Muscle Milk Coffee House

Muscle Milk Coffee House by CytoSport Review – Is This the Perfect Protein Shake with Caffein in It?

What Is Muscle Milk Coffee House?

Muscle Milk is a quality protein shake that is designed to provide sustained energy, improve workout recovery time, and increase lean muscle. The Muscle Milk Coffee House line, however, takes protein shakes a step further and offers a boost of caffeine that will help make it easier to get the day started or find the extra energy needed to continue with daily routine following a workout. With 120 mg of caffeine, the product contains approximately as much caffeine as a cup of coffee: just enough for a critical boost when it’s needed.

These protein shakes come in individual serving size containers, making them ideal for people who are on the go. They also come in three coffee-related flavors: Mocha Latte, Cafe Latte, and Vanilla Latte. The variety of flavors, straight out of a coffee house, help ensure that you won’t get bored with your protein shake.



The Muscle Milk line is manufactured by CytoSport, Inc, which is also the creator of the Monster Milk and Cytomax brands. The company’s mission is simple: to provide the premium protein products that many athletes need to kick up their performance and take it to the next level. CytoSport believes that “every day is game day,” and they’re dedicated to providing the support that many athletes need to accomplish that peak performance.

CytoSport is also committed to collaboration both within the organization and with their customers. They want customer feedback, input, and commentary to help them develop the products that will be used by tomorrow’s athletes. CytoSport’s vision is to become “the protein experts for every body,” and their dedication to customer satisfaction helps them accomplish that vision.

In addition to their commitment to excellence and incredible customer service, CytoSport seeks to give back to the community. They run the Hope for the Warriors project, which is dedicated to benefiting veterans and their families through fitness programs as they recover. They also support A Warrior’s Wish, which helps make wishes come true for veterans with terminal illnesses, and collaborate with Hormel Foods Corporation’s Anti-Hunger Campaign to provide meals for people in their local community.


How Muscle Milk Coffee House Works?

Muscle Milk Coffee House offers the high-quality protein that athletes need in order to keep building lean muscle mass. The protein aids in recovery following workouts, helping ease muscle soreness and build lean muscle mass faster. It also creates a filling meal replacement contains 20 grams of protein, or approximately 40% of the body’s daily needs, in each serving. This is coupled with a combination of vitamins and minerals that will help keep the body healthy and moving. Thanks to the caffeine in Muscle Milk Coffee House, you also get an energy boost that will help catapult you into action and push you to reach your full athletic potential every day.

Muscle Milk Coffee House is also an excellent choice for a pre-workout energy boost, especially if you’re running tight on time and don’t want to weigh yourself down with a full meal. While the shakes do contain dairy-based ingredients, the lack of actual milk in the product keeps it from weighting you down or upsetting your stomach during the workout. The protein compound provides the fuel you need, while the caffeine provides that extra shot of energy that will kick your workout up a notch. The vitamin complex also contains the ingredients athletes need in order to be successful.


Ingredients of Muscle Milk Coffee House

There are three varieties of Muscle Milk in the coffee house line: Cafe Latte, Mocha Latte, and Vanilla Latte. Though there are some variations for flavor, the essential ingredients are approximately the same. First, it’s important to note that the first ingredient in every version of the protein shakes is coffee: a full boost of caffeine that helps flavor the entire product. This adds that critical 120 mg of caffeine that helps provide an important morning boost, add energy to the middle of the day, or aid in recovery after a workout. The coffee, complete with its natural caffeine content, also helps make this the perfect pre-workout drink. It offers a boost of energy that will help any athlete get pumped up for their coming workout.

The Muscle Milk line uses a milk protein isolate that delivers the protein bodybuilders need to accomplish tough workouts and recover afterwards. These proteins are specially processed so they don’t add significant levels of lactose but nevertheless deliver a powerful protein punch. A balance of whey and casein proteins work together to accomplish several different tasks. Together, they:

  • Slow muscle breakdown;
  • Initiate and improve muscle growth following exercise;
  • Spike amino acid levels for fast recovery;
  • Make a great bedtime snack that improves muscle repair.

The milk protein isolate in Muscle Milk contains this combination of whey and casein proteins, which interact to provide this key effect. The protein contained in Muscle Milk is extremely high quality and has received the highest quality score that the Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score can offer.

