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Alpha Cut Review – Is This a Supplement for Intense Workouts?

What Is Alpha Cut?

Alpha Cut is a supplement designed to increase testosterone levels, which in turn leads to increased health and vitality, enhanced muscle size and fat loss, and energy levels during workouts and in everyday life. Also it was designed to increase muscle mass, decrease fat, and enhance energy for prolonged workouts and better overall health. It controls estrogen levels and boosts testosterone simultaneously for maximum effects. Along with building muscle, the supplement claims to have anti-aging ingredients. And the improved energy levels will help with overall fatigue and also from tiring out too quickly at the gym.

The overall appearance of your body is said to improve as well, since the body fat is burned while still leaving lean muscle underneath. The product works to balance the secretion and production of testosterone through its four main ingredients. Indole 3 Carbinol, Diindolylmethane, Curcumin and Chrysin help to detox the body, increase testosterone levels and lower the production of bad estrogen. It also strengthens the immune system and decreases bloating. There is no manufacturing information for the listed Manufacturer, GNP Labs, which is not to be confused with GMP Labs, a reputable manufacturer located in California, U.S.A. Also the product is said to have been discontinued, so whether the product is available on the market at present to try is questionable. Also there is no customer service information available to contact to ask any of this information or to answer any questions you may have.



The manufacturing of the Alpha Cut product is done in GNP Labs. The supplement is available only through the manufacturer. It is made with 100% purely natural ingredients according to the manufacturer. This manufacturer is not to be confused with GMP Labs, which is a reputable manufacturer of pills since 1994. GNP Labs on the other hand is not to be found online, and there are no reviews either for the company. This may leave you wanting to look into GNP Labs more extensively before buying any of their products.

The lack of information and website regarding the manufacturer should always make someone wary of where the product was manufactured. Also you want to know what actually is in the supplement that you are taking. And was the product made in a safe environment, and was the manufacturing process legitimate? The working conditions and standards of manufacturing in other countries for example can not be as high as in the U.S.A. And with no Customer Support contact information, gaining these details might be very challenging.


How Alpha Cut Works?

You should take Alpha Cut with plenty of water and alongside intense workouts to see the most improvement from the supplement. Reports vary, but most customers say they see results after two months of taking the product. When the body has extra fat in place, the normal processes are not working as normal and fatigue comes more quickly, during workouts and in everyday life. More fatigue means less time at the gym during workouts and also more lethargy in general.

But with regular use of Alpha Cut, combined with good exercise and diet, strength and energy should return, along with burning fat and building muscle which will in turn produce even more energy. Also the overall appearance of the body will improve after body fat is burned. And the balance of more testosterone produced and lowering of estrogen will also help in increasing energy, burning fat and building muscle. Also the 100% natural ingredients are said to be safe for the body. And the supplement is only intended for male users and not women or children.


Ingredients of Alpha Cut

The four primary ingredients for Alpha Cut are Indole 3 Carbinol, Diindolylmethane, Curcumin and Chrysin. These ingredients help to detox the body, increase testosterone production, limit estrogen production, and improve the immune system. It also helps to decrease bloating. It helps the bodybuilder to work out for longer periods of time which leads to less fatigue over time and faster results. The manufacturer of the product is not found online, however, and the lack of customer service information makes it challenging to ask any questions about the manufacturer, the process, and this might make you wonder if the ingredients are legitimate and if those are the only ingredients. It also might make you question if the ingredients were made safely in a proper lab.

Some people also reported an increase in sleep quality, and a boost in their confidence and mood. With the levels of estrogen controlled, there is less middle-age fat on the body and more quality of lean muscle, with less hard work that comes along with age. Also with these ingredients, reports have said that they are able to life more weight, at more reps, in a shorter period of time due to increased energy levels. With two capsules per day, people have reported less fatigue, more energy to work out and greater results at the gym. One side effect might be nausea, in which case it is okay to eat something with the supplement.



Alpha Cut manufacturing claims that the ingredients in the product are 100% natural and therefore safe for the body. It is not supposed to have any synthesized or artificial ingredients, and is chemical free and supposedly therefore safe to ingest. As long as the product is not taken alongside other medications, there are no negative side-effects according to the manufacturer. Other supplements on the other hand might cause gastrointestinal discomfort and harmful products such as steroids can produce bad side-effects and long-term health problems. Alpha Cut claims to have none of these.

The product claims to improve quality and strength of the muscles, and it controls estrogen levels and testosterone levels, regulating them for maximum results. The anti-aging properties also help you look good as well, while reducing fatigue overall and in the gym. It also helps you to shed fat. Finally, it helps the user to work out for longer periods of time, increasing production of muscle over a faster period of time. This leads to better overall fitness and health, as well.



There are no specific certificates for Alpha Cut. Customers have noticed a difference in muscle size and energy after two months of taking the supplement. This seems standard when compared to reviews of other supplements. Also it claims to improve your overall physical appearance, which is probably also the case with other supplements if they are effective. Others said that they saw results after a longer period of time, but not as much as they would have liked. One said they saw a gain of six pounds and another said they saw a gain of 12 pounds.

The ingredients are supposed to decrease estrogen and increase testosterone. One of the main ingredients called Indole 3 Carbinol is said to be a compound found in cruciferous vegetables. And that it has anti-estrogen properties and balances the hormones in the body’s system. It is true that these vegetables are known to inhibit estrogen, how effectively is not known. The other ingredients are mainly supposed to increase testosterone production, which restores energy and helps build muscle, along with helping get rid of fats.



