100% Premium Testosterone Booster

100% Premium Testosterone Booster by MuscleTech Review – A Supplement for Men Who Are Serious About Their Fitness?

What Is 100% Premium Testosterone Booster?

100% Premium Testosterone Booster is a bodybuilding supplement designed for men. This product works to boost the body’s natural production of testosterone and supply of energy. It isn’t a steroid, so it doesn’t inhibit the body’s natural processes and does not require post-cycle therapy.

This bodybuilding supplement is for men only, and should only be used by men who are serious about their fitness. Inactive men won’t receive many benefits because the pill is supposed to be taken before working out. Women should avoid using this supplement because it can decrease their female hormones and cause an imbalance.

MuscleTech claims that its product will boost ATP levels and increase testosterone and uses clinical trials to prove its statements. This makes this supplement ideal for athletic men and bodybuilders who want to become stronger, improve their endurance, and gain muscle mass. However, these claims have not been verified by the FDA.

This pill does not contain everything a bodybuilder needs to gain muscle. First, it does not contain protein, so consumers will need to use it in addition to their protein supplements. It also doesn’t contain essential amino acids or other nutrients that bodybuilders use to gain mass. However, because it contains natural ingredients, it won’t interfere with nutrition.



100% Premium Testosterone Booster is manufactured by MuscleTech Research and Development, under Iovate Health Sciences, Inc. This is a Canadian company with markets in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, South Africa, and Australia. MuscleTech has manufactured bodybuilding supplements since 1995, and works in the research, development, and marketing of new supplements for bodybuilders.

MuscleTech spends $3.5 million each year on its research, funding clinical trials of its products. It also uses third-party research studies and connects with universities for scientific development. Over the years, the company has funded over 100 studies.

The company also holds more than 50 patents in bodybuilding supplements worldwide, making it one of the lead companies in bodybuilding products. Their widely-recognized products have been featured internationally on TV and in magazines. In addition, they provide fitness and nutrition support to bodybuilders via their website.

MuscleTech is quite active on social media. They have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube accounts. These accounts spread news about MuscleTech products and events. They also have fitness and nutrition advice regularly, and even respond to customer and fan questions.


How 100% Premium Testosterone Booster Works?

100% Premium Testosterone Booster is taken on workout days, half an hour before exercise. It can be taken twice daily, but should not be taken more than that. Its ingredients boost energy levels and performance during exercise, which allows longer and stronger workouts. It also increases testosterone over time for maximum gains.

This supplement works in two major ways. First, the shilajit in the caplets increases the concentration of ATP in the bloodstream. ATP is the energy cells use during activity. This increases direct energy at a cellular level, which aids cardiovascular and strength performance. Shilajit has been clinically shown to increase these levels after 90 days, but many bodybuilders report increased energy after only a few workouts.

Second, the boron in each dose increases free testosterone in the bloodstream in just 7 days. Testosterone is what bodybuilders need to increase muscle mass and strength to its fullest. At the same time, boron reduces the female hormone estradiol. Female hormones can inhibit muscle growth. By increasing male hormones and decreasing female ones, bodybuilders can create more muscle mass and increase their performance over time.

The other ingredients in this supplement help increase energy and reduce fatigue. Zinc and calcium protect bones and joints from becoming damaged, preventing disruptions to fitness schedules. Overall, the product works with the body to enhance its natural production of energy and testosterone, keeping hormones at a healthy level.

Because the pills are fast-release, bodybuilders should see results right away in their workouts. However, each bottle only contains 90 pills, and shilajit is only proven after 90 days. This means consumers might have to wait some time before seeing optimal performance from this product, and it may require multiple bottles.


Ingredients of 100% Premium Testosterone Booster

100% Premium Testosterone Booster’s premier ingredient is shilajit, an organo-mineral compound found in the Himalayas and other mountains. After purification, this compound has fulvic acid, dibenzopyrones, and other bioactive compounds. This combination is patented by Natreon under the name PrimaVie. Each dose of MuscleTech has 100mg of PrimaVie, providing 50% fulvic acid.

PrimaVie has been clinically proven to increase ATP concentration in the bloodstream. ATP is a necessary part of the anabolic process. This increases a bodybuilder’s energy, allowing them to lift more before getting tired.

Another major testosterone-boosting ingredient in this product is 250 mg of boron citrate, supplying 5% boron. Boron increases free testosterone in the body and decreases estrogen. It’s a common ingredient in any major testosterone booster.

