Fit Crunch Bars

Fit Crunch Bars by Chef Robert Irvine Review – Are They a Good Source of Protein?

What Are Fit Crunch Bars?

Fit Crunch Bars are the first ever baked Whey Protein bars with six nutritious and delicious layers. World-renowned culinary expert and lifelong bodybuilder, Chef Robert Irvine, created the meal replacement bar with the intention of improving the quality and taste of protein bars traditionally found on the market. Unlike protein bars in the past that consumers often described as powdery, chalky, or cardboard-like, Chef Robert Irvine’s protein bar does not sacrifice on taste, and is so good it could almost be mistaken for a candy bar.

Each 88 gram bar contains 30 grams of a high quality protein blend, and a soft baked center as its first layer. After the soft, chewy center comes several more layers, such as chocolate, peanut butter, or soy puffs, baked directly onto the core to provide an explosion of taste and texture for a mouth-watering meal. The six layers on the Peanut Butter Bar, for example, include a vanilla cookie core, followed by peanut butter, peanuts, a high protein P.B. compound, protein crisps, a high protein chocolate layer, and a high protein drizzle in that order. The bars come in three other flavors besides Peanut Butter including Cookies and Cream, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

A Fit Crunch Bar is easy to digest and packs a heavy protein punch with the intent of helping bodybuilders and athletes enhance their performance, whether that is building muscle, achieving better times, or building endurance. This protein bar is also unique in that it doesn’t load up with sugar and carbohydrates to mask the taste of protein, and instead contains significantly less sugar than similar products on the market.

There are two sizes available for sale: an 88 gram bar, and a 46 gram bar. The bigger bar is intended as a meal replacement, but the smaller bars can act as a post-workout snack. Smaller, however, does not mean the bar sacrifices in taste or content. Each of the 46 gram bars still contain 16 grams of protein, only 3 grams of sugar, and the same six layers and delicious taste as the bigger bars.



Chef Robert Irvine teamed up with Sean Perich, founder of FortiFX products, to manufacture and produce the Fit Crunch Bars. FortiFX initially started in Sean Perich’s apartment kitchen in 2001. Now, FortiFX owns multiple factories across the United States. However, this product was baked and packaged specifically at FortiFX’s Bakery Barn, Inc. location situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


How Fit Crunch Bars Work?

Fit Crunch Bars provide nutrition, protein, and a low-sugar energy boost post-workout while also providing a taste so good it surprises consumers. The 88 gram bars are intended as a meal replacement, eaten daily instead of a traditional meal, while the 46 gram bars act better as a snack than a meal replacement.

Each bar contains a high quality protein blend to provide energy and nutrition post-workout. Whey Protein Isolate is the primary ingredient in the protein blend. Whey Protein is used directly by the body to build and strengthen muscles, and 30 grams of protein is more than enough to build muscle for even the most serious bodybuilder or athlete. Due to the fact that they digest slowly, Fit Crunch Bars can provide energy for hours after a workout, helping an athlete or bodybuilder meet his goals without feeling drained afterwards.

Fit Crunch Bars have an added element of being naturally low in sugar and carbohydrates. Too many sugars and artificial ingredients counteract the effect of eating a protein bar, and may hinder a post-workout recovery, or counter the effects of a hard workout. Loading up on sugar can also cause the jitters or lead to a sugar crash after the bar digests. However, only 6 grams of sugar per bar means no sugar crash later on, and helps lessen worries of weight gain from excessive sugar consumption.


Ingredients of Fit Crunch Bars

The Peanut Butter flavored bars contain a vanilla cookie core layered with fresh peanuts and peanut butter. The outer layers consist of high protein chocolate and chocolate crisps with peanut butter drizzled over the top. The high quality protein packed into each bar is a protein blend consisting of Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Soy Protein Isolate. Other ingredients include:

  • Palm Kernel Oil;
  • Dry Roasted Peanuts;
  • Cocoa Powder;
  • Natural Flavors;
  • Sunflower Oil.

