Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shake

Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shake by CytoSport Review – One Nice Protein Shake from a Good Company

What Is Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shake?

Whether you are trying to gain muscle mass or would like to forestall any muscle loss while you sleep, finding the right protein shake can make all the difference in the world. Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake is a product that is designed to provide the protein supplement that you need for your active lifestyle at a very low cost in terms of calories. Available at many local stores, its accessibility makes it one of the easier protein shakes to incorporate into your diet without having to do much planning for your next purchase.

Many users who have put it to work in their training program have reported that it has helped them to achieve the goals that they set for the food and drink that they consume. In addition to protein, the Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake also contains an effective blend of amino acids and vitamins so that your body receives more of the nourishment and replenishment that it requires as you cycle into periods of stepped up activity. Without significant amounts of additional protein, most bodybuilders find it very difficult to build muscle mass at the same pace as they do with a protein supplement.



Although the market for protein supplements and drinks has become pretty competitive, CytoSport Inc. has been focusing on bringing the best training and supplement products to market since 1998, giving them a lot more experience than most brands. They also have a commitment to leading the market when it comes to offering the best possible blends of protein powders and drinks for all types of lifestyle. That specialization has allowed them to innovate while expanding operations to include all regions of the United States.

One thing that many people do not realize about creating market-leading workout products is that it takes a lot of time and money in order to continue to advance to the next level. After getting off to a strong start, CytoSport Inc. poured a lot of their revenue back into research and development in order to reach their goal of being the company that provides protein to every market segment. Their success attracted the attention of Hormel Foods Corporation, who bought them a couple of years ago, expanding company resources and research capabilities even further.

The net result for customers is a industry leader that knows that staying with and improving the program is the only way to advance enough to make a difference. In addition to Muscle Milk drinks, CytoSport Inc. also manufactures protein powders and other supplements as part of its product lineup. Their emphasis on quality has caused them to ensure that all of their Muscle Milk powder products carry an NSF certification.


How The Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shake Works?

Protein is an important part of everyone’s diet. The Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake is specifically designed to:

  1. Provide more energy to bodybuilders during their workout;
  2. Aid in building sustainable muscle mass for those on a complementary weight training program;
  3. Help the body receive the additional protein that it needs for a healthy diet.

If you are a bodybuilder, what this means for you is that you can minimize your calorie intake while still getting the protein that you need to build and maintain mass and tone. Of course it is important to remember that in order to build mass, your diet should be put together so that you are getting slightly above the the normal recommended daily amount of protein. If your diet with the Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake is providing you with adequate protein, the product can help promote the growth of red blood cells while strengthening your body’s recuperative power- two areas that support a heightened workout regimen.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people that do not want to compete for a bodybuilding crown that are still interested in a healthy diet. For that group of people, augmenting what you eat with a protein shake provides you with the vitamins and protein that you may need to stay healthy. And for those office warriors who work long hours and do not have the time to work out or put together a completely balanced diet, integrating Muscle Milk into their diet can give them a low calorie option that helps to fill them up without just being empty calories.


Ingredients of Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shake

Because CytoSport Inc. has chosen to use protein that is derived from Greek yogurt for its Muscle Milk liquid products, you get the benefits of protein that is natural, yet perhaps more effective for workouts than protein derived from milk. Most customers do notice a textural difference that is a by-product of using a yogurt base that is growing in popularity. In addition to yogurt, Muscle Milk contains some whey powder as a source of protein.

Whey is an ingredient that is somewhat underrated. Historically, in Europe, it was used as an energy food for centuries before modern times caused some countries to stop using it as a meal. Countries like Switzerland, where it has never gone out of fashion have put together an impressive list of research studies proving that they were right all along about the ability of whey to add to a healthy diet. Another positive aspect of whey is that although it is produced during the cheese making process, a lot of the fat is removed from it. In fact, it is so innocuous as an ingredient that the Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake tests show that most people who are affected by lactose will not experience problems if they use their product.

As far as health is concerned, sugar is an ingredient that CytoSport Inc. decided that they would not include in the Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake because it can provide customers with empty calories. At the same time, the company has committed to creating different blends of flavors that are sweet and highly rated using Sucralose. The Muscle Milk 100 Calorie protein shake is currently available in chocolate and vanilla. And while neither flavor is completely natural, the US market has shown a marked preference for either artificial vanilla or a blend of vanilla over natural vanilla in flavored drinks.



With Hormel Corporation running the show, not only does CytoSport Inc. end up with access to development dollars and research personnel that only very large food firms can compete with, they also will be able to tap into a global distribution network that can make any expansion that they make to bring the Muscle Milk 100 Calorie protein shake to even more area stores. They should also be able to make more headway on breaking through the taste barrier that even companies like Coca Cola and their Diet Coke products continue to work on. In short, although the flavor of diet drinks is pretty good, it still is not the same as drinks sweetened with sugar. The more research power CytoSport Inc. has, the better the outlook for an innovation that may be portable to other drink products.

Another advantage that Muscle Milk has is its formula complexity. Like Budweiser, a brand that got it right over 130 years ago, Muscle Milk’s almost 20 year existence has allowed them to develop a sophisticated drink that is not easy for competitors to duplicate. When you add the notion that their protein type can be considered one of the market leaders, you have a recipe for success.



