COR-Performance Whey

COR-Performance Whey by Cellucor Review – A Quality Product or Not?

What Is COR-Performance Whey?

COR-Performance Whey is an excellent protein source to help you build and sustain lean, strong muscularity and exercising stamina. As this power-packed, all natural supplement boosts your body’s supply of nutrients following each workout, it works to eliminate sore muscles and greatly shortens your recovery time. A single scoop of this fast-acting supplement makes up a serving, which is equal to 35 grams and is rich in protein and enzymes that enhance your digestion. Many first-time users of this energy-supporting protein product are truly amazed at just how tasty it is, satisfying your love of sweets at the same time it provides your body with pure, bodybuilding protein for a much improved physique, better energy and stronger endurance.

This quality exercise performance enhancer makes a satisfying, healthy snack, can replace a meal with its high nutritional content or can be an appealing recipe ingredient to empower your favorite foods and beverages. As a low-fat, low-carb protein supplier, COR-Performance Whey quickly increases lean muscles without adding unwanted bulk or fat deposits. Its enzyme content aids smooth digestion so you can enjoy it with or between meals to best boost your energy and stamina for strenuous workouts and to make your recovery time afterward shorter and more thorough, helping you to complete the remainder of your busy daily schedule of work and activities with energy to spare. You will no longer experience that over-tired or exhausted feeling at the end of a long day, and your mental alertness will increase and last to assist you with important meetings or personal decision-making well into the evening hours.



The Cellucor Company of Bryan, Texas, has been in business producing unique nutritional supplements as fat burners, pre-workout energizers and protein enhancers for exercise and bodybuilding since 2002. Their popular product, COR Whey, was the new, empowering Breakout Supplement of the Year in 2013, according to From the start, Cellucor has been determined to raise the bar for the quality of health supplements they release to the consumer marketplace and to improve the reputation of this industry after it was tainted by commercial mega-manufacturers whose main focus was on making cost-efficient products without concerns about producing pure, empowering health aids. Cellucor executives and employees were determined to bring top-tier products back to the market and make them the accepted standard for all companies in the health and exercise supplements business.

This natural supplements enterprise is known for its development of pre-workout enhancers, making these healthy, energizing supplements just as popular as natural and organic multivitamins, mineral complexes and other health aid products. Cellucor executives and dedicated staff members have an ongoing commitment to produce and market only highest caliber health and exercise supplements. When the company was formed in 2002, the founders put together a fabulous marketing strategy to inform consumers about the company’s innovative products and distributed samples widely, attempting to make up for the big brand names that were advertising and selling weakened formulas often at inflated prices. Cellucor leaders knew when they invested in a knowledgeable, reliable sales staff and an excellent, innovative marketing team, their products would literally sell themselves to health-minded consumers via social media websites and natural health online forums and blogs, and the rest is a history of success for Cellucor and now for COR-Performance Whey.


How COR-Performance Whey Works?

Protein is the essential basic ingredient of this protein-rich whey product and is crucial to any beneficial nutrition plan for good health and athletic training, and all reputable coaches, trainers, sports nutritionists and sports medicine practitioners will advise you that if your body is protein deficient, your performance in all sports activities, exercise programs and bodybuilding efforts will be impeded. As the cornerstones and major support of strenuous physical strength and endurance, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) make up 35 percent of your body’s total muscle mass and are vital to molecular health and growth in every part of your system. Since the most essential BCAAs cannot be produced within your body, you must ingest good supplements to maintain a healthy supply, especially when you are engaged in any form of bodybuilding or regular, vigorous exercising program.

These essential BCAAs then combine with the non-essential BCAAs, which the body can manufacture with good nutritional intake, enabling your internal system to create antibodies and to stabilize your body’s content of important enzymes plus hormones. When these enzymes and hormones are present in your body at stabilized levels, they constantly build and reinforce both DNA and RNA while dispersing oxygen to all areas of your system and building muscularity. As the protein and BCAAs from COR-Performance Whey work to strengthen and regulate essential activity within your body, they speed up your metabolism, cutting extra fat content and sculpting your muscles as they grow to give you a streamlined, ripped appearance and overall persona as your workouts improve at impressive rates.


