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Quest Bars by Quest Nutrition Review – Are They a Good Addition to Your Bodybuilding Workouts?

What Is Quest Bars?

Quest Bars are highly nutritious protein bars that can act as a meal replacement or go-to snack that is the perfect companion for athletes and bodybuilders alike. The muscles in your body consist of 25% protein and 75% water, which makes the addition or protein to your daily diet a necessity in order to boost muscle mass.

There are often recommended amounts of protein for individuals, but many of the recommendations are for those living a sedentary life. If you are involved in bodybuilding or any other athletic activity, your body needs more protein. It is important to think or protein as a source of fuel that your body uses in order to maintain energy and build muscle.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the fact that the older you are the more protein your body needs. Therefore, older individuals who participate in bodybuilding and other athletic activities may require a higher protein intake than younger individuals. The more your push your body through athletic activities, the more your body will crave protein, which makes protein bars highly advantageous.

Unfortunately, it is typical for many families to consume the majority of protein enriched foods with their evening meal. During the morning and afternoon, the amount of protein consumed is very little. Since the amount of protein consumed during the early portion of the day is so minimal, it does nothing to help boost muscle mass. Protein bars can help diminish this problem by introducing a balanced amount of protein throughout the day.

Protein bars provide a quick boost of energy that allows you to push yourself through a rigorous bodybuilding exercise. The more you exercise, the more protein your body uses, which means reaching for a quick, simple, and delicious protein bar can assist you in completing your exercise routine. Fortunately, providing convenient and delicious access to some much needed protein is exactly what this product can do.



Quest Nutrition, the manufacturer of Quest Bars, began their endeavor in 2010. The company began as a small group of individuals looking to make a difference in terms of flavorful protein availability. The group tested various ingredients and flavors for months on end in order to create a clean source of protein.

Knowing how important clean protein is for highly active individuals such as bodybuilders and athletes, Quest Nutrition sought to make a product unlike any other. Although protein bars are nothing new, the goal was to create a bar that tasted so good that it felt like cheating. The group worked together to create a variety of delicious flavors that were appealing to the taste buds yet still healthy and capable of boosting one’s ability to build muscle mass.

With just two flavors available and the help of social media advertising, the company was geared up and ready to release their bars. By 2012, Quest Nutrition had developed more flavors and became well known among both bodybuilding and athlete communities. The bars provided to the public offered healthy, yet tasty results in terms of offering the energy needed to commit to rigorous athletic routines.


How Quest Bars Works?

Quest Bars work by supplying the body with a specific amount of protein needed to build and restore muscle mass. For example, anyone involved with sprint training exercises will undergo a bout of adaptation post-workout. During post-workout, which occurs within a few hours after your workout, your body’s muscle fibers will increase in both size and strength.

In order to increase in both size and strength, your muscle fibers require the right amount of protein. When adaptation takes place, the body undergoes a step called protein synthesis. In other words, the body creates new protein. The amount of new protein your body is able to create will depend on the amount of protein synthesis your body is able to perform.

If your body lacks protein, the amount of protein synthesis your body performs will be far less, thus reducing your body’s ability to increase the size and strength of your muscles. By consuming these protein bars, you are able to make sure your body has enough protein availability to get the most out of your daily bodybuilding and athletic experiences.


Ingredients of Quest Bars

Quest Bars contain a wide range of healthy and delicious ingredients that can help make your bodybuilding and exercise routines far more advantageous than ever before. They can help curb hunger cravings both before and after a workout and they can ensure that your body receives the right balance of protein and other clean nutritional values. The ingredients found in the bars include:


Almonds, like many other nuts, are a great source of protein. In fact, almonds are typically ranked as the highest source of protein based nut products. Aside from their protein rich factors, almonds also contain both manganese and vitamin E, which can prevent oxidative stress, therefore making it easier for you to lose weight while exercising.

Calcium Carbonate

It is important for bodybuilders to eat well, which means consuming a diet that is rich in proteins and other valuable nutrition, such as calcium. Calcium helps strengthen the bones, which enables the body to lift weights, run, and perform other strenuous activities that would otherwise lead to injury. The best source of calcium happens to be calcium carbonate.


Cashews are another great source of protein. This nutrient-rich nut offers up a rich buttery flavor and plenty of fatty acids, iron, zinc, and other minerals considered a necessity by the bodybuilding community. In fact, cashews are often a favored addition for anyone looking to lose weight and build lean muscle.


