Monster Blend from CytoSport

Monster Blend by CytoSport Review – Protein Powder for Professional Athletes & Bodybuilders?

What Is Monster Blend?

Monster Blend is a protein powder marketed toward professional athletes and bodybuilders. The formula provides increased amino acids to improve muscle growth while also aiding in post-workout recovery. The product includes a patented ingredient that is designed to allow the body to break down and use the amino acids and proteins more efficiently. It can also be used by non-professional athletes to increase the effectiveness of their cardio and weight lifting sessions.

Protein powders are popular among athletes because protein provides the extra energy needed to make it through the intense workouts associated with professional training. Monster Blend takes the basic design of protein powders and adds ingredients that have proven to increase the effectiveness of an individual’s workout. The product is also designed to assist with cell rejuvenation, so muscles are able to regenerate quicker thus reducing the amount of recovery time required between workouts. This prevents athletes from straining sore muscles or being forced to take extra time off between sessions.

Although the product’s formulation contains a patented ingredient, the formula itself isn’t patented. The supplement also hasn’t been processed through clinical trials. Just because multiple ingredients are known to achieve certain results, there is no way to know how they react when placed together. The lack of clinical trials doesn’t guarantee the effectiveness of the product. Both a short term and long term trial are needed to understand the full effectiveness of the formula.



The manufacturer of Monster Blend is CytoSport. The company was founded in 1998 by a father and son and is still operated as a family business. The company specializes in sports nutrition products marketed to athletes, bodybuilders and individuals with fitness goals. They offer many types of products, but the majority are protein powder formulas. Their most well-known product is Muscle Milk, which has been on the market since 2000.

The company operates out of Concord, California. Initially, all of their products were limited to U.S. residents, but they have extended their brand to international customers within the last two decades. This includes countries like Denmark, the United Kingdom, Russia and Australia. The company uses third-party vendors for countries outside of the United States in order to expand in other countries quicker. This is a common business practice among international companies.

CytoSport is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Not holding accreditation is common among supplement companies because it is a voluntary procedure. The company does not hold a rating with the organization either, which would normally serve as a red flag for a business’ operations, but in this case, it seems to be a result of a lack of complaints against the company. The company is also well-known throughout the industry, so the lack of a rating and official accreditation is overridden by its reputation.


How Monster Blend Works?

Monster Blend works by tackling the issues associated with intense workouts with natural components. When the product is digested, it tackles these issues from multiple fronts. The two types of proteins, Milk Protein and Whey Protein, both provide energy, but the Whey Protein is important because it releases amino acids. To assist with breaking down the proteins, an enzyme formula is used. The formula breaks down the components to their simplest forms in order for the body to be able to process them more efficiently.

The amino acids, which are derived from the Whey Protein as well as the added dose of L-Leucine, are essential to the formula’s success. Amino acids are essential to the human body’s operations, but many of them are not produced by the body and have to be found through outside sources. When the body digests a higher dosage of amino acids, it signals to the brain to reduce chemicals that are involved in cell production and rejuvenation. In terms of fitness, this allows the body to create cells quicker which results in muscle growth, and it allows the little rips in muscles that cause soreness to heal at a faster rate.

The product works in a similar way to its competitors. Many of the other protein powders that are popular on the market also use a large portion of Whey Protein to achieve muscle gain and increased stamina. Monster Blend is one of the few products that uses two types of proteins, so it provides an initial burst of energy that is maintained by the slow release of the second type of protein. It is also one of the few products that also focuses on creating the ideal environment for digestion of the proteins.


Ingredients of Monster Blend

The main ingredients of the formula are L-Leucine, Protease Enzymes, Milk Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Isolate. L-Leucine is an amino acid that assists with muscle growth and repair. Protease Enzymes (ProHydrolase) is a patented formula that assists with the digestion of amino acids so that a higher quantity can be digested and used by the body. Milk Protein Isolate provides protein for energy, and since it is derived from milk, the protein provides energy for a longer period of time. Whey Protein Isolate provides a large dose of amino acids including Glutamine, Isoleucine and Valine as well as an added dose of L-Leucine.

Other ingredients are primarily used for flavor, formation of the powder and preservation. Alkalized Cocoa Powder is used for flavoring in the chocolate options, but it is replaced by Natural and Artificial Flavors for the vanilla option. Non-Dairy Creamer is used in the formation of the powder as is Sodium Caseinate, Oat Fiber and Sunflower Oil. Silicon Dioxide is used to prevent any clumping of the product and to extend its shelf life. Sucralose and Stevia Extract are used to add sweetness to the overall flavor.

