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Combat Powder by Muscle Pharm Review – One Good Protein Powder Supplement or Not?

What Is Combat Powder?

Combat Powder is a protein powder supplement made by Muscle Pharm. This unusual fact makes it quite different from many of its competitors in that it works with the protein type that is the slowest digesting in form. Because of this, it is actually advertised as a unique in its class type of time-released protein that will help all throughout the day with improving muscle strength and recovery speeds.

Combat Powder itself is a 25 grams per serving of a high quality, slow-burning protein that has been formulated to help active individuals as well as professional and amateur athletes and bodybuilders. The creators of this compound intended to help users optimize their growth of muscle and deliver the best utilization of protein. They accomplished this with Combat Powder by blending together a range of proteins which digest at different speeds and last the user for as long as eight hours. The formula was deliberately and precisely engineered with concentrates of whey protein, isolates and hydrolysates, micellar casein, and egg albumen as chief among its most active of many active ingredients.



Muscle Pharm is the researcher, developer, designer, manufacturer, and marketer of Combat Powder. The supplements company was personally and passionately created by Brad Pyatt, an Indiana Colts veteran football player of more than five years who had firsthand experience with disappointing protein shakes that over-promised and under-delivered in practice. He utilized his first-hand negative and soured experiences with protein powders to found this company that is all about creating effective, safe, and sports and nutritional protein products that are scientifically proven and exactingly developed and produced.

Pyatt’s educational and professional background lies in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. He worked with his now legendary Doctor Eric Serrano, Sports Nutrition expert, and a world-renowned team of physicians, scientists, trainers, researchers, and athletes to create Muscle Pharm. They began formulating safe, banned substance-free, and tested and certified protein powder to help athletes and bodybuilders around the globe. It has only taken them five years to turn this company into one of the world’s leading nutrition and supplement powder firms of the world.


How Combat Powder Works?

Combat Powder works on a trickle feed process with a combination of slow acting, medium released, and fast-releasing proteins that are a blend of proprietary digestive enzymes which make it easier for the male organism to absorb them. This blend delivers both immediate and prolonged, extended help with muscle recovery and strength.


Ingredients of Combat Powder

This Combat Powder is comprised of a number of good proteins and proven ingredients that work together to make the athlete stronger and recover better and faster. Among these ingredients are the following all-natural substances:

Whey Protein Isolate

Тhis form of protein both digests well and absorbs into the body quickly. Ounce per ounce it is claimed to be the greatest possible protein yield available on the market today.

Partially Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

A pre-digested type of whey protein, this increases the absorption and speed of digestion into the body itself. This is broken out into peptides that are quicker absorbing. Its benefit lies in its interesting ability to infuse amino acids which build up muscles rapidly.

Whey Protein Concentrate

Containing real subfractions, this is the ingredient that is nearest to whole foods.

Micellar Casein

Slow digesting supplement originating from milk that protects muscle tissue, per various independently run studies. It infuses amino acids over the course of a few hours and crucially slows down the breakdown of muscles, a huge help for bodybuilders and weightlifters.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

The element contains 60 milligrams that was added in to help with digesting and absorbing of organism-critical proteins.

Egg Albumen

Well tolerated by the majority of people, this highly bioavailable and powdered form of the whites of eggs substance is arginine and BCAA. It helps to deliver muscle building attributes, aids directly with hormone production, and functions as a terrific alternative to typical whey protein.

Added Glutamine and BCAAS

L-Glutamine is theorized to build up healthier immune systems for better and quicker workout recovery times. It is also utilized by the body to strengthen the building up of new muscles and is beloved for its proven ability to increase muscle performance. BCAA’s including l-isoleucine, l-leucine, and l-valine repair, maintain, and build up muscles tissues. L-isoleucine is among the 3 branches of amino acids that increases glucose uptake and the synthesis of natural muscle proteins. L-leucine supports muscle growth and the synthesis of proteins in the body. L-valine is the final of the 3 BCAA’s which increases glycogen production in the muscle cells themselves. As such it increases and turns on the production of insulin in the pancreas for better blood sugar levels and all around health to support hard-core workouts and recovery times.