Ingredients of COR-Performance Whey

This modern whey supplement is composed of isolate whey protein plus additional pure, raw proteins. Raw isolate whey proteins are filtered to eliminate cholesterol, carbohydrates, fat and lactose, so that the only remaining contents are all natural protein. Because the whey protein of this powerful exercise-enhancing supplement is 90 percent purest protein, it is much more powerful than the protein of less pure protein supplements and also more easily absorbed by the body. With every serving of this fast-acting, healthy workout aid from Cellucor, your body’s system benefits from absorption of 25 grams of empowering protein plus the enzymes of lactase and protease, both of which facilitate smooth digestion and ideal assimilation of nutrients, enhanced even further by branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that form the basic core of bodily nutritional support needed for all excellent physical performance.

Here is the core dietary breakdown:

Every scoop of this outstanding muscle and stamina-building product makes a powerful, delicious protein shake to get you through each exercise routine or bodybuilding workout with plenty of strength and energy to spare. The healthy, enriching ingredients provide you with the major vital nutrients to enable you to engage in strenuous workouts without suffering from exhaustion or muscle strain. This helpful natural product also shortens recovery time following bodybuilding training sessions, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to handle whatever the rest of your busy day at work, school or home may require of you. Dietary information about COR-Performance Whey is as follows:

  • Protein: 25 grams;
  • Total carbohydrate: 3 grams;
  • Dietary fiber: 1 gram;
  • Sugar: 1 gram;
  • Calories: 120.



This healthy bodybuilding aid contains no potentially harmful ingredients or contents that can interfere with normal functioning of your body’s vital organs, joints or muscles. Because it is made of only pure, natural and nutritional protein, enzymes and branched chain amino acids, there is never any danger to users from harsh, artificial substances or mystery ingredients that are kept secret by product manufacturers. In fact, the Cellucor Company carefully lists and explains all contents of this powerful bodybuilding supplement on their website and in their packaging and promotional materials. The primary advantage of taking this modern exercise aid is that its main content is pure, natural protein (90 percent), the most important supplement ingredient for building sleek, lean muscularity along with high energy levels and lasting stamina to complete even the most difficult workouts.

When you use an energizer and bodybuilding aid like COR-Performance Whey on a regular basis, your body can only grow stronger, helping you have more strength and endurance every day, regardless of the many pressing demands in your life. With use of this supplement, your stamina and energy will always be supportive throughout your daily workouts, helping to eliminate that depleted, overly-tired feeling that you may experience with less healthy and powerful exercise enhancers on the market today. This product is cost-efficient, and there are no reports of adverse effects resulting from taking this supplement with prescription or over-the-counter medications, although Cellucor experts recommend that you check with your physician before you start regular use of this natural protein shake product if you are taking medications.



Quality coaches, trainers and professional athletes who use this product and recommend it to their students and fellow athletes are often awarded certificates by the Cellucor Company for their promotional efforts and their success at winning new customers for this product. Subsequently, these professionals who receive the certificates of recognition and appreciation from Cellucor often display them with pride in their gyms, offices or classrooms, which results in additional interest in this empowering supplement from young bodybuilders in training. Even older athletes who engage in building muscularity and exercising regularly to maintain good health and strong bodies can gain major benefits from taking this supplement regularly.

Also, Cellucor voluntarily subscribes to and complies with cGMP certification, which means the company always uses “current Good Manufacturing Practices.” For this reason, you are assured of a quality product that does what is says it will do for your healthy bodybuilding efforts. In addition, every product from Cellucor, including COR-Performance Whey, is manufactured in NSF Certified for Sport GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) factory facilities to ensure use of highest production standards.



