Muscle Milk Genuine from CytoSport

Muscle Milk Genuine by CytoSport Review – Is This the Must-Have Protein for Achieving Big Muscle Mass?

What Is Muscle Milk Genuine?

Muscle Milk Genuine is a protein powder supplement that is made to promote built muscle mass and also is said to help with body recovery after a workout. The main ingredient listed for the product is of course protein, which has 32 grams per serving but should be taken several times in a day to get this amount. You might find that this source of protein is not enough for your daily intake if you are on a high-protein diet, but it can be used as a supplement to your normal daily intake.

You should take the product after a workout to replenish your body’s needed protein plus vitamin and mineral needs. You can mix the powder with water, milk, smoothies or other recipes. Primarily it is said to help with recovery of the body’s protein plus vitamins and minerals after a workout. These lead to replenished energy post-workout, but it is also said to increase strength and muscle mass. Some reviews for the product have said that it tastes good and that it isn’t very effective. Others said that it was a good meal replacement, and some also said that it was effective in building mass and muscle quality. The ingredients are mostly natural. Overall the product seems to be somewhat effective but definitely can’t replace good quality diet and exercise.



CytoSport is the manufacturer for Muscle Milk Genuine. The company was founded in 1998 and formulates supplements for muscle building, strength, energy and overall performance. Muscle Milk Genuine was manufactured and released in the year 2000, and it did well on the market. In 2005 a version of Muscle Milk was awarded New Product of the Year by a main supplement site. They formed a partnership with USC in 2006 to help their athletes with workout recovery.

They also received an NSF certification, which says that their products are free of any banned substances. The company has a main address located in California, and also has a contact form to get in touch with any questions, and a phone number. There are also locations in Thailand, Korea, Russia, New Zealand, Brazil, other parts of Asia and Hong Kong, as well as other parts of Europe. These are listed also with phone numbers, emails and their own websites. Overall the amount of awards and information is good. You might inqure about the facilities, if all products are made on site in California, for example.


How Muscle Milk Genuine Works?

Muscle Milk Genuine is a supplement designed primarily for muscle mass building and workout recovery. Best results are said to come from taking the product 30-60 minutes after workouts to replenish your energy and restore needed nutrients. It is said to be most effective at this stage as it has the best opportunity to rebuild muscle at that time. You can also take it before workouts or bedtime. You can mix the powder with smoothies, shakes or other recipes.

It is said to also give more energy and body strength as well for workouts. One reviewer said that he takes 1 scoop of Muscle Milk Genuine powder three times per day with a cup of water or low-fat milk to see the best results. The ingredients include 32 grams of protein and other nutrients to help sustain overall energy and energy during workouts, as well as replenish the body with these nutrients after a workout, helping with muscle recovery and building. This product is also lactose and gluten free. Overall the product seems to be mostly natural.


Ingredients of Muscle Milk Genuine

The main ingredient listed and talked about for Muscle Milk Genuine is protein. This is the primary component that is said to help increase energy during and after workouts as well as to replenish body supplies of protein to help build solid, lean muscle. It also contains low-sugar carbohydrates, functional fats and other vitamins and minerals that also help with energy and with building muscle in the body. There is 32 grams of protein in each serving of the product, although reviews said that the serving size of one scoop has less than that and you might need to take up to three scoops per day to get this amount.

There are 9 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fiber, which is a good ratio for fat and calorie burning. There are 20 vitamins and minerals listed. These include Vitamin A, C, D, E, and B12. There is also calcium, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic Acid, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc and Copper. These are said to also help replenish body supply after a workout for energy and bodybuilding. The carb and fat count are also relatively low, so it can be a good source of protein without eating too much fat and carbs along with it. This might help in building muscle and shedding fat.