Product quality is an interesting notion. The Baldridge US national award for quality once ran a contest designed to show that companies that built more quality into their systems ended up with more profit and stability. What they found was that absent non-profit company participation, it was actually hard to show that quality pays for itself. Fortunately, at CytoSport Inc., it appears that quality is what the customer asks for. And as the bodybuilding community is both very knowledgeable about health and interested in only the best supplements for their workout, the Muscle Milk team devotes significant resources to putting out a perfect product.

One example of this is the fact that their whey powder products are rigorously tested and all pass the NSF certification test. NSF, or the National Sanitation Foundation is the premier third-party food safety testing organization in North America, with over 80 US standards developed over the last two decades. In addition to the NSF certification, CytoSport Inc. also employs a research staff that is fully certified on the medical side in order to validate how their products impact the diet of their customer base. With decades of accumulated experience, their aim is to design in the optimum health and performance benefits to all market segments.



Customers have received the Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake favorably. One of the most common responses has been that the science behind the protein appears to manifest itself physically in results for those that are working out regularly. Another positive that customers are pointing to is the notion that the drinks are available from local retailers in almost every part of their town and city. That is in direct contrast with Muscle Milk’s competitors, who are more likely to only ship product from their factory.

When it comes to flavors, the jury is out. Half the online feedback likes chocolate while the other half prefers vanilla.


Awards & Media Coverage

As an industry leader, CytoSport Inc. seems to be quite comfortable building its brand through the use of media. Recently, they signed Stephen Curry, one of the top players in the NBA to a long term contract as a spokesperson for Muscle Milk. His dynamism and popularity have already created a media buzz surrounding the deal. With an expanded market presence rolling out, it is anticipated that the commercials will be quite effective. The Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake also uses professional bicyclists and road racers as spokespeople for the brand, giving them a large profile in the world of endurance athletics.

When it comes to product, food journalists have started covering news that Hormel Corporation has decided to cut the proportions of fat and sugar in the Muscle Milk line even more than what was already considered to be healthy. In one sense, the move puts on display the research strength that Hormel Corporation has brought to the table by buying CytoSport Inc. Some of the ingredients that do add up to more calories like whey and casein could require some heavy analysis in order to replace or augment them.


Money-back Guarantee

CytoSport Inc. is committed to following the return policies of states, local municipalities, and retailers to help customers in case they have a bad experience. On the surface, that doesn’t seem to be that strong. Yet not having a published policy is not necessarily any different in terms of results than using existing laws. This is largely because existing laws in many areas are stronger than many manufacturers policies. By relying on local rules, it is possible for CytoSport Inc. to save money on operations that it can pass on to its customers.

Although most retailers are familiar with and work with the Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake, if you do have a question, a concern, or a problem, you can certainly contact CytoSport Inc. at the Muscle Milk website via a customer service contact form. They are typically quick to respond and have a good track record from a client perspective. They also have a detail list of frequently asked questions that you can use to help gain answers.



With the success of its products in the marketplace, CytoSport Inc. decided not to sell Muscle Milk directly to the public. Instead, it is retailed at supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the US. It can also be found online through other retailers. When it does ship from online sources, one of the most popular configurations is the 4 pack. One nice thing about Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake is that it does not need to be refrigerated so when it ships from an online retailer, it can go from cold to warm to room temperature and still be ready to drink.


Customer Support

CytoSport Inc. handles all customer service issues through its website. There is a form that allows you to contact them directly. In addition to e-mail, they also provide a mailing address for US mail inquiries. And in a nod to ‘welcome to the 21st’ century, their contact form contains a disclosure warning that lets visitors know that it is possible that forces inside or outside the company may try and steal your information from them. They therefore feel in is in the public’s best interest to know that it is pretty difficult to keep the information that you send them completely secret when those conditions exist.

Another way to keep up with company information and interact with company officials is to follow Muscle Milk on Facebook or Twitter. There are links available on the Muscle Milk website. With Twitter, you will likely just receive the latest tweets about their product line. If you use Facebook, however, you can post comments about the campaigns that they are running and potentially get community feedback as well as a company response.


Safe & Secure Checkout

On the positive side, at least CytoSport Inc. is realistic about the dangers that the Internet can pose to anyone. As their website itself does not sell product directly, there is no other danger of a customer exposing their information without knowing it. Of course, in the retail world, the Muscle Milk 100 calorie protein shake uses the latest bottling technology so the drinks should be tamper proof unless there are visible signs that someone has vandalized them. If you are going to make a purchase on an online vendor’s site, it is a good idea to ensure that they have a strong security certificate, virus checking, and site monitoring set up before you use your credit card with them.


Muscle Milk 100 Calorie Protein Shake Pricing

Muscle Milk is popular in part because it is one of the most competitively priced brands of protein shake. Online, however, you will find quite a price range available. Currently, it looks like big box retailers tend to have lower prices than specialty stores, but it is always wise to check out the details because if the shipping prices are not equal, a lower price can end up becoming a higher price. There aren’t currently any free trial offers available on the CytoSport Inc. website, but they do update potentially related promotional material from commercials and campaigns.






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