Pure Protein Bars

Pure Protein Bars Review – Are They Really Something You Should Try?

What Is Pure Protein Bars?

Pure Protein bars are nutritional bars that are specifically designed to provide your body with essential nutrients. They are a high protein, low carbohydrate food. The bars come in a variety of flavors and provide vitamins and minerals in addition to the protein. The bars include Whey protein which is specifically chosen because it is easily used by the body.

Currently, Pure Protein bars are available in a variety of flavors including their newest flavors: Chocolate Salted Carmel, Dark Chocolate Coconut, and Fruit & Nut Bar – Cranberry Almond Cashew. Each bar contains at least 18 grams of protein and many are 200 calories or less. Most of the bars are certified to be gluten free.

These bars are used by a variety of athletes from bodybuilders to marathon runners to provide the necessary protein.



Worldwide Sport Nutritional Supplements Inc. is a subsidiary of Nature’s Bounty, Inc. (NTBY). The bars are sold under the Brand name of Pure Protein in the United States. They one of the leading manufacturers of dietary supplements. In addition to Pure Protein and Nature’s Bounty, they also sell items under the brand name of Solgar.


How Pure Protein Bars Work?

When an athlete is working to build muscle mass, protein is essential, both before and after a workout. The additional protein is required for the body to rebuild and strengthen damaged muscles. It is the act of the breaking down and then ‘feeding’ of the muscles with the protein that helps to build lean muscle mass. Protein bars have been shown to help promote muscle growth when used as part of a weight training regimen. Generally, for the best results, a protein bar would be consumed at least 30 to 40 minutes prior to working out, or immediately following a workout. The protein, if consumed prior to the workout is thought to aide in stamina and strength. The protein, if consumed after the workout is thought to help with muscle repair and growth. You’ll need to determine whether the consumption of the bars works best for you prior to a workout, or post workout. Some athletes, like long distance runners, will consume the bars mid-run in order to provide the stamina necessary to complete their workout.

Athletes often use these types of bars as a snack throughout the day to keep feeding their body the protein it needs. This is only a good option when the bar itself is not overly packed with sugars and calories, as is the case with these bars. Because of the nutritional content of the bars, some also use them as a meal replacement, although that is not their intended use.


Ingredients of Pure Protein Bars

The ingredients vary, based on the flavor of the bar. Below are some examples of the ingredient content for a few of the company’s newest flavors.

Chocolate Salted Carmel contains primarily the following ingredients:

Sugar, Natural Flavors, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Peanut flour, Sucralose, Nonfat Dry Milk, Heavy Cream, Water, Milk Protein Concentrate, Palm Kernel Oil, Butter, Collagen, Protein Blend, Glycerin, Soy Crisps, Caramel Flavored Chips, Maltitol Syrup, Canola Oil, Vitamin and Mineral Blend and Natural Almond Butter.

Dark Chocolate Coconut contains primarily the following ingredients:

Protein Blend, Malitol Syrup, Dark Chocolate and Coconut flavored coating, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Glycerin, Cocoa Powder, Natural Flavors, Coconut Flavored Chips, Dehydrated Coconut, Tapioca Starch, Yogurt Flavored Coating, Water, Vitamin and Mineral Blend, Sucralose, Soy Lecithin, Almond Butter and Peanut Flour.

Fruit & Nut Bar – Cranberry Almond Cashew contains primarily the following ingredients:

Protein Blend, Isomalto Oligosaccharide Syrup, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Glycerin, Almonds, Cashews, Dried Cranberries, Yogurt Flavored Coating, Soy Crisps, Water, Natural Flavors, Corn Syrup, Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil, Salt, Soy Lecithin, Peanut Flour and Natural Almond Butter.

The Vitamin Blend mentioned in each of the bar flavors above varies. Depending on the flavor chose, the vitamin blend includes vitamins like Zinc, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, Folic Acid and more. Check each bar’s specific ingredient panel for the precise types and amounts of the vitamins and minerals included.

