Big 100 Colossal from Met-Rx

Big 100 Colossal by Met-Rx Review – Want to Learn More What These Protein Bars Can Do for You?

What Is Big 100 Colossal?

The Big 100 Colossal offers lots of protein packed into a large, 100 gram treat. These food bars contain a special Metamyosyn® formulation of amino acids intended to support lean muscle. The product provides far more protein and much less sugar than many other popular protein bars.

You can locate this brand of high protein bars in several flavors. The composition of ingredients in different flavors of the product may vary slightly. Some of the most popular varieties include:

  • Super Cookie Crunch;
  • Sweet N’ Salty;
  • Chocolate Toasted Almond;
  • Chocolate Caramel Coconut;
  • Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch;
  • Peanut Butter Pretzel;
  • Crispy Apple Pie.

This product has achieved popularity among many bodybuilders, athletes, seniors and body sculpting enthusiasts. It provides dietary items helpful in maintaining or developing lean muscle mass. A tiny minority of consumers report gas causing gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming these high protein bars, and, as with many food products, excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect.



Met-Rx manufactures an extensive line of high-protein bodybuilding items, including the Big 100 Colossal bars. The company, founded by Dr. Scott Connelly in 1991, started over two decades ago. It initially offered a protein powder, and has since expanded to supply additional nutritional products for athletes. It maintains corporate offices in Bohemia, New York in the USA and in Burton on Trent in Staffordshire in the UK.

Dr.Connelly originally began developing the nutritional formulation that eventually led to the creation of the Met-Rx® product lines because he wanted to find a product to help prevent losses of muscle mass and strength in hospitalized patients. He later worked closely with William Nathaniel “Bill” Phillips, the author of a bestselling fitness book entitled Body For Life: 12 Weeks to Mental And Physical Strength. The company’s products attracted the interest of the bodybuilding community.

Met-Rx Nutrition, Inc. grew into a multimillion dollar enterprise during the 1990s. In 2000, Dr. Connelly sold the firm to Rexall Sundown for a reported $108 million. Today, the international company NBTY (owned by the investment firm the Carlyle Group) includes the Met-Rx® brand among its assets. NBTY maintains several popular health supplement and bodybuilding brands, including Puritan’s Pride®, Nature’s Bounty®, Osteo Bi-Flex® and Body Fortress®.

Met-Rx bills itself as producing food items for “the Legit Strong.” The company creates nutritional formulations intended to help athletes excel by developing greater strength through the consumption of high protein, lean muscle-building products. It maintains a philosophy of devising foods to appeal to very physically active individuals.

Although Met-Rx has developed proprietary formulations intended specifically for athletes, the company also markets its products to women seeking to enhance their appearance and to seniors who want to retain or build muscle-mass. The firm manufactures a number of protein bars, including several varieties in sizes smaller than the Big 100 Colossal. It also offers sports drinks, powders and supplements.


How Big 100 Colossal Works?

The Big 100 Colossal protein bars deliver an impressive amount of protein in every bar, up to 32 grams. This high level of protein, an especially important type of nutrient for muscle growth and development in the body, contributes to the effectiveness of the supplement. Today, processed food items frequently don’t contain generous amounts of protein.

When someone consumes one of these large 100 gram bars, stomach acids break down the protein delivered by the product into readily utilized amino acids (the basic building blocks of protein). The body can make ready use of many of these components. Amino acids help form proteins necessary for supporting existing muscle and developing new, growing cells.

At a cellular level, physical growth and regeneration benefit from the availability of essential nutrients in the body. In addition to its high protein content, the Big 100 Colossal protein bar also provides a rich source of many key vitamins and minerals involved in cellular functioning. For instance, vitamins often function as key transport enzymes within the body, helping promote the synthesis or breakdown of important physiological substances.


Ingredients of Big 100 Colossal

Each protein bar furnishes up to 32 grams of protein, two to three times the level of many popular competitors marketed in grocery stores. Additionally, a single bar supplies a percentage of the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals for a person consuming a daily diet of 2,000 calories. Just a few nutrients include:

  • Vitamin A (used extensively in liver tissue);
  • Folic Acid (playing important immune system roles);
  • Vitamin C (useful in many cellular processes);
  • Magnesium (important in heart and enzyme activity);
  • Vitamin E (an antioxidant);
  • Iron (important for hemoglobin formation);
  • Calcium (essential for bones).

