Oh Yeah Victory Bars

Oh Yeah Victory Bars by Oh Yeah Nutrition Review – A Delicious Solution for Your Protein Needs & Your Workouts

What Oh Yeah Victory Bars?

Oh Yeah Victory Bars, produced by the Oh Yeah Nutrition company, are protein meals that you can eat on the go or in your home. Designed for superior flavor and optimal protein, Victory Bars help you meet your bodybuilding or dietary goals by providing that essential protein your body needs to build muscle and reduce fat.

One Oh Yeah Victory bar is as satisfying as a full meal. The flavor is complex and interesting, so you are not looking around for some calorie-overload snack after you eat. Victory Bars help curb your desire for sweets.

They are filled with all natural flavors and all natural ingredients. Say “good-by” to those chemical bars that load your system with unpronounceable compounds and mixtures. Say “welcome” to a completely natural meal or snack that both tastes great and contributes to your fitness goals.

The flavors are: Vanilla Almond Crunch, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.



Founded in 2004, Oh Yeah Nutrition has taken the supplement world by storm. Dedication to creating the best tasting, natural, gluten-free nutritional products possible, has won Oh Yeah Nutrition a dedicated following around the world. Oh Yeah Nutrition is your partner in bodybuilding and fitness. Their goal in creating the company was to provide unique nutritional supplements that taste good and provide the elements you need to develop.

Dedicated athletes themselves, the founders of Oh Yeah Nutrition were frustrated by the quality and poor taste of the nutritional products available to support their fitness goals. To fill this vacuum, they experimented extensively. They were insistent on providing products that were acceptable to professional and amateur athletes, could pass any testing requirements by testing organizations, and support results to encourage repeat business.

Oh Yeah Nutrition has met their personal and professional goals. Their brand is well known and well respected. Constantly innovating, keep your eye on this company; they are introducing new products all the time and you won’t want to miss out on any.


How Do Oh Yeah Victory Bars Work?

The Oh Yeah Victory Bars are stuffed with protein, a perfect way to enhance your muscle building strategy. When you exercise, your protein your system suppresses protein production. The more intense and lengthened your exercise, the longer your system suppresses protein production. Once you stop exercising, your body starts working to catch up.

Ingesting a large amount of protein before and after exercise supports your body’s protein production. If you eat an Oh Yeah Victory bar before exercise, you supply your body for the immediate demands of your exercises. If you eat an Oh Yeah bar after your complete your routine, you supply your body with the protein for the post exercise protein catch-up.

Victory Bars are rich in BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) which are credited with reducing feelings of tiredness, stimulating muscle growth by providing the correct muscle fuel for maintaining and building muscle, increasing performance as you work out and delaying fatigue.

In longer terms, as you supply your body with the necessary protein, you enable muscle recovery, healing and muscle building; none of these are possible with insufficient protein.

Because Oh Yeah bars are also an excellent source of amino acids, you are also providing your body with the building blocks of your hormones, neurotransmitters and nucleic acids. The body does not store amino acids; it tends to use them immediately on demand or break them down, storing little for future demands.

By eating protein with a large amount of amino acids you are further enabling your body to build muscle, restore energy, and heal injuries.


Ingredients of Oh Yeah Victory Bars

Oh Yeah Nutrition offers Victory bars in six delicious flavors to appeal to a wide range of tastes and enable you varied sources of protein. There are slight differences in the ingredients of the various flavors of Oh Yeah Victory bars, but all have 17 grams of dietary fiber and 21 grams of protein which is an excellent ratio, particularly high in both fiber and protein, essential for muscle growth and digestion.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

These chocolate chip cookie dough bars are both popular and a great way to sustain your bodybuilding and weight loss efforts. The basis of the bar is a proprietary protein blend composed of whey protein, isolate, mile protein isolate and calcium caseinate a natural prebiotic soluble fiber from vegetable source (isomalto-oligosaccharides), almond butter, semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and vanilla), agave syrup and evaporated cane juice crystals for a little added sweetness, cocoa butter, natural flavors, soy lecithin, guar gum, and salt.