Tribulus is another major ingredient, with 250 mg in each caplet, which supplies 45% saponins. Tribulus is also known as bindii, a plant native to the Mediterranean. Its extracts boost testosterone, increase athletic performance, and help maximize muscle and strength gains.

This product also contains many other natural ingredients. Each pill has 50mg of stinging nettle root, which aids testosterone and can help soothe aching muscles, allowing for better performance in the gym. There is also 50 mg of velvet bean extract, an Indian plant that increases muscle and tissue resilience, allowing bodybuilders to train harder and longer. 50 mg of broccoli powder also gives muscles an extra boost in mass.

Finally, zinc and calcium help support muscle growth and also prevent bone damage. Each pill provides 50% of the daily recommended value of zinc and 48 mg of calcium.

There are other inactive ingredients in this product that help bind the ingredients together and encase it in a pill, but they are trace and do not affect the supplement’s effectiveness. However, those with allergies should be aware of these ingredients. 100% Premium Testosterone Booster contains coconut and may also contain traces of wheat, as it is processed in a facility that also processes wheat.



Though it is not as effective as anabolic steroids, one of the biggest advantages of 100% Premium Testosterone Booster is that it doesn’t require post-cycle therapy. It doesn’t affect the natural testosterone production aside from boosting free testosterone. By working with the body, this product won’t jump hormone levels to an unhealthy state.

Another advantage is the ease of use. The supplement comes in a caplet instead of a powder, making it much easier to take. It also doesn’t provide calories, so bodybuilders won’t have to adjust their diets when taking this product, and there are no ill side-effects listed. This means that it is safe to take other supplements at the same time.

Finally, the product works relatively quickly. Free testosterone levels will increase after just 7 days of using the product thanks to the boron citrate in each pill. It also provides calcium and zinc to prevent damage to bones and joints, which would disrupt training. The other ingredients work to boost performance and decrease fatigue and injury – that’s a winning combination for any bodybuilder.

Ultimately, this is a good product for bodybuilders who are concerned about chemicals and steroids. This testosterone booster contains plenty of naturally-occurring materials and traditional herbal remedies. It may not be as effective as traditional steroid use, but it won’t damage the body in the same way.



100% Premium Testosterone Booster is certified through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It’s labeled with the “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” certificate. This means that the FDA ensures the product is developed safely and is effective, protecting the consumer. This certification covers everything from the raw materials and ingredients to the final product.

Iovate Health Sciences, Inc., which distributes 100% Premium Testosterone Booster, is also managed by professional who are GMP certified through the American Society for Quality. They are also Green Belt certified through the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. This means the products are quality controlled by professionals with years of experience and tested expertise.

To prevent fraud and scams from counterfeit products, consumers should always carefully check the labels on their supplements. MuscleTech goes through careful quality control, so there will be no spelling errors on their products. There will also be a “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” certificate on each bottle of 100% Premium Testosterone Booster. If this certificate is missing, consumers should not take this product and report the counterfeit to MuscleTech.



Many celebrities have sponsored MuscleTech’s products. This includes athletes like Vernon Davis. 100% Premium Testosterone Booster also has good reviews on several large bodybuilding forums.

I was skeptical at first about using a testosterone builder. I gave this one a try because it was natural, and I saw results before my first bottle was gone.

– Jerrod D., 25, Sacramento, CA

I’d recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to put chemicals in his body. It might not be as effective as steroids, but you won’t do as much damage to your body. I didn’t notice any side-effects.

– Markus Z., 33, Portland, OR

It’s not a magic pill, but it does boost my performance. I noticed I was able to go harder and stronger in the gym after just a week of using this supplement. I always recommend MuscleTech products to my friends, and I’d recommend this one, too.

– Reese P., 23, Salt Lake City, UT


Awards & Media Coverage

MuscleTech is a highly respected company in the world of bodybuilding and has won multiple awards for its bodybuilding and health supplements. One major achievement is the company’s ability to network with major athletes. It uses FC Barcelona’s facilities to run its MuscleTech Network Workshop, which brings athletes and researchers together for the latest developments in muscle and tendon research.

The company is also endorsed by many major athletes. In 2016, two-time Super Bowl player Vernon Davis signed with MuscleTech to endorse its products. IFBB pro bodybuilder Santi Aragon is another renowned athlete associated with MuscleTech, as is sports performance coach Marc Megna.

