Monster Isolate from CytoSport

Monster Isolate by CytoSport Review – Is This Protein Worth Your Time & Money?

What Is Monster Isolate?

Monster Isolate is a protein powder designed for bodybuilders and athletes. It claims to increase muscle mass while reducing fatigue. The product offers a dose of protein that includes a selection of amino acids that are common among protein powders. Based on minimal ingredients, it is formulated to improve a person’s workout results by using natural ingredients and avoiding synthetic components that can be counterproductive to fitness goals.

The powder is designed to be mixed with water to form a drink that is to be taken by mouth once a day. Protein powders are popular among athletes because they digest quickly which allows the ingredients to take effect quicker. The majority of the products are available in different flavors, so they are also easier to drink because they taste like a treat. Being available as a liquid also makes it easier for customers who find supplements in pill form to be challenging to swallow.

The company chose to use a specific type of protein because of its amino acid chains. These chains have shown to positively affect the rate of muscle production. Although these effects have been proven by clinical trials, this particular formulation hasn’t undergone any studies to prove its effectiveness. The product also needs a long term trial to verify the long term effects it has on athletes in order to survive such a competitive market.



The manufacturer of Monster Isolate is CytoSport. The company was founded in 1998 by a father-son duo by the name of Greg and Michael Pickett. The duo started the company after they realized the need for supplements catered toward athletes and fitness gurus as they both took part in marathons and other physically challenging events. The business has grown into one of the largest supplement producers in the U.S.

Their first product, CytoMax, became a bestseller in the late ‘90s, and provided the company with a trustworthy reputation. This success was later amplified by their most famous product: Monster Milk. The product started as a powder before expanding to a ready-to-drink formula. Their most recent line of products are sold under the Monster series including Monster Isolate. These products are marketed toward more extreme athletes and bodybuilders who suffer more physical ailments as a result of their intense training routines.

CytoSport has the upper hand over many of its fellow protein powder manufacturers because the company has been in operation for so many years. It is not common for supplement companies to be in operation for decades because the market is extremely competitive. Such longevity provides a sense of reassurance to customers that the business will take responsibility for any issues that may arise with the product.

The company has always operated out of their facility in California, but they also sell their products on the international market. They use third-party distributors for international territories in order to meet the demands of each area. This has become a common practice among expanding supplement companies. This also provides another outlet for customer service for international customers.


How Monster Isolate Works?

The product’s functionality is based around amino acids. Monster Isolate uses a type of protein that is rich in amino acids thought to result in muscle gain. When the amino acids are ingested, they trigger a chemical response in the brain. This response causes a release of hormones into the system including Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Once the hormones are released into the system, it encourages the rate of cell production. Old and/or damaged cells are disposed of more often because new cells are produced quicker. This process help prevents an athlete from missing workouts and training sessions because of sore and damaged muscles because the body is able to heal quickly. The protein levels also provide increased energy for more intense workouts which later result in muscle gain and fat loss.

The supplement functions similar to many of its competitors. The majority of protein powders work by increasing energy and providing muscle growth. Other products in this category often use two types of protein in order to provide longer lasting energy, but the increased level of protein in this product outweighs the energy effects of the dual-protein formulas.


Ingredients of Monster Isolate

All of Monster Isolate’s protein comes from its main ingredient: Whey Protein Isolate. This type of protein is efficient because it contains amino acids that are necessary to increase muscle mass. The four amino acids in this component include Glutamine, Isoleucine, Valine and Leucine. The amino acids also reduce the muscle fatigue associated with intense workouts.

Other ingredients of the protein powder are primarily used for storage and to allow the powder to successfully mix with water to form a flavorful drink. Alkalized Cocoa Powder is used as flavoring in the chocolate option while the vanilla option lists Natural and Artificial Flavors as an ingredient. Non-Dairy Creamer is also used to give the product a milky consistency. Silicon Dioxide prevents the powder from clumping and helps extend its shelf life.

Compared to other protein powders, the ingredient list is pretty standard. The majority of products in this category use some type of Whey Protein as the main ingredient because it is known to be effective. The product does have the perk of guaranteeing 25 grams worth of protein in each serving which is nearly double the amount of its top competitor. It is also lactose-free, so individuals who are lactose intolerant shouldn’t have an issue with the product.



