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Best Protein by BPI Sports Review – Is It Really “The Best Protein”?

What Is Best Protein?

Best Protein is a protein powder product that builds lean muscles and promotes muscle recovery. This is one of BPI Sports protein supplements that feature multiple whey proteins. The company advertises this product as a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement designed for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Active athletes such as bodybuilders know that high-quality protein is one of the essential nutrients for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Categorized under Protein Shakes, this product is simply named Best Protein because it provides the body with a superior bio-available protein source that acts as fuel for lean muscles and building component for post-exercise recovery. It is a perfect blend of high-quality whey proteins without food additives or filters.



The company that manufactures Best Protein is known as BPI Sports; operating as BPI Sports, LLC. This company manufactures and promotes a broad range of branded sports nutrition supplements for athletes and bodybuilders. BPI Sports is also one of the leading producers of clothing for the sports industry. Their line of products features products such as silk amino acids (SAA), pre-workout powder, adipose tissue metabolic regulators and estrogenic modulators. Most of their products are sold through specialty distributors and retailers.

BPI Sports is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. The man behind its foundation is James Grage, who is currently serving as the company’s Vice President. James Grage was involved in a tragic accident, something that inspired him to start BPI Sports. After recovery, his Doctors told him that his body would never be the same again. Together with one of his friends, he wanted to prove to the world that everything is possible through sports nutrition.

James Grage explains that BPI Sports is not only about sports nutrition but also health and Fitness Company dedicated to helping athletes and bodybuilders achieve their health and fitness goals. James and his co-founder believe that high-quality ingredients make a high-quality product. That’s what drives them beyond all expectations and limitations.
Recently, the company partnered with ChromaDex, a California-based natural products company that manufacture phytochemical reference standards and botanical materials.

ChromaDex will act as a third party analytical testing center for products manufactured by BPI Sports. So, every product manufactured by BPI Sports will undergo independent quality and safety testing at ChromaDex. If a product is found to be of absolute highest quality and purity, then it will receive ChromaDex quality verification logo. This means that a product (bottle of Protein or Creatine) will only leave BPI Sports laboratories if it is of absolute highest quality and purity, fully verified with a label.


How Best Protein Works?

The manufacturer has not posted details about the working procedure of Best Protein. They have only revealed the supplement’s ingredients and servings. They say the product is designed from a blend of 100 percent whey proteins: Protein Hydrolysate, Protein Concentrate and Protein Isolate. Each serving of this protein supplement supplies the body with 24g protein, 5.5g BCAAs, 2g fat, 3g carbohydrates and 120 calories. These ingredients make Best Protein an ultimate protein supplement for active individuals who are focused on enhancing their muscle volume and definition.

However, it is well-known that proteins are composed of building blocks called amino acids, which performs a number of functions in the body. One of such functions is to build and maintain healthy muscles. For instance, BCAAs in this supplement (if at all it exists) can help prevent the breakdown of muscle tissues when carrying bodybuilding or intense exercises.

It is, however, important to note that not all protein shakes are created equal. It is also important to note that not all protein products are as healthy and safe as they claim to be. Unfortunately, most protein shakes are packed with problematic ingredients such additives, artificial colors, aspartame, fillers and fructose. The manufacturer gives an assurance that Best Protein is free from problematic ingredients, but this claim seems a contradiction as they have mentioned artificial flavors as one of the ingredients in this formula.


Ingredients of Best Protein

When cheese is manufactured, whey is produced as a by-product. This liquid-like by-product can be processed further to produce three forms of proteins: whey hydrolysate, whey concentrate and whey isolate. Best Protein is formulated from a blend of these three whey proteins.

The two common forms of whey protein are whey isolate and whey concentrate. Whey concentrates contain varying amounts of carbohydrates (lactose) and fats. It also contain varies amounts of pure protein (30 percent to 80 percent) and protein subfractions. Further processing of whey concentrate produces whey isolate, a nutritious product with larger amount protein per unit compared to whey concentrate.

The main difference between the two forms of whey protein is that whey isolates are purer than whey concentrates, meaning protein subfractions have been removed. However, they are both available as intact proteins. When either or both of them undergo hydrolysis, they form a third form of whey protein known as whey hydrolysates. Hydrolysis partially breaks apart the bonds that link amino acids, making the product more absorbable and digestible.

