Adrenosterone Side Effects – Are They Really That Bad?

What Is Adrenosterone?

If you are looking for a product that can help build well-defined muscles and eliminate fat during the process then you may want to consider using a pro-hormone. Adrenosterone is one of the most popular on the market to date. It is highly effective and limited side effects.

Adrenosterone is a non-methylated pro-hormone that is used by avid weightlifters and bodybuilders alike to reduce fat, increase muscle and muscle definition. It is considered one of the mildest pro-hormones and offers fewer side effects than most. It is less harsh on the liver during a cycle of use and can be stacked, or used in combination with other compounds easily. It is normally available in pill or powder formulations. It is one of the more costly pro-hormones available, but the low rate of side effects and flexibility of use make it one of the more popular products out there in use.


Who Makes Adrenosterone?

The most common form is known as 11-OXO and was brought to market by ErgoPharm labs. It has since been replicated by many companies under a variety of branding names. It is common to find names involving words like extreme and maximum marketed for high dosage users. The fact is that it really is simply a matter of adjusting dosage for various cycles.


How Does Adrenosterone Work?

When taken as directed and operating your chosen cycle efficiently you will see your body increase cortisol control and enjoy a boost in testosterone. It will also keep the balance of estrogen at levels that maximize your ability to bulk up muscles and reduce fat. What most users find attractive is that not only does it make bulking muscle tissue easier and faster, but it gives better definition to what you create. It provides the way to:

  • Boost testosterone;
  • Reduce estrogen;
  • Control cortisol effects;
  • Reduce SHGB;
  • Restore the function of HPTA;


What Are The Ingredients?

The main ingredient of Adrenosterone is Adrenosterone. The purity of the product makes it both more effective, but also a bit pricier than most. Other inactive ingredients include:

  • Gelatin;
  • Microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Modified cornstarch;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Silica;


What Are The Advantages Of Adrenosterone?


There are a lot of advantages to using Adrenosterone over other products, but the most important is that the non-methylated formulation is not hard on your liver. You do not have to load your body with products to protect this very vital organ. It takes away the worry and saves money on additional products. Wanting to increase fitness should never be at the cost of your health and Adrenosterone helps with both.

Mild Side Effects

Adrenosterone is favored due to the milder and reduced amount of possible side effects. It can range from mild headaches to slight nausea, but if you do the proper preparation and after program you will most likely not even experience these. You may experience mild lower back pain after working out, a slight increase in blood pressure and problems getting to sleep if you take doses too late in the day. Adjusting the time you take the product seems to resolve sleep issues.


Another benefit that makes Adrenosterone popular is that you can use it to specifically target fat and use additional products to increase the pace of muscle mass increase. It is typical to see this product used in conjunction with more than one other compound. This makes it the perfect choice for all levels of fitness and bodybuilding that is desired. It is one the most flexible pro-hormones on the market.


How Much Adrenosterone Is Needed?

There are typically 3 different cycles that a user of Adrenosterone can undergo. There is a marked difference in results the higher the dosage is, but higher dosages should also be used for smaller periods of time. You can take the maximum amounts of the product for the maximum cycle, but you need to really do the preparations before and after to avoid side effects.

  • 300mg for 9 weeks cycle
  • 600mg for 7 weeks cycle
  • 900mg for 5 weeks cycle

With the small 300mg dosage there is generally very little noticed in muscle mass gains, but it certainly has an effect on building muscle rather than fat. The middle dosage of 600mg tends to show better results and a total muscle mass gain of at least 5 pounds. The extreme 900mg dosage can show an increase of muscle mass of 10 pounds or more. It is very comparable to results seen in stronger compounds, but minimal in side effect.

You should begin to make needed dietary changes about 2 weeks prior to beginning your chosen cycle. It is helpful to take a daily supplement of multivitamins and fish oil. You should increase protein intake as you complete the cycle. Since your hormones will change after ceasing the use of Adrenosterone it is needed to take a good post cycle therapy product for 4 to 6 weeks after the cycle. It may not be necessary if you are doing the 9 week long cycle of 300mg, but the higher dosages require the use of a good PCT product. The best results happen when you adequately prepare and exercise patience in getting your body used to the changes.


Who Uses Adrenosterone?

Anyone that is deeply involved in the world of bodybuilding and bulking is familiar with Adrenosterones and how useful it can be when used properly. At least 2 separate Adrenosterone products have been nominated for awards in the bodybuilding world and the worst side effects reported centered around incorrect usage or bad PCT routines. Patrick Arnold did much to get Adrenosterones to the market and was the chemical wizard that showed the world how effective the use pro-hormones were with little to no side effects. It is one of the most popularly recognized products that really makes a difference in reducing fat during the bulking process.






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