonus, and the Power Growth and Alpha Fuel Company claims and advertises that this sized order saves the users fully $125 over the cost of ordering the supplement separately and by piecemeal monthly arrangements.






8 responses to “Alpha Fuel 720 Review – Does It Really Work or Not & What About the Side Effects?”

  1. Monica Avatar

    You say this is strictly forbidden for women to use? I saw a woman’s review that she used it and lost weight and gained muscle. I just received it in the mail today. Is it your opinion or company claims women should not take it. Please let me know. Thank you

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Hi, there! I can’t speak on the behalf of the company behind this product, but there is no logic for women to take this product, one of the reason is that these ingredients are designed to support testosterone production in men by utilising the free testosterone in their blood. All these herbs and vitamins are proven to be working for men by naturally supporting their test levels and by maximizing the utilisation of what is already in their system. On the other hand, women are producing way less of this hormone in their blood, so the effects will be minimal and mostly will be associated with the ingredients working trough other benefits, not the testosterone production and I am not sure how much from that you’ll really notice. I don’t really think women should take this product for that reason. You should be aware that if you didn’t cancel your free trial program you’ll be charged automatically each month by the place from which you have ordered your product and left your credit card details. I am not sure about this company, but most of them will require you to return their bottle unopened if you want your money back. Make sure you place your call to this company before the free trial period ends. I suggest you to read again the terms and conditions for your program as well as sometimes people are rushing to order things without reading. Hope that helps!

  2. Monica Avatar

    Allen, thank you for responding so quickly. They provided no info or receipt with my order. The box they shipped it in had just the bottles in them. No directions of when to take pills or to take with food etc. Not even a packing slip. I will be call today to cancel this order. Thanks again!

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Sure, no problem! Hopefully you’ll resolve your situation!

  3. Temo Avatar

    Will this help me lose some weight fast, I go to the gym 5 times a week, work out for a few hours a day? I’m kinda big bone, will this help me trim some fat down?

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      I wonder how you have such energy to go to the gym 5 times a week and train for few hours, to be honest it looks like you have some ultra dedication. First of all to trim fat, the most important thing is to start a proper diet – get rid of all the fast food, sugars and all the modern day crap. Try go fully vegan for one month and I am sure you’ll see results. Supplements are just a small addition to your body program, they do not work alone. This product might indirectly help you, but it is not a pure weight loss solution, if you want to consider something purely for weight loss, you should go to the appropriate category and check some of the recommended products there. Again, they won’t work alone, you need to have a good workout and a diet program, then you can add a supplement for some better effect. Do not expect the results over night or for a week. It’s healthy that these changes are not being done fast as the liver will have hard time and it could be dangerous if you burn a lot of fat faster. So, take your time, do not believe in all the flashy ads out there, be persistent and you’ll have the result in the longrun.

  4. Cynthia Avatar

    Hello Allen, so you do not recommend this product for women correct?

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      It’s not a question about recommending, the whole category is only for men, not for females. Natural testosterone boosters won’t do anything for a woman, despite what some crazy people say, men and woman are made different by our nature and it is not about how you feel or present yourself. Men and women keep different ratio of hormones and some of them are produced differently. Women do not produce testosterone the same way men do, nor they keep the same ratio. Natural testosterone boosters are made to help men naturally, not females. It’s about our mother nature and how it made us. It’s like a man asking you if you really think that a pad is not recommend for him.

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