* Note: Sugar alcohols are on the included list of ingredients for these bars. In some people, this can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and when consumed in large quantities may have a laxative effect.



Pure Protein bars have a good ratio of protein to sugars. They also fall on the lower end of the calorie spectrum as far as protein bars go. It is not uncommon to find protein bars with a calorie count of well over 400. While this company has bars that vary in their calorie count based on the flavor and ingredients, they offer many flavor options with a calorie count of 300 or less and currently have none that are over 310 calories. Some fall below the 200 calorie count mark while still offering significant protein.

Protein is required for the building up of muscle mass, particular after a workout including heavy lifting such as that done during a bodybuilding workout. These bars offer the type of high quality protein that is easily absorbed into the body to immediately begin the necessary muscle repair needed after an intense workout.



Virtually all of the company’s protein bars are classified as ‘Gluten Free’, because of the use of Whey protein. In its natural form, Whey protein does not contain any gluten. Check the ingredients for each flavor if you are concerned about gluten.



Very happy to find a bar that does not kill my diet while providing me with protein. Although I’m looking to build muscle mass, I want to make sure that my only gains are actually muscle. They offer so many flavors that are only 200 calories or less. I eat one after a workout, particularly after a heavy lifting day. It’s nice to have an option like the Fruit & Nut bar that doesn’t contain chocolate, since I’m one of the only people on the face of the earth that doesn’t really like chocolate. Trevor Jackson – Littleton, Colorado

Great protein to sugar ratio. Loving the dark chocolate option combined with coconut. I sometimes use these bars as a meal replacement, but usually use after a workout. My bodybuilding efforts are showing some good results and I’m convinced that the use of quality protein is part of the reason for my success. These Pure Protein Bars are just one part of my overall workout plan. I’ve tried all of the flavors but seem to keep coming back to the dark chocolate and coconut. Good tasting without being overly sweet. Jim Phipps – Pomona, California

The fact that these are low in fat and low in sugar is what drew me to these in the first place. So many bars suffer from lack of taste and I was kind of worried since they were so low in sugar. These are thankfully different. The Chocolate Salted Caramel flavor is my favorite. In fact, I have to remind myself that I’m using these as part of a workout regiment and should not just be snacking on them because I love the flavor so much. Never thought I’d be saying that about a protein bar. Good to have something that doesn’t taste like compressed cardboard. Even better, Pure Protein Bars have quality protein delivered in conjunction with vitamins and minerals. Everything my body needs. Brandon Rawlins – Laredo, Texas

Every bodybuilder knows that protein is the key to success. When trying to find the right nutritional supplements to complement my efforts, it has been great to find the Pure Protein bars to add to my arsenal of products to help me achieve my goals. I was looking for something with at least 18 grams of protein and this company has so many flavors that fit that bill. Been working with a nutritionist and he recommended these as a good, healthy option. I use them after heavy workouts and I’m confident that the bars are delivering exactly the type of protein my muscles need. The evidence is in the results. Looking forward to continued improvement in my overall physique. Adam Malik – Chicago, Illinois


Awards & Media Coverage

NutriIngredients-USA reported that Nature’s Bounty, which sells dietary supplements under the brand Pure Protein in the United States, is having good success in their sports division. The report stated that the brand grew over 11% in the first quarter, with the sales of the bars, specifically, being up by 18%.

Shape Magazine included Pure Protein Bars as a ‘Hot Product’ in their ‘Latest News & Trends’ section. They highlighted the need for protein in muscle repair after an intense workout. They gave credit to the bars for being a great option to supply whey protein without too many calories.

Nature’s Bounty was recognized for sending 260,000 Pure Protein Bars to Baxter Springs, Kansas following a devastating tornado that hit the community. NTBY President Glenn Schneider made the statement, “The challenge faced by the people in Kansas, Arkansas and Mississippi who were affected by these massive tornadoes is beyond comprehension. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with our partner, Feed the Hungry, to help provide balanced nutrition to the victims of this devastating tragedy.”

