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Pro Jym by JYM Supplement Science Review – Is It Good?

What Is Pro Jym?

JYM Supplement Science’s Pro Jym is a powdered protein supplement that is made up of a mix of different types of protein. This product uses the whey protein that is most common to supplemental protein powders, but it also incorporates micellar casein, egg albumin and milk protein isolate. This range of different proteins is designed to provide a complete profile of the essential dietary amino acids, those that can only be obtained by taking in protein.

Unlike a number of other protein powders on the market, Pro Jym focuses solely on delivering high-quality protein. It does not add creatine monohydrate or any of the non-essential amino acids that are commonly used as filler in other products such as taurine, glycine and glutamine. The essential dietary amino acids that this product delivers are useful to anyone, since they all support basic physiological functions. But the product is mainly aimed at professional athletes and serious bodybuilders who have trouble getting an adequate amount of protein from their food alone.



Jim Stoppani is the founder and head of JYM Supplement Science. Stoppani is a well-known figure in fitness training and supplement research circles. He holds a doctorate degree in exercise physiology with a minor in biochemisty, and has directly contributed to the formulation of many of his company’s products. In addition to publishing scientific papers on gene regulation in muscle tissue, Stoppani has authored or co-authored several fitness books (including the best-selling “LL Cool J’s Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle”) and regularly contributes articles to major fitness magazines. He has also worked as a celebrity personal trainer for clients such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dr. Dre, and has appeared on television shows such as “Extra” and “MANswers.”

JYM Supplement Science was founded in 2009. The product line has a unique focus on high-quality ingredients, open labels and no junk filler. In addition to Pro Jym, the company manufactures a full range of pre-workout, post-workout, fat burner, nutritional and testosterone supplements.


How Pro Jym Works?

The Pro Jym formulation delivers protein that is complete in the nine essential dietary amino acids (with an emphasis on the three BCAAs that are most relevant to building muscles) in a way that makes it available to the muscle tissue as quickly as possible. This product is in a powder form that can be directly ingested, but of course this is difficult and unpalatable. Most protein powder supplement users keep a “shaker cup” on hand into which they deposit the protein powder and mix it with an appropriate amount of liquid. The cup is then simply closed and shaken until the powder incorporates fully with the liquid, making for a quick and convenient portable solution that is appropriate for the gym or the practice field.

It is also possible to bake with protein powder. It is popularly used in recipes that substitute protein content where there would usually be a high amount of carbs. Protein baked goods and pancakes are very popular, and are usually sweetened with a zero-calorie sweetener like Splenda to make them more healthy than their traditional alternatives.

Most living things have to consume protein in some form, and human beings are no exception. While bodybuilders need more protein than most, the average adult who is doing no real exercise still needs about 50 grams of protein per day to support basic physiological function (according to the FDA). Vegetarians and vegans often have trouble getting this much from their diets, making supplementation appropriate for them even if they are not building muscle. Bodybuilders will generally eat various foods rich in protein like eggs and chicken, but it is difficult to keep within their caloric limitations while getting all the protein they need for their muscles, so they take a high-quality protein supplement such as this one to get a big dose of protein without added carbs or fat.

When it comes to building muscle, you need protein to create new tissue and repair tissue that has been damaged by exercise. All protein is useful in this endeavor, but protein sources vary in quality and effectiveness. A high-quality protein source for bodybuilders has the needed amounts of all nine of the essential amino acids, but it also usually has a higher amount of the specific amino acids that are most necessary to muscle tissue. Muscle also wastes away when it is not in use, since it is expensive to maintain in terms of calories and the body will break it down to get at the amino acids it contains.


Ingredients of Pro Jym

Whey Protein Isolate (7.5g)

Whey is a milk-derived protein that is a major byproduct of the process of making cheese. It is commonly used by protein supplement manufacturers as it is affordable yet has a very good amino acid profile and is well-suited to the needs of bodybuilders. The one major limitation of whey is that in its natural form, it cannot be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant. Whey protein isolate is a highly purified version of whey that can be safely used by those who have issues with lactose.

Protein is important because it is the only source in nature of the nine essential amino acids that all humans need for basic physiological function. Every protein source, be it animal or vegetable, has its own differing amounts of these amino acids, however. The purpose of purified whey protein isolate is to deliver high amounts of all nine of the essential amino acids while stripping away nearly all of the carbohydrates and fat from the whey concentrate.

