Muscle Milk Powder

Muscle Milk Powder by CytoSport Review – Is It a Good Additional Source of Proteins?

What Is Muscle Milk Powder?

Muscle Milk Powder is among the popular protein supplement products now. It is billed as a good protein source that is useful for assisting in recovery after exercise and in helping to build up new muscle. Mixing 70 grams of the powder with between 10 and 16 ounces of water yields a shake in one of a variety of different flavors.

Part of the appeal of this formula is that it can be mixed with more than just water. The supplement works with smoothies and pancake mix also to increase protein content in these other drinks and foods. The formula delivers very high quality proteins that assist weightlifters with recovering today to be ready for the next workout tomorrow. The product is both gluten and lactose free, particularly useful for those who suffer from diabetes. Besides proteins, it also provides a full 20 critical vitamins and minerals to the body of the user.



CytoSport was actually started as a family business by a father and son team in Greg and Michael Pickett. Their very first product turned out to be CytoMax, among the earliest of innovations in sports nutritions in the first days of these all-natural ingredient supplements. Thanks to these and later concoctions such as Muscle Milk, they propelled the CytoSport company to the top of the supplements industry, making them among the largest and most important sports nutrition firms in the entire United States and around the globe too.

In the year 2000, the firm rolled out its national and worldwide flagship phenomenon Muscle Milk. This product roiled the supplements industry and rapidly grew into the gold standard by which all other subsequent and prior protein powder creations are measured. Even today more than 15 years later, this product as a brand is the most far-reaching and popular of the stable of brands at the CytoSport company.


How Muscle Milk Powder Works?

Muscle Milk Powder works for any individual who does not have allergies to proteins found in dairy. This formula is ideal for those athletes who need to boost the amount of protein that they take in, and it also is recommended for any people who need to increase their intake of daily protein. These proteins found in the formula are particularly useful when bodybuilders are ramping up the intensity of their workout sessions, beginning a new exercise regimen or attempting to build up muscle, or for any vegetarian who lacks sufficient protein in their regular diet.

Muscle Milk Powder works well when taken right before bed, when users wake up, and before and after workouts. Besides this, it suits well for replacing meals when users are on the road or require a snack that is rich in protein throughout the day. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different based on their weight, gender, duration and intensity of training or exercise, and levels of daily activity. This is why it is optimal to utilize it as a portion of a diet that is well-balanced and is full of good whole foods and various protein sources. It should not be employed in the place of regular daily diet and nutrition.


Ingredients of Muscle Milk Powder

The formula is full of good things that are all-natural. It starts with their proprietary blend of precise proteins. These are multiply sourced and complete. Among them are milk protein isolate, calcium sodium caseinate, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate, L-gluatmine, lactoferrin, and taurine, all of which act in concert to deliver the building blocks to muscles known as amino acids.

Besides these amino acids and proteins, this Muscle Milk Powder is comprised of Lean Lipids. they are an effective blend of canola and sunflower oils along with medium chain triglycerides. These oils deliver the essential fatty acids from their long chain mono-saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Such medium chain triglycerides can be utilized to give energy to the muscles. MCT’s are effective as they are fats that do not get stored like fats in the body.

The last group of elements contained in Muscle Milk Powder are the 18-19 grams of carbohydrates. This blend includes fructose and dietary fiber along with the complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are made up of units of glucose that supply energy. Dietary fiber helps with maintaining health in the intestines. The fructose is useful for making glycogen.

  • Calcium Caseinate – is a protein that is slow digesting and comes from casein derived from milk. It gives a thicker texture and delivers a slower-timed release of amino acids.
  • Hydrolyzed Whey – speeds digestion and absorption of the proteins in the body.
  • Milk Protein Isolate – is 90% protein comprised from whey and casein and is common in bars and protein powders.
  • Whey Protein Concentrate – this protein is both high in amino acid content and quick digesting. It encourages the synthesis of muscle proteins and gains in lean body mass.
  • Lactoferrin – is a protein which boosts the functions of the immune system, bone formation, and digestive health.
  • Taurine – this particular amino acid attracts water into the cells of muscles that is useful for increasing recovery, performance, pumps, and hydration.
  • Glutamine – this popular amino acid is beloved because of its capability of increasing recovery times and in improving performance in the gym.



Muscle Milk Powder delivers several key advantages to the body that are useful for building up muscle and beginning new or increased workout regimens. It can help with all of the following:

  1. Weight Gain – those who are interested in packing on more weight can use Muscle Milk to take in more calories than they are using while they exercise to build up muscle mass. Heavy exercise used in concert with taking this formula helps bodybuilders to take in sufficient calories to add on extra muscle weight.
  2. Weight Loss – The best means of reducing weight is by combining routine exercise and lowering the intake of calories. Muscle Milk Light is ideal for increasing muscle mass while lowering calories. A healthy and balanced diet of whole foods and various other kinds of protein are necessary to both add on lean muscle and lose weight.
  3. Effective for replacing meals and for bulking up.
  4. Promotes good overall health for stronger and longer workouts.
  5. Builds up and increases muscle.



In 2007, Muscle Milk Powder became NSF Certified. This Certified for Sports program is directed at both collegiate and professional level athletes, trainers, and their coaches to help them in making better decisions regarding their choice of sports nutrition products. This particular program has achieved near-universal recognition from the NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA, LPGA, MLBPA, NFLPA, and CCES. This is an important certification because it states conclusively that the manufacturer and its formula have been effectively tested for over 165 illegal substances, reviewed for toxicology in the product formulation and labeling, screened for environmental contaminants, and produced in an inspected facility by an inspected supplier.