One advantage of Monster Isolate is its large dose of protein it supplies to its customers. Protein provides the body with the energy necessary to get through intense workouts. The product offers a larger amount of protein than many of its competitors so that the customer’s energy levels stay elevated for a longer period of time. Increased energy levels allows individuals to workout at a higher level of intensity and for a longer period of time which means results become visible quicker.

The product also has the benefit of an NSF Certified for Sport certification. This isn’t a common certification among protein powders, so the product stands out among its competitors. Customers are also provided with a level of safety because the certificate guarantees that the product doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic ingredients. It also certifies that the ingredients used are approved by all sports organizations, so bodybuilders and professional athletes don’t have to worry about their pre-competition drug screening.

Another advantage of Monster Isolate is its formulation. The main ingredient was chosen because of its amino acid components. These four types of amino acids have shown to successfully increase the production of muscle mass within clinical trials. Choosing ingredients based on scientific studies offers a vote of confidence to the product’s customers.

The product also has the perk of being manufactured by a reputable company. Supplement companies pop up and disappear very quickly within the industry. When a company shows longevity, it offers another vote of confidence to the customer because there will be someone to hold responsible if the product ends up defective. This provides the product another advantage over its competitors.



The product holds a certification from the NSF called Certified for Sport. The NSF (National Science Foundation) works with producers and creators of scientific products that are not considered part of the medical community. This particular certification is given to products that avoid toxic materials in their formulation as well as substances banned by many sports organizations.

Two other certifications that can achieved by protein powders are patents and a FDA certification for the production facility. Patents are becoming more common among the supplement community as a whole but aren’t nearly as popular among protein powders. Such certifications are granted to products when their formulations are unique and display proof of effectiveness. Monster Isolate hasn’t undergone any clinical trials of its own, so it can’t apply for a patent.

The FDA doesn’t certify supplements because they aren’t considered medication. However, the organization does provide certification for the facility where the supplements are produced. To qualify, a facility must pass strict rules regarding hygiene and safety. Again, holding such a certification isn’t common among protein powders, but it would allow the product to stand out.



This product has transformed my training regime. I’ve taken Monster Isolate daily for the past three months, and I noticed results within two weeks. My muscles have doubled in size thanks to my intense workouts. I also have the energy to outlast all of my competitors.

– Marcus F., Atlanta, GA, US

As a professional bodybuilder, my muscle mass is my livelihood. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I trained, I continued to lose muscle as I aged. After six months of taking Monster Isolate, I’ve regained all the muscle mass that I previously lost.

– James B., Boston, MA, US

I’ve gained so much muscle mass that there’s not a day I hit the gym where I’m not asked about my secret weapon. I look and feel better than ever before. The stubborn fat around my middle has melted away and been replaced with an eight-pack. My energy levels weren’t even this high when I was a teenager.

– Ed S., Detroit, MI, US

As a professional trainer, this is the product I rely on to make it through my day. I not only have to be in top shape, but my entire day is spent training customers and working out. The protein powder gives me the energy to complete all of my sessions without wearing myself out. I also recommend it to all of my clients.

– Calvin P., Austin, TX, US


Awards & Media Coverage

Monster Isolate hasn’t received any media coverage. It is often challenging to stand out from the crowd when it comes to protein powders. However, it is odd that a product created by such a well-known manufacturer hasn’t been recognized by at least one of the top fitness magazines. This may not necessarily be a direct reflection of the product as it may simply be a result of insufficient marketing.

The product hasn’t received any awards. Unlike media coverage, awards are nearly impossible for supplements produced in the U.S. to achieve. There’s a lack of organizations that offer awards on an official level. The majority of the time, awards are simply acknowledgements offered by media outlets.

A lack of awards and media coverage isn’t uncommon in the supplement community. Protein powders are the most common type of fitness supplement on the market, so it can be even harder for products in this category to be acknowledged. There are also a limited number of credible fitness publications within the U.S., so it puts the product at a disadvantage.


Money-back Guarantee

Unfortunately, there isn’t a money-back guarantee offered for this product. Customers who aren’t satisfied with their results can return the opened packaged for in-store credit, but there isn’t a cash option for this type of refund. The credit will be issued through email and won’t include the initial cost of shipping. This offer is also not valid on items that were originally purchased using store credit.