COR-Performance Whey is highly effective as a bodybuilding supplement. Not only will you gain awesome muscularity from using this product, you will be amazed at how smooth it mixes and how great it tastes. Whether your choice of flavors is Peanut Butter Marshmallow, Cookies and Cream, Molten Chocolate or Cinnamon Swirl, you will savor the flavor as you reap outstanding muscle growth for a streamlined, super-muscular, totally ripped physique! – Jay P.

Try Cellucor’s COR-Performance Whey today! This powerful protein shake is smooth, simple to mix and easy to digest for a power-packed workout each time you hit the gym for a training session. I can’t praise this supplement enough—it turned me into an avid bodybuilder and helped me develop that lean muscularity I’ve always craved. – Charlie M.

Where else can you find such a pure, concentrated protein product with other great bodybuilding ingredients like BCAAs and healthy enzymes? COR-Performance Whey surpasses the crowded field of exercise-enhancing supplements on today’s market by miles. Start taking this amazing product today! – Bert S.

My main reason for waiting so long to start building muscularity was my fear of never being able to attain my bodybuilding goals. With the help of COR-Performance Whey from Cellucor, not only was I able to achieve impressive lean muscularity and a powerful, overall ripped appearance, but I also gained the physical and mental stamina and endurance to go beyond my goals to become a professional bodybuilder and trainer. Anyone whose aim is to build a great body with tons of energy to spare should start taking this star supplement today! – Cecil T.


Awards & Media Coverage

In 2013,, a major online authority on rating the quality and effectiveness of all types of exercise aids and muscle-building supplements, awarded Cellucor’s COR-Performance Whey product as the new Breakout Supplement of the Year. This product has gained notice in Fitness Deals News and in the Cherry Hill Patch published by Patch Media Network in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Money-back Guarantee

The Cellucor Company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all customers who purchase their COR-Performance Whey product. If you are not completely satisfied with using this natural bodybuilding supplement, you can return the remaining unused part of your supplement along with your purchase receipt for a full refund. This policy from the company management is based on their strong desire and intention to ensure each and every customer’s satisfactory use of and genuine benefit from this healthy exercise-enhancing and empowering supplement.



Cellucor offers free shipping to all supplement buyers who join their website as ongoing members, which is a great benefit to all regular users of this popular bodybuilding aid. Depending on where you live, various types and costs of shipping may apply for your product orders, and delivery times may also vary according to method of delivery. Cellucor uses reliable transport carriers to distribute their products to international destinations.


Customer Support

Customer support is available via the Cellucor Company website by live chat services, by email or by phoning their offices in Bryan, Texas. This dedicated customer care team is eager to answer all your questions and solve any problems or issues you may have with this powerful bodybuilding aid. They are available by phone from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time to receive all customer comments and queries, and they welcome calls from potential customers or people who are curious about the details and benefits of this healthy supplement. They want you to feel free to contact them at any time about your experience with or interest in this product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Cellucor’s website checkout system for purchasing this bodybuilding supplement is guaranteed to be safe and secure for all customer purchases. The secure, encrypted buying page keeps all your personal data and credit or debit card information safe from hackers or potential site intruders or identity thieves. The updated sales platform lets you choose your product and purchase it quickly and efficiently with the assurance that you are buying on a safe, professionally administered and monitored website owned by a company with management and staff members who care about providing you with only the best sales and delivery experience every time you purchase their products.


COR-Performance Whey Pricing

A two-pound container of this bodybuilding whey product from Cellucor will cost from $49.99 to $79.99, depending on when you buy it. During major promotional periods, the sale pricing of $29.99 is offered, while during other months of the year, you may need to pay the regular price of $39.99. When purchasing the larger four-pound option, the cost may range from $69.49 during sales periods and $87.50 throughout the rest of the year. If you are buying several products at the same time, your total order price may be discounted when special sales pricing applies, but it depends what store are you using.






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