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What Is Xtreme Testrone?

Anyone who has ever tried to work out effectively knows that the results only prove disappointing unless there is the added supplemental help of an effective and powerful nitric oxide booster like Xtreme Testrone involved in the bodybuilding mix. A plus is that this supplement contains 100% all natural ingredients that are a proprietary blending of every helpful ingredient users require to squeeze the most out of every workout. This booster was created particularly for males, and it contains potent and proven active ingredients such as L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and L-Norvaline.

The product is commonly known as Extreme Testrone, Xtreme Testosterone and Extreme Testosterone, but you won’t actually see these names on the bottles and their packaging.

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The maker of this Xtreme Testrone supplement is Fit Crew USA. They not only originally researched, discovered, and still to this day produce the bodybuilding supplement itself, they also market and sell it. This gives them a personal connection and commitment to the product which they are self-representing to the weightlifting and bodybuilding audiences around the country and the world.

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How Xtreme Testrone Works?

This supplement claims to work wonders on the male body. Testosterone proves to be the masculine hormone that determines the amount of strength, stamina, masculinity, and ability to deal with exhaustion. This is why when this most manly of hormones begins to decline after a man reaches his 25th birthday (and goes on to decline by a staggering 90% between then and age 70), the male’s body sees a marked and continuing decline of physical energy, stamina, strength, and overall morale.

The idea behind Xtreme Testrone is that you can reverse this aging and weakening trend in the masculine body by restarting the testosterone producing glands. It works because one of the main active ingredients L-Arginine enters the body and becomes converted into a chemical known as Nitric Oxide. This Nitric Oxide forces the blood vessels to open into a wider diameter so that the blood is able to flow more effectively and easily into the muscle tissues. Besides this, L-Arginine stimulates growth hormone release, insulin, and additionally natural but highly potent substances being produced and released into the male body. The supplemental formula gives the body natural ingredients that feed it so that it can flourish and produce higher amounts of male testosterone hormone for the muscles buildup in general and the overall wellness of the male body and physique as a whole.

The directions dictate that users must take two capsules of the product half an hour before the man starts his daily workout routine. The recommended daily dose is for two tablets, to be taken along with a healthy, whole foods diet and in conjunction with a rigorous exercise regimen. When utilized as directed in the instructions, Fit Crew USA claims that users’ workouts will increase and become more self-sustaining and productive. After more intense workouts, the muscle pumps will be more obvious and evident as increased blood flow is moving to the muscle tissues themselves. The Nitric Oxide is responsible for this noticeable and most gratifying effect, the manufacturer claims.

The ingredients and supplement facts of Xtreme Testrone


Ingredients of Xtreme Testrone

Three principal components make up the active ingredients in this supplement. L-Norvaline is helpful for building up lean muscles in the male body. L-Citrulline is a thoroughly vetted, tested, and trusted product that is well-known and respected around the world and in the bodybuilding supplement market. It is full of amino acids that aid in developing lean and powerful muscles, in increasing physical endurance and overall stamina, and in building up strength via expanding the body’s natural synthesis of proteins.

L-Arginine is actually a super amino acid. With this substance that is taken in by the consumption of a healthy diet, the body is capable of making more proteins. L-Arginine is obtained from eating red meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products. People have been able to synthesize it in labs as well recently and to utilize it in dietary supplements like this one. When taken along with a healthy diet, it is supposed to be most effective in boosting protein production.

There are other effective ingredients from the vast offerings of nature’s own super market found in Xtreme Testrone. These include all of the following natural wonder workers that are universally accepted to help increase strength, stamina, and endurance:

  • Extract of Nettle Leaf
  • Tongkat Ali/Long Jack
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Bioperine
  • Extract of Mucuna Pruriens Seed
  • Zinc
  • Ashwagandha
  • Oat Straw
  • DIM
  • Magnesium

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Xtreme Testrone contains a proprietary blend of excellent ingredients that contribute to razor sharp levels of concentration, high endurance, and longer lasting focus. All of these can be used in combination to assist users in attaining and exceeding all goals set in working out sessions and weight training regimens. The product manufacturer claims that it actually increases workout endurance to the highest possible level so that weightlifting performances can be ultimately maximized. It also supposedly increases the gain of lean muscles through its 100% completely natural formula that has no filler ingredients put in the supplement to save on the actual production costs of the formula itself.