Erythritol is considered a sugar alcohol that is often used as a sweetening substitute in place of sugar. For example, this sweetener can be used in a variety of sugar-free recipes. This sweet substance is often found naturally occurring in a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, pears, melons, and even mushrooms. It is used to make each protein bar more flavorful and enjoyable to the taste buds.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is a healthy source of fat, which is needed by your body when you are burning fat and building muscle. While it may seem redundant to consume fat while you are burning fat, it is important to recognize that your body needs to burn unhealthy fat while at the same time consuming healthy fat. Healthy fat has the ability to provide your body with energy and the ability to lose weight while exercising and bodybuilding.


Peanuts are an excellent source of protein and flavor. They also provide a substantial amount of other nutritional values often sought after by both bodybuilders and athletes. In fact, peanuts are considered an energy food since they fuel the body with enough energy to partake in various physical activities, including sports and bodybuilding performances.


The key ingredient in each of the protein bars you consume is protein. The protein found in each bar comes from a variety of sources, including micellar casein, milk isolate, and whey isolate. Protein is the key ingredient for muscle building since it makes up a percentage of your muscle fibers. If your body lacks protein, you will find yourself unable to build muscle no matter how much you exercise.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a natural salt that is created when ocean water evaporates. When the water evaporates, it creates this salty mineral that can be found in underground deposits. When consumed in smaller quantities, Sea Salt provides a boost of flavor that can make any protein bar far more enjoyable for consumption.


Like Erythritol, Stevia is a sweetening agent that is often used to substitute sugar in sugar-free foods. It is a naturally occurring sugar that is extracted from a leafy green plant known as the stevia plant, which is native to South America. A small amount of Stevia can equate to a great deal of sugar, meaning very little of this sweetener can go a long way toward improving the taste of various foods.


Sucralose is a sweetener that is free of calorie and approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar, which mean a little can go a long way. The use of calorie-free sweeteners and sugar substitutes is important for bodybuilders and athletes because it often proves to be healthier than sugar. Consuming too much sugar can hinder your ability to lose weight and build muscle. It can also cause a sugar crash, which can make you feel too tired to perform exercises and other athletic activities.

Soluble Corn Fiber

Fiber is a necessity for any diet, particularly if you are into fitness, bodybuilding, and athleticism. Your body uses various fibers in order to boost metabolic functions. Your body’s metabolic functions are what allow you to burn fat and eat muscle. Fortunately, Soluble Corn Fiber is an excellent and delicious source of fiber. It is also an excellent source of healthy fatty acids.

Thickening Agents – GUMS

They are used to bind foods together in order to create a desired texture. Although it does not necessarily have any nutritional value, it can assist in making sure that foods retain their required shape and texture for a more pleasant taste. For example, Thickening Agents (GUMS) are often used in foods such as jams and jellies.

The creators of Quest Bars also use a variety of other natural and flavorful ingredients, though the ingredients in each bar will vary depending on the flavor you choose. For example, some bars may contain real dehydrated fruit whereas others may contain natural extracts and spices. On the other hand, you may be interested in trying a bar that contains real cocoa powder. The use of natural ingredients is, in part, what makes these protein bars both delicious and healthy.



Athleticism and bodybuilding tends to burn up a lot of your body’s energy resources. After a bodybuilding session, you may feel both tired and hungry. Unfortunately, many people try to satisfy that hungry feeling by snacking in between meals. Although there is no problem with snacking, what you choose to snack on could cancel out your bodybuilding experience.

It is not uncommon for even the most active individuals to reach for the most convenient foods possible, which is often unhealthy snacks and fast food. Unfortunately, not all snacks are created with the athlete and bodybuilding community in mind. Quest Bars, on the other hand, were specifically created to satisfy hunger while also fueling your body with the ability to burn fat and build muscle.

These bars are advantageous in that they are small enough that you can take them with you on the go. If you are hit by a sudden wave of hunger, you can just as easily reach for one of the bars rather than an unhealthy snack that can cause you to put on weight and decrease your muscle mass. As a bodybuilder, you have specific goals to stay fit and toned. These bars ensure that you stay on track with those goals.

Another advantage you gain from these protein bars is that they are available in a variety of flavors. In other words, you can easily find a bar that best suits your taste buds. Considering that they are made with natural sweeteners and other flavorful ingredients, you can indulge in the flavors you love without cheating yourself out of all the hard work you put into your fitness routine.



