Activatrol Male Testosterone

Activatrol Male Testosterone Review – Can It Help with Your Results?

What Is Activatrol Male Testosterone?

Activatrol Male Testosterone is a pre-workout supplement that claims to have the power to help build muscle mass. The product is aimed specifically at men who have experienced a lowered level of testosterone as they have gotten older. As a result of this lower testosterone, the consumer may have experienced symptoms such as lack of energy and an inability to make lean muscle mass. This product works as a pre-workout supplement by helping the body use the hard work already being done in the workout to create muscle mass. The idea is to help the consumer who already has an established workout routine and diet in place. It simply helps the body do what it is supposed to.

Lowering hormones are often not something men really like to discuss. By not talking about it, many men deny the effects that lowered testosterone can have on their lives. It has an impact on everything from body image to energy levels to personal relationships. Normally, the solution to these problems would be synthetic hormones that can be harmful to long-term health. Luckily, this supplement offers a proposed natural solution to this very delicate problem. Since the product has no possible side effects in a healthy adult male, it seems to be worth a try.



The manufacturer for this product is Activatrol Male Testosterone. There is not a lot of information available for this company. Presumably, this supplement is the only product manufactured or distributed by this company. This can be both good and bad. Unfortunately, a company with only one product on the market does not have the distribution power of a company with dozens or hundreds of products available. This may be why the distribution is limited to 250 free trials per day. It is more difficult for a smaller company to mass produce and ship higher volumes of supplements. This is also why the product is not available in any retail store. It must be ordered online.

Being from a smaller manufacturer can have its advantages as well. For example, the company only has one product to worry about. It can pool all resources into the one product. This means that all of the product research involving formulas, rate of effectiveness, and distribution techniques are all done specifically with this product in mind. The extra attention also assures that the company is invested in the success of the product. This usually means that this manufacturer is more likely to listen to complaints and questions about the product. It also means that customers have more of a voice in the advertising power of such supplements. Good reviews are vital to the lifespan of the product.


How Activatrol Male Testosterone Works?

The supplement works in a pretty simple way. First, the consumer takes the capsule. One capsule should be taken in the morning, and another capsule should be taken in the evening. Each one should be taken with a full glass of water. Next, the formula gets into the blood stream. This makes blood supply to the muscles increase almost immediately. Finally, the product causes the levels of free testosterone in the body to be raised. This gives the more long-term effects of higher energy levels, fat loss, and the increased ability to raise muscle mass. While some effects such as higher energy levels can be seen immediately, others take as long as 90 days to become noticeable.

The product is intended to be a workout supplement. This means that the product does not work if the consumer is not willing to do the workouts needed to make lean muscle. A healthy diet is also a vital aspect to seeing the results desired. That being said, the effects of the product will also wear off if the consumer fails to take the supplement as directed. It is very important that the regimen be reliable to see the best long-term results possible with raised levels of testosterone. Since the product also has a unique formula, the consumer must make sure to take Activatrol Male Testosterone only. Other testosterone boosting products will not give you exactly the same results.


Ingredients of Activatrol Male Testosterone

Activatrol Male Testosterone has 3 main ingredients that work together to build overall health and wellness for workout enthusiasts. First, the primary ingredient is L-citrulline. This substance simply increases the levels of nitric oxide in the blood. With higher levels of nitric oxide, blood travels easier to the muscles, the organs, and the brain. This can help give higher levels of energy as well as better mental clarity. It may also help the lean muscle already existing to pop out and become more noticeable. Although this natural ingredient has never been proven to raise testosterone levels, it is commonly used in a variety of natural remedies to raise testosterone. Multitudes of men swear by the effectiveness of this ingredient.

The second crucial ingredient in the cocktail is L-arginine. This amino acid is a common ingredient in many testosterone boosters. This ingredient helps the body release free testosterone. This is what helps to correct the symptoms of lowered testosterone. This can take a while to notice, but the process begins immediately. Eventually, consumers will begin to notice an increase in muscle mass, endurance, and vitality. The supplement is finished off with the ingredient dipotassium phosphate.This is a micro-nutrient that helps the body support healthy cell growth. It accomplishes this by helping to clear the liver of potential toxins. This is vital for men who hope to gain muscle mass. All 3 of these ingredients are natural solutions that have no risk of negative reactions and side effects.



