Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake

Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake by CytoSport Review – Should Drink This Shake of Protein?

What Is Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake?

Athletes tend to use protein supplements to help recover from their workouts, replenish essential vitamins and nutrients, and build lean muscle. Protein shakes can be a great way to recover and stay with a healthy lifestyle, but not all protein supplements are healthy or contain too many sugars or calories. Muscle Milk offers a variety of protein enhanced products to help athletes or anyone fuel their workouts or everyday lives with ingredients that improve overall health as well as build muscle.

Muscle Milk offers Organic Protein Shakes to athletes who are looking to build muscle, maintain their weight, and consume all natural ingredients in a tasty ready to drink protein shake. These all natural ingredients help to keep the bodybuilder fueled with ingredients that may improve their overall health.

Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake is a low in sugar and high protein, so you can use them before or after workout snack alternative. These shakes can be used as an on the go snack since they are high in fiber and protein, to keep you satisfied longer. They help to curb hunger, increase protein, and sustain energy for the everyday person or athlete. All these benefits help with keeping an athlete or gym goer healthy and active.

An athlete or bodybuilder can utilize them before the workout to fuel their body, or they can drink them after the workout to help their bodies recover. Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake help to build lean muscle and replace important nutrients lost during hardcore workouts in an all natural way. These shakes are ready to use, making them convenient to just grab and go. There is a powder alternative for those who wish to create their own shakes. Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake make an excellent, healthy addition to any active workout regime.



CytoSport, Inc. offers a variety of sports nutrition and beverages to help with everyday performance of athletes and bodybuilders. The company desires to be the protein experts to help build muscle and maintain weight and their line of products reflects that desire.

They believe protein is fundamental to help people to workout, live, and perform better. Protein is what helps to build muscle and keep the body healthy. Their protein supplemental also contain ingredients that can improve the overall health of the bodybuilder. Their line of products come in ready to drink shakes and protein powder. Their products are top quality and the endorsements they receive speak to the products effectiveness and quality.

CytoSport was founded by the Pickett family in 1998 and acquired by Hormel foods in 2014. The quality of their products remained the same even after they were acquired by a large company. Their headquarters is in Walnut Creek, California. Since the headquarters is in based in California, they must adhere to the California Transparency Act where they must prove that their manufacturing process is free from slavery or human trafficking. The company cares about their customers and makes sure their manufacturing practices are ethical.

Their mission and ethics are evident by the athletes and associations who endorse the product. CytoSport partners with associations and universities across the country. Many famous athletes, like Stephen Curry, are spokesman for this high protein product. He has made donations and run contests, donating his personal time to this company. Other athletes, like Mauricio Mendez, have joined the CytoSport family. Colleges and universities are joining the CytoSport family. This support from the sports community shows CytoSport dedication to the sports industry and the athletes.


How Does Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake Work?

Protein shakes are used to increase protein in a diet, but they may not always be healthy. Other brands protein shakes may contain high amounts of sugar or other ingredients that do not contribute to overall health. Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake work to increase protein in a bodybuilders regime with high quality and safe ingredients. The protein helps to build the lean muscle, the fiber helps to curb hunger caused by workouts, and the essential vitamins and nutrients help to replace what is lost during the workout. These convenient ready made shakes help to add to the workout and diet regime of any bodybuilder or athlete.

Anyone can use these shakes as a supplement to their own healthy lifestyles. These low calorie, high protein, ready to use shakes are a great breakfast alternative or workout snack. They provide up to 20 g of protein, which help to satisfy hunger, increase energy, and contribute to lean muscle. This protein feeds the body the necessary ingredients in order to build muscle. They have low sugar and fuel the body to help maintain weight while building muscle. The high protein and fiber help them to be a meal replacement for someone looking to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Protein supplements do not always taste so good, so Muscle Milk has found a way to keep their customers happy and healthy. Ingredients go into the Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake that make them delicious, like Organic Cane Sugar and Organic Stevia. These sweeteners do not hurt the dietary needs of bodybuilders, especially Stevia, which is known not to have an effect on blood glucose. The Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shakes are high in protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals, making them a valuable part of an active, healthy, and all natural lifestyle.


Ingredients of Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake

The Muscle Milk Shakes Organic Protein Shake generally contain the same ingredients unless they are a different flavor. Chocolate will contain an organic cocoa powder for flavor. The first ingredient is the all important protein that helps with muscle recovery and building muscle. The other ingredients add to the flavor and health benefits of these delicious shakes.

Organic Milk Protein Concentrate

Organic Milk Protein Concentrates are proteins derived from milk. In order to be considered organic milk, the cows are keep under strict farming regulations to ensure that they are organic. The lack of chemicals and other artificial ingredients helps the customer to rest assured they received a quality natural milk protein.

Organic Sunflower Oil

This organically produced sunflower oil helps to improve heart health, boost energy, and strengthen immune system. Healthy oils help to improve cholesterol. This sunflower oil helps to add to the protein shake while improving your health.

Organic Canola Oil

This organic oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which are good for your health. Canola oils contains omega 3 and omega 6 oils, contributing to heart health. This oil adds to the shakes while improving your health.

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Cane Sugar gives the shakes that sweet flavor while helping customers rest easy that there sugar is free from chemicals. This sugar adds to the flavor without adding extra chemicals.

Organic Stevia Extract

Organic Stevia is another sweetener added to the shake to help improve the taste. One added benefit of Stevia is it doesn’t affect blood glucose, which is an attractive benefit to those on low-carbohydrate diets. This sweetener is another great ingredient that adds to the flavor of the shake.

