Gold Standard 100% Casein

Gold Standard 100% Casein by Optimum Nutrition Review – Does It Work?

What Is Gold Standard 100% Casein?

Gold Standard 100% Casein is an award winning dietary supplement that uses its special ingredient, micellar casein, to add amino acids to the body over an extended period of time. It gels in the stomach during digestion, allowing for a steady release of its proteins to revitalize muscles and joints. The powder features 24 grams of protein and over nine grams of essential amino acids including Tryptophan, Isoleucine and Glutamine. It also contains up to 60 percent of the daily value of calcium.

Some of the main product features are:

  • 75 percent protein by weight – 24 grams per 32 gram serving;
  • 24 grams of micellar casein per serving;
  • 5+ grams of BCAAs such as Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine per serving;
  • 5 grams of glutamine and glutamic acid per heaping scoop;
  • Nearly Sugar and Fat free – 1 gram each.

This supplement is ideal for a sustained energy boosting snack between meals or to continue strengthening muscles while you sleep. There are a few ways to enjoy the supplement and sculpt your perfect body. It can be blended into a shake by adding water or milk, stirred into a beverage, or shaken into a quick shake.

Buyers can choose between several different flavors for this product, including:

  1. Banana Cream
  2. Chocolate Cake Batter
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  4. Chocolate Supreme
  5. Cookies and Cream
  6. Creamy Vanilla
  7. Mint Chocolate Chip
  8. Strawberry Cream
  9. French Vanilla



The product is manufactured by Optimum Nutrition, Inc., one of two subsidiary companies owned by Glanbia, an international cheese and sports nutrition company. Optimum Nutrition has been producing foods and supplements for sports nutrition since 1986. It has three North American production facilities and sells sports nutritional products throughout the United States.


How Gold Standard 100% Casein Works?

Intense body sculpting takes its toll on the muscles, day in and day out. The casein protein in this supplement builds muscle slowly through continual release of the amino acids and proteins. The body also uses the added glutamine amino acids to aid in muscle recovery. It is formulated to help those who take it regularly continue pushing themselves to the limit at the gym, by giving their bodies the nutrients they will need to keep going at a high level.

Its slow release formula allows the body to slowly absorb the proteins drawn from the micellar casein power for continual muscle enhancement and growth. Casein proteins are sensitive to the acid in the stomach and thicken into a gel. That gel takes longer for the body to digest than liquid or thinner foods so it keeps people feeling full for a longer period of time.

The best time to take Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Casein supplement is right before you go to bed because it slowly releases the extra proteins and glutamine while you sleep. Your body naturally works to heal strained and sore muscles while you are sleeping so this will compliment that natural healing process and allow you to feel better upon waking up.


Shaker Cup

Add one heaping scoop of Gold Standard 100% Casein or one packet to a shaker cup filled with approximately 10-12 ounces of your preferred beverage. Cover and shake vigorously for 25-30 seconds. Mixture will be thick. For a sweeter taste, use 8-10 ounces of beverage, and for a milder taste, use 12-14 ounces.


Add one heaping scoop of Gold Standard 100% Casein or one packet to a blender filled with 10-12 ounces of your preferred beverage and blend for 20-30 seconds. Add 3-4 ice cubes and any extras, such as frozen fruit, nuts, yogurt, or additional supplements for added taste and recovery power. Blend for another 20-30 seconds and enjoy.

Stir Spoon

This is not the most recommended method because micellar casein protein supplements are thicker and therefore hard to mix completely with a spoon but if you are on the go and do not have access to a blender or forgot your shaker cup, then there is a stir spoon recipe. Take one heaping scoop of Gold Standard 100% Casein power and add it to 10-12 ounces of your preferred beverage. Make sure to stir well until the mix is completely dissolved and enjoy.

Suggested Use

It is recommended to consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight every day. You should spread your protein consumption out over an extended period of time to get the best results for your body. Slow digesting proteins like those found in casein can be combined with faster digesting proteins, such as whey, to ensure that your body receives what it needs for both quick recovery and sustained bodybuilding nutrients.


Ingredients of Gold Standard 100% Casein

The Gold Standard 100% Casein is made up of pure micellar casein, which naturally provides a major amino acid and protein boost to your diet. Its other ingredients, depending on the flavor, are natural and artificial flavors, cocoa, salt, gum blend (cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan gum), lecithin, calorie-free Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose sweeteners, and Aminogen for improved protein digestion. It contains both milk and soy ingredients, and some flavors such with cookies or cake also have wheat ingredients.

Alongside those ingredients Gold Standard 100% Casein provides these amino acids:

Essential Amino Acids

Essential amino acids are the ones our body cannot produce naturally, and we must get them through our diets or supplements.

  • Tryptophan: Promotes Serotonin;
  • Valine: Stimulates tissue repair;
  • Threonine: Forms muscle and tendon elasticity;
  • Isoleucine and Leucine: Forms a third of our muscle tissue;
  • Lysine: Helps the body absorb calcium;
  • Phenylalanine: Regulates metabolism;
  • Methionine: An antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.


Conditionally and Non-Essential Amino Acids

To achieve maximum success and health from your workouts you will need more of these than what your body can produce on any given day for joint and tissue health, protein synthesis and more.