There are definitely some clear advantages to taking Activatrol Male Testosterone. Starting with the most obvious, the product allows the consumer to build lean muscle mass. It does not do this in a harmful way like a steroid. In fact, it is a natural solution that uses herbs and ingredients found in nature. It simply gives the human body he ability to perform the natural function of making its own testosterone. This, in turn, allows the body to make more muscle. So, the clear advantage is the product’s ability to help build lean muscle mass while also increasing workout performance, endurance, and vitality. By making more lean muscle, men will also experience a decrease of excess fat in the stomach and other areas.

The product also has mental benefits in addition to the physical ones. Men have reported having more energy. More energy means more time for things that matter the most such as family, friends, and hobbies. This can improve relationships as well as improving overall mental health. In addition to more energy, many consumers of this product have also reported experiencing more mental focus. This can help with more than just workouts. Better mental focus may improve job performance and overall wellness. Clearly, the advantages of taking this product go beyond physical health. The supplement improves multiple areas of wellness, making it an excellent option for men who have experienced lowered levels of testosterone as they get older.



Activatrol Male Testosterone has a couple of certificates in regards to security. First, it is certified McAfee Secure. This is an outside security company that checks the website frequently to make sure everything on the website is safe and secure. Additionally, the company has received a Norton Secure certification. These two certifications work together to assure the consumer that the process of ordering this product is entirely secure. This is very important in an age where there is so much cyber crime. These certifications are extremely important for this product because this supplement can only be purchased online. It is not available in any retail establishment anywhere. This makes it absolutely vital that consumers feel comfortable ordering the product through the website. Otherwise, it would be impossible to sell the product.

In addition to the security certifications, the company posts that it is certified to be one of the best products for raising testosterone. This is a promise made from the manufacturer to the consumer that guarantees the product will be of he highest quality. This promise works to assure the consumer that the company puts health, safety, and wellness of consumers above all else. This is an important distinction because there are many similar products on the market.



I did not believe that Activatrol Male Testosterone would work for me. I am so happy to report that I have seen amazing results using this product. I would recommend the supplement to anyone who wants to build lean muscle mass. — Sam E., Olympia, WA, USA

I love that this products has no nasty aftertaste. In fact, the pills are entirely tasteless. So many products taste bad, so this was good news for me. — Sean T., Richmond, VA, USA

Activatrol Male Testosterone has no chance of side effects. This is a huge perk. Since the ingredients are entirely natural, I do not worry about any negative long-term consequences of taking this product.— Jack R., Madison, WI, USA

I am a fitness instructor. Generally, I do not recommend these sorts of products. However, this one is different. It is better for the body, and it actually helps build real lean muscle mass. Not only do I take the supplement myself, but I also recommend it to fitness clients. — Glen W., Pierre, SD, USA

I had no idea that testosterone began going down at the age of 30. Sometimes, it happens even younger than that. I could not figure out why I could not seem to build lean muscle mass. Thank goodness for this product. I will never go back. — James U., Wollongong, Australia

I would recommend this any man. It has given me so much more energy to work out. As a result, I got the body I always wanted. — Steve V., Columbus, OH, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

This product has not won any awards yet. This is not uncommon for this type of product. There are just so many similar products on the market. It would be impossible to actually rate and try every one. However, Activatrol Male Testosterone does seem to have a popular following on the Internet. This is important for products that come from small companies such as this. Positive online reviews help the product sell better throughout the workout community. That speaks well for this supplement. In fact, it is pretty difficult to find any negative reviews related to this supplement. Since the product uses natural ingredients, men seem more likely to give it a try. After trying it out, many have left positive reviews.

This product has been around at least since 2014. Therefore, it has garnered somewhat of a following. Social media and online advertising have proven to provide a solid marketplace for this. Many men have come to social media to send positive reviews and feedback. Additionally, many men feel more comfortable asking delicate questions online than asking their friends at the gym. This internet presence has done more for the supplement than any award ever could.


Money-back Guarantee

Activatrol Male Testosterone does not really have a full guarantee policy. It can be assumed that this is the purpose of the free trial. However, the trial does not give the consumer a lot of time to figure out if they like the product or not. Of course, any transaction done as a fraudulent transaction will be refunded. However, refunds for dissatisfaction seem to be slightly difficult with this product. Many consumers report that their attempt to cancel the product requires them to send back the original product. This can take several days to process, and the refund can take up to 15 days to post back to the original card. Additionally, the company charges a $15 restocking fee on all returns. Only the unused part of the product would be refunded. To make it worse, the product would have to be sent back at the owner’s expense. Therefore, the consumer would only get back a small portion of the amount paid for the item.