Whey Protein Concentrate

It is a quickly digesting type of protein that is abundant with amino acids to support synthesis of muscle protein and real and measurable gains of leaner body mass.


An amino acid that is not essential but still supports the synthesis of muscle proteins in any case, the function of the immune system for improved recovery, and a maximized efficiency of kidney functions.


Another amino acid that increases NO, Nitric Oxide, levels throughout the body, it can also assist with naturally boosting the Human Growth Hormone secretions and muscle mass gains in the male organism. This is the only ingredient in the formula that mentions anything even in passing about increasing Human Growth Hormone production in the male body.


This essential amino acid assists with absorbing calcium into the male body and helps with maintaining a good nitrogen balance essential to safeguarding the lean body mass when the body is under increased stress.


A neurotransmitter and amino acid which has stimulating qualities to help increase effectiveness and performance of workouts.


Amino acid that is useful for improving cell regeneration, muscle tissue factors, and the functioning of immune systems for improved recovery.


A non-essential amino acid that nevertheless increases both performance and focus in intense workout sessions.


This amino acid encourages the manufacture of dopamine and other useful neurotransmitters which boost focus and improve mood, both helpful for intense workouts.

Aspartic Acid

This non-essential amino acid helps to produce male hormones that assist with strength improvement and muscle recovery.


A group of fully ten different amino acids which regulate the immune system’s function in recovery and help the cells to signal appropriate reactions to stimulus, such as working out.


This essential amino acid is useful for breaking down fats and also increasing overall bodybuilding and physical health through a combination of powerful antioxidants that it delivers.


A key building block for the male organism’s most critical antioxidant which promotes the overall immune system for better muscle recovery and helps to keep airways and arteries open for increased blood flow to the muscles for better performance and increased muscle pumps.


Another amino acid that the body requires to make glycine and serine which stimulate the production of muscle proteins throughout the man’s body.



Combat Powder is so effective because the serving size is quite small given the quantity of protein types that it actually contains without possessing much in the way of bulking up calories or fat. With only a 34 grams dose, users gain 25 major grams of protein at a rate of 73% of pure protein in every single serving. This matters hugely for those who do not want heavily diluted protein in their supplements. This formula is probably not the very best one on the market today for a person who is trying to bulk up quickly, but for other weightlifters and bodybuilders or athletes who are seriously looking to pack on lean muscle, this is promoted as the ideal protein powder.

Combat Powder also includes a huge quantity of potassium and other important vitamins such as L-Glutamin that support all-around good health and well-being for better workouts. This last ingredient is very useful for repairing muscles after a good hard workout has effectively broken them down. In other words, L-Glutamin will be appreciated by the user for helping his body to not feel so sore following the completion of the workout and will make it easier to hit the gym once again the next day, thanks to the timely and rapid recovery of the user’s muscles.



Muscle Pharm’s Combat Powder is certified with a guaranteed 66 grams of bound up proteins for each 100 grams of supplement, totaling in at 22.7 grams of protein in every serving. The formula has undergone an impressive 15 different analytical tests in labs to prove its efficacy and usefulness to bodybuilders and serious athletes the world over. It is available at a very reasonably price breakdown point of $.83 for each serving size consumed.



Mailani R DeYoungon, Salt Lake City, Utah: I absolutely love Muscle Pharm’s Combat Powder. I have already tried out five different flavors of the seven in which it is available. My favorites of these are the banana creme, then vanilla, then chocolate, then the less good triple berry, and finally my least favorite orange creme.

William Ayerson, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: While it could be that the batch which I received in the mail was just off somehow, the chocolate peanut butter I ordered was really horrible. The powder itself smelled like food you give to pet fish, and worst of all it tasted exactly like it smelled. I have ordered a chocolate and banana-creme two sets of flavors to mix in with this remaining chocolate peanut butter flavor of Combat Powder, and I am so hopeful that they will actually cover the terrible flavor in the chocolate peanut butter shakes, which I will soon be throwing away if they do not help to mask the terrible taste, because it is so very bad otherwise.