  • Arginine
  • Cystine
  • Tyrosine
  • Histidine
  • Proline
  • Glutamine & Glutamic Acid
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Serine
  • Glycine
  • Alanine



Whey dietary supplements are designed for fast release and absorption of proteins and amino acids for a quick recovery following a strenuous workout. That works well for short term gains, but digests too quickly to provide a steady source for all day and night bodybuilding. Whey protein powders have a thinner consistency when mixed than a casein-based supplement as well, which means that casein-based supplements at producing realistic ice cream and milkshakes.

On the other hand, Optimum Nutrition uses only 100% casein in this supplement and it digests very slowly. That means the body receives a steady supply of those vital proteins all day and all night. By using all micellar casein proteins, Optimum Nutrition has created a product which sets the standard for slow digesting protein supplements. Plus, the thicker consistency means it scores highly in taste tests and its variety of flavors can produce all kinds of ice cream treats when it is mixed with ice and re-frozen.

The Gold Standard 100% Casein supplement is one of the most trusted and popular casein supplements on the market. It created the standard for casein supplements, so unlike brand new products on the market the quality of the product is highly assured and trusted for many years. It is easy to find and can be purchased at several retailers both online and in retail health stores.

Key Product Benefits and Uses

  1. Contains 100% micellar casein, the industry standard for casein supplements;
  2. When blended or shaken, it has a thick, creamy taste like yogurt;
  3. Mixes well into water, milk and other favorite beverages;
  4. Make a delicious pre-bedtime and between meals snack when mixed into ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes along with fruits, berries and nuts;
  5. The thicker consistency means it will keep you feeling full between meals, during the night, and while you are working out at the gym;
  6. Since it digests more slowly than a whey-based protein supplement, the micellar casein will continually release needed proteins and other nutrients over a long period of time, aiding in muscle recovery.



While it has not won any specific certifications, Gold Standard 100% Casein was the first all micellar casein supplement on the market. It has continued to be the top selling pure casein protein supplement for many years. Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard label is guaranteed to use only pure micellar casein without blending other ingredients such as whey so men and women who take this product get the maximum amount of benefit.



I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about whether or not it is necessary to take extra protein supplements, or if you can get enough protein just from your diet. I find it really hard to eat a balanced diet 24/7/365 but I love working out, so I know it is important. I have been using the Gold Standard 100% casein twice a day for the past three months and it has really made a difference for me. It keeps me full longer than my previous breakfast routine, and my body looks great. I am lifting more during my workouts, I feel more energized, and my wife loves the results too. – Darren T. Harley, New York

I used to wake up two or sometimes three times in the night, starving, especially after a hard workout. One of my partners at the gym said he was taking a casein supplement and it was helping him sleep better. He wasn’t as hungry when he woke up, and his muscles were less sore. Well, when he started gaining fifteen pounds of muscle mass faster than I was, I knew I needed to try what he was doing. Now I am eating a milk shake made from Gold Standard 100% Casein, a few ice cubes, some sliced strawberries, and milk every night and not only is it one of the most delicious foods I can imagine, I am no longer waking up at 2am and craving a midnight snack. – Daniel M. Stephens, New Jersey

For me, a protein supplement has to taste good. At first, the flavor was a little gritty but after a few weeks of seeing better results in the gym, I got used to it. Before taking a protein shake of Gold Standard 100% Casein every night before bed I would wake up in the morning sore and I had to stretch constantly to keep the ache out of my joints. Sometimes I had to take a few days off just to rest before I could go back to my workout. Now when I wake up in the morning, I feel great. My legs and arms are not sore and they are stronger than ever. I finally have the core and abs I always dreamed of. – John D. Pierce, New York


Awards & Media Coverage

The Gold Standard 100% Casein is one of the top selling protein supplements on the market for over ten years. It was the winner of the Casein Product of the Year Award in the 2015 Supplement Awards, and it won a similar award in 2013.

It has gotten so popular with bodybuilders worldwide that there are many copycat models out there. If you purchase it via the resale market you should check to make sure that it is genuine. On a true Optimum Nutrition label the QR Code will show information about Gold Standard 100% Casein. You can also check the label for the right colors, white with a black outline, and that it is in one of the ten authorized flavors listed above.


Money-back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product and it does not live up to your expectations, it comes with a 100%, money back guarantee. Depending on the site you have around thirty days to contact the seller or manufacturer and request a return on the product.



This product can be shipped anywhere in the continental USA including all deliverable FPO and APO addresses, Australia and Asian countries. International shipping is not available to European Union countries or Canada. Both standard national and international shipping rates apply to any purchase.


Customer Support

Optimum Nutrition has a very high customer satisfaction standard. Their customer support staff can be reached by phone at 630.236.0097 ext. 4 from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Central Standard Time Monday through Friday or by email at their official email. Emails will be read by the following business day and responded to within a few business days.


Safe & Secure Checkout

If you decide to purchase Gold Standard 100% Casein, you can find it at several Google approved sellers online. Sellers take the need for safe and secure checkout seriously. You can check out using an SSL encrypted secure server for the final purchase in order to prevent any loss of personal information. The same sites also pledge not to resell any personal information.


Gold Standard 100% Casein Pricing

The most commonly sold package of the product is in a two pound jar. That costs $32.88 for the regular package and $32.88 for the natural package. If you would rather purchase it in a bulk order Optimum Nutrition makes a four pound jar as well. That costs $54.99 for the regular and $54.99 for the natural flavors. To test it out and see how you like the taste you can also purchase a smaller package of three packets for $9.99.






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