The components in the formula were also developed to be effectively utilized as a natural supplement to prevent and delay aging and its adverse effects on physical strength and the overall masculine physique. This means that it is used in many cases to promote vitality and all around male well being. The formula itself is comprised of extracts and herbs which increase testosterone levels to deliver endurance, energy, greater strength, and stamina. Besides this, it supports increasing lean body mass and delivering better cognitive ability, both of which become more and more necessary for men as they age and their bodies start to show numerous signs of decline in appearance and performance.

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For a product whose manufacturer produces so many extravagant and elaborate claims on their proprietary and all natural formula, it would be reasonable to expect some certificates or awards to have been given to the Xtreme Testrone product. Unfortunately, this is in fact not the case. There are no awards, major unbiased media coverage, or certificates in existence on the formula.

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For the first three weeks that I took the supplement I saw no results, and honestly I got a little concerned. Maybe I was doing something wrong? I finally thought I had been scammed, but at last in the fourth week, I began to feel so positive and energetic at last. After five weeks, I discovered that I had been working out a full twenty minutes longer than usual. In fact, the bench press reps did not seem so difficult any longer. The excess fat from my thighs is gone, and I look so much more muscular than I did before. My confidence has risen along with the improvement in my looks and the way that I feel every day now. – Gary Fred, Detroit

Just like the product literature says, I took it for the recommended number of weeks and now I do feel like a superhero. This is a big leap for me, as I have always been a scrawny and lean little man. Thanks to this formula, I am now packed with hard muscles and have bulked up several sizes in my clothes. The women finally love me, and I can honestly say I owe it all to the effects produced by taking this Xtreme Testrone! – Ken Watabe, Chapel Hill

I had honestly hoped for a little bit more impressive results. I have been taking Xtreme Testrone for three weeks now and have not seen the bulging biceps or increased mental clarity and energy that was promised. I hope that they will appear within another week or two, but so far, it is not living up to its considerable online hype. – Francesco Cappaluchio, Burlington

I can honestly say that I am reaching my weightlifting goals now, and my muscles are harder and leaner than ever before. Low T was sapping away my strength, vitality, energy, and motivation. I had begun to think old age was finally getting the best of me, but after a few days of taking this supplement, I am starting to feel years younger once again. Best of all, this muscle-building pill does not put me on the edge or make me jittery for hours. I have not felt any negative side effects so far, unless you consider feeling like you need to work out 20 hours each day a negative effect! – Tom Denver, Colorado Springs

I can not say enough good things about this supplement. Since I began taking it two months ago, I have managed to significantly boost my metabolism, reduce my body fat percentage, drastically cut my bodybuilding recovery time in half, build up my energy levels, and increase my protein synthesis. Thank you Fit Crew USA! – Harry Dent, San Francisco

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Money-back Guarantee

The company gives ten days to test drive the supplement. The downside is that the ten day free trial period starts as soon as the product is ordered. This means that with mailing time which could easily require five business days, prospective users will only have four to five days to actually take and try out the product before their free trial period comes to a close. If users fail to call in and cancel the product by the tenth day, then they will be charged the full price for the free trial bottle.

The good news is that once users have purchased that first bottle, Fit Crew USA will not be enrolling buyers into any automatically renewing supplement of the month club. There will not be any automatically generated monthly drop shipments posted out to users and simultaneously charged to their credit cards whether they want more or the product or not. They are also not shipping out unsolicited other products in a bodybuilding lineup for users to try out risk free. This is a major improvement over many free trial promotional programs on the market today.

Some facts regarding Xtreme Testrone



For orders placed where prepayment is made, the manufacturer is not charging buyers anything for shipping. This is included in the $89.95 price point. There is a free trial offer which does charge shipping only when buyers select this option.


Customer Support

Fit Crew USA provides both phone numbers and email addresses to help with customer support and ongoing service issues. This is vitally important since many customers are ordering this product on a free trial basis from the manufacturer and have only ten days from the placement of the initial order to decide if they want to call in and cancel the product purchase via returning the unused portion of the product.

