A-HD Elite

A-HD Elite by BPI Sports Review – Does It Work?

What Is A-HD Elite?

A-HD Elite is the updated name for Arimedex HD, but they are identical products. The product is a super-charged pro-testosterone boosting compound that will have you shredded in no time flat. It contains powerful ingredients that not only boost your testosterone levels through the roof, they also increase your physical strength, increase endurance for those extra intense workouts and even enhance your mood.


Manufacturer, Company, Brand

The manufacturer for A-HD Elite, formerly known as Arimedex HD is BPI Sports, Inc.


How A-HD Elite Works?

A-HD Elite boosts your testosterone levels up to 231.8%. This compound is an anti-aromatase, anti-estrogen inhibitor that minimizes your estrogen levels and helps avoid complicating side effects that prohormones can have. According to a pharmacology team at Seoul National University, the seeds of the safflower plant (Carthamus Tinctorius) possess a lignin that blocks the estrogenic levels in cells as effectively as prescription drugs like Nolvadex. However this claims are yet to be medically proved.


Breakdown of Ingredients

The Flax Seed Oil has a similar lignin that also inhibits estrogen production.

Pterostilbene acts as the free testosterone booster and has the same effects as calorie restriction. Similar to the drug Reservatrol, Pterostilbene is also an estrogen inhibitor.

Gingerol is the ingredient responsible for regulating plasma free testosterone as well as luteinizing hormones. Scientific data shows a 231.8% increase in plasma free testosterone as well as a 147.6% increase in luteinizing hormones with regular use of this product as a result of this ingredient.


A-HD Elite Ingredients

  • Safflower Seed Extract or Carthamus Tinctorius
  • Flax Seed Oil
  • Pterostilbene aka Resveratrol aka Dimethoxyphenyl Ethenyl Phenol
  • Gingerol
  • Caffeate or Caffeic Acid Phenol


Advantages of A-HD Elite Over Other Products

A-HD Elite minimizes estrogen highly effectively so that you can avoid the annoying side effects of prohormones and other anabolic cycle supplements. A-HD Elite is also safe and available over the counter. With its mega concentrated formula, A-HD Elite delivers everything you could hope for in an anabolic supplement for bodybuilding, sports performance or just gaining lean muscle mass while shedding excess fat. No other product gets you ripped like this one!



A-HD Elite is one of the few products on the market that has been third party laboratory certified to be as potent and effective as it claims to be. The proof is in the results! It is also produced in a cGMP, certified Good Manufacturing Process facility that is regulated by strict FDA standards, so you can be confident in the quality of the supplement and its ingredients.



This is a review we received from Manny B. from Miami Beach, Florida:

I didn’t think I needed supplements. I am a former US Marine and while on active duty I was among the most fit soldiers in my unit. But as I got closer to 40 and no longer on active duty, I noticed my energy levels were not what they used to be, and my body wasn’t either. No amount of working out or lifting seemed to be able to get my Marine fit body back no matter what I tried. That’s when I discovered supplements.

I admit, I tried several before I found A-HD Elite but none of them can compare to the results I’ve had with this supplement. My abs are cut, my shoulders and traps are bigger and stronger than they’ve ever been, even when I was in the service. When I read about Low T and put two and two together, I knew I needed more testosterone, and with A-HD Elite I get plenty! My endurance is up, my performance in the gym has improved, even my mood is better. When you look good, you feel good, and I feel awesome!



A-HD Elite has been nominated three years in a row for Body Fit magazine’s product of the year and is the number 1 choice of bodybuilders, athletes and fitness buffs.


Media Coverage

A-HD Elite has been featured numerous times in widely distributed Health and Fitness magazines, bodybuilding books, fashion magazines, national television, ESPN talk radio and direct mail campaigns.


Money-back Guarantee

BPI Sports, Inc. does not currently offer any money back guarantees or satisfaction guarantees on this product.



The manufacturer of this product will ship to US addresses only via USPS Priority Mail for 2-3 business day delivery. No international shipping options are available at this time.


Customer Support

Customer support for A-HD Elite and all BPI Sports, Inc. products is available by phone 24/7, or by emailing BPI customer support. Customer support agents are friendly and helpful, and dedicated to answering all questions or concerns you may have about this supplement. The BPI agents have been well educated about the product, the ingredients, usage instructions and possible side effects.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All online purchases from BPI, Inc. are 100% safe and secure. The website is protected by McAfee Internet security against identity theft, malware and computer viruses. All information given such as name and credit card numbers is highly encrypted and never stored or shared with third parties. We do not sell our customer contact information like some online sites. Your online shopping experience with BPI, Inc. is guaranteed secure.



A-HD Elite is available in thirty day supply packs for $39.99 each plus tax and shipping and handling fees. Currently there are no free trial offers for the product.






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