The protein bar also provides carbohydrates and dietary fats, both used by the body on an ongoing basis. Each unit offers about 4 grams of dietary fiber, too, a substance increasingly recognized as an important component in maintaining bowel regularity. At 410 calories, one of the Big 100 Colossal Chocolate Toasted Almond Bars supplies considerable protein-based calories.



Some of the advantages provided by the Big 100 Colossal include:

  • A comparatively high protein-to-calorie ratio, making this product useful for bodybuilders and other people seeking to support muscle maintenance or regeneration;
  • A tasty protein bar without a lot of sugary additives compared with many other popular commercial protein bars;
  • The ability to replace a full meal with a single bar, if desired;
  • An easily transported food item;
  • Sufficient carbohydrates to give a sense of “fullness” after a meal.
  • Zero levels of trans fats.
  • Protein derives extensively from whey, soy and egg whites.

These benefits of the Big 100 Colossal have likely contributed to the product’s popularity among bodybuilders and athletes.

On the negative side, these large protein bars do contain nonfat milk powder, so they might pose a concern for someone with lactose intolerance. They also include 450 mg of sodium and so might not work well if consumed in quantity by someone on a totally salt-restricted diet.



The Big 100 Colossal protein bars in the past have reportedly earned extensive celebrity bodybuilder endorsements. During the 1990s, Met-Rx Nutrition, Inc. rapidly gained popularity among professional bodybuilders. The Met-Rx company does not advertise that it holds any certificates at this time, however.

The Carlyle Group, the owner of the Met-Rx parent company NBTY, owns a number of prestigious health supplement and wellness products. The firm’s website reports that the company received a 2013 Protein Bar of the Year Award for its Met-Rx® Big 100 Bar from a popular bodybuilding website. This accolade evidently attests to the support for its high protein bars among many athletes.

In 2014, NBTY garnered one of the Golden Bridge Awards. The firm received recognition for possessing the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year for its philanthropic activities in making donations of vitamins and supplements to worthy organizations. That year the company also received a second Golden Bridge Award for its employees’ conduct of a Global Walk to Wellness campaign that established a virtual program to encourage more walking.



I’ve been using the products leading up to the draft and I’m proud to be a part of [the brand’s] future.

– Joey Bosa, NFL star and the new Big 100 Colossal spokesman

I tried the Big 100 Colossal protein bars two years ago because of the high protein content, an item sometimes difficult to obtain from my diet. I highly recommend them! The Super Cookie Crunch taste delicious in my opinion. These bars should be consumed with a beverage, as many retailers recommend, because they don’t contain a lot of moisture and they are not as sweet as some other protein bars. The Big 100 Colossal has become my favorite protein bar, in fact. The Super Cookie Crunch flavor provides a rather bland, white-colored gummy coating over a chocolate-covered crumbly, chewy, dark-chocolate interior that really does resemble a dry brownie. These bars appear much thicker and longer than many similar products. Each one arrives wrapped individually, so the product makes a convenient, filling, no-preparation lunch. The Big 100 Colossal offers a full meal. It represents an excellent choice for many folks seeking high protein content in an easily-consumed form.

– Dennis R., Chicago, IL, US


Awards & Media Coverage

As one might expect, given the rapid growth of the Met-Rx® brand during the past 25 years, the Big 100 Colossal protein bars enjoy wide recognition among sports fans. Mr. Brad Charron, a Vice President of the brand’s parent company, recently revealed plans to launch a major promotional effort coinciding with the 2016 NFL Draft. The company has asked former Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa to serve as an official spokesman for the Met-Rx® brand. The renowned protein supplement will likely soon receive even more intense media coverage highlighting its popularity among fans and athletes involved in professional football.

A new ad campaign promoting the slogan “Love the Monster” will soon reach many communities in the USA. It focuses on the Met-Rx® brand as a tool for aggressive football players. This emphasis upon the supplement’s utility for competitors stresses its usefulness for athletes and others pursuing intentional programs of muscle and strength development.

The well-known brand reportedly has undergone something of a hiatus in news media coverage in recent years. The new advertising campaign launched in late April of 2016. Although the Met-Rx® brand has received some press coverage during recent years, most notably when its parent company received the industry awards mentioned previously, products such as the 100 gram bars have not obtained extensive advertising during the past few years. The enduring success of the protein bar’s Metamyosyn® formulation apparently built upon the product’s earlier successes during the 1990s and the first decade of this century.