Mehon Sammut, Malta, New York: For maybe six months now I have taken a version of a plant-based protein that contained various proteins’ extracts from hemp, brown rice, chia, yellow pea, and others. I like this powder quite a lot as it blended in so well in my green smoothie that I made, and as an added bonus it did not cause me to be either gassy or bloated feeling. The problem lay in the cost of this particular pricey formula, which rang in at an eye -watering $35 per pound! After researching this particular cost problem, I selected to try out an alternative competing brand known as Muscle Pharm’s Combat Powder.

I really like Combat Powder for a variety of practical reasons. Not every protein component inside the formula is whey protein. Thanks to the longer lasting satisfaction, you do not have to go on the hunt for snacks in between major meals all the time. Besides this, nothing I have seen or tried blends nearly so well as this formula, which dissolves thoroughly in only a few minutes. I like that it also contains Glutamine that helps with sore and broken down muscles recovery. Finally, this supplemental product also does not cause me to bloat or suffer from excessive gas.


Awards & Media Coverage

Unlike with the overwhelming majority of Muscle Pharm’s countless competitors in this industry and space, the company actually boasts an impressive trophy wall of multi-year won awards both for its performance as a company, it’s varied and deep lineup, and this particular formula. Among these many accolades it was awarded the “2009 New Brand of the Year Award,” the “2011 Breakout Brand of the Year,” the “2012 Brand of the Year,” and the “2012 GNC Rising Star Award Winner.”

Besides these, they also scored for Combat Powder in 2014 with the “2014 Best Tasting Protein of the Year” Award. The other product developers, makers, and marketing outfits simply do not have this kind of impressive body of good press and awards to discuss and display with their prospective clients and reviewers. This goes a long way to demonstrate the dependability of the company and reliability of the protein powder.


Money-back Guarantee

Muscle Pharm puts their money where their mouth is on their return policy. Any buyer has up to 30 days from the date he purchased it to apply for a full refund of the purchase price. Once the company receives the returned shipment back, they promise to issue the refund. There are no limitations attached on the reasons that the customer is unsatisfied and returns the product.

Each of the U.S. retailers that sells Combat Powder also offers their own return policy independently of this one provided by the developer and manufacturer. Their retailer list in the United States is extensive and includes such mainstay names as Amazon, Bally Total Fitness, Sam’s Club, Costco Wholesaler, GNC, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Muscle and Strength, Smoothie King, and the Vitamin Shoppe.



Muscle Pharm offers a sliding tier scale of shipping prices. For orders ranging from $1 to $75, the fixed shipping price runs $7.99 standard and $16.50 expedited. From $75 to $100 of order total the standard shipping is $9.99 and expedited is $21.25. From $100 to $150 the standard shipping comes to $12.99 while the expedited is $24.50. Orders exceeding $150 have a final flat shipping rate of $15.99 standard and $34.25 expedited shipping.


Customer Support

Muscle Pharm sells the product directly themselves online. They offer five and a half days a week of customer support via both phone and email. Muscle and Fitness, one of their well-known U.S. retailers, offers seven full days per week of phone and live chat customer support as well.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Muscle Pharm does not spend much time discussing their safety and security procedures on their site, except to state that they do maintain electronic, physical, and procedural safety checks in order to safeguard the personal information of all their customers.


Combat Powder Pricing

Muscle Pharm online sells the powder in 7 different flavors directly from their store online. This impressive range of flavors includes Banana Creme, Chocolate Milk, Orange Creamesicle, Cookies N Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Triple Berry, and Vanilla.

When you order the powder directly from the manufacturer, their prices not including shipping and handling are 2 pounds of the protein product for $26.18, 4 pounds of the product at $43.28, or 10 pounds of the award-winning weightlifting formula for $101.87. Prices when it is ordered from their various national and international retailers vary somewhat significantly. As you might expect, online retailers have a better discount on the formula than brick and mortar traditional retailers do, though this is partially offset by the costs of shipping and handling, which everyone except for Amazon Prime passes on directly to the customers.






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