Since the protein is highly processed and broken down before it’s placed in the drinks, it is suitable for most individuals who are sensitive to lactose. Muscle Milk notes that the “milk” contained in these products isn’t really liquid milk, which means that it’s not likely to cause an upset stomach in the middle of a hard workout the way drinking actual milk would. Those who are allergic to milk, however, should not use this product.

This protein drink also uses a combination of vitamins and minerals that are designed to provide an extra boost to your workout. With Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D3, this protein shake offers drinkers extra vitamin support that will have them feeling great, fighting infection, and keeping their energy levels high. The added vitamins offer about 30% of an individual’s daily needs of each vitamin.

To attain the sweet flavor necessary to make these shakes delicious as well as good for you, Muscle Milk uses sucralose, an artificial sweetener that is known as “Splenda” on the shelf. The artificial sweetener keeps the calorie content of the protein low while still delivering on the flavor that most people need to keep coming back for more. Individuals who are sensitive to artificial sweeteners, however, will need to look elsewhere for their protein needs.



Athletes and other individuals who use Muscle Milk Coffee House experience a number of advantages. First and foremost, protein is a necessary building block of life. The Muscle Milk website points out that even mildly active individuals need 50% of their body weight in grams of protein daily. Moderately active individuals need 70%, while very active individuals need 90% of their body weight in grams of protein daily in order to support muscle growth, repair, and maintenance. It also helps with recognizing fullness signals and keeping the body full longer.

For serious athletes and bodybuilders, Muscle Milk Coffee House is even more important. Consuming it before a workout offers a boost of energy and plenty of fuel to approach their workout with the dedication and passion it deserves. With the products from the Muscle Milk line, athletes can experience improved performance throughout their workouts. They’re often able to sustain energy longer, making it possible to push the workout further than they originally planned.

After the workout, many athletes will appreciate the faster recovery time experienced when they consume a protein shake from the Muscle Milk line. These convenient shakes can be used as a quick protein boost after a workout to decrease soreness, help muscles grow and strength increase faster, and improve energy throughout the rest of the day. As an added bonus, they help prevent post-workout shakes and fatigue as they immediately replace the nutrients the body needs following an intense workout.

These protein shakes are also a convenient choice for meal replacement, particularly for individuals who are in a hurry or constantly on the go. The complex proteins help enhance the feeling of fullness, while the low-calorie shake aids in weight loss because it doesn’t pack in unnecessary filler. For individuals hoping to lose weight, the addition of these protein shakes to a solid diet and exercise routine can help enhance results.



Muscle Milk is NSF certified for Sport use. There are several qualities a product must have in order to receive this certification. First, it must be free of anything that is banned by sports organizations, including steroids and other dangerous substances. It must be tested independently to ensure that all the nutritional claims and ingredient proportions listed on the packaging are correct and that the product is delivering on what it says it will deliver. Furthermore, it must be manufactured in a facility that uses GMP manufacturing practices.

The protein used in the Muscle Milk Coffee House line has been evaluated to be of the highest quality. It is scored according to the Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score, which rates the protein’s digestibility and its ability to supply the vital amino acids the body needs to recover post-workout. Muscle Milk’s protein has received a PDAAS score of 1.0, which means that it’s the most digestible, usable form of protein for the body.



I don’t have time to eat a full breakfast in the morning, but I don’t like the fuzzy feeling that comes from skipping breakfast, either – or the uncomfortable, grumbling belly if I don’t eat enough. Grabbing a Muscle Milk Coffee House protein shake is even faster than pouring a cup of coffee, and it has all the benefits of breakfast with a quick hit of caffeine. Thanks to this protein shake, I’m not struggling with a grumbling stomach by lunch time, either.

– Robert D., age 40, New York, USA

I’ve been an athlete all my life, but once I started playing college ball, I was going through a lot more fuel. My demanding schedule makes it hard to sit down and eat a full meal after every workout, especially with studying on top of my sports requirements. With Muscle Milk Coffee House, I get the protein I need for recovery without having to run back to the dorm and cook. Even better, they’re convenient: I keep two or three in my gym bag all the time.