The popular Cookies and Cream flavored bars also act as a low sugar and high protein snack or meal replacement. This flavor contains a baked chocolate cookie core, with its outer layers consisting of vanilla cream, crunchy graham pieces, and high protein white chocolate and chocolate crisps. Like its Peanut Butter counterpart, the Cookies and Cream Bar packs a high quality protein punch consisting of a blend of Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Soy Protein Isolate. Other ingredients include:

  • Palm Kernel Oil;
  • Brown Sugar;
  • Natural Flavors;
  • Cocoa;
  • Cinnamon.

The delicious baked core of a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored bar is composed of a cookie dough mixture with milk chocolate chips sprinkled in. The core is covered in layers of chocolate and high-protein crisps. Similar to the Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream flavors, an 88 gram Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar also contains 30 grams of a proprietary FortiFx Protein Blend consisting of Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Soy Protein Isolate. Other ingredients include:

  • Cocoa Butter;
  • Cocoa;
  • Palm Oil;
  • Natural Flavors.



The greatest advantage a Fit Crunch Bar has over its competitors is its great taste. Consumers almost expect protein bars to have a chalky and unappealing taste, something to be chocked down quickly after a workout. However, Chef Robert Irvine and Sean Perich have reinvented the protein bar, and created something so delicious consumers cannot believe they are eating something healthy and nutritious.

Fit Crunch Bars are made from only the highest quality Whey Protein. This type of protein is an ideal choice for post-workout consumption because it is scientifically proven to help shed fat, while simultaneously helping bodybuilders and athletes preserve and build muscle. Whey Protein is also proven to help improve muscle strength for those looking to increase their endurance or enhance their sports performance.

Whey protein also helps curb cravings by reducing ghrelin, which are those pesky hormones in the brain that tell the body it is hungry. Reducing ghrelin levels decrease the urge to snack on something unhealthy in between meals. Whey Protein can also help improve the immune system.

Many of the other protein bars on the market include a significant amount of sugar and carbohydrates, which are packed into the bar in an attempt to make the product taste good. However, Fit Crunch Bars do not need to pack in artificial sugars and flavors into the product to make it taste great. Because of their unique manufacture process that involves baking, and their chef-created formulation by award-winning Chef Robert Irvine, these protein bars contain just 6 grams of sugar, and are free of artificial flavoring and high fructose corn syrup.

On the flip side, however, the 88 gram protein bars are high in calories, at almost 400 calories per bar. This is not necessary high if one is using the bar as a meal replacement, however. The salt content is also quite high, with each bar containing almost 500 milligrams of sodium. Outside of its value in protein and low sugar content, these bars do not provide much in the way of other nutritional value, containing few vitamins and minerals. It is therefore not a good idea to use this product as a meal replacement on a long-term basis.



For those with Celiac disease, or for those with gluten sensitivity, Fit Crunch Bars are a certified gluten-free product. Chef Irvine’s protein bars are also guaranteed to contain quality Whey Protein Isolate, and 30 grams of protein per serving. These bars are also chef-created, containing natural flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and a limited amount of other artificial sugars and sweeteners.



Chef Robert Irvine took to the streets with his creation to ask gym-goers and fitness experts to taste test his product. The taste testers were blown away by the deliciousness of the product, calling the Fit Crunch Bar delicious. Consumers also commented that the Peanut Butter Bar tasted both natural and not like the kind of protein bar they were used to. Some consumers stated the product tasted like a candy bar, and one consumer even said the bar had chocolatier quality. Many of the taste testers considered this product a nice alternative to traditional protein bars with poor taste, and would consider using this product long-term to enhance their workouts.

David, a long-time athlete and weight lifter, received a Fit Crunch Bar as part of a sampler. After trying the bar, David would emphatically recommend this protein meal replacement bar for anyone to try. He particularly noted the texture and taste of the Peanut Butter Bar as similar to that of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and he enjoyed the chewy center of the protein bar. It was considerably tastier than the other options David had tried in the past, though he did state the calorie content was a bit high for him.

