Combat Crunch Bars

Combat Crunch Bars by Muscle Pharm Review – More Details About These Protein Bars

What Is Combat Crunch Bars?

Combat Crunch Bars produced by Muscle Pharm are formulated to be a powerful fueling aid for bodybuilders and regular exercisers. Designed as a multi-layer protein bar and soft-baked, these flavorful bars are high in protein content and fiber, with low carbohydrate counts. These healthy pre-workout bars have the consistency of soft dough cookies instead of the harder to digest chewy, taffy-type sports bars now available on the health foods market for fitness-conscious consumers. The Muscle Pharm company goal is to provide you with effective nutrition to actively build lean muscles and develop overall body strength and endurance to excel at many different types of sports performance.

These delicious protein bars come in such flavors as Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Cinnamon Twist and White Chocolate Raspberry, and they contain an effective proprietary protein blend with carefully balanced percentages of Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Isolate along with Isomalto-Oligosaccharide, a form of prebiotic fiber. This energy-boosting aid is an ideal choice for anyone who is training as a bodybuilder, engages in regular exercise or is an active member of a sports team or group. The high protein content along with the other pure, natural ingredients in this fitness formula work together to initiate and sustain improved lean muscle mass growth while providing healthy energy bursts for completing even difficult workouts with energy and stamina to spare. Since these Combat Crunch Bars are manufactured in health food bar form, you can easily carry them with you throughout your busy daily schedule to eat before each training session at the gym, and they provide fuel for strenuous exercise, even when ingested within one hour before sports activity.



Muscle Pharm is a progressive, innovative sports performance supplements production company that was started by a professional athlete and nutritional experts in 2003. The company’s purpose and goal was to provide athletes of all levels of training and expertise with a quality sports supplement, from beginning athletic team players and beginning bodybuilders to experienced amateurs and professionals in all fields of sports. Starting with a rich, empowering protein base, the Muscle Pharm team of knowledgeable natural nutritionists, scientific researchers, pro athletes and bodybuilders along with sports medicine experts and holistic practitioners added other energy and physical strength enhancers to create a unique, fast-acting, rewarding fitness supplement in the convenient form of Combat Crunch Bars.

The executives and staff of Muscle Pharm have always been dedicated to creating and marketing natural, safe exercise enhancers that are high in nutrients to build good energy levels in the body to support and sustain heavy-duty physical energy output during vigorous workouts and sports events. This health-minded team of supplement formulators never include banned or potentially hazardous ingredients in their products. They continue to produce fitness aids that they, as former pro athletes, scientific experts and nutritional advisers know are safe and effective when used daily, as directed. Their energizing products like Combat Crunch Bars are also known and recommended as healthy fat shredding supporters, helping athletes drop excess body fat as they build muscular, lean physiques and gain sports skills to advance in their fitness pursuits.


How Combat Crunch Bars Works?

With the fast-action protein supplement, Combat Crunch Bars, Muscle Pharm demonstrates its strong commitment to the slogan of “Fueling Athletes Safely™.” This advanced sports supplements developer designs each fitness product by carefully combining scientific studies and quality control, and these nutrient-packed crunch bars are no exception to this commitment. In formulating these energizing power bars, the company meets its high standards for safety, efficacy and ease of use that have made this brand name a top leader in sports performance energizers. To ensure the excellence of this optimal quality protein bar supplement, the company uses a product development and production process of six stages—Vision, Formulation, Research & Clinical Studies Protocol, Athletic Protocol Testing, Quality Assurance and Banned Substance Certifications.

In the company’s vision and formulation stages, the Muscle Pharm team experiments with protein blends and varied mixtures of other natural ingredients that build energy levels, stamina and lean muscle mass in the body for better athletic performance success. By discovering the best combinations of protein blends including Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate and Soy Protein Isolate, team members provide athletes and bodybuilders with sustained energy bursts for championing over increasingly difficult and lengthy workouts. They test and include ingredients like Isomalto-Oligosaccharide, or prebiotic fiber, to improve digestion, which results in smoother, better metabolism of proteins and other ingredients as fuel for exercise. The team selected Evaporated Cane Juice, a dried juice concentrate and natural sweetener, which can mix more evenly with other formula ingredients to support this energy fueling of the body.

The company’s experts also chose Sunflower Oil and Palm Kernel Oil, which have less saturated fat than coconut oil, a frequently used oil in other fitness supplements, and both Sunflower and Palm Oils raise bodily energy levels while guarding against muscle, tissue and joint inflammation. Tapioca Starch also supports heightened energy levels and stamina, aiding the other ingredients in ensuring shorter, more comfortable recovery time after exercise. The team also selected Maltitol as an ingredient because it is a sugar alcohol that has many of the same properties as sugar, such as supporting energy and physical activity without as high a caloric count. These experts also included the three minerals of sodium, potassium and calcium to help prevent dehydration of the body during strenuous workouts and to boost functioning of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems for finishing long, arduous workouts without results of physical depletion or exhaustion.

