Adaptogen by Betancourt Nutrition Review – Can It Boost Your Testosterone Levels Naturally?

What Is Adaptogen?

Professional or serious bodybuilders and competition level athletes are always on the hunt for a good workout supplement that can help them to perform at their optimal physical level without ingesting an artificial, dangerous, or banned substance that will disqualify them from competing. Among the numerous testosterone boosters on the market advertised to do just that is Adaptogen. This should not be confused with the various Indian herbs marketed under the same product name. This particular Adaptogen is actually an all natural testosterone levels booster designed and intended for men. It is useful for improving the man’s natural testosterone levels to assist with improving fat burning and loss as well as to encourage and promote better muscle mass growth.



The manufacturer of Adaptogen is Betancourt Nutrition. This large and well-established maker of supplements for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders alike produces an extensive range of pre- and post-workout supplements and solutions, including creatines and amino acids among many other products. All of their formulas and supplements are made in a facility in Miami, Florida that is NSF certified. This certification guarantees that their factories all meet the exacting manufacturing specifications and standards for nutritional supplements as specifically laid out by the Food and Drug Administration.

This certification means that all of the raw materials employed in the supplements are tested to authenticate their identity before they are produced. Each and every one of their final products is then submitted for intensive quality assurance and control tests and protocols before they are sent on to the final inventory location. Betancourt Nutrition insists that the high standard guarantee of both safety and quality in each bottle of their supplements is at the heart of their core vision, mission, and business.


How Adaptogen Works?

Adaptogen works by stimulating the male organism’s production of the all natural hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the naturally produced, essential human growth hormone in men that increases muscle mass, energy, endurance, focus, and all around feelings of masculine well-being and general health. It is particularly useful because of its properties of adding lean muscle, of increasing stamina and performance for more impressive workouts in the gym, and of burning fat in the man’s body.

This supplement does not help with every aspect needed for stronger workouts and recovery however. This is why to take care of these other weightlifting requirements, Betancourt Nutrition and other fitness companies recommend adding in various other supplements together in a stack. Fortunately, this formula is completely safe and all-natural for combining it with various other supplements to create the optimal all around pre- and post-workout daily regimen. For starters, all bodybuilders will want to stack the supplement up with a solid Whey Protein that should be taken following the conclusion of the daily workouts in order to assist with feeding muscles and helping with the development of additional lean muscles.

Other supplements stack up ideally well with the formula. Better workout performance can be obtained by combining it with a powerful pre-workout supplement. Muscle recovery and endurance can be assisted by adding in a reliable Amino Acid supplement product. Those who also wish to reduce their overall body fat percentage can stack up the formula with a good Thermogenic Fat Burner.


Ingredients of Adaptogen

There are two principal main ingredients in this Adaptogen formula. The first is a proprietary form of Fenugreek extract. In this capacity, Fenugreek works through a number of channels in the male body to help out with the production and maintenance of higher levels of testosterone and as a result more muscle mass. It is believed to increase vitality and vigor in men’s bodies, and also to encourage a maintenance of high levels of muscle mass.

A second active ingredient in the formula is Rhodiola Rosea. Long believed to be an effective adaptogen that helps the male body to deal with stress hormones such as cortisol, this ingredient aids in reducing the free radicals caused by stress. Such free radicals age the body and reduce the production of human growth hormones like testosterone that help to keep the man feeling and acting younger, healthier, and stronger. Phosphatidylserine works in concert with this ingredient to help in managing the negative stress-produced hormones.

Other important ingredients in the formula are useful for promoting better and healthier levels of estrogen levels in the man. Higher estrogen levels are commonly believed to cause a greater level of excess body fat while leading to poor weightlifting and working out performance. Healthy estrogen and all around hormone levels are essential in allowing the male to attain and maintain his full potential in displays of strength and endurance both inside and outside of the gym.



The advantages to Adaptogen are several and varied. Thanks to the increase in testosterone levels, it promotes better strength, endurance, and recovery times after workouts. Users relate how they feel these effects kick in during the first week that they take a full regimen of the product. Along with this, the formula helps users to improve their lifts, to hone and sharpen their focus for better and longer weightlifting, and to extend the numbers, frequency, and lengths of the training sessions.

Other improvements that benefit the weightlifter or athlete center on improved stamina and faster recovery times for the muscles. Greater stamina means that weightlifting and workout sessions are more effective and productive, while better recovery times lead to less recovery pain and the ability to hit the gym again sooner than would be possible without the supplement.



Though this product Adaptogen has been around for years, it does not boast any certifications. This may be as a result of a choice by Betancourt Nutrition not to invest resources and man hours into pursuing them than any indication that the product is undeserving in any way.



I can honestly say that I have been cycling on and off of the Adaptogen for the past year. I consider it to be an effective and helpful testosterone boosting product, and I have been very satisfied with my personal results on the formula. I’ve of course enjoyed the stimulating effects of improved testosterone levels and better aggression in the gym, and have managed to deal with the higher irritability. My muscle and weightlifting gains have been significant and impressive. This is a tremendous product that gives you both reliable and tangibly measurable results, and I have no problem in recommending it to others. – John Walker, Buffalo, NY

Although most reviews on Adaptogen are overwhelmingly positive, I can not say that my experience was the same, sadly. In my personal case, I encounter dizziness and rapidly beating heart rate once I started taking it. I tried to find out why my particular batch of the formula was causing this and so opened the capsules to discover a chemical smell. I found the product to be packed with fillers and unknown and shadowy ingredients that are supposed to inhibit the strange smells. In my case, the side effects of these questionable ingredients, one of which seemed to be Stinging Nettle, turned out to be muscle and joint pain.

