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Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports Review – Does It Work?

What Is Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports?

Increasing your free and total testosterone levels is the key to gaining the muscles that you want and losing the amount of weight that you need to lose. Researchers working on Activate Xtreme created a unique and patented ingredient that boosts both types of testosterone to give you a better sense of well-being. Though you can find other testosterone boosters out there, many think that Activate Xtreme is one of the best.


Who Makes Activate Xtreme?

The manufacturer of Activate Xtreme is Driven Sports, a company focused on creating and distributing supplements designed for athletes at all levels. While other companies focus predominantly on professional athletes, Driven Sports developed Activate Xtreme for both amateur athletes looking to move up and professional athletes trying to move beyond a plateau. Researchers working for DS created a compound called Divanil that studies found could actually keep testosterone levels stable and prevent the body from creating an excess of testosterone.


What It Does to Your Body?

The free testosterone found in your body goes a long way towards promoting the development of strong tissues and muscles. The problem is that when you have an excess of this testosterone, it actually limits how far you can go and how big your muscles can get. Activate Xtreme contains a compound that causes the body to stop its production of free testosterone and keep those hormones at a lower level without leading to symptoms of low testosterone.

When you continue taking Activate Xtreme, your body will change the rate at which it produces hormones. Studies done by DS found that men with lower testosterone levels saw an increase of more than 100 percent in terms of hormone production. The supplement essentially learns from your body and your activities, determines what you need and makes those changes in your body. You can get all those benefits from just two supplements taking every day for one month.


Activate Xtreme Ingredients

The main component found in Activate Xtreme is Vitamin D3, and two supplements contains 500 percent of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin D3. The other main component in the supplement is a proprietary blend that includes:

  1. Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract
  2. Velvet Bean Extract
  3. Rhodiola Extract
  4. Pedalium

Though the ingredients are natural, Driven Sports suggests that users take the supplements as part of an eight-week cycle. After finishing your cycle, give your body a minimum of two weeks to rest before beginning a second cycle.


Benefits of Activate Xtreme

Even the slightest increase in testosterone can completely change your life. As a testosterone booster, Activate Xtreme does all of the following:

  1. Provides you with a quick metabolism boost that gives you a higher level of energy.
  2. Brings your testosterone back to where it was during your younger years.
  3. May increase the amount of hair growing on your body and face.
  4. Gives you drier muscles that look leaner and more toned.
  5. Rids your body of water weight and excess weight caused by fat.


User Reviews and Comments

Though some reviewers and users of Activate Xtreme point out that the company didn’t do any independent research and that they only noticed results when they used it with another supplement, reviews for the product are generally high at between three and five stars. Positive reviews highlight the manufacturer’s Extended Release Technology, which allows the supplement to slowly release its ingredients over the course of several hours to provide powerful results throughout the day.


Media Coverage

Driven Sports recently released a statement following a negative report in the media. USA Today ran an article alleging that the manufacturer used harmful stimulants in some of its products, and the story later made its way to newspapers, magazines and blogs. Driven Sports responded to the allegations with studies and full ingredient listings showing that Activate Xtreme and its other products only contain natural ingredients and no harmful stimulants.


Money-Back Guarantee

Driven Sports believes that all customers will love the benefits that they get from Activate Xtreme. While the company doesn’t back up its beliefs with a money-back guarantee, you can contact the manufacturer to ask about a refund or find a solution to any problems you have.



Driven Sports gives you several ways to ship your supplements to your home or office. USPS Priority Mail can get that package to you within five business days, but you can also choose ground air, which increases the delivery speed. Other options include next day air, two day mail or three day mail. The exact price you pay for shipping depends on the option you choose and your distance from the company.


Customer Support

Pick up the phone and call Driven Sports to ask questions about the shipping process or with any complaints or problems you have. DS also lets customers use the simple contact form on its websites to get in touch with them quickly.


Safe and Secure Checkout

With safe and secure checkout, you can relax when you buy from Driven Sports. Security software used by the company ensures that no one can hack into the system or steal the information that you give the company when ordering.



Activate Xtreme has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $74.99. Though Driven Sports doesn’t offer a free trial, it does offer the supplement for a reduced price on its website. When you buy directly from the company, you can save $15 on your total cost.






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