Compared to other protein powders, this product has a large amount of ingredients. Almost all of the protein powders contain Whey Protein but very few use Milk Protein because the use of dairy products has become rarer as lactose intolerance has increased. However, the Milk Protein used in this product has had the majority of its lactose removed, so it shouldn’t cause any side effects. There is also a divide among products in this category regarding sweeteners which is included in Monster Blend’s ingredients. Since the powder must be mixed with to water to form a liquid drink, many of the products add sweetener for flavor, but there are some products that prefer to avoid the calories associated with sweeteners.



Even though the product using Milk Protein as one of its main ingredients, the majority of the lactose is removed in the production process. This means that individuals who are lactose intolerant can still use the product. Protein derived from milk provides energy for much longer than the protein derived from grains because it breaks down in the system slower. Individuals required to use lactose-free protein powders aren’t typically rewarded with extended energy, just a spike in energy.

The product also has the advantage of holding an NSF Certified for Sport certification. This provides an advantage over its competitors because professional athletes and bodybuilders won’t have to worry about failing a pre-competition drug screening while taking the supplement. Even supplements that are composed of natural ingredients can contain elements that are banned by professional sports organizations. The certification also clears the product of using any toxic ingredients. Since supplements aren’t monitored by the FDA, there are some companies that will use filler products which are harmful to the human body.



The product holds an NSF certification. The NSF Certified for Sport certification guarantees that the product doesn’t contain any substances that are banned by the major sports organizations. It also verifies that the product doesn’t contain any contaminants or toxic elements which have been found in supplements in recent years. This certificate is not common among supplements.

Monster Blend doesn’t hold a patent for its formulation, but one of the main components of its formula is patented: ProHydrolase. This ingredient was put through both clinical trials and laboratory tests where it showed to effectively assist in the breakdown of proteins to produce amino acids and amino acids by themselves. The proof provided by these tests allowed the formula to be awarded a patent.

Compared to other protein powders on the market, the supplement is competitive based on its certifications. Not holding a patent for the overall formula is a disadvantage for the product as the most popular protein powders offer patented formulas. The fact that one of the main ingredients is patented combined with the NSF certification does provide customers with a boost of confidence as for the design that went into the product. However, the lack of a full-formula patent does result in a lack of confidence in its effectiveness.



As a bodybuilder, I have to be selective when choosing a natural supplement because some contain ingredients that are banned by the organization that I’m involved. One of the main reasons I chose Monster Blend was because it holds an NSA certification. Since purchasing it three months ago, I’ve increased my muscle mass enough to enter a new weight category, and I haven’t had any issues with the urine testing that’s required the day of the competition.

– Richard A., New York, NY

Within the last two years, I noticed my energy levels decreasing which is probably a result of age. Even doing workouts of the same intensity level as I had always done, I struggled to keep going, and I’d end up missing a workout because I was too sore to even try. I haven’t missed a workout since I started taking this product, and I’ve also managed to lose the weight I’d put on as a result of missed workouts.

– Michael G., Chicago, IL

I’ve been a professional athlete for nearly a decade, and every year the competition becomes more intense. I turned to Monster Blend in order to give me that competitive edge I need to stay ahead. Six months of taking the product daily, I’m finally back to my best shape. I’ve regained the muscle I’ve lost, and I’ve lost the extra pounds around the middle that I had gained. I’m now the competitor to beat in my sport.

– David M., Phoenix, AZ


Awards & Media Coverage

Muscle & Motors Gaming, a digital supplement and video game website, reviewed Monster Blend on their YouTube channel. The channel has thousands of followers, so it is now considered a reputable source of information regarding products. They praised the product for its flavor and how easy it was to use. They also noted the affordability and size of the package compared to its competitors. The publication’s reviewer also reported increased energy and endurance within a short period of time of using the product and suggested it to their followers.

There are no other instances of media coverage for Monster Blend nor has it received any awards from the supplement community. Protein powders are more popular sellers than other categories of supplements, which results in them receiving more media coverage than the other categories. It is slightly surprising that a product from such a well-known manufacturer hasn’t received more coverage. However, the large amount of protein powders on the market does make it more challenging for products to get noticed.


