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Carb Killa by Grenade Review – A Protein Bar With Unique Design

What Is Carb Killa?

As a protein bar, Carb Killa is one of the most distributed types of supplement for those interested in getting extra protein in their diet. The bars are designed to be full of flavor and take the place of meat or eggs, adding to the energy that bodybuilders can rely upon during a workout. They are also able to help prepare the body to rejuvenate following a workout

Carb Killa currently comes in two flavors in the United States: Chocolate and Caramel. Both flavors feature ingredients that are natural and healthy to add to the appeal of the 23 grams of protein that each bar provides. The bars are known for being a brand that comes close to tasting just like a regular chocolate bar.



Grenade is the maker of Carb Killa and they are based in the United Kingdom with offices in Florida. They have experienced a lot of growth since they put out their first products in 2010. Today, customers can find Carb Killa in over 100 countries. Because of this explosive growth and popularity, they have been cautious about ensuring that their products are the right fit for each country that they export to. As a result, although there are 5 flavors available, only two flavors are available in the United States.

Grenade has bolstered their product lineup by getting involved with athletes and military personnel to the extent that they have put together a group of athletes on a international spokesperson team. Different from other companies that recruit highly-paid professional athletes, Grenade has chosen to use bodybuilders and fitness experts that most people who train can see around the gym on a regular basis. If this grassroots approach is part of their success, then it was a very good decision because their sales have been increasing rapidly.

They also encourage customers to get involved on their website as part of a commitment to customer care. Grenade’s customers can enjoy using a points program that rewards them for purchase and participation. They can also get involved in online training sessions and reports that can help build their knowledge about how nutrition and training blend together.


How Carb Killa Works?

The idea behind protein bars as a supplement is that by adding extra protein to your diet, you will get the same type of nutrients that you need to be able to allow your body to do several things better. You should be able to see an increase in energy over time when you are eating the bars before and during a workout. You can also prepare your body for potential muscle growth.

At the same time, protein also works to help your body get ready to recondition the muscles that you have been working during your training session. So if you eat a bar after your work out or before you go to bed when you are training, you can theoretically help your body allow you to get back to another workout sooner. Carb Killa packs a decent protein punch in terms of grams, giving you the flexibility of using it in either situation: pre or post workout.


Ingredients of Carb Killa

One of the innovations of Carb Killa is that it has taken a traditionally high calorie mix of ingredients and tweaked it so that eating a bar does not add that many calories to your daily diet. Instead of using sugar, Grenade opted to use Xylitol and Sucralose, which are almost calorie free. The choice of whey-based protein also lowers the calorie profile because there is less fat than complete milk products. The result is a protein bar that has the richness of a milk-based meal combined with either chocolate or caramel that is natural.

Carb Killa also uses fat-reduced cocoa and fat-reduced cocao to help keep the calorie count down. One question that people who purchase the bars sometimes have is ‘what is the difference between cocoa and cocao’? The answer is that they come from the same bean. Cocao is the raw bean product without any processing and cocoa powder is the product you get after you roast the bean and then grind it up.

When it comes to nutrients, Carb Killa bars live up to their name in that they are low in carbs. If you remember the Atkins diet where everyone was totally focused on reducing carbs and increasing protein, you will see some similarities in the nutritional profile of the foods that they recommended. On the other hand, If you are engaged in activities like soccer or football that require some carbs to help will stamina over time, the nice thing about Grenade’s products is that their low calorie nature allow you to eat a bar in addition to your high carb meal.



One of the large advantages that Grenade’s protein bars seem to have is that they have managed to defeat the twin challenges of having their product taste too much like an artificial sweetener and having a gritty consistency that comes from some protein additives. The blend that they put together tastes very much like a regular chocolate or caramel bar according to customer reviews. And there are no complaints about texture whatsoever, something that is not true of other products.

In addition to taste advantages, as mentioned, the research staff at Grenade has also managed to keep the calorie count down so that you do not have to worry that much about it impacting your diet. Of course, because of the protein additive, which is a relatively strong amount, it is the case that Grenade recommends that you only eat one or two bars a day. The lower amount of calories is one reason that the bars have become instantly acceptable.

Because of the effectiveness of the product’s formulation, it is a popular alternative to mixing and eating powders or drinks. It is more portable and there is no work involved to prepare it. It also stores well and will taste fresh for a number of months after it is purchased.



As a protein bar, it isn’t really necessary for Carb Killa to focus on any type of certification other than assuring that its nutritional value and its ingredients match and meet the standards that are required by law. In that respect, their manufacturing facilities are government certified- and they fully comply with all food safety regulations. Grenade also publishes data that specifies that people who are not tolerant to gluten will not be exposed to gluten within the ingredients of their product. At the same time, their factory does work with products that do contain gluten, making it possible for trace amounts of gluten to be in their product inadvertently.



There is a lot of positive feedback online from customers that have been using protein bars to help supplement the protein in their diet. Normally, people can be skeptical of all positive reviews without much criticism. In this case, however, the company product profile matches the positive feedback. They created a team of bodybuilding product champions that interface with their own metropolitan areas so that people can see that the product is effective- while the sales results from supermarkets like Tesco are displayed so that people can see that the bars are taking off in popularity.