Cookies & Cream

Using the proprietary protein foundation (whey protein, isolate, milk protein isolate and calcium caseinate) and supported by fibers from vegetable sources, the Cookies and Cream bar achieves a realistic cookie flavor. With almond butter and gluten-free chocolate cookie (rice flour, sugar, vegetable oil – soybean or/and cottonseed- Cocoa powder, salt, baking soda) for the cookie flavor and a dose of agave syrup to sweeten the mix. White chocolate chips – sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, non-fat milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla and natural flavors – diversify the flavor and texture. For natural sweetness, they add cocoa butter, natural honey and evaporated cane juice crystals and soy lecithin for texture. Natural flavors, guar gum and salt round out this recipe.


Fudge Brownie

The Fudge Brownie bar has its foundation in the Oh Yeah Nutrition protein blend, with natural preboitic fiber syrup from tapioca for the required fiber. The chocolate basis is a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and vanilla with cocoa powder. The mixture is sweetened by agave syrup and evaporated cane juice crystals. Almond butter and almonds add a contrasting flavor and texture with the natural flavors. Cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and guar gum complete the emulsion with salt to enhance the other flavors and a touch of peanut butter.


Oatmeal Raisin

Oh Yeah Nutrition uses gluten-free rolled oats and the best raisins to achieve its Oatmeal Raisin protein bars. With the Oh Yeah Victory Bar protein and fiber foundation, sweeteners in the form of agave syrup, gluten-free vanilla cookie – sugar, rice flour, canola oil, corn starch, natural flavor, salt, sodium bicarbonate and soy lecithin, these form a realistic oatmeal raisin bar flavor. For texture and seasoning, they add almond butter, cocoa butter, honey, soy lecithin, evaporated cane juice crystals, natural flavors, guar gum, salt, cinnamon.


Peanut Butter Chip

Peanut butter is such a long-standing source of protein that many regulars at gyms carry around jars of it for a boost of protein. Hence peanut butter bars were a necessary addition to the Victory Bar line. Added to the protein and fiber foundation of all the Victory bars, peanut butter, peanuts, peanut butter chips – sugar, palm kernel oil, partially defatted peanut flour, nonfat dry milk powered, salt and soy lecithin – and peanut flour give these bars the peanut flavor overload many people love. A little agave syrup and evaporated cane juice crystals sweeten the concoction with cocoa butter, natural flavors, soy lecithin, guar gum, salt, almond butter added for flavor and consistency.


Vanilla Almond Crunch

The unique Vanilla Almond bars are another offering featuring very popular nuts, a natural source of protein. When added to the Victory Bar foundation of protein and fiber, with almond butter, agave syrup, almonds, vanilla and white chocolate chips – sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, nonfat milk powder, lecithin, natural prebiotic fiver syrup (tapioca) – for a double hit of vanilla, you have a delicious, crunchy, interesting source of protein. Including natural flavors for a more complex taste and honey, evaporated cane juice crystals for sweetness. Salt enhances the other flavors and cocoa butter, soy lecithin and guar gum provide structure.



Oh Yeah Victory bars provide an easy answer to two primary desires: building muscle and burning fat. The complex Victory bars that not only provide a meal’s worth of protein, but a day’s supply of amino acids, enable you to avoid the extra carbs and sugars that are a usual part of your meal. By contrast, you can substitute an Oh Yeah Victory bar for your usual snack. They are filling and satisfying. You’re not going to need another snack in half an hour.

By balancing a nutritious diet, exercise program and judicious implementation of Oh Yeah Victory bars, you can lose weight and build muscle. As you do, you will feel your energy level increase even though you are doing more exercise. Some people like to keep a few bars at work. When coworkers have fatty candy bars, artery-clogging burgers or birthday cake, they grab a bar and feel fulfilled and cheerful.



Oh Yeah Victory bars are certified NSF. This means that the international NSF adjudication results indicate that as a nutritional substance, Victory Bars do not contain any banned substances.

Additionally, most Oh Yeah Victory bars are gluten-free. Check the package to ensure your selected bar is gluten-free if you are on a gluten omission diet.

Oh Yeah Nutrition produces Oh Yeah Victory bars in a facility that does also manufacture products that contain gluten.