Muscle Pharm scientists and nutritionists work closely with the pro athletes, expert coaches and quality trainers at the MP Sports Science Center in Denver, Colorado, in the U.S. to test the safety and effectiveness of this unique sports supplement during high-intensity exercise and both aerobic and anaerobic workouts. They examine strength improvement, physical activity levels, bodily changes during exercise and cognitive functions. From the resulting test results data, the Muscle Pharm team fine-tunes ingredient percentages and recommended dosages for athletic consumers. Following this athletic protocol testing and its results, the team turns to quality assurance procedures to ensure the absence of banned substances in Combat Crunch Bars and that each supplement batch meets requirements for correct ingredient percentages, overall strength, purity of contents and quality level of the formula as a whole as an effective sports performance enhancer.


Ingredients of Combat Crunch Bars

Each energizing bar contains the following active ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein from cow’s milk is made by drying the thickened matter left from filtering milk, which is concentrated whey protein. This concentrate is high in protein content equaling between 30 to 80 percent when measured by weight. Through processes of crossflow microfiltration and ion interchange, Whey Protein Isolate is created. Through this process, fats and carbohydrates are virtually eliminated, as is sugar. Whey Protein Isolate is ideal for shredding fat, increasing energy for workouts and developing new lean muscle mass.

Milk Protein Isolate

Milk Protein Isolate, created by removing sufficient levels of other substances like minerals and lactose from skim milk, consists of at least 90 percent protein by weight measurement. Its contents include the whey and casein proteins in the same proportions that occur in whole milk and less than about three percent of fat, lactose or carbs. With its rich contents of protein and amino acids, this healthy product boosts energy and endurance levels while raising the metabolic rate for significant energy boosts for exercise and fat shredding, resulting in better agility and less bodily stress during sports activities.


IMO is a natural dietary fiber that is plant-based, soluble, low-glycemic and prebiotic. As a prebiotic, this dietary fiber is non-digestible, lingering in the large intestine and stimulating growth of healthy bacteria (digestive flora) for better digestion, which then improves metabolic rates for energy production and use by the body.

Sunflower Oil & Palm Kernel Oil

Both Sunflower Oil and Palm Kernel Oil are healthier as Combat Crunch Bar ingredients than coconut oil, which contains more saturated fat, although many sports performance enhancers now on the market do contain coconut oil. Sunflower and Palm Oils boost energy levels of the body, at the same time protecting muscles and joints from stress and inflammation that may otherwise lead to injury.

Tapioca Starch

Tapioca flour, or starch, is from the cassava plant root. It is like the tapioca balls or pearls that are used to make pudding, but has been ground to make flour. Tapioca Starch is used as an ingredient in gluten-free baked goods to create a crisp or chewy consistency, especially in cookies, cookie-dough bars and small cakes.


Dutch-processed cocoa is alkalized, unsweetened cocoa powder with neutralized acids. This process lightens the bitter flavor, making it softer and milder to the taste. It is easier to dissolve in liquids than natural cocoa and is used in many natural baking recipes.

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy Protein Isolate in dry powdered form has been separated from the other contents of the soybean and is from 90 to 95 percent protein, making it a good source of energy for the body. In addition, it contains almost no carbs or fat. Its protein content provides all essential amino acids that support muscle growth and strength.


Maltitol, or polyol, is a sugar alcohol. It has fewer calories than sugar, but otherwise is very similar in composition. However, it does have a higher glycemic count than the majority of sugar alcohols.


The Sodium contained in this formula aids in maintaining healthy blood volumes and pressure in the body, both of which are crucial to performing strenuous exercise on a regular schedule. It also helps your muscles to work smoothly and efficiently throughout long workouts.


This mineral is important for helping with distribution of nutrients to cells throughout the body and to purifying cellular tissue. Potassium also aids in regulating blood pressure during sports performance while supporting good body hydration.


This mineral is the most abundant earth metal in most animals and in humans, supporting good bone health. Your heart and nervous system also depend on calcium for healthy functioning, and this mineral is also essential to good blood-clotting in the body, all of which are important to performing active workouts and sports activity.