There are warnings on the side effects of this formula, the most serious of which was not to take it if your family possesses a history of enlarged prostates, so I do not recommend it to anyone. It is supposed to be a safe and natural testosterone support formula, but I did not find it to be any magical pill for improving these levels. For me it was both a significant risk to my health and a serious waste of my money. – Samir Itable, Santa Barbara, CA

Congratulations to the intelligent scientists who came up with and formulated Adaptogen. It took less than a month of me training and simultaneously consuming this supplement in order to see my own leg presses go up from around 600 pounds of reps to a solid 900 pounds in reps. I have been weightlifting for over 20 years at age 41 and have found that it was getting to be more and more difficult for me as I age. Thanks to this testosterone boosting supplement, I am grateful to find that I no longer suffer from soreness and stiffness after my typical workouts. An all-around solid product, Betancourt Nutrition! – Rick Caldwell, Nashville, TN


Money-back Guarantee

Betancourt Nutrition does not offer completely comforting assurances for returning any product with which users are dissatisfied. At first they state that any user who is unhappy with an item that they have bought from their site can confidently return the unused portion of the product to their corporate office in Miami. So long as this is done within 30 days of the original order date, then they initially claim that a full refund will be issued on the original purchase price, less the cost of shipping and handling and other related fees.

What is a little disconcerting is that the rest of the disclaimer limits the reasons for which the products can be returned to the manufacturer. It states that their products may only be returned to them for a money back guarantee if these products are either unopened, considered to have arrived damaged, or were defective in some meaningful way. They state that if a user receives a damaged or defective item, then they are to contact Betancourt Nutrition directly on their phone number and have their order number handy when they call no later than within seven days of delivery of the product itself.

In still another section of the manufacturer’s website, they state that all returns must be made in good condition whether the product is used or unused, with all appropriate return forms filled in and all accompanying accessories and the original packaging included whenever possible. This sounds more like they will allow a product return on a formula that did not work as it was supposed to. The danger is that thanks to a conflicting series of statements on the returns which are actually allowed, users will not truly know if they will receive a full refund or not until the product is returned to the manufacturer and they speak with their customer service department to learn what the fate of their particular return will actually be.



Shipping costs vary depending on whether a user purchases it directly from the manufacturer or from another vendor. Betancourt Nutrition themselves charge a standard flat rate of shipping and handling fees. When the orders are going out to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states from the manufacturer directly, then the flat rate shipping price is $10.00, regardless of how large or small the order proves to be.

They state that their shipping arrangements are handled by both United States Postal Service’s First Class mail with delivery confirmation, or with UPS Ground service. Both are considered to be their standard methods of shipping. For those orders that are sent out to destinations and addresses found anywhere in Hawaii, Alaska, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico, then the standard flat shipping rate is $20.00.

Other vendors each maintain their own particular policies regarding shipping costs and prices that they charge for it. When users place orders with Amazon Prime, there is no shipping charge, regardless of the size of the order of Adaptogen placed.


Customer Support

Any buyers who order from Betancourt Nutrition the manufacturer have a well-regarded and easily accessible customer service option available to them. The maker of the Adaptogen product states on its website that any customers or prospective customers who have questions about specific products, a present or future order, or all around general questions which need answers may call them from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST. They go on to provide phone and fax numbers and a contact form for users or potential customers to take advantage of with regards to contacting them.

Other vendors each have their own strengths and weaknesses regarding their customer service departments and emphasis. Because the reviews on this product have been mostly positive but are still mixed, it is a good idea to work with a company that offers solid customer service credentials. Another important consideration is the individual specific return policy and refund terms of the company from whom a user buys this particular formula.


Safe & Secure Checkout

With all of the cases and incidents of stolen credit card information and identity theft that have been reported from numerous online vendors both large and small, a safe and secure checkout is an important consideration for prospective buyers of this formula. On the questions and answers section of the Betancourt Nutrition website, the manufacturer of the product directly addresses the concerns of whether or not it is safe to utilize credit cards on the maker of the supplement’s website. They answer that the company and webmasters comprehend that the safety and security of buyers’ personal confidential information matters both to the buyer and to them as a company. To this effect, they employ a significant range of physical and electronic security protocols and devices in order to safeguard users’ credit card information and personal data from any would-be cyber criminals and general unauthorized access to this sensitive information and data.

As far as other vendors sites go, users should be careful. If a large and well-funded online merchant like Target can be hacked and have tens of millions of credit card numbers stolen, then in theory any sized and funded outfit is vulnerable to similar security breaches and cyber-data theft results. This is why buyers should carefully investigate the level of data encryption provided by the online merchants when they buy the product. A minimum 128 bit standard SSL encryption should be present on any site with which they transact and to whom they transmit credit card or other sensitive personal information.



The pricing of the Adaptogen formula depends on from whom the prospective buyers purchase it. The manufacturer Betancourt Nutrition sells it on their e-commerce store in a quantity of 90 capsules for $59.99 plus a flat rate of $10 shipping and handling charges. Other vendors sell the supplement for a wide variety of prices ranging from lower to higher than what Betancourt Nutrition is charging. Potential buyers should remember the old adage about getting what one pays for and be suspicious of any merchant that is offering to sell the same supplement at half or so of the cost of the price that the actual manufacturer is charging for their own product.

* Update: The product was sold under the brand Adaptodren, but it looks like it is not available at the moment. We are not sure if it was pulled off the market, but it currently looks like that. We are not really sure about it.






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