Sometimes the best source of information comes from those who have used a product. People who have used a product can tell you whether or not a product is worth purchasing and if it has worked for them. Reviews and testimonials from real people provide you the best, unbiased source of information. In fact, the testimonials below will help give you more insight into whether or not Quest Bars are for you:

As a professional college athlete, I am constantly making sure I put nothing but healthy foods in my body, but to be honest, not all of those healthy foods have the greatest taste. I have eaten some pretty tasteless and disgusting things in the past just to stay healthy. Luckily, I found these bars and that put an end to that endeavor. They are both healthy and delicious! I always make sure I carry a few with me to tide me over between meals. – John T., New York

I was a little skeptical about trying these bars. I had heard of them but other protein bars that I had tried in the past seemed to not work. Either they were full of unhealthy additives or they tasted horrible. I even tried some that barely satisfied my hunger after a strenuous workout. A buddy of mine recently let me try his bar and I was amazed. It tasted so good that it was hard to believe it was healthy! I felt both satisfied and invigorated. In fact, I even hit the gym for an extra fifteen-minute workout. – Mike L., New Jersey

I gave these bars a try about a month ago and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m a relatively large guy with a lot of muscle mass so it takes a lot to fill me up and satisfy my hunger. I was doubtful that one bar would do the trick…but it did! Not only that, it tasted really good, too. I’ve since purchased more since I would like to try out all the different flavors there are. I even carry around a few extras to give to the other guys at the gym. – David H., Washington DC

Finding a product that is capable of satisfying both your hunger and your taste buds is often difficult, but the testimonials above show that these bars can do both. Of course, there are several more testimonials out there from satisfied customers. Your best bet is to read up on them to ensure that these bars are exactly what you are looking for what it comes to finding a protein bar that works best for you.


Awards & Media Coverage

Quest Bars are relatively well-known throughout a variety of communities, particularly when it comes to the athletic and bodybuilding community. This product has received a wide range of recognition through media coverage, namely via social media websites. The product has been shared multiple times and has received mostly positive recognition.

As if that isn’t enough, the company that produces these bars received the Protein Bar of the Year award from GNC, an international leader of nutrition, in both 2012 and 2013. The award is just another testament of the product’s nutritional standards and great taste. The award was given in part because of the popularity the bars have gained among various communities.


Money-back Guarantee

The great thing about Quest Bars is that you can try them risk-free. The company offers a money back guarantee to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the product. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund within 60 days of the date that you made your purchase. In order to qualify for a refund, you need to supply proof of purchase along with your request, which includes the physical product or a receipt.

When you file a refund for your bars, the company will return your payment to you using the same method that you used to make your purchase. For example, if you paid using a debit card, the money will be refunded to your debit card. Keep in mind that refunds to a credit card, debit card, or bank account can take up to 72 hours. If your method of return is via check or money order, it can take 7-10 business days.



The company ships Quest Bars both domestically and internationally, meaning you can receive this product no matter where you live. Keep in mind that shipping to other countries may cause some delays because the product will have to go through customs. The facility itself is located in Los Angeles, so shipping within the United States is relatively fast and easy. You have various shipping options to choose from upon checkout for your convenience.


Customer Support

Quest Nutrition ensures that customers have a variety of ways to reach out to customer support for assistance. You can use the messaging system, send an email, or even contact the company directly by phone. Customer support is available from 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and from 9 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday. Whether you have questions, concerns, complaints regarding Quest Bars, or you need assistance with your purchase, you are encouraged to contact customer support.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you purchase Quest Bars, you are provided with peace of mind and assurance thanks to a safe and secure checkout policy. The company provides SSL certification and data encryption to make sure all of your personal and banking information is protected. Quest Nutrition understands your desire to make sure all of your information does not fall into the wrong hands, which is why they go above and beyond to provide logos of authenticity and security for all of their customers.


Quest Bars Pricing

You will be pleased to discover that you can sample Quest Bars by purchasing just one bar to begin with for just $2.09. If you find that you are pleased with the product, you can come back to purchase an entire box of 12 bars for just $24.99. Purchasing one bar at a time gives you the opportunity to try out a variety of flavors until you find one that you like most.

If you prefer to buy an entire box containing various flavors that you can try, you can always purchase one of the variety packs for $24.99. Variety packs are available in three different assortments that include the Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack, the Fruit Lovers Variety Pack of the Best Seller Variety Pack. The money-back guarantee offered by the company ensures that you are 100% satisfied with your selection.






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