Greg was always at the gym; he was a gym fixture. Over a decade, his discipline slipped. He was still working out. He was even building muscle sometimes, but he lost hold of his diet. He decided to reclaim his body. He dropped all his snacks, limited his coffee intake and returned to his healthy diet. Each day he substituted an Oh Yeah Victory bar for lunch after which he worked out. Since passing through the transition of unhealthy eating to healthy, he has continued to drop weight and feels more like his old self.

Suzanne had a different experience entirely. She was never an exercise person. Naturally slim, she didn’t relate to everyone constantly worrying about weight gain. She was not muscular or in good shape, but because she was slim, she wasn’t aware of missing anything. After the change, she was astonished at what happened to her body. Without changing her diet, she began gaining weight. She made an appointment with a trainer. His evaluation of her condition and diet indicated that she needed a complete change to return to her former figure. To expedite her weight loss, each day she ate a Oh Yeah Victory bar rather than lunch. She kept up the exercise program, realizing that she actually liked getting in shape. It took time, but eventually she noticed that some of her older clothing fit. Now she has muscle and firmness where she had only slack muscles before. She enjoys being more active, rarely takes naps after work and talks to everyone about her conversion.


Awards & Media Coverage

Oh Yeah Victory Bars were named the best tasting protein bar in America by the American Institute of Taste. They are ordered in bulk by many professional and collegiate teams. They placed five in the TopTenSupplements.com 2016 protein bars list. For information on other media attention and awards, refer to YouTube and similar outlets where you will find many references and positive reviews.


Money-back Guarantee

Oh Yeah Nutrition completely stands behind every purchase, although they do not offer a stated money-back guarantee. They accept returns under specific conditions:

  • The products must be purchased directly from the company rather than from a retailer.
  • Any problems must be reported to the company within 30 days of the date of purchase.
  • Oh Yeah Nutrition accepts returns of consumable products only if at least 75% of the product is yet unconsumed.

If customers have any problems with a purchased product, they are encouraged to call: 888-231-2684.



Oh Yeah Nutrition uses UPS for all deliveries. This means that it can only deliver to US addresses. Additionally, UPS does not deliver to any postal addresses such as PO, APO and FPO boxes. Orders with addresses like this are not accepted.

The company claims no responsibility for products that are lost in transit or stolen. They are not responsible for changes in the ingredients contained in the products from the time of order to delivery. Products that arrive damaged as a result of shipping accidents or inconsiderate handling are reviewed by customer service. Oh Yeah Nutrition accepts returns for purchases made directly from the company site only; for returns to retail establishments, see their return policies. Each order is followed with an email confirmation so that customers can review the delivery and confirm that the order is correct and in good order. This is the customer’s opportunity to immediately report if the order is incorrect or damaged.


Customer Support

Oh Yeah Nutrition stands behind each and every product they produce. Call the customer help number with any issues or problems. They will work to first understand and then resolve the problems. The contact number is 888-231-2684 and they are available during standard business hours for the east coast: 8 am – 5 pm.

Sales of promotional materials such as tee shirts or bracelets are final; no return or reimbursement is accepted. The manufacturer is not bound by errors in advertising or in promotions. For example, if the Victory bars are accidentally advertised at a price different from the one offered by the company, they adhere to the correct price.

Each order is followed with an email confirmation so that customers can review the delivery and confirm that the order is correct and in good order. This is the customer’s opportunity to immediately report if the order is incorrect or damaged.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Oh Yeah Nutrition provides safe and secure checkout using McAfee security software. This is verifiable by a look at the browser window. There you see a small lock icon with the https of the address. This lock icon is the accepted convention for safe and secure checkout. Also notice the “https” of the browser address. The final “s” of that string indicates that the information is encrypted in transit to protect your information and purchase. Additionally, the company is committed to maintaining your identity and promises not to release your data to any other entity.


Oh Yeah Victory Bars Pricing

You can purchase 12 Oh Yeah Victory Bars for less than $24. Individual bars cost less than $2.00/each. That’s a good deal for a complete meal in a bar.

Follow Oh Yeah Nutrition for special promotional product give-away offers. Additionally,
many retail establishments that specialize in bodybuilding supplements regularly offer the bars at discounted prices and offer free giveaways to new customers.






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