-Ethan S., age 22, London, UK

Finding the energy and motivation I need to get in a good workout has always been a problem for me. I catch myself making excuses two or three times a week, and even when I make it to the gym, there are days when I just don’t feel like I can give it my all. This product has changed all of that. When I use these protein shakes, I don’t just have the quick burst of energy that gets me in the gym in the first place. I also get that long-lasting energy flow that makes it possible for me to keep giving it my all. Since I started using Muscle Milk Coffee House, I skip my workout a lot less often!

-Grant D., age 35, Sydney, Australia

I’d been putting in my time at the gym for months, but I just wasn’t building the muscle I wanted. It seemed like the harder I worked, the worse it was going. When I started using Muscle Milk Coffee House, however, I started seeing the results I needed. Before I knew it, I was lifting heavier, working harder, and putting in longer workouts. This is the product I needed to ensure my success, and I’m glad I found it!

– Chad S., age 43, Toronto, Canada


Awards & Media Coverage

Muscle Milk has a number of partners within collegiate sports who are dedicated to providing proper nutrition for their teams. Most recently, these have been expanded to include the University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee. It continues to provide product support to more than 400 colleges across the company, taking its edication to enhance athletic performance to young athletes in all of these prestigious universities.

Muscle Milk, which partners with Stephen Curry, recently made a donation to Nothing But Nets to celebrate Curry’s Most Valuable Player award. The $10,000 donation will supply 1,000 mosquito nets to families in Africa. These nets hang around beds, helping to prevent access to mosquitoes carrying malaria. Malaria is a brutal disease that claims the life of a child in Africa every 60 seconds, but thanks to this donation, 1,000 families will have a better chance at avoiding it.


Money-back Guarantee

CytoSport is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. While there’s not a listed money-back guarantee on their website, the dedication to helping athletes perform ensures that if there’s a problem with a Muscle Milk Coffee House product, the manufacturer will do what’s necessary to make it right. They want satisfied customers who are able to use their products to enhance their athletic performance.



Shipping for Muscle Milk products is typically fast and efficient. Within a matter of days, you’ll find this product at your door, ready to enhance your workout, work as a meal replacement shake, or whatever else you need. Depending on your order, ordering in bulk may help reduce shipping costs. You’ll also find that Muscle Milk products are available in many brick and mortar stores, so you can pick up your protein supplements and head straight on to your next workout.


Customer Support

CytoSport’s dedication to customer service ensures that they’re easy to contact no matter where you might be. They can be contacted via Facebook, on Twitter, or on the Muscle Milk website. Customer service can also be reached at 1-888-298-6629 or by mail at 1340 Treat Blvd. Suite 350, Walnut Creek, CA 94597. The company also provides specific contact information for international users, ensuring that no matter where their customers are in the world, they’re able to reach out and have their voice heard. CytoSport often collaborates with customers, inviting their feedback in order to enhance their overall performance and find more ways to make the product better than ever. Feedback given today is quickly adapted into a better product for tomorrow.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you order Muscle Milk Coffee House, you want to know that your credit card information is secure. Checkout is safe and secure. Your information is protected, and your product will make it to you in a timely manner. When you check out with Muscle Milk products in your cart, you can be assured that your private credit card number will only be used for this purchase.

Not only that, your information won’t be sold to other companies. You won’t receive offers for products that you don’t want or spam in your inbox. It’s just a quality, trusted product that will help enhance your workout and give you plenty of success in the gym, on the road, or wherever your workouts take you. You don’t have time to worry about your private information following checkout. Safe and secure checkout ensures that you don’t have to.


Muscle Milk Coffee House Pricing

A four-pack of Muscle Milk protein shakes is available for $6 to $8 from most local retailers. This is a great solution for many athletes who need a quick protein boost or an inexpensive meal replacement solution. Muscle Milk is approximately the same price as other, similar products on the market, but with the added caffeine boost, it serves two purposes in one. As a post-workout supplement, it’s certainly cheaper than pulling through a drive-through and picking up a full meal – and it’s better for your muscles, too.

Unlike many workout supplements, the Muscle Milk line is priced to be affordable and easy to acquire. Even using it multiple times a day, for everything from meal replacements to post-workout recovery, is practical and affordable. At less than $2 per protein shake, Muscle Milk is a reasonable option that will allow you to choose a lean, healthy protein option inexpensively.






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