Monster Whey from CytoSport

Monster Whey by CytoSport Review – What Do Athletes & Bodybuilders Say About This Product?

What Is Monster Whey?

Monster Whey is a protein powder mix designed to deliver a full 25 grams of protein per serving. This powerful protein powder comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors, and its formula has a great taste without high levels of sugar. There are two different sizes of this supplement available, depending on how frequently you plan to use it, a 2.2 lbs. and a 4.4 lbs. bottle.

This single source protein powder mix gets its protein from whey, an ingredient that is derived from natural dairy products. Whey has long been used in protein powders because it is known as a complete, natural source of the necessary macronutrient. For bodybuilders, or anyone who is working out frequently or looking to gain strength, these high levels of protein are necessary for bodies to add more muscle, and whey powder delivers this protein without excess fat or sugar.

A serving of this protein supplement is one scoop of powder, to be thoroughly mixed with water. Individuals are instructed to drink this supplement before or after workouts, especially if they are prone to hunger after working out, or before going to bed. Each serving is only 150 calories with 2 grams of sugar, so athletes can add as many as feel is necessary for their nutritional needs.



The manufacturer of Monster Whey is Cytosport, which makes a number of sports nutrition products, especially protein powders and beverages. Cytosport was founded in California in 1998 by the father and son team of Greg and Michael Pickett. This company has received a great deal of media attention and praise, including being named one of the Top 100 Beverage Companies by Beverage Industry Magazine in 2009.

Cytosport also has a history of partnering with well-known organizations and groups to further its purpose of spreading positive sports nutrition information and opportunities. They partnered with the University of Southern California in 2006 to assist athletes in their sports programs, and continue to partner with the school. In 2010 they also partnered with the famous MLB team the Chicago Cubs, providing the players with their protein powders to fuel their workouts.

Although it is an American company, based in Benicia, California, Cytosport is also sold in Canada and the United Kingdom, and has recently expanded to Germany and Australia. They also have a large social media presence, with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where users can communicate directly with the company. They have faced controversy in the past over the ingredients in a different protein supplement, but it is not related to the Monster Whey protein mix, and no controversies have been reported since the company was acquired by Hormel in 2013.


How Monster Whey Works?

When users drink a Monster Whey mix, they are consuming 25 grams of whey protein in a single serving, which contains only 150 calories. This single source protein power works to build lean muscle, especially when used in conjunction with strength training, weightlifting, or other vigorous exercise. Protein is the building block of muscle and is essential to gaining strength and making healthy gains, while the extra calories are quickly burned out in hard workouts. Also, the added ingredient of BCAA works to promote muscle growth, while L-Leucine stimulates muscle growth on a cellular level.

This supplement is a powder, and it is meant to be mixed with a liquid to make a high-protein drink, but users have a number of options in how frequently they choose to consume it. Some users simply take one serving a day before bed. Others prefer to drink a scoop of the powder in water either before or after working out. Users report seeing results quickly, with most saying that they gained considerable mass after about a month of regular use. In reviews, most supplement users say that the delicious flavor options, taste, and texture encourage them to use the product consistently, which leads to faster results.


Ingredients of Monster Whey

The primary ingredient in Monster Whey is Whey Protein Concentrate, which is naturally derived from milk. This whey foundation is blended with a non-dairy creamer, which is made of Sunflower Oil, Maltodextrin, and Sodium Caseinate, Mono- And Diglycerides, and Natural Tocopherols. There are also other natural and artificial flavors, depending on whether the supplement is the chocolate or vanilla variety. The ingredient list is rounded out with Potassium Chloride, Maltodextrin, Xanthan Gum, Acesulfame Potassium, Soy Lecithin, and Sucralose, all of which either add flavor, act as preservatives or act as texture enhancers.

These ingredients add up to a 150 calories when they are mixed with water as directed on the label. There are a few small differences in the nutritional content of these supplements depending on the flavor that you choose. The vanilla flavor contains 25 calories from fat, 1 gram of fiber, and has 14% of the recommended daily value of potassium, while the chocolate flavor contains 30 calories from fat, 2 grams of fiber and, 16% of the recommended daily value of potassium. Regardless of the flavor chosen, since this supplement is made of a milk derivative, it is not suitable for people who avoid dairy products.