When these three forms of whey protein are blended in a heat controlled laboratory, they have been shown to support fat burning, improve muscle protein synthesis and enhance muscle recovery.



The product is formulated from multiple whey proteins as opposed to pure whey protein. This is one of the advantages of Best Protein because studies indicate that products with multiple whey proteins have more filled-out amino acids and are absorbed more compared to those with pure whey protein. Another advantage of this protein shake is that it is formulated with many flavors such as Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Swirl.

The product is believed to contain more protein on a cost per serving basis. This protein shake also dissolves easily, making each protein shake smooth in texture. Some users say that they get the most value of their buck in quality and taste every time they use this dietary supplement. The supplement is free from fillers and added sugars that compromise users’ nutritional goals. It provides the body with pure nutrition for protein synthesis, increased muscle growth and enhanced muscle recovery.



These are some of the recent Certification that BPI Sports has received:

  • GMP Certificate – This certificate is awarded to companies that consistently produce dietary and nutritional supplements in accordance with the set GMP quality standards. The idea behind the awarding of this certificate is to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production. This award is aimed at minimizing the risks during the manufacturing process that cannot be eliminated during the final testing of a product.
  • Chromadex’s Quality Verified Seal certification – So far, BPI Sports is the only company that has received this certification for their protein shake products. As stated earlier, every product manufactured by BPI Sports undergo independent quality and safety testing at ChromaDex. If a product is found to be of absolute highest quality and purity, then it receives ChromaDex quality verification logo.



Teddy S. from Texas: According to me, Best Protein isn’t different from other products that I have used. However, its consistency is okay. Mostly, I like the vanilla flavor version of this protein shake. I have noticed that the supplement helped me build my muscles without any side effect.

Max K. from New York: I like the supplement because it mixes well. The product does not upset the stomach or bring bloating. Its taste is also super good. I normally mix it with natural peanut butter, cinnamon, oatmeal or banana juice. I drink a scoop of this supplement first thing in the morning, during my workouts exercises, and another scoop after the workouts. Try Beast Protein and you won’t regret spending your money on it.

Kyle S. from New York: If you are looking for a protein shake that mixes well, then you have to consider this dietary supplement. This product was launched recently by BPI Sports but is has gone viral. I personally like it because of its good taste. I have tried several protein shakes that I have found chalky and Clumpy. BP is worth the money because of its smooth texture and taste.

Michael K, from Los Angeles: I give this product 4.5 out five stars rating. I’ve definitely used a number of protein products. I won’t say that the taste is the best, but okay. Nevertheless, this product has helped become who I am; one of the respected bodybuilders from Texas. My muscle mass has increased, my strength is top notch, and I found recovery after tense training quick.

Chris P. from Los Angeles: Best Protein has become my favorite protein shake of all time. I have tried many and found this one worth it. It tastes good, mixes well and doesn’t upset my stomach. The product is also effective. After using it for two months, I noticed a big difference on my body, specifically my muscles. I wanted to try a different product for my bodybuilding endeavors. My friend advised me to try Best Price, a newly launched product formulated from multiple Whey proteins. I tried it, and what I can confess is that its flavor is okay, but nothing special about it. I would buy again if the manufacturer makes it a little bit unique from other supplements, but probably not immediately.


Awards & Media Coverage

BPI Sports has received several awards because of its tremendous growth and dedication in the sports nutritional sector. In 2015, it was nominated by customers in every category of Awards, where it won two one such awards. Below are some of the most recent Awards that BPI Sports has received so far.