If a customer would like to return an unopened package, they can receive a full refund. The request must be made within six months of receiving the original shipment in order to qualify. Customers are also responsible for shipping costs associated with this type of return. For damaged or incorrect products, the company will send the correct product to the customer along with a free return shipping label for the original item.

International customers have return options as well. Unopened products can be returned for a full refund, but the customers should expect delays as international bank transfers can take up to 30 days. Customers that live within the EU qualify for a free shipping label for damaged or incorrect merchandise. International customers outside of the EU do not qualify for free return shipping even if the return is a result of the company’s mistake.



Shipping for U.S customers is broken into three options: One-day, Two-day and Standard. Both the one and two-day options are only available for orders completed by 2 p.m. EST or an extra business day will added to the overall delivery time. For the 2.2 pound tub, the one-day option is priced at $20.53, and the two-day shipping option is set at $13.50. Standard shipping will only cost $6.23, and the package should arrive within four business days.

For the larger sized tub (4.4 pounds), the one-day shipping option costs $23.10. A two-day shipment is priced at $15.10 while standard shipping is set at $7.27. The company recommends standard shipping for protein powders because the price set by the weight of the product. Customers on military bases can also receive the product for $8.19.

International shipping prices vary by size and territory. The majority of international customers have the following shipping options: Priority, Economy and Standard. Standard shipments are the most economically friendly of the options, but the delivery time is set at 10 to 25 days. Economy shipping offers a timeframe of five to 10 business days while priority shipments can arrive within as little as two days.

It is common for supplement companies to offer free shipping on orders that fall into both of these price ranges. However, protein powders are one of the few exceptions to the free shipping standard. Since products in this category are larger than capsule packages, they cost much more to ship, and most companies can’t afford to cover the cost without a loss.


Customer Support

There is 24 hour support offered for Monster Isolate customers. This support can be accessed by phone, email or live chat. The phone and live chat options offer nearly instantaneous replies from the customer service staff. The email option guarantees a reply within 24 hours, so only non-time sensitive questions and returns should be addressed through email.

International customers can access all three forms of communication. There is an specific phone number designated for international customers so that they can avoid phone charges. They can also contact the distribution company of their particular area, but each company offers different customer service outlets and hours of operation.

The customer support for this product is far superior than the majority of its competitors. Many of the other protein powders on the market only offer a limited means of communication for customers by limiting hotline operation hours or only providing digital communication. Such limitations are inconvenient for customers, especially international customers. All day customer support provides Monster Isolate with an advantage over its competition.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Monster Isolate can purchased through a secure checkout platform. The checkout software accepts credit and debit cards that are backed by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. To prevent credit card numbers from being stolen, a special webpage encryption is used. This encryption prevents any information on the page from being seen by outside sources such as hackers or other individuals on the same network. Using encryptions has become the most accepted way to protect digital checkouts.

The website also uses an antivirus to prevent virtual attacks. Hackers often implant a virus onto a site to create a portal in which to access the servers. Such a situation is avoided by using an up-to-date antivirus. The company also secures their servers with a high tech security software that wards off anyone from accessing customer information stored on physical and digital servers. The physical servers are housed in a secure location as well, so physical access to information is virtually impossible.

These security measures exceed those of many of their competitors. While encryptions and other security measures are an absolute necessity in this age, not all companies provide adequate levels of protection in the supplement community. However, the website does use cookies for marketing information. Cookies store information from the website on the customer’s hard drive. Customers can block this aspect of the site through their browser without it negatively affecting their shopping experience.



Monster Isolate is available in two sizes: 2.2 pounds and 4.4 pounds. The smaller size of the protein powder is priced at $29.97 and contains around 30 servings. Since the company suggests digesting one serving a day, the price breaks down to around $1.17 per day. A month’s worth of supply of a product is the average size of supplement packages on the market.

The larger size can be purchased for $49.98 with 60 servings of powder. When looking at the cost per serving, the larger tub of the protein powder costs less than one dollar per day. Both sizes of the product are available in chocolate and vanilla flavoring.

Compared to other protein powders, the product is priced above average. Most protein powders cost around 10 to 15 dollars less in each size. However, Monster Isolate offers nearly twice the amount of protein per serving than its competitors. Judging the products by their protein amount actually results in this supplement costing less than its competitors.






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