The greatest advantage of Muscle Mass protein powders supplement is that it quickly gives users a full 25 grams of protein in a single serving, with only 150 calories. Bodybuilders and other athletes who seek to quickly and safely increase their muscle mass need high amounts of protein in their diet, both to fuel their workouts and to create the muscle itself. This amount of protein in a fairly low-calorie supplement lends itself specifically to the production of lean muscle mass without adding fat.

Users report that another advantage of this supplement is its superior flavor and texture, even when mixed only with water as directed on the label. Some reviewers liken the flavor of the vanilla option to a sweet coconut drink, while others compare the chocolate option to a familiar chocolate milk. The great taste encourages people to keep using the product, which in turn encourages them to keep working out and getting fitter.

This supplement also has a low level of sugar, thanks to the use of Sucralose, which has zero calories, instead of traditional sugar. However, it is still sweet enough to be enjoyed mixed only with water, thanks to this Sucralose and the added natural and artificial flavors. Although it is not specified on the directions, athletes can also mix the Monster Whey protein mix into other recipes, such as those for shakes and smoothies, for an extra protein and calorie boost without an unhealthy rush of sugar.



Products made by Cytosport, including Monster Whey, boast an NSF certification, which is highly prized in the world of bodybuilding supplements. NSF is a public safety organization, and this certification is recognized by all major athletic organizations, including the MLB, MLBPA, NFL, NFLPA, NHL, and PGA. This certification includes product testing for over 150 banned substances, as well as confirming the labeled contents, and testing for environmental contaminants. Further, NSF certifies that the products were made in safe facilities, in compliance with their high manufacturing standards. Thanks to the rigorous testing and updated list of banned substances, athletes who use products that are NSF certified, like Monster Whey, can be confident that they are in compliance with all laws and athletic regulations.

Since this supplement is made in the United States, its production is also certified to be safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its production facilities adhere to the standard GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices that are set out by US law. Customers can be sure that the ingredients and quantities listed on the supplement’s label are in fact accurate. All stages of the production process meet the standards of quality and safety to satisfy the FDA and GMP requirements.



This stuff is the real deal. I drink at least one of these every night before bed, and I have another before every workout that I do and sometimes another one after a workout too if I’m hungry. I’ve always been a skinny and weak little guy, but in just the past month I put on 8 pounds of pure muscle! And I still have energy to lift every day. It’s really great.

– Scott W., Denver, CO, US

I’m very satisfied with this protein mix. I do have to also take a vitamin supplement and I add a couple of other workout supplements too, but this is good for pure protein with a low calorie count. I’ve seen good results after six weeks of use. Generally, I drink a single serving after working out. The chocolate flavor is better than the vanilla.

– Paul R., Dallas, TX, US

Monster Whey tastes amazing!!! I could drink it all day, especially the chocolate one because it tastes like chocolate milk but you don’t even need to mix it with milk! I’ve been drinking it before workouts for 3 months now and have bulked up like 25 pounds. Delicious way to get your whey.

– Chris C., Boston, MA, US

I like the vanilla, it tastes like coconut ice cream and give me all the protein I need to get through my workout.

– John K., Los Angeles, CA, US


Awards & Media Coverage

The company that manufactures this supplement, Cytosport, has received a great deal of media attention and awards since its founding in 1998. In 2005 one of its supplements was named product of the year by the website. Cytosport has paired with college and professional sport teams, including USC in 2006 and the Chicago Cubs in 2010, and famous investment giant Goldman Sachs even named one of Cytosport’s founders, Greg Pickett, as one of their top 100 Entrepreneurs in 2013. The company was unfortunately also the subject of some negative media attention years ago over the ingredients in one of their other protein supplements, but these controversies have since been dealt with and do not necessarily reflect on the company as it is today. Cytosport also has a large presence on social media, with many fans posting and sharing their positive experiences with the company’s products.

The reviews from bodybuilders and other athletes who have used Monster Whey are overwhelmingly positive, with an average review of “excellent” on one prominent site. Independent review sites and blogs also praise the protein powders, especially valuing their flavors and calorie to protein ratio. Forums that are dedicated to comparing different supplements, especially those focused on bodybuilding, praise this supplement’s taste, price, and protein power.