Essential Vitamins & Nutrients

Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake contain essential vitamins and nutrients that help to promote an active healthy lifestyle and replace vitamins and nutrients that could be lost during hard workouts or during sporting events:

  • Vitamin A;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Calcium;
  • Iron;
  • Phosphorous;
  • Magnesium.



Muscle Milk Protein Shakes are a delicious, healthy way to increase protein and fiber in a diet. Using Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake at the gym, bodybuilders can help to fuel their workouts or recover from their workouts. The use of the protein may help build lean muscle since they are low in sugar and contain up to 20 g of protein. Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shakes are also suitable for person needing a kosher, gluten-free, lactose-free, or organic protein product. These shakes are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals and healthy ingredients, like oils, that improve overall health.

Since workouts can be draining and cause the gym goer to be hungry, they help to curb hunger and bolster energy before or after workouts with their increased fiber. They are easy to use since they are ready made and can be grabbed on the go. Athletes can rest assured that they are free from banned substances since the company is NSF certified and is endorsed by colleges and professional associations.

Everyone can use Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shakes as an on the go snack or meal replacement since they are so high in fiber and protein. The essential vitamins and minerals and other ingredients help to improve overall health. These advantages make Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake a great addition to a healthy diet.



CytoSport do not hold many certificates. They hold the endorsement and support of many from the sports industry. The main and most important certificate they hold is the NSF certification. All CytoSport, Inc. powder Sports nutrition beverages are NSF certified to help protect athletes and bodybuilders from being exposed to banned substances. This certification is why Muscle Milk and other CytoSport Products are endorsed by so many colleges, universities, and famous athletes.



These organic shakes taste great and help me after my long sessions at the gym. – Tony S, New York, USA

They are great for breakfast. I love to grab them and go. – Sylvia D, Europe

Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake allow me to stick to an organic diet and still increase my protein. Love them! – Chris B., London, UK


Awards & Media Coverage

This company’s dedication to sports shows through how many athletes and collegiate partnerships show their own support for the company. On the web site, CytoSport has listed that all point guard Stephen Curry has been re-signed through 2018 as a spokesperson. He has also donated 10,000 dollars to help fight malaria by purchasing nets. In addition to the donation, Muscle Milk had launched a three-point challenge in four markets and the winner receives a private session with Stephen Curry. He has proven his dedication to the brand by donating his name, time, and money.

The newest and youngest athlete to sign with the Muscle Milk family is Mauricio Mendez. He is a professional triathlete, who frequently participates in the Xterra, a Global off-road triathlon. He endorses the product as a supplement he uses before, during, and after triathlon for his needs. Triathletes push their bodies hard and their endorsement demonstrates the power and effectiveness of these protein drinks.

CytoSport, Inc has number college and university partnerships across the United States from the East Coast to the West Coast. Alabama and Tennessee have recently joined Muscle Milk’s collegiate partners. These collegiate partners know that this company offers safe and quality protein supplements free from banned substances to help keep their athletes healthy.

Other companies have recognized the Muscle Milk products for their safety and quality. The company has been listed as one of the top ten most innovative fitness companies by Fast Company. Muscle Milk specifically was named as one of Circle Up25’s 2013 most innovative companies. The products that are offered by CytoSport are guaranteed to be good for athletes and taste great, which is why so many offer their endorsement and support. They continue to strive to meet the needs of the bodybuilders and athletes who use their products to enhance their performance.


Money-back Guarantee

This product is sold by certified retailers, and the money-back guarantee is done through the company. Most companies will offer a refund or product replacement if not satisfied with the product packaging or there is damaged to the product in any way. Customers need to check with the retailer for their policies on returns or exchanges. Most companies will not return a food product unless the packaging is damaged.



The shipping options vary from retailer to retailer. Customers can choose standard shipping. For those who wish to receive their product quickly, they can choose expedited shipping. Check with the retailer for the shipping methods. Also this product is available in stores, so the customer doesn’t have to worry about shipping.


Customer Support

The makers of Muscle Milk protein products care about their customers concerns. Please feel free to contact them at any of the available methods. CytoSport, Inc. provides several methods of contact. You can contact them by phone at 1-888-298-6629 or by mail at 1340 Treat Blvd, Suite 350, Walnut Creek California, 94597.

If you wish to contact them on the computer, you can access a contact us page or through social media. You can also contact them at the “Contact Us” page located on their webpage or through Facebook or Twitter. These methods, along with the phone number, may offer a quicker response than by mail. Their “Contact Us” page lists all the international numbers for other countries as well.

If the customer has a concern about an order, they should contact the retailer directly. CytoSport doesn’t have control over the orders placed through certified retailers. Retailers will be happy to assist customers with any concerns about the orders placed. Please look for a contact us link on the retailers page to direct any concern about orders, shipping, or refunds.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake cannot be purchased directly from the company, but it is available at most retailers. The customer can buy it directly from Walmart or Target, and those sites typically offer SSL type security at their check out. If you wish to have higher security on your checkout, look for companies that offer PayPal. Paypal will help to protect your identity. Make sure to check with the company to see what security is offered to protect your identity. This information can usually be found at the bottom of the web page for any retailer.


Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shake Pricing

Since the Muscle Milk Organic Protein Shakes are not available directly from the manufacturer, the pricing may vary from retailer to retailer. Pricing depends on the quantity of ready made drinks you wish to purchase. Target sells the product in small packages for 9 and the sells it in larger quantities for 28 USD. There are other places from which you can get variations of the product for 9.99 USD. The amount of the product depends on how much you want to have. Some retailers may offer discounts in general. Free trials are not offered through the company. Some retailers or businesses may offer free samples as a promotion.






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