Unlike the less expensive whey concentrate, which is generally only about 80% protein content at best, whey protein isolate is filtered to be about 99% protein. One important point to keep in mind is that protein does need some dietary fat to be processed properly, however. Normally, that fat will be provided along with the protein source, but since it has been stripped out here you will need to be certain you are taking in adequate amounts of healthy fat in your diet to compensate.


Micellar Casein (7g)

Casein is one of the major types of protein found in both cow and human milk. Casein contains not just protein, but also carbohydrates, calcium and phosphorus. Cheese is particularly rich in casein. Those who are lactose intolerant can usually safely have casein, as it is a completely different compound. However, a small portion of the population has a separate digestive intolerance of or allergy to casein specifically, and it is possible to be intolerant of both lactose and casein at the same time.

Micellar casein is a special form of casein with a unique molecular structure. Micellar casein actually forms large curds in the stomach that take a fairly long time to be digested. When mixed with the other types of proteins here, this is a good thing, as it allows for a slower and more gradual release of protein as the other proteins are consumed more quickly for immediate muscle recovery needs. This also has a range of other benefits, such as appetite suppression and improved mineral absorption. Micellar casein is also the only type of protein to have anticatabolic properties, putting the body in the state where muscle tissue is being repaired and grown rather than broken down.


Milk Protein Isolate – 7g, 5.5g casein, 1.5g whey

Milk protein isolate is actually a mixture of both casein and whey, with a significantly higher amount of casein content. Like whey protein isolate, however, it has been highly purified so that almost nothing but the protein remains. This provides a mix of the faster-digesting whey and the slower-digesting casein to space out protein intake over time. Milk protein isolate does contain a very small amount of lactose, roughly about 1% of its content, so there is a small chance that those who are intolerant could react to it.


Egg Albumen – 2.5g

Egg albumen is just a fancy name for the white part of the egg. Of course, in a supplement it has been dried and converted to a powder form. Egg whites are a strong source of protein and also contain a small amount of potassium and magnesium. They are naturally free of carbohydrates and are almost completely devoid of fat. This makes them a natural choice for a protein supplement, though they are actually relatively rarely used in these products as they are more expensive than standard whey.


Non-dairy Creamer

All of the casein protein content in this blend actually provides a natural creamy mouthfeel. But some non-dairy creamer ingredients have also been added to further improve texture and to thicken the mixture when it is dissolved in water. The non-dairy creamer mix here is composed of sunflower oil, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, tricalcium phosphate, soy lecithin and tocopherols. The label of the vanilla flavor shows a picture of an ice cream cone as this is the general texture and mouthfeel that all of these thickening agents plus the casein are intended to replicate when the powder is mixed with an ideal amount of water!


Dehydrated Marshmallow Bits

These are added to select flavors to further sweeten the mixture and add an even more appealing texture. These may provide a bit of controversy, as some people want their protein powders to be flavored only with zero-calorie sweeteners. Depending on the flavor, Pro Jym only has two to three grams of sugar per serving, however. So it is very unlikely to be a diet buster for those who are working out regularly, and it provides a unique flavor that can make the daily protein shake less of a chore to get down.

Sucralose & Acesulfame Potassium

These are the two primary sweeteners used in this product. Neither adds any carbohydrates or calories to the mix. Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that is created from sucrose, or natural sugar, but is different in that it passes through the body without being broken down. Acesulfame potassium is also artificial and is often blended with sucralose as they mask each other’s aftertaste. Sucralose is perhaps better known by the trade name Splenda, while acesulfame potassium is sold as Ace-K or Sweet One.


Cocoa Powder

Certain flavors may also contain cocoa powder. While cocoa powder itself does not contain any sugar, it is very palatable when mixed with a sweetener, as any fan of chocolate can tell you! In addition to flavor, however, cocoa powder also has a wide range of beneficial compounds. Among these are antioxidants and natural energy stimulants.



Anyone who is looking to put on significant amounts of muscle will find it virtually necessary to take a protein supplement like this one. Bodybuilders generally need about double the daily protein intake of the average sedentary person, and it’s very difficult to get that amount from diet alone without also taking in an excess of carbohydrates and fat. A protein powder provides the quality protein without any excess calories, is very simple to prepare and use, and is generally more affordable and less time-consuming than obtaining and cooking an equivalent protein amount that is equally rich in all the necessary amino acids. The timing of protein ingestion is also key, with best muscle support coming when it is gradually ingested throughout the workout, and a protein liquid is by far the most suitable form for this purpose.