The Combat Crunch Bars sports performance supplement from Muscle Pharm offers users multiple benefits and advantages, such as the following:

  1. This fast-acting exercise supplement is high in protein count, supplying 20 grams per serving for optimum energy, endurance and lean muscle growth.
  2. This fitness aid has low sugar and carbohydrate content, aiding in fat shredding for a more streamlined, stronger physique.
  3. This bodybuilding workout enhancer is completely gluten-free for greater energy and better nutrient absorption for many people.
  4. This tasty, soft, highly nutritious cookie-bar is convenient to carry wherever you go and always ready, on short notice, to give you that healthy energy boost needed for sports activity or bodybuilding training sessions.



The Combat Crunch Bars bodybuilding supplement is registered with as a certified Informed Sports Supplement for its safety and significant effectiveness for boosting energy to improve workouts and athletic achievement while increasing lean muscle mass development. In addition, Muscle Pharm management has given certificates to numerous experienced athletic trainers, coaches and exercise program directors as well as to amateur and pro bodybuilders, other athletes and fitness enthusiasts who use and promote the use of this product. Recipients of these certificates often display them in their gyms, instruction rooms and offices so that young trainees and athletes can learn about the benefits of this safe, effective fitness enhancer.



This fitness aid is awesome in every way! Not only does it give you great muscles and powerful energy boosts, it also helps you shred any extra body fat and get that streamlined, Atlas Man look you have always wanted. Try Combat Crunch Bars from Muscle Pharm today! – Mike Henderson, LA

What a powerful, fast-acting formula! I am amazed at how quickly this empowering supplement is absorbed into my system for quick, effective exercise energy and stamina. My workouts have never looked and felt so good, not to mention my muscular physique. Get Combat Crunch Bars and get totally ripped! – Wayne Johanson, New Jersey

Combat Crunch Bars made by Muscle Pharm, is today’s number one natural product for building great muscularity, shredding body fat and getting awesome levels of energy and endurance to get through the toughest workouts ever. Get your supply now for great bodybuilding results! – Carl McFarland, New York


Awards & Media Coverage

The popular Muscle Pharm brand is well-respected in the sports supplements production industry today and has won over 15 different awards from industry authorities during the last four years. These awards include the Supplement of the Year Award in 2014 for the powdered form of this Combat Crunch Bar. In 2012, this unique company and brand won three awards from experts: Brand of the Year Award, Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year and Packaging of the Year. Also in 2012, this brand received the GNC Rising Star Award. In 2015, this company and its celebrated brand received media coverage from Street, and both business and brand are expected to receive increasing volumes of notice from the press and other media sources in future weeks and months.


Money-back Guarantee

The company offers a money-back guarantee to all customers who are not totally satisfied with all aspects of their purchase and use of this outstanding bodybuilding and sports supplement. If you are not truly pleased with your order, payment, delivery or use of this unique fitness aid, simply notify the Muscle Pharm customer service team to request reimbursement for your purchase. The company is focused on providing the ultimate quality products, buying experience and user experience for its customers. For this reason, any customer who is not completely satisfied will receive a full refund upon request.



The shipping and delivery process for your Combat Crunch Bar order is handled by reliable domestic shippers or international transport carriers, depending on where you live. These reputable shipping and handling companies have experienced staff members to expedite each order delivery correctly, securely and efficiently. Your fitness supplement order should arrive promptly, well packaged and in excellent condition, ready for your immediate use. The company guarantees fast, prompt delivery, so you can expect to receive your order within the delivery time specified at the time you purchased this item.


Customer Support

The Muscle Pharm customer support team is ready to assist you with any questions or problems you may encounter with the order, purchase, receipt or use of this unique bodybuilding formula. Team members are available 24/7, and they are well-informed, courteous and experienced. They will resolve your problems or answer your questions thoroughly and patiently to your complete satisfaction and process a replacement order or refund for your product purchase if necessary. You can reach customer support by phone, email, online chat services or by filling out a support ticket on the company’s website at any hour of the day or night.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Product purchases and checkout procedures are always safe and secure on the Muscle Pharm website, and all pages of this site are professionally encrypted for your safety when ordering your supplement. All your personal data will be protected from online hackers and identity thieves, including your contact information and your credit or debit card numbers. Each time you visit the site to place another order, you can rely on the fact that all your entries during the process will be well-guarded from would-be site intruders. Whether you use the same payment information each time you buy or enter a new charge card number, you are assured of making a safe, secure purchase.


Combat Crunch Bars Pricing

You can purchase a single protein bar for from $3.99 to $2.85, depending on the time of year and whether or not there is currently a seasonal or promotional sale in progress. When ordering larger amounts of this fitness supplement, you can buy 12 bars at a price ranging from $41.88 t0 $27.31 as the discounted sale pricing or a full month’s supply for prices of from $104.70 to $68.70. During special sales periods, you may be able to purchase your monthly supplement supply at even lower prices.







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