The advantage for Muscle Milk Genuine is mainly found in its protein content. Because protein helps build solid muscle and burn fat, this ingredient combined with a lower carb and fat content makes the supplement good to take alongside a proper diet and exercise. It is free of harmful hormones such as steroids, and also contains 20 vitamins and minerals to help replenish your natural supply. This is especially helpful if you take the supplement shortly after a workout as supplies will be deleted during that time.

The product is meant to increase overall energy and to help the body recover after workouts. Reviews have said that the flavor is also good as compared to other supplements, and helps to curb the sweet tooth at times. Customers also said that they didn’t see a lot of result from using the product, while others said that they noticed a sizable gain in muscle and loss of fat. Another version of the product also received an award for the best supplement of the year. And the manufacturer has many awards and has listed contact information and an address, so you can contact them and ask any questions you might have.



There are many recognitions for the product’s manufacturer, CytoSport. One specific certification the company received was from NSF. NSF is a health and safety organization and is a third party that gives information about products and if they are safe, to standard and other regulations. They recognized CytoSport as a company that uses banned free substances in their products. This means that their products will not contain harmful ingredients such as steroids or other artificial ingredients that may be harmful to the body.

There aren’t other certificates listed for the Muscle Milk Genuine. There are awards mentioned including New Product of the Year and Beverage of the Year by two main bodybuilding companies in the industry. The manufacturer was also a partner with the Chicago Cubs and USC for their athletes in recovery from training and workouts. There is also a contact page where you can get in touch and ask any questions you have. Certifications are often not listed for supplements, so this might make you more likely to investigate the product further. Overall the product seems to be superior to other products in that it has a third-party certification. It also has awards and perhaps more importantly, a way to contact the company with other questions you might have about the product.



Most reviews for Muscle Milk Genuine are positive, however not many remarked on its ability to gain lean muscle, burn fat or help with boosting energy levels. Many reviews complemented the flavor of the product. Flavors of which include chocolate, cookie, caramel and others. Some did mention that the amount of sugar in the product is higher than with other supplements, but that this made it taste better. This might help with taking the supplement as many of them have been reviewed as having average taste or worse. Also if you are opting to take a powder as opposed to a tablet supplement it is already more work, so you might help if it actually tastes good in the process. Make sure the flavor combines well with what you’re adding the powder to and you should be good.

One review said that it helped him to gain lean muscle but not any bulk, another said it wasn’t very effective. Another said it did help him gain some bulk and recommended it to others for that reason. Another said that due to the sugar and fat in the diet, if you are on a strict one you shouldn’t take the product because as compared to other products it was high in these as well as carbs. Several others said that they had noticed mass building in the muscles and weight gain from using the product. They said that if you are using it as a meal replacement or post-workout recovery drink that it was good for that. There were a lot of reviews listed for the product, over 1,500. Overall reviews were about 68% positive for the product.


Awards & Media Coverage

The manufacturer for Muscle Milk Genuine has received a lot of recognition. It was named Beverage Company of the Year in 2009 by a marketing company, and also partnered with the Chicago Cubs in 2010. The brand also made its way to Canada, then overseas to England, Germany and Australia. Goldman Sachs also named the C.E.O. Greg Pickett as one of the U.S.’s top 100 entrepreneurs.

They also received an NSF certification, which means that the manufacturer’s products were deemed free of all banned substances. And in 2006 the company partnered with USC to help its athletes with workout recovery. Also a version of the product was labeled New Product of the Year in 2005 by a main muscle and bodybuilding company. Also, the product has spread to being produced in many locations throughout the world including Canada, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Overall the awards for the product and its manufacturer are thorough and extensive.


Money-back Guarantee

It is not possible to buy Muscle Milk Genuine directly from the site, so there is no money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. There are also no free trials mentioned There is a link to a subsidiary site that will direct you to actual locations where you can buy the product. There are also several online sites that sell the product. Most of these are standard sites where other supplements are sold so you can expect the same guarantees as with most other products you purchase. There is nothing special listed on any of the sites. Therefore you should check with each individual store you go to in person or website you order the product from to see about money-back options.