Some users of Alpha Cut have reported an increase in the quality of their sleep. They also reported a boost in overall confidence and mood, which might also come along after they see results. Supposedly there are no harmful side-effects from the supplement. However one of the ingredients, 3 Carbinol, has been known to cause tremors and nausea, as well as produce balance problems if taken in large doses. It is recommended that if nausea occurs, the user should eat food along with ingesting the supplement. Another review said that they started to see inflammation in the head and neck area after using the product for a few days, so they had to discontinue it.

Some have also reported a decrease in fat and bloating, and most have reported that they have seen effects, if any, after two months of consistently using the product. Along with the product it is said that you should implement a healthy diet and exercise, along with plenty of rest to see maximum results. Customers also reported that they were able to stay more focused and alert throughout their day-to-day activities. Of course, results varied from person to person, so you can’t be certain as to the effectiveness of the ingredients for you or the potential side effects until you try the product for yourself. Also one review complained about the ingredients, saying that they might produce bad side-effects. And Another said that they did not like that the product promoted an increase in energy, because supposedly none of the ingredients listed are supposed to provide those results. He also complained about the length of the free trial, which is only 14 days.


Awards & Media Coverage

There are no specific awards or much media coverage to mention, other than advertisement videos. The product claims to get real results from the gym quickly, and say that the first differences you will notice will be the level of energy and power you will have during a workout session. After this they said you will notice a difference in your physical appearance, including shed fat and better built muscle. Finally, your confidence and attitude will be boosted from your overall appearance.

Reviews claimed that they noticed larger built muscle, and also that their bodies look better. They reported increased energy and less fatigue and also more strength to endure workouts. They also noticed a reduction in fat and more results than with other supplements they tried. The product claims to also get rid of fat without cutting down on muscle mass as well. The lack of manufacturing information, however, again might make you question if the ingredients are safe to use. It also makes you wonder if the ingredients are legitimate.


Money-back Guarantee

Alpha Cut comes supposedly with a 100% money-back guarantee that you can use within the first 30 days after you purchase the product. You will be charged shipping and handling fees plus a restocking fee of $5.95. You can try the product for 14 days and just pay the shipping and handling. If you decide you don’t like the product during that time, you can cancel your order. This will make you avoid being charged for the product. If you don’t cancel you will be charged for the month’s supply.

It is good if you can try the product for free without being charged to see if you like it. However remember that most supplement reviews including this one say that you only notice results after a couple of months. So according to the site you should probably purchase the supplement for up to two months before canceling to see if you get the results you want. If this is a marketing gimmick is uncertain, but it is something to question. You can avail of the money-back guarantee by calling the customer service number.



Shipping for a month’s supply of Alpha Cut is $5.95 in the U.S., and $7.95 in Canada. Remember that if you choose to get your money back on the product, you will still be responsible to pay the shipping and handling costs. Also there is a restocking fee of $5.95 that applies to the product. So overall if you are in the U.S.A. you can expect to pay around $12 for every month’s shipment. You may want to calculate this in to the monthly cost of the product if you decide to continue using it.

Also depending on where you purchase the product the shipping cost might vary. And always look to see if a product offers free shipping that it is not more expensive than on other sites where shipping and handling payments are required. Sometimes the company will make you think you are saving money by offering free shipping but then make the product more expensive to include the shipping cost within the product price.


Customer Support

There is a number to call for Alpha Cut if you need help, however the product has been labeled as discontinued, so it is uncertain where you can go to find out more information about the product. Therefore there is no customer support information for the manufacturer. GNP Labs online, nor for the product. There are no other sites with information available to contact the makers of the product. You may want to wait before you buy the product, and it might not be possible to buy the product if it isn’t on the market.

No legitimate customer support information should always make someone wary of where the product was manufactured. And there is no way to find out if the ingredients in the product are safe. As well there is no information on if it was made in a safe environment, or the conditions of the laboratory. If there is no information listed and no way to contact anyone to verify the information, even if you can find the product you probably won’t want to try it. It might be dangerous or in the least, ineffective.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Since the product was discontinued, you won’t be able to purchase online and you will probably not find it in retail stores, either. Keep in mind that the majority of sites where you purchase a product have SSL Certificates such as McAfee. You enter information when you make a purchase such as your email address, name, phone number, you mailing address and other information. The certificate will help protect you from identity theft and from others using your credit card to make purchases.

Also most manufacturing sites will have a section with an explanation on how they use your information. Usually they will use your email to send you products that they are promoting and also for marketing purposes. You can most of the time unsubscribe from receiving the emails whenever you want to do it. However remember that Alpha Cut was listed as discontinued. Also when you click on a link to buy in on any site, it redirects you to try buying another product. Always suspect if this happens, because whoever is producing the product may just shut down one product when it gets a bad name and open another one to try.


Pricing & Free Trial

You are supposed to be able to get a free trial of Alpha Cut HD for the shipping and handling cost of $5.95 in the U.S. and $7.95 in Canada. Also there is a restocking fee of $5.95 that applies to the product when you purchase it. Your 14-day free trial is to allow you to test the product for yourself to see if you like the results. You can cancel the order within 14 days to avoid being charged the monthly fee of $89.95.

Since the product looks to have been discontinued, however, you might not be able to order it. And you will be redirected to another site promoting another product. One new product that you are redirected to also gives you a free trial. But it might make you think that whoever is making the product is simply remaking the same product that yields bad or no results and putting another label on it to get consumers to pay for it. And you have to make sure to cancel the free trial or you will be charged. The product’s cost, if it exists, when ordered online would be $89.95 per month plus $5.95 shipping and handling fee in the U.S.A. and a restocking fee of $5.95. This is a grand total of $101.85 per month for the supplement.






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