Many other reviews have mentioned that the Muscle Milk Powder is comprised of a higher amount of both fat and sugar than the majority of its competing protein supplements. I have to agree with this, but you are only talking about 6 grams of fat in each serving along with two grams of sugar, but this is not so much. As an after workout recovery shake or for replacing meals, this product is exactly what the doctor ordered. I love that the mix contains glutamine, and while it is not a lot, it is still a good thing to have a high quality amino acid such as this one in the protein shake itself. For myself, I don’t believe in consuming blends of amino acids, but when they come with the protein I am getting, I don’t complain. All this is to say that if you are searching for the best – tasting and high quality protein, then you will not do any better than this particular formula. For me, drinking this shake is most effective after completing a hard workout. This is when your body will absorb best the additional fat and sugar that make this shake so very tasty and helpful for workout recovery. – Fred Lovato, Phoenix, Arizona

In general I do like this Muscle Milk Powder. Because I am so very busy and do not often have the necessary time to sit down and eat three complete meals per day, I use the formula for its meal replacement properties. It works terrific as a replacement for breakfast, and again during the day as needed. The biggest problem I had with the formula is that it started causing me to break out in severe and painful rashes on my skin. These were not only hurting, but they were creating significant damage to my skin and causing me to appear as if I had a skin disease.

The reason for this unfortunate and apparently unusual side effect is that there are raised levels of insulin-like growth hormones which can be set off by protein powders. This can then trigger acne that is based on hormones in people like me who happen to be sensitive to it. This is why I think anyone who is going to consume large quantities of the product should talk with their doctors or even dermatologists before beginning to regularly take protein powders like this one, so that they can avoid the over six months of misery that I suffered with before we at last determined what had gone wrong with me.

For those who do not have my unusual problems with the formula, I believe it is a terrific product. It did help me to burn off a great amount of extra fast on my body and aided me in replacing it with muscle in a healthy manner. I recommend the same Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor of the powder that I was consuming when I had to stop, though perhaps a little more water than what it calls for it is a good idea because it turns out to be pretty sweet otherwise. – Sandraon, Newark, New Jersey

I have to concur with the two views on Muscle Milk Powder. Either you love it because of its terrific taste and bulking up abilities that it delivers, or you hate it because of how much fat the formula contains. In my opinion, the product is effective at either cutting or bulking up. With 12 fat grams, of which 6 are saturated, this is not an unhealthy product that will make you fat, since the majority of men require upwards of 40 – 50 fat grams with less than 20 of these grams as saturated fat every day. If you are the person searching for a slower-digesting protein, then this formula is ideal for you.

If you are the person who eats a lot of fattening and high fat-content foods, then this may not be the best supplement choice on the market for your in particular. If your goal is to bulk up on this product, then mix it with milk instead of water, but if you are looking to cut then you want to mix it with water. Regular whey protein burns too fast, which is why I like this product more for its slower digesting properties and fat that reduces the spike in insulin produced by the body. Take this product before going to bed and your body will not burn too much muscle while it is cutting. For me personally, the product works best when I drink a scoop of it a little before bed and then another scoop either in the morning like breakfast or as a supplement shake an hour before starting to workout. – Rodger, Melbourne, Australia


Awards & Media Coverage

Unlike the majority of workout supplements on the market these days, both the company CytoSport and its flagship Muscle Milk Powder and have garnered a truly impressive collection of awards and recognition over the past ten years. This started with their winning the 2005 “New Product of the Year” Award from for Muscle Milk ready to drink formula. In 2008, Bevnet voted the general powder version of it as the “Beverage of the Year” and the “Best Functional Beverage” since the brand had effectively begun to migrate from an athlete-only beverage to an active lifestyle drink of consumers who were seeking out a delicious means of increasing their daily intake of protein.

2009 saw CytoSport win the Beverage Marketing Corporation’s “Beverage Company of the Year” award. Founder Greg Pickett received top honors from investment banking stalwart Goldman Sachs in 2013 when he was named among the “Top 100 US-Based Entrepreneurs.” Most recently, the main formula was honored by Forbes in their list of the “Top 25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Product Brands” award ranking in July of 2013, and CytoSport was complemented for again assuring that sports nutrition drinks were cool once more.


Money-back Guarantee

CytoSport’s best-selling product Muscle Milk Powderis sold by a wide number of online and brick and mortar outlets. One of the larger ones is and Amazon Prime. They permit you to return unopened or unsatisfactory items to receive a complete refund on any products that they have either sold directly via their Prime service or for which they have acted as fulfilling agent, so long as it is done within 30 days of the product being delivered. Other vendors each have their own particular return and refund policy, so it is important to check with the place or outfit from which a user is buying before actually purchasing the product for the first time.



Every merchant that sells the supplement will have their own shipping policy. Amazon offers free shipping on the product with Amazon Prime. Other vendors online may offer similar types of free shipping deals, particularly if a minimum dollar amount is spent on the order.


Customer Support

Domestically within the U.S., the level of customer service users of the product receive varies proportionally with the vendor from whom they purchase it. International customers find it is a different story altogether. CytoSport is unlike most of its competitors in that it has a fairly extensive international representation and presence for its flagship products. The company maintains international representatives and the product is similarly available in most European nations and many major Asian countries from international suppliers directly. Contact names, phone numbers, email addresses, and websites for local suppliers are all available on each of these international markets from the CytoSport website for any potential or existing overseas customers of the supplement.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Vendors like Amazon Prime are as safe and secure as you will find for checking out online. Their websites boast of their secure 128 bit SSL encrypted transaction technology. This is standard for any similar quality online vendor of the product.


Muscle Milk Powder Pricing

Muscle Milk Powder is sold by the pound of powder. The price varies widely depending on where buyers purchase it. Physical retailers will tend to charge more for the formula than do the online outlets. As one example, one well-known online outlet sells it for $16.40 per pound and includes free shipping with all orders.






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