It is not clear who pays for the product to be returned in this case, which probably means that the purchaser has to pay for the cost to return the shipment back to Fit Crew USA. If buyers wish to order additional shipments of the testosterone boosting supplement, they can call this same customer support number to place additional orders with Fit Crew USA.

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Safe & Secure Checkout

This is an increasingly important topic with all of the cyber-fraud and hacking into major corporation websites that continue to plague e-commerce these days. Fit Crew USA is all too aware of the fears that their customers have about having their cyber identity stolen. They address this concern more than adequately with four safety designations listed on their secure checkout protocol web page. For starters, they are using a 256 bit securely encrypted technology to secure all e-commerce transactions on their checkout site, comparable to what the major online banking websites utilize for protection of both their clients’ information and sensitive financial data. They also have posted the logo for McAfee security. Norton Secured by VeriSign is also prominently displayed. Finally, the Trust E security certificate is displayed in the lineup of secure transaction providers.


Xtreme Testrone Pricing & Free Trial

Fit Crew USA offers its flagship product Xtreme Testrone as a free and no obligation trial offer. Upfront, users only have to pay the shipping costs, and the company will dispatch a full-sized bottle of the formula to their home or business address. Pricing for the formula product starts at $89.95 for a 1 month supply. A much better deal is to buy the product for $99.95 for a three month supply. With this package deal, users get the product for an inexpensive $33 per month and bottle. It does not get much cheaper than this for a testosterone boosting proprietary formula like this one.

There are a fairly large number of these testosterone improving products on the bodybuilding and weightlifting markets anymore, but Xtreme Testrone at least ticks off all of the major boxes for qualities in a supplement like this category. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not claim that in only 48 hours you will become the next Superman. Instead, they offer a more believable assessment that it will take you a month or more of taking the product consistently at two capsules half an hour before your daily workout in order to look and feel better. Thanks to their fairly unique in the industry free trial offer, interested parties can take the supplement home for a test drive without having to invest the $90 in a single month’s supply.

Admittedly, the only problem with this ten day money back guarantee lies in the fact that by the time the formula reaches a person’s address, half or more of the free trial time will have surely elapsed. Since Fit Crew USA claims that it will take four or more weeks to start seeing results from religiously taking the product on a daily basis along with a good exercise regimen and healthy diet, the ten day trial period is not much of a risk for them as a company. No one can possibly know in ten days, much less five days by the time it arrives, if the product is really helping them to bulk up with lean muscle and added energy and stamina or not. This is the major weak point in the product’s free trial plan, but the best money back guarantee free trial offer that bodybuilders are likely to come across with these testosterone building supplements on the market today.


  • Every listed ingredient has a proven and well-known track record for significant positive results for improving testosterone production and all around health in the male organism.
  • There are absolutely no health risks known about or demonstrated by the formula itself.
  • The formula is so simple to take as it comes in the form of easy to swallow pills.
  • Even the bottles are sturdy enough for users to take them along on the road or to the gym.
  • The formula is made from entirely natural and naturally occurring ingredients so it can not cause harm for taking it longer term.


  • The Xtreme Testrone formula is not available for purchase in any retail store; it can only be ordered online.
  • L-Arginine does in fact help bodybuilders with pumps, but it and the other major active ingredients actually do not have a proven track record for increasing male levels of testosterone.
  • The free trial offer is only good for a ten day trial period; this includes the shipping time, leaving only maybe four to five days time to consume the product and check for any results before being charged for the first shipment bottle.

Xtreme Testrone

Summary: For a healthy, 100% all natural bodybuilding supplement that is actually made in the United States, weightlifters need look no further than Xtreme Testrone. It is certified for purity and high-quality of ingredients. What’s more, Fit Crew USA vouches for the fact that these ingredients are harmless and natural. The big selling point that they actually list out all of their major active ingredients sets them apart from some of their major industry competitors. This supplement is not only for building rock hard muscles and bone numbing endurance, it also helps to sharpen up users’ mentality and focus while fighting off the effects of aging and weakening of the male physique and body so that they are able to perform better in longer lasting workouts not only in their 20’s and 30’s, but into their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

FREE TRIAL to $89.95
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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