Lack of a good guarantee does not necessarily mean the product is not good. Actually, this could mean the opposite. Perhaps the company has not had enough returns to need a guarantee. According to the reviews, the company also happily replaces any product that arrives damaged. This shows that they care about the quality of their product as well as the health of their consumers. As with other returns, the faulty product still has to be sent back to the manufacturer at the expense of the consumer. Although this is inconvenient, it helps the company identify how and why the product was damaged when it arrived at the consumer. This helps prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future.



Shipping for this product is fast and simple. When the first round is ordered, there is no charge for the product. There is simply a fee of $5.95 for shipping. This fee allows the product to be shipped First Class in 5-6 business games. Unfortunately, the product is only available in the U.S. at this time. The team at Activatrol Male Testosterone is working to get the product to a wider audience. Shipping takes a little bit longer because each package is infected for quality before it leaves the shipping site. The product is also shipped in quality control containers that assure that the product is fresh and safe when it arrives to the consumer. This assures the consumer that no outside elements such as heat or cold change the quality of the product.

Although the website officially advertises a shipping time of 5-6 business days, many consumers receive their product before this time. If the subscription to the product is not cancelled before the 18th day after the initial order, more of the product will be shipped. The site is not specific on shipping costs, but it can be assumed that the $5.95 is the cost for all shipment of the product after the trial period. This shipping cost would be in addition to the cost of the product. Any shipping for the returns are made at the cost of the consumer, so make sure to cancel the subscription before the end of trial period if you do not want to continue receiving the product.


Customer Support

This product offers a stellar customer support staff. All reports indicate that the staff is knowledgeable and helpful in advising customers in areas that they may have questions. There are two ways to contact the customer support staff for Activatrol Male Testosterone. First, the company offers email. This can be a worthy option for consumers who do not need to speak with a live advisor. Questions related to the performance of the product as well as other fitness related questions could easily be answered through email. There are actually situations where this may give the advising team longer to send a thorough, researched answer to any questions. Additionally, email is a great way to ask any questions that the consumer may not want to ask in person.

The other avenue for customer support is the company’s toll-free phone number. The hours are not really listed, but any normal business hours would be good times to call. This is also a great way to contact customer support because it allows a dialogue to happen between the company and the consumer. Knowledgeable advisors can offer personalized responses to questions and concerns. This is great for consumers who may have several questions about their own personal fitness regimen and goals. Additionally, any questions regarding refunds, returns, or billing should be asked over the phone. This is also the way to cancel the subscription if you no longer wish to receive future shipments of the product for any reason.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The website for Activatrol Male Testosterone is extremely safe and secure. The site contains a portal with a 256-bit encryption. This means that information sent from the site to the company cannot be hacked. And even if it was hacked, it would be impossible to read by anyone who is not supposed to have the information. The website also does not need to be password protected due to the encryption. The website is further protected by 2 impressive security certificates. It is certified as both McAfee Secure as well as Norton Secure. These certificates are important for small and private websites that process secure personal information. The certificates are from outside security companies that inspect the website for safety. This is so important in an age where identity theft is so common. This shows that the company really cares about the consumer.

One other security measure taken by the company is their Comodo SSL certificate. This is another certification issued after an outside security organization inspects the website. The internet an its technology change every day. Computer developers get more savvy, but unfortunately so do hackers. The company for this product is very wise to have trained professionals inspect their site to insure that every customer’s personal information is 100% safe and secure. This is especially important because enrollment in the trial requires registration of a credit card.


Pricing & Free Trial

This product has a free trial to allow the consumer to try the supplement. There are only 250 free trial offers given each day. The free trial consists of enough capsules for 30 days. However, the consumer will begin being billed for the product on the 18th day after the initial order. At this time, the next month’s supply will be charged to the card on file and shipped. The shipment are automatic each month until the consumer chooses to cancel the subscription. This is convenient for fans of the product because you do not have to remember to order more each month. However, many consumers do not like being enrolled in the automatic billing process. Unfortunately, the only way to get Activatrol Male Testosterone is to sign up through the website for the trial offer. The product is not available in any retail stores at this time.

For the first shipment, the consumer will only pay the $5.95 shipping cost. After that, the product costs $79.99 per month. This is only $2-$3 per day with shipping. That is not that bad compared to the cost of prescription hormone therapy. You cannot really put a price on the effects that correcting hormone imbalance can have on your life. Assuming this product works as advertised, it is well worth this money. In fact, the cost per serving is actually less than many other similar products on the market. At this price, it would definitely be worth a try for men who have experienced lowering testosterone.






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