The blend of different protein types also helps to keep the system supplied with protein over a period of up to eight hours. This keeps the protein available throughout the entire process of tearing the muscles with exercise and then recovering and rebuilding them afterward. Slow-releasing casein continues to digest and be released overnight, when the bulk of the muscle repair work and growth is accomplished. The other major advantage of the protein blend used here is that the lactose content is extremely small, so those that have an intolerance will very likely be able to use this product without any issues.

One of the truly unique advantages of Pro Jym is that you know exactly what you’re getting, and that’s nothing but high-quality protein. Protein spiking, or the adding of nitrogen to fool tests into recording the presence of more protein than is actually there, has been an ongoing issue in the supplement world. With a completely open label, we not only know that each dose contains absolutely nothing but dietary protein and flavoring, but we know the specific macros for each type of protein that is in the blend. This is an unusually detailed amount of information for a protein supplement label.



JYM Supplement Science sells its products on the strength of Jim Stoppani’s personal involvement and expertise in the sports nutrition field. Jim claims that he takes his own supplements and that he will personally answer any questions anyone may have about them. However, no specific independent testing is mentioned on the bottle or in any of the marketing materials for Pro Jym. These supplements do have a Current Good Manufacturing Practices certification from the FDA, however.

The independent lab testing website Labdoor put Pro Jym through its paces and gave it an overall grade of “B-” based on their analysis. The product rated very high in nutritional content and product purity, and had higher than average ratings in label accuracy and projected efficacy, but got a low rating in the product safety category. The low safety rating was based on the inclusion of acesulfame potassium and sucralose as sweeteners, which Labdoor has listed as a potential cancer risk though the FDA regards them as safe for consumption. On the positive side, Labdoor found that the product exactly met its label claims of having 24 grams per serving of pure dietary protein.



JYM Supplement Science is a bit unique in this area in that their founder acts as his own testimonial, both directly participating in the creation of and taking his own supplements. Jim Stoppani has certainly earned considerable regard for his many accomplishments in the fitness world. Unlike other supplement companies, JYM Supplement Science does not have sponsored athletes that use their product.


Awards & Media Coverage

The company won’s 2015 award for “Most Innovative Brand” and Pro Jym was nominated in the Protein Supplement of the Year category. Pro Jym was named to’s Top 10 protein powder list for both 2015 and 2016. Many user testimonials and positive reviews can also be found sprinkled around the Web.


Money-back Guarantee

Along with all of the other JYM Supplement Science products, Pro Jym is a exclusive. It can only be purchased through their website. You will need to check with the site to find out what their current policies are for money-back guarantees on this product.


Shipping periodically offers free shipping promotions or coupons, but these are not always available. You will have to keep an eye on the site to determine when these are offered. Otherwise, standard shipping methods and charges apply.


Customer Support

Jim Stoppani directly answers questions about his products via his personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. A contact form is also available on the JYM Supplement Science website. Additionally, offers 24 hour a day support by phone. E-mail and online chat support are also available during business hours.


Safe & Secure Checkout offers secure checkout with SSL encryption. The company also has a detailed privacy policy posted on their website.


Pro Jym Pricing

Since Pro Jym is only sold by one source, you will not be able to shop around for better pricing. The standard price range for Pro Jym on is $32.56 for two pounds and $55.06 for four pounds. This can vary with temporary sales and coupons, however.






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  1. Ralph Davis Avatar
    Ralph Davis

    Why does Pro Jym contain mono and diglycerides, which according to no less than ten websites, is the same thing as hydrogenated oil, which is a trans fat and is very bad for your health. That said, why would someone as knowledgeable as yourself use such an unhealthy ingredient and claim that Pro Jym is such a good protein powder? I would like a response to this. Thanks.

    1. Allen Hicks Avatar
      Allen Hicks

      Hi, thank you for your question and here is my answer – I do not use this product, but that doesn’t stop me from saying it has fair quality, we have given that product 3 stars from 5 which is a good rating. Trans fats may be bad – yes, but you still need them, you can’t cut them completely. Everything natural has a balance and trans fats are part of this balance, I am not saying that you should take them a lot, but you cannot completely throw them away! Regarding a manufacturer putting them as an ingredient – that is definitely a negative point, but is it extremely bad – probably no. Again, we think this is a fair product, not the greatest, but a fair product! Hope that helps!

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