Pure Protein bars were offered to participants in the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon to keep their energy up. The marathon organizers recommended that participants train in advance using the same types of foods that would be provided during the marathon. The bars were provided to runners at the 15.1, 17.8 and the 22.2 mile markers on race day.


Money-back Guarantee

While the company is not currently offering a money-back guarantee, they have another promotion offered to their online customers who sign up for Recurring Delivery directly from them. Signing up for the Recurring Delivery program helps the consumer to insure that they will never run out of Pure Protein Bars.

Customers who join their Recurring Delivery program are offered 10% off all products. The customer must call their toll free number, choose the products they want and choose the desired delivery schedule. The first order arrives within a matter of days and the 10% discount continues as long as the customer remains a member of the Recurring Delivery program.

Recurring Delivery program members also receive special offers throughout the year. These offers are only offered to program members.

Changes can be made to the program at any time by calling the toll-free number or by emailing the company. The customer has the ability to change their payment method, shipment frequency, product selection, billing address, shipping address, etc. In addition a customer may request that a shipment be delayed or they can cancel an upcoming shipment. They also have the option of completely cancelling out of the program at any time.



Shipping from the company is handled by FedEx. The regular shipping fees are reasonable, starting at $5.95 for orders up to $15.00 and going to 11% of the total order for orders that are over $150.

They also offer Express Deliver (3-4 business days) for an additional $12 and Rush Deliver (1-2 business days) for an additional $24. Residents of Alaska and Hawaii are charged an additional $8 to cover shipping on their orders.

Because the company offers products, like the Pure Protein Bars that are sensitive to the heat, they have special ‘Warm Weather’ shipping policies which must be noted.

When destination temperatures, or the temperatures on the routes to those destinations are in excess of 74 degrees, the company requires that the products be shipped via Express Delivery, unless the customer has already selected Rush Delivery. Products to these Warm Weather destinations are shipped only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to prevent the product from being in transit during the weekend. Warm Weather shipping items are sent in insulated packaging with cold packs for their protection.


Customer Support

The company currently offers a toll-free number which has customer service reps available Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 7PM, EST.

In addition an email is provided for questions and concerns.

Their website also offers a web form where customers can send a message regarding products purchased, any general inquires or feedback. This form can also be used when the product was purchased from a retail outlet as it gives the customer the opportunity to specify where the product was purchased.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Pure Protein Bars can be purchased directly online using the company’s secured server. The website is certified as Norton secured and is powered by Symantec, one of the leaders in internet security. The ordering process is secure. It uses 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. When encryption is used in this manner, the transaction itself is encrypted when traveling from the customer’s browser to the website. This prevents an outside source from collecting that information, allowing customers to shop confidently.

The company protects customer information and never sells, rents or trades personal information to any other company. They will only use your email address to contact you regarding important changes to their websites, new services or special offers. In addition, you may opt out of these notifications by notifying them.

The company does collect statistics such as sales and traffic patterns for research purposes, but when the data is aggregated for the collection of this information, any markers that would identify a specific customer are removed.

To order directly from the company online, you are required to open an account. Your account information is protected and encrypted as described above.


Pure Protein Bars Pricing

When purchased Pure Protein Bars from Bodybuilding.com, bars are currently selling for one of the following prices, based on the various flavors and bar weights:

  • 1.76 ounce bar – $2.54, 6 pack – $7.85, 6 pack – $8.66;
  • 2.75 ounce bar – $3.15, 12 pack – $24.80;

On the official website there are more package options – there is a Variety 18 pack offered for $30.42. This variety is made up of 1.76 ounce bars, two of each in 9 different flavors. A Greek Yogurt Variety 24 pack is available for $40.56. This variety pack includes both Greek Yogurt Blueberry and Greek Yogurt Strawberry flavors. A Fruit & Nut Variety 24 pack is available for $45.36. This variety pack includes both Cranberry Almond Cashew and Tropical Macadamia. Those who sign up for the Recurring Delivery program will save 10% off of these prices.






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