Recently, however, MuscleTech’s parent company has had a lawsuit filed against it, alleging that the company lied about protein levels in its products. However, these charges were filed by Iovate’s competitor Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. In any case, 100% Premium Testosterone Booster does not contain protein and is therefore not part of the lawsuit.


Money-back Guarantee

MuscleTech itself does not offer any money-back guarantees. Because the product is purchased through other retailers, the company cannot offer this protection. Consumers should check for money-back guarantees through the store the product was purchased from. The terms and conditions there may differ, and consumers should carefully follow dosage in order to ensure the warranty holds.

Most retailers do offer anywhere from a 30 to a 60-day money-back guarantee on this product. However, this may not be enough time to decide if the product is working. Though the boron in this testosterone booster has been proven to work in 7 days, the PrimaVie compound has only been clinically tested after 90 days of use. Bodybuilders may need the full time to determine effectiveness.



MuscleTech has markets all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. The supplement can be shipped globally, though the shipping rates may vary. Because it is a caplet, shipping times will not affect this product.

It can also be purchased in brick and mortar health stores. Options with local retailers may be limited, and the prices may vary. However, there is no difference in product whether purchased in-store or online.

If purchasing a bulk order of 100% Premium Testosterone Booster or other bodybuilding supplements and supplies, customers may be eligible for free shipping and handling. This a good idea for serious bodybuilders who need more than the 90 caplets in each bottle of this supplement. Check the individual retailer or website for pricing on shipping.


Customer Support

Because it is an international company, MuscleTech offers its website in languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese. This site provides plenty of information about each product along with fitness and nutrition tips. However, it does not provide direct customer service via phone or e-mail. Customers wishing to contact the company can do so through its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube accounts. These social media accounts often offer fitness and nutrition advice to bodybuilders. Concerned customers can also send inquiries to the company’s physical mailing address.

If a customer purchases a counterfeit product, MuscleTech asks that this information is e-mailed to their counterfeit-prevention team. They work to eliminate fraudulent products. However, the company will not assist you with retrieving money spent on fake products. Consumers should always check to make sure they are purchasing their supplements from a legitimate website and that they check their labels. Products with spelling errors, flimsy packaging, or missing logos should not be consumed as they might be dangerous.

MuscleTech also has representatives on several bodybuilding forums on the Internet. They are qualified to answer questions about the testosterone builder and provide more personal feedback to consumers. For other questions, the retailer where the product is purchased should be contacted.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When purchasing this product online, reputable websites will offer SSL encryption for their checkout processes. This ensures a secure checkout process, guaranteeing the website is legitimate and that hackers won’t be able to access user data. These sites can be identified by the “https” appearing at the beginning of a URL. If the site has this type of URL, it has been certified to use encryption to protect user data and it is safe to enter credit card information.

Wary consumers can also look for product reviews on websites to determine whether a website is legitimate. These sites should also have a clear return policy or money-back guarantee and a working customer service phone number. Spelling errors may also point out illegitimate websites. Purchasing 100% Premium Testosterone Booster online is usually as safe and secure as buying it in a store, but consumers should always use their best judgment before providing any personal information online. Smart Internet practices will assure secure checkout.



Customers can get free trials of 100% Premium Testosterone Booster via MuscleTech’s website. It requires registering for its VIP Product Endorser program. Only U.S. residents are qualified for this program, and customers must provide information such as their address and phone number. In addition, in order to get the free trial, customers have to subscribe to the free MuscleTech newsletter.

However, even after registering for the program, not every customer will qualify. The program is exclusive and is targeted to experienced bodybuilders. It isn’t guaranteed that after qualifying, a free trial of 100% Premium Testosterone Booster will be delivered – the company only states that they will provide free supplements.

100% Premium Testosterone Booster is sold in bottles containing 90 caplets, which can last anywhere from 45 to 90 days depending on how many doses are taken each day. Because it may take up to a week to start seeing results, consumers may wish to purchase multiple bottles at a time to ensure a steady supply.

Pricing of this product varies depending on the retailer. The average prices range from $30 to $50, which is comparable to other similar products. Some websites offer a buy one, get one free deal, which can further decrease costs. Some websites may even provide free trials of the product, though the terms and conditions of these offers will vary depending on the retailer.






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