Money-back Guarantee

Whether or not a particular online retailer offers money-back guarantees for the Big 100 Colossal will depend upon the specific policies adhered to by the individual website. Some retailers maintain very liberal money-back policies, but most do not because retailers cannot typically re-sell returned food items once the products ship. Even though the protein bars arrive individually wrapped, retailers need to ensure that they market tamper-proof products.

For this reason, bodybuilders who order the product from merchants may want to purchase a variety of different flavors as single bars first. Taking this step enables buyers to determine the specific types that appeal to them the most. Some people who use these bars on a regular basis express strong preferences for specific flavors, but this issue remains highly individual.

In order to obtain the most value from your order, it also makes sense to take a moment to preview the specific ingredients included within each protein bar. If you happen to have an allergy to specific items, such as chocolate, you can double check the contents of the individual flavors you select to make sure that all the food products used to manufacture that particular Big 100 Colossal flavor meet your dietary requirements. Taking this precaution also assists anyone interested in learning more about specific product ingredients. Even if a retailer offers a money-back guarantee, you’ll still benefit!



When ordering the Big 100 Colossal bars online, it makes sense to consider shipping issues. Combining this purchase with other product purchases made at the same time may result in some shipping savings due to economies of scale. The 9-unit boxes ship very conveniently.

One advantage of ordering protein bars online relates to shelf-life. Since these products arrive individually wrapped, the individual bars don’t tend to clump together during transit. You can also order several boxes at one time and keep unopened boxes available in the pantry, just as with many other types of food items.

The boxes containing the large 100 gram bars furnish clear package markings, too. The boxes themselves consist of lightweight cardboard, and the exterior depicts a picture of the specific type of protein bar contained inside. The distinctive red background and the words “BIG 100” Colossal in large fonts set these protein bars apart from smaller-sized products!


Customer Support

Online purchasers who select any of the Big 100 Colossal protein bars can expect reliable customer support. In addition to the retailer, the manufacturer of the Met-Rx® brand furnishes customer support to consumers. For instance, the company’s website includes a convenient contact form for public inquiries.

For ongoing information about different flavors of these products, you might want to consider signing up for the manufacturer and/or the retailer newsletter. Today many companies that conduct business online furnish free periodic emailed newsletters to provide customers with interesting information about product-related topics that interest them. The Met-Rx® brand offers this service.

As a customer service, the Met-Rx® brand does recommend that people who consume the Big 100 Colossal bars maintain a balanced diet that includes an adequate level of caloric intake for their individual needs. Additionally, drinking at least 8 fluid ounces of water or other liquid when eating the bars assists some customers in remaining hydrated. The manufacturer accepts specific questions about taking the Met-Rx® Big 100 Colossal from consumers.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers enjoy a safe and secure checkout when they purchase these bodybuilding protein bars from a trusted site. The online ordering process also offers a lot of convenience. Instead of waiting in line to check out, customers can simply place an order from any location with Internet access.

If you maintain reservations about ordering products online, you can gain greater peace of mind by installing an antivirus and antimalware software program on your PC or mobile device. Today many programs will flash a warning to alert Internet visitors if they have reached an infected site or a website with an outdated security certificate. Most security experts strongly recommend using an antivirus program whenever you go online.

Internet shoppers today may also benefit by checking to ensure that a site where they purchase products maintains SSL (“secure socket layer”) encryption. This technology functions as an extra precautionary measure to enhance website security. It has become a standard feature at most popular E-commerce sites.



You can purchase Big 100 Colossal protein bars individually for $2.64 each, or obtain a box containing nine individually wrapped bars for $19.99. Each package provides an entire meal. However, these “monster” sized protein bars can also provide very filling snacks for athletes.

Boxes of these protein bars contain single flavors. Before purchasing a 9-unit box, customers sometimes sample first by ordering all of the single bars to decide which varieties taste best. Individual varieties offer uniquely different flavors.

Although significant variations exist between varieties, the prices for these large protein bars remain uniform. Purchasing in quantity actually offers some cost benefits. By purchasing a 9-unit box instead of nine separate bars, consumers can save $3.27!






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