In another testimonial, Timothy gave the product a 10/10 for taste on the Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough flavored bars. This consumer stated that even his wife, who hated everything about protein bars and wanted nothing to do with them, loved the taste of Chef Irvine’s protein bars. Timothy regularly uses the bars as a meal replacement, and states they fill him up enough to last between meals. He also stated he liked how the bars were easy to chew. Timothy has noticed a difference in muscle mass since starting consumption of the bar, and is pleased with his results. He also likes that there is a considerable amount of fiber in each bar. However, the high calorie count is also an issue for Timothy.


Awards & Media Coverage

Fit Crunch Bars are so delicious they have an award-winning taste. According to user ratings from customers and members of the community, the Peanut Butter flavored bar was voted the number one best tasting protein bar on the market. Chef Robert Irvine’s creation beat out the other top 10 competitors, such as Quest Nutrition, Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch, and Met-Rx Big 100, to nab the top spot in taste.

Chef Robert Irvine, who created the Fit Crunch Bar from scratch, is also an award winning culinary expert. In 2001, the Culinary Institute of America and the American Tasting Institute presented Chef Robert Irvine with the Culinary Excellence Award, and in 2007 he was named as Ambassador of the Culinary Institute of America. He is also a Trustee of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences’ Five-Star Diamond Award, and a member of the Malta Chefs Society. Chef Robert Irvine is a former member of the British Royal Navy, and is passionate about fitness, believing proper nutrition and healthy living are strongly linked.


Money-Back Guarantee

All products come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. In the event the consumer is not satisfied with the product for whatever reason, he can contact the company and return the product. Returning the product is as simple as sending the product back as soon as possible, and waiting for the seller to issue a refund. Most refunds are processed within a few days, and the refund is delivered to the payment method employed to make the initial purchase, such as Paypal or a credit card. For payments made over a secure line, such as a wire transfer or money order, payment is sent to the home of the buyer in the form of a cashier’s check.



Products ship both in the United States and Internationally. In the United States, the product is shipped from domestic warehouses. Shipping rates are generally low, but depend on the method of shipping and the weight of the product. Available shipping options include standard, two business day delivery, and one business day delivery for items purchased Monday through Friday before 2 p.m. Eastern time. Military shipping is also available to any country outside the United States. Shipping time estimates depend on the inventory of the closest warehouse to the final destination, and the hours of operation of the warehouse.

International shipping is available to the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and the European Union. The package recipient is responsible for any additional charges on shipping, including any charges for customs clearance. Recipients are also responsible for import taxes and customs duties levied by the country of final destination. However, in most cases, recipients are generally not charged additional fees when receiving the package. Any packages sent to the European Union are by law charged a Value Added Tax.

Shipping options for international countries include Standard, which takes anywhere from 10 to 25 Business Days for the package to deliver; Economy, which takes 5 to 10 Business Days; and Priority, which takes anywhere from 2 to 6 Business Days. Not every shipping option is available in every country. The customer is in charge of making sure the product is legally allowed to be imported into his or her country of origin.


Customer Support

For any comments, questions, or concerns, customers can reach out to Customer Service at any time through e-mail or through the website of the seller. In some cases, a Live Chat may be available to contact Customer Services. A customer service representative will do their best to answer any questions or address any concerns in a timely manner.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is safe and secure, and all checkouts are protected by a 100 percent secure server. All purchases are protected by a SSL security certificate. This certificate protects the personal information and credit card details of the consumer while the website collects payment information.


Fit Crunch Bars Pricing

Fit Crunch Bars are sold individually as 46 gram bars with a sales price of $1.83, and they are sold as 88 gram bars with a sales price of $3.05. Without a sale, one 46 gram bar costs $1.99, or $3.49 for an 88 gram bar. It is also possible to buy a box of six 46 gram bars at a sales price of $7.64, regularly priced at $11.49. A box of 12 88 gram bars regularly costs $41.88 per box, but on sale costs $26.47 per box. The price remains the same no matter the flavor of the protein bar.






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