Money-back Guarantee

Monster Blend does not offer a money-back guarantee, but returns of the item are accepted. Domestic customers can return unopened items within 90 days of receiving it for a full refund. If the product is open, they can return it for an exchange or for credit towards another product, but there aren’t cash refunds offered for opened items. Customers who received the wrong item, or if their package was damaged, will be provided with a return shipping label free of charge. Non-damaged items require the customer to pay for the returned shipping cost of the item.

The company also accepts returns from international customers, but the rules are the same for which items qualify for a full refund and which situations qualify for in-store credit. Customers within the European Union also qualify for free return shipping labels for damaged items. International customers outside of the EU are responsible for the cost of returned shipping. Returned items are not accepted if it was originally purchased using in-store credit.

To begin the refund or exchange process, customers must first contact the customer support team. They will provide the customer with a special number that is required to be present on the package for the return item to be accepted. Once the item is received and processed by the merchandise facility, refunds and in-store credits will be issued to the customer. In-store credit will be sent via email, while refunds will be returned to the original method of payment. This usually takes less than five days for U.S. customers, but it can take up to 25 days for international customers.



Monster Blend can be shipped domestically as well as internationally. For U.S. residents, they can choose one-day, two-day and standard shipping options. All options only offer Monday through Friday delivery, and one-day and two-day options are only available for orders placed before 2 p.m. EST. Standard mail for the 2.0-pound version of this product is priced at $6.23, two-day shipping costs $13.50 and the one-day option is set at $20.53. The product is also shipped to military bases for $7.40.

The 3.75-pound package offers the same four options, but the price is slightly higher because it is based on weight. The standard shipping option guarantees the delivery in as little as two business days but it can take up to four business days. The price for this option is $7.82. The one-day option for the larger package cost $23.10, and the two-day shipping option can be purchased for $15.10. Military personnel can receive the item for $7.82.

The prices of international shipments vary by location and size of item, but there are three options for most locations. These options are standard, economy and priority shipping. Standard shipping estimates the arrival time of the item from 10 to 25 days, but this option does not offer tracking information. Economy shipping offers a time frame of five to 10 days and includes tracking information. The priority shipping option also provides tracking information, but the item can be delivered in as little as two days and it’s guaranteed to arrive within six business days.


Customer Support

Customer support for Monster Blend can be reached by phone, email or chat. Representatives operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Customer support by phone promises a minimum wait for customers. The live chat option also promises to offer a short response time, while email guarantees a response within 24 hours. Phone or chat should be used for important questions or concerns while email can be used for less pressing issues.

International customers can also access 24-hour customer support including the email and live chat options. There is also a special number for international customers so that they can call without the international calling charges. Wait times for the international hotline tend to be longer than it is for U.S. customers because there are fewer representatives, but the live-chat wait time is exactly the same.

The customer support team should be used to answer all questions and concerns regarding the ingredients and possible medication interactions. When it comes to returns and exchanges, the team is the first step in the process and should be contacted over the phone because it is a time sensitive issue. Any other issues that are not time-sensitive can use one of the digital correspondence methods.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Monster Blend can be purchased using a safe and secure checkout procedure. The checkout uses a security encryption that is commonly used to protect sensitive information, like credit card information, from being viewed as it is entered into the appropriate fields. The encryption can be seen in the URL by looking for the “S” added at the end of the “HTTP” which is displayed at the beginning of the web address. The company also uses secure servers to prevent hackers from obtaining the information collected.

The website uses session cookies, persistent cookies and pixel tags. Cookies are files that are stored on a customer’s hard drive that allows the website to connect directly to the computer and store relevant information. Session cookies only exist while the browser is open, but persistent cookies stick around to keep information regarding items that were put into the customer’s cart. Pixel tags are used in marketing and analytics to obtain the shopping habits and interests of customers. Using these items are common in the industry, but it does result in the loss of privacy for customers.



The product is available in a 2.0-pound package and a 3.75-pound package. The 2.0-pound option is priced at $26.98. This smaller package provides 23 servings worth of product, and it is available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. The 3.75-pound option offers 43 days worth of product, which averages out to be about $1.12 per serving. The larger package costs $47.97 per unit.

Compared to other protein powders with similar ingredients, Monster Blend offers an average price for each size. Many of the competitors charge around 50 dollars for a four or five-pound tub and around 25 dollars for a two-pound package of the product. A fair amount of these brands require that the supplement be taken multiple times a day, while this product only needs to be taken once a day. This results in the price per day to be around four or five dollars. Adding this information into the comparison results in Monster Blend costing less than its competitors.






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