The most common comment that comes up is that the texture is soft and chewy, which is a different profile from other manufacturer’s bars. Another real positive that comes up online is the fact that the bars are very reasonably priced for a protein product. In fact, the price point is so low that they can almost compete with regular chocolate bars in many metropolitan areas. Of course the increasing availability of the bars in regular grocery stores is something that is also more and more appreciated.

One of the most obvious comments is made by bodybuilders or those in training is that Carb Killa is an excellent bar to use to avoid carbs if you are on a low carb diet. The bar has been specially formulated to de-emphasize carbohydrates and emphasize protein. Over time, eating a bar with this profile will help those trying to avoid carbs to achieve their goals faster. The low carb profile is especially appealing to those that want to eat a bar before they go to bed to help their body rejuvenate without adding a lot of extra weight.


Awards & Media Coverage

Along with Grenade’s rapid growth, their company has received several awards in the industry. For their business acumen, they won Virgin Fast Track 100 Awards in 2014 and in 2015. They have also been an EY Regional winner in 2014 and picked up an award for International Brand of the Year 2015.

The media has been in shell-shock over the number of products that have been released globally for fitness buffs. They normally only cover a small portion of the protein bars that are used as supplements. Just the same, the Guardian ran a really positive review that emphasized how well Carb Killa sales volumes validate its appeal in the marketplace.
In Europe, the company’s participation in bodybuilding and health/fitness food industry events has led to plenty of local news coverage talking about Grenade’s various product lines.

Online, Grenade typically gets a lot more reviews from customers than the average fitness food company. In most cases, the reviews translate directly into customer satisfaction and loyalty. As they are available in 100 countries via distributors, their online media reach continues to grow. The biggest area of growth potential outside the United States right now appears to be continental Europe.


Money-back Guarantee

Carb Killa bars can be returned for a refund under a couple of different conditions. If there was a problem with the bars themselves and you let the company know about it, or if you received them and you did not order them. In most cases, you want to try and avoid opening the box if you intend to return them. In the United States, you have 30 days to make the decision to return your items.

They do charge a re-stocking fee if you are returning items that do not meet the above criteria. It is therefore a good idea to contact the company about your desire to return the bars that you ordered. To make this easy, their online store has a form that you can fill out and submit so that they can look at it and get in touch with you. If you purchased your protein bars at a local retailer or distributor, you can follow US return policy law and bring them back to those locations.



One of the bonuses that Grenade’s company in the United States offers its customers is the ability to order over $50 worth of goods and then receive free shipping. Because there is free shipping available and a case costs slightly under $50, it is a good idea to add a few single bars when you order so that you can trigger the free shipping deal.

When it comes to delivery, Carb Killa bars can be delivered to your home, or to a work address or second address if you specify this to the company when you order. Their goal in the shipping process is to get you your merchandise within 4 working days after you get your order. So wherever you are in the United States, you can count on a short turnaround time after you order. If you are in the military overseas at a US base, you can still use the US site to purchase bars to ship to yourself. On the other hand, if your base is closer to Europe, you might use the UK or EC site and have them ship the bars to you from there while using Paypal to pay for it.


Customer Support

Most of the customer support available from Grenade is shown on different pages on their website. You can contact them or look for the answers to various questions. Carb Killa details can also be found there.

If you would like even more orientation or involvement with the people that have already integrated protein bars into their lifestyle, joining team Grenade to watch or compete in weightlifting competitions can help you see how the community is embracing protein additives. In some instances, it is possible to train like a professional because Grenade posts leader boards for things like number of reps done while bench pressing.

The team Grenade experience can also help you to learn from professional trainers that are on the team and post their experiences from time to time to help other people out. As Grenade sponsors a worldwide bodybuilding and fitness group, they are frequently present to show off their workout techniques. The best way to get involved with this form of customer care is to visit the Grenade website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The Grenade website store connects to using https or a secure, encrypted connection. The certificate that they use that backs your shopping session is current and adequate. One way to find out if the store that you are visiting is safe and secure is to open a Google browser and try to visit the website. If a security certificate error comes up, it means that you may not be secure when you proceed. If you do not see any error warning, then the certificate has passed Google’s security filters.

From a payment standpoint, entering your credit card number on any site that will store it for you after you leave can be a risky behavior. Grenade does a great job with their security, but they are the same type of target for hackers that any other online retailer is. It is therefore a good thing that they allow customers to use PayPal to pay for their purchases. Paypal briefly takes you away from the Grenade site to pay on one of the most secure sites in the world before returning you to the shop so that you can see your receipt.


Carb Killa Pricing

Currently, when you visit the website, you will not find an offer for a free trial on Grenade’s products. Nonetheless, they are currently offering an opportunity for website visitors to win a free one year supply of Carb Killa bars via a popup that appears after you have spent some time looking at their site. Grenade has three website stores, one for the UK, one for the EC, and one for the United States. They therefore keep their price lists separate.

Pricing in the United States currently varies per bar. The bars are available individually or in packs of 12. The price range without tax is currently slightly above $2.49 per bar. If you would like to find out what the prices are in your local area, there is a website link to contact Grenade about distributors. If you will be purchasing their protein bars on a regular basis, you can be rewarded by the Grenade points program, a system that gives you points and lets you redeem them for merchandise.






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