Many sites will have a money-back guarantee minus shipping and handling. This is many times depending on if you opened the packaging. If you have opened the product, many times you cannot get your money back. This means that there isn’t a way to try Muscle Milk Genuine and get your money back, so it is probably good to do as much research about the product as possible beforehand to see if you really want to try the product. Sometimes sites or stores will let you return the product opened with a certain percentage of the product used, but usually the amount you can leave out wouldn’t be equivalent to the amount of time listed that you need to take the product before you see results. Overall you might want to make sure you feel fairly confident about trying the product before committing to buying it as you probably won’t be able to get much money back, if at all for this product.



You cannot order the product directly from the manufacturer, so there is no specific shipping information available there for Muscle Milk Genuine. However there are several sites where you can buy the Muscle Milk Genuine. Most of these sites have a standard postal fee for 3-7 day delivery times. Always check the price of the product and the shipping fee together and look at the total price. Sometimes sites will offer free shipping but then make the price of the product or some other bit more expensive and the price ends up being the same.

Standard shipping rates also usually include minimal handling fees, but remember that if you decide to ship back the product to get your money back, usually you have to pay again the shipping rate plus the handling fee. So even if you get your money back for the product itself, you might have paid these fees twice in the process. So it might be worth looking up a cheaper shipping option available if you think you might return the product. Overall the supplement can be ordered on most normal bodybuilding and other sites, so you can expect to pay normal shipping rates.


Customer Support

Customer Support for Muscle Milk Genuine can be found on the manufacturer’s site. There is a main location address listed in California, and there is a contact form on that page. There you can email the company and ask them any questions you have about the product. There is also an email and phone number provided.

For non-U.S. residents, there are also websites and phone numbers as well as emails listed for various other countries. Customer Support for such countries as Brazil, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and other parts of Asia, Canada and other European countries is available. Customer Support on the manufacturer’s site is very important, because many supplements don’t provide this information. Because it is provided here, that means any questions you have about the manufacturing of the product, its ingredients, and any other questions you might have can be addressed here. You can also call this manufacturer. Overall the contact information available is good for getting information.


Safe & Secure Checkout

There is no available checkout from the manufacturer’s site for Muscle Milk Genuine, however other sites are relatively standard where you can order the product. Most are recognized with good SSL certificates such as McAfee and others. However, make sure to check for these safety certificates before ordering the product. SSL Certificates are encoded to help keep your checkout process secure and safe from hackers. These will ensure that your private identity information and financial information are secure during your purchasing process. Also ensure that it is a top site for SSL.

Hormel Foods Corporation owns and has the rights to CytoSport, so you must check there regarding its privacy policy. In general, if you submit to them your private information such as your email address, they reserve the right to pass this on to third parties. This is mainly for the use of promotion, however you can also opt out of receiving other promotions as you wish. As far as your financial details, you will need to check the particular site’s privacy policy where you purchase your product. Always look at the certificates and their cookies and privacy policy to ensure that your financial information will be secure when you provide it online.



The price for Muscle Milk Genuine depends on which site you purchase it from. On one site the product is listed at 2.47 pounds for $26.95, and 4.94 pounds for $39.95. It is recommended for those wanting to build muscle mass or gain muscle weight to take 70 grams of the powder and add it to shakes, smoothies, water or milk once per day. 2.47 pound of the product is equal to 1120.37 grams. This divided by 70 grams per day is equal to 16 days of product use.

This means that for 16 days you will spend $26.95 for Muscle Milk Genuine, or $1.68 per day. This would amount to $50.36 per month, minus shipping and handling. For the larger size, 4.94 pounds is equal to 2240.75 grams. At 70 grams per day, this amount would last you for 32 days, or just over a month. So this would be your cheaper option if you decided to go for this product and use it on a continual basis. This price would equal out to $39.95 for approximately a month’s supply of the product, minus shipping and handling. This is a decent price when compared with other supplements.






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