  1. Best Packaging of the Year – 2015 – Awarded by, a global site that writes content about sports nutrition, fitness, and dietary supplements. The site is one of the top resources for all things that concerns fitness and motivation;
  2. Amino/Recovery Supplement of the Year – 2015: The Company received this award in 2015. The award is one of the 11 Supplement Awards;
  3. 2012 GNC Brand of the Year: The Company received this award because of their top notch innovation, quality formulations, extremely competitive products and top selling products;
  4. Prestigious 2012 Vendor of the Year Award: The Company was recognized as the fastest growing Sports Nutrition Company in the United States and across the world. This award was presented by GNC to recognize the achievement of the company in terms of exponential growth and expansion;
  5. Muscle award: One of the company’s products called Best Creatine was identified as one of the best product for muscle building. The company received the award from This product fuels workout, promoting increased strength, improved muscle gains and enhanced performance and recovery;

BPI Sports has also received a good share of media coverage. For instance, the company launches National TV Campaigns for their top selling supplements. PRNewswire reported that BPI Sports kicked off their first-ever national television commercial to promote their top selling dietary and nutritional supplements. Best Protein is one of the company’s products that will feature in these campaigns.

BPI Sports announced that they had obtained exclusive retail rights to use NIAGEN® Nicotinamide Riboside, one of ChromaDex’s anti-aging ingredients. The first human clinical study indicates that a single dose of NIAGEN has the ability to elevate the co-enzyme NAD+ safely in the blood. So you can see how important this ingredient is. This news was covered by a number of media platforms including PRNewswire and local newspapers.


Money-back Guarantee

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee for damaged products or to customers who change their mind after purchase. Customers are therefore required to return unopened bottles of this product within 30 days of delivery to be issued with a full refund less the delivery costs. The company only returns shipping costs if the return is a result of defective or wrong products delivered.

A customer receives a refund after the product has been shipped back to the company, about four weeks. The company explains the reason for such a long period. They say that it takes 5 to 10 business days for a product to be shipped back, 3 to 5 business days to process the return and up to 10 business days for the bank to process their refund request.

For a customer to return the product delivered, they need to login to their accounts and check of the ‘Complete Orders’ section which is available on ‘My Account.’ Then they can proceed to click on the ‘Return Item’ button. The company notifies a customer through email that they have received and processed the refund.



The company ships the ordered products to virtually any address in the world. However, International customers should note that restrictions apply to some products. When a customer places an order, shipping costs are estimated. Delivery dates are also estimated based on the shipping option selected and product availability. The shipping date estimates appear on the quote depending on the shipping provider that a customer selects.

Customers should keep in mind that shipping rates vary depending on the weight of the product ordered. The weight of every product that the company sells is listed on its detail page. Normally, all the weights are rounded up to the next full pound as per the policies of the shipping companies.

Ordered items are shipped to the customer as soon as possible and usually take seven business days to be delivered within the United States. For international customers, it takes weeks for a product to reach them.


Customer Support

The company has managed to navigate through the emerging service landscape of social media. The company is always connected to its consumers through Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. They have raised the bar and exceeded customers’ expectations when it comes to customer support.

One thing that customers like when shopping is the company’s transaction transparency. As customers navigate through BPI Sports’s online store, they are able to see clearly the number of products they have added to the cart. Also, they can see access information about shipping costs, delivery timeframes and returns.

BPI Sports says that they are always ready and willing to help customers with any information they want through support email and phone. However, the company has not revealed their contact details on their official websites.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Customers can register with the company for a faster checkout, item tracking and other benefits. Customers can also choose to checkout as guests. The checkout system is safe and secure. The company utilizes GeoTrust SSL Certificate to ensure transaction processes are safe and customers’ information is secure.

GeoTrust SSL Certificate is one of the world’s second largest digital certificates, used by more than 100,000 customers across the world. The company promises secure online transactions for companies with e-commerce businesses. GeoTrust’s SSL Certificates supports up to 256-bit SSL encryption and include a True Site Seals for high-level identity verification.


Best Protein Pricing

Best Protein can be purchased safely from a number of online retailers and distributors. Its price varies depending on the quantity and number of bottles ordered. At the time of writing this review, 2 lbs of this product was retailing at $31.99 and 5 lbs at $61.99, which is a supply for one month depending on the usage.

A customer can use a Gift Certificate to buy Best Protein. Customers should keep in mind that certificates are non-refundable and can only be redeemed and used for paying the company’s product. To pay for purchased items using a gift certificate, customers are required to enter their gift certificate code in the box right to the Checkout button and click ‘Go.’ A customer with a coupon code can also enter the code in the box and click ‘Go’.






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