Money-back Guarantee

While the distributor and seller of Monster Whey doesn’t not have a specific money-back guarantee, it does have a fairly generous return and refund policy. If you are unhappy and want to return an unopened product for any reason, customers are instructed to call the customer service number as provided on the website and speak to a customer service representative. Generally, this will result in either a credit of the payment back to the original payment method, or a credit with the company to be used for future purchases. If your supplement arrives damaged, a customer service representative will simply send another one for free and send a prepaid return label for the original, damaged product. If you have opened the product, you may be eligible to get an in-store credit for the product, provided you pay to have it shipped back first.

All returns must be made within 6 months of the original purchase to get either a refund of the store credit. To speed up the processing of your return, customers should send the supplement back to the original warehouse that it was shipped from, with the original invoice, and the box clearly labeled “Returns.” Customers are completely responsible for their own shipping costs and it is recommended that they track their own shipments to ensure that they actually make it back to the manufacturer. Once the return has gone through, the customer will then receive their due credit, either in-store or through their original payment method.



There are a number of different shipping options and prices, depending on the size of the order, where it is being shipped, and how quickly it needs to arrive. For example, if a customer orders either a small, 2.2 lbs. or large 4.4 lbs. container of Monster Whey, the standard shipping rate would be $6.23, while 2-day shipping would cost $13.50, 1-day shipping would cost $20.53, and shipping to a military address would cost $7.30. However, an order of 2 bottles of the product, regardless of weight, would cost $8.31 for shipping, with $15.10 for 2-day shipping, $25.67 for 1-day shipping, or $7.88 for miliary shipping.

After placing their order, customers can expect to receive an email that includes a tracking number, so they can track their order after it is placed. International shipping is also available for this product, although the prices vary depending on the location it is being shipped to. Customers are responsible for all of the additional taxes, fees, duties, or any other costs that occur with international shipping. Further, customers are warned that there may be delays to delivery if items are held up at customs.


Customer Support

Customers have a number of ways to reach out to the manufacturer of distributor of Monster Whey, so all of their questions and concerns can be easily addressed. If the customer has questions about the development or production of the supplement, about its ingredients or how it is used, they should probably address those questions directly to the manufacturer. Cytosport can be contacted through a few different methods, primarily online. Customers can contact them directly via email, or they can choose to address them more publicly through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

If the customer instead has problems or concerns with the more technical aspects of the product’s delivery, payment, returns, or orders, they should contact the distributor. Customers are encouraged to look online for the appropriate information, including the distributor’s email address and a toll-free customer service phone number. The distributor is also available on social media, although a more direct method is preferred.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When placing an order for Monster Whey, customers can be confident that their online order is safe and secure from outside interference. The checkout page is protected by 256 bit SSL encryption, the gold standard for online shopping. This page also has current, up-to-date, and fully valid certifications. Customers who choose to pay with PayPal are further protected by their state-of-the-art security features, and customers who pay with a credit card are also protected by the extra security of that payment method. These high levels of security should make customers feel safe in giving their payment information online

Both the producer and distributor of Monster Whey also guarantee that customer’s personal information is kept confidential. This includes information about the orders placed, the payment method used, and the addresses given, both email and mailing. Customers who choose to post a review of this supplement on the website are also given some protection for their privacy. The company does strive to secure all of customer’s personal information with a variety of security procedures, but ultimately the focus is on protecting the sensitive financial information.



Many users praise Monster Whey for being an affordable protein powders supplement, because it contains a great deal of protein for a relatively low price. For $21.94, customers can try out the smallest bottle of the mix, which contains about 25 servings, or 625 grams of protein total, which works out to a mere $1 per serving. For customers who want more of the products, they can save money by buying the larger bottle, which is 4.4 lbs, for $41.97. This larger bottle works out to less than 85 cents per serving, which is a very low price for 25 grams of protein. To compare, to get that much protein from food, you would need to eat 3 ounces of pork or chicken, 6 oysters, 1 cup of lentils, or 7 tablespoons of peanut butter.

The price of shipping should be factored in when ordering, especially since it is determined by weight. Since the return policy is limited, customers may want to try out the smaller bottle first before committing to spending more money on the larger bottle and the shipping. However, if customers spend over $100 in one order, they can receive a free gift, which some customers may find enticing. For example, if a customer buys three 4.4 lbs. bottles of the supplement, they would get enough servings to take one per day for 153